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RVing solo by choice. Comfortable with my own company, and do like to meet likeminded new friends. My little dog is a nice travel companion....always willing to go where I want, and just be happy to be....quietly.

As long as my stamina holds up, I'll RV in my trusty little BAMBI. I am in no hurry to sit at home when there are so many places to go much to experience. I'll leave that to my manage the home front while I'm away.

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Traveling Solo?
Before I got into RVing, I hiked and backpacked a lot, and have spend weekends and weeks solo on various trails, (Inc. the Long Trail), and it was great!
I could set my own timetable, And travel at my own speed, looking at and taking photos of things of interest to ME.
I could cook what I wanted to, fart when I needed to, and bother no-one except the odd raccoon or skunk.
Now, i travel with a wife who goes with me to humour me, and perhaps enjoy some of the things that I do..
What a difference.

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I was surprised, at first, that this forum seems to be lacking a meet up page until I thought of all the clean low mileage RV's that you see for sale. Spending a lot of time together in a small space shows how compatible with each other you really are. Society pressures people to pair up but when you are squished into an RV all your personality quirks are on daily display, sort of a rolling couples workshop! Congratulations to those who know what they want from a relationship, did your RV help you find out about yourself? I have attended more than one spiritual development workshop put on by a person of high attainment and was shocked that the majority of questions were about how to fix their relationships! It seems that a whole lot of couples stay together just because they don't like to be alone even though their partner upsets them constantly. I'd like to have somebody to travel with but I know that the odds of finding someone I'd like to wake up to every day are slim. Wow, look at all the responses this subject has generated. Hmmn... I think I see a business plan of Couples Therapy in an RV environment workshop!
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Mixed feelings

I have a two part road trip planned for after I retire. ( or semi retire )
The first part has a music theme, hitting the meccas of American music. Country, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Blues, Delta Blues, Dixieland, Cajun, Texas Swing.
The second part is a desert/canyon boon docking trip.
I might separate them. I have been planning for years.

A few friends, both genders have asked, " Need a co pilot ?" I could most likely get along with any of them…for a while. It would be good to have someone to help with costs, maybe driving. Nice to have someone to share the highlights, and have someone to talk to.

My point is….It depends on the length of the trip. I could handle anyone for a week or so. Then again, on a long trip where loneliness could be an issue, it could get dicey spending 24/7 with someone.
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Another thought

Maybe people that you cross paths with along the way, might be more apt to befriend a couple, than they would a lone " drifter ".
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I think that could be true, but it does happen.

Doug & I offered to share meals with a number of solo guys we came across in campgrounds, who were tenting and friendly, near us, why not?

If you are making pot roast, French toast, pancakes, bacon and eggs, etc., how hard is it to set an extra plate and feed someone who is otherwise alone?

I don't think the offer was ever rebuffed, and we had great conversations with interesting people.

But then...I like to feed people, too.

I have to say, I am a bit flabbergasted at the attention and participation this thread has generated.

Good for Ray!

🏡 🚐 Cherish and appreciate those you love. This moment could be your last.🌹🐚❤️
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Solo into the Horizon

Hi there..this is my first time on the Forum. I so enjoy reading everyone's posts...I am selling my home and buying a 1950 Spartan to live in full time..I have no fear of traveling alone and am so looking forward to getting on the road! I will be traveling around the country stopping for periods of time where I have family and friends and places I have never been! I am a 63 yr young woman and have lived alone for a while now..I take great comfort in the fact I am enough when I am fact, I don't even have TV! I have wonderful relationships with friends and family and pets..and I love meeting new people and hanging out with others doing new things! I am looking forward to the rally's! But there is something to be said for going back to my home, and enjoying the solitude! My hat is off to those who can enjoy close quarters with another! I think the key for any of us is to be happy with who we are and make the most of enjoying the life you have! If not, change it!
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Originally Posted by ijustlee View Post
Hmmn... I think I see a business plan of Couples Therapy in an RV environment workshop!
I think this would be ordeal therapy along the line of Nietsche "that which does not kill me makes me stronger".
Sail on silver girl. Sail on by. Your time has come to shine.
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Basics 101 for Solo Encounters of the Third Kind:

You like to fish, go to those fishing spots and find that Solo fisher"person".

You like water and boating. Stay out of the deserts of the Southwest.... Well... Lake Powell and Lake Mead are exceptions.

You like to camp Off the Grid. Camp at National Forest Service campgrounds and look busy.

You like to Bird Watch. Go where Bird Watcher's go.

If you like the Albuquerque, NM Balloon Festival... watch and discuss whatever subject that enters your mind. Maybe the Balloon's might, as well, part of the conversation.

My wife and I are on that far end of the spectrum of enjoying the company of our Blue Heelers and ourselves exploring the dusty back roads of the West. The responsibility of saying... "get ready Monday, got some place to check out", and off we go... is mine. Nancy is not a "hunter and gatherer" as I am. She tolerates my motivation to be out... hunting and gathering, while she will take a break and can sit under the awning and read a good mystery book. I prefer a Western Americana Indian scout non fiction book, or a US Geological Survey professional paper on a 100 year old Mining District, looking for obscure mention of what I am seeking.

You do not have to be 100% compatible in interests. A mix is good for both. I like to vacuum our Heelers, and Nancy brushes them. Win / Win. See?

Politics is a big hurdle to overcome. Religion, some times.

Thrifty versus Spendthrift is a big obstacle. We race to pick up a dime laying on the asphalt in a parking lot. Coupons are big in Nancy's timing of purchase of things needed. Following Costco's sales prices against what we just purchased and getting that... refund difference credited back. Ding, ding, ding. Gas money.

Personality Type A, B and... to Z... need compromising from time to time, but time mediates these non lethal flaws in developing friendships. Some just cannot compromise, but as we ferment new views of people over time... it is easier.
Human Bean
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Finding a honest person is more difficult than you think. I can count on one hand, how many people I trust with 10k cash in the trailer. Now bump that up to 100k in checking account, and I could amputate that hand. Over the years, I've loaned family and friends money when in need. It's amazing how much value that people place on your friendship. As their guilty conscience grows 99% ''friends'' and 33% family the phone calls fade. I would never, not return something that I borrowed. I would never ask someone a favor, that I wouldn't do for them. My last 35 yr relationship I was..... ''worth more dead than alive'' I want to be valued because of me instead of my bank account. People tell me that I will find someone when I least expect it. I asked the marriage counselor ''What are the odds at my age 50, with these values?'' The silent answer was, the tears that formed in her eyes. Sorry if this sounds like a rant... but I'm being honest. Maybe I'm asking too much in humanity. I like to give candle lit... dinners, massages, baths, and The problem is.... it's one way... Over the years I've learned ''actions speak louder than words''.
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Great topic Ray,
I like the responses from so many folks. I especially like the story from KWN306.
I think, "Traveling Solo?" would be an appropriate thread for the forum. Why not?
The wife (37 years) and I enjoy traveling and camping together. Like you, we both have our own agendas as well.
I hunt, fish and backpack. She has a hip issue now and would prefer to sit in the sun and read or gather firewood, listen to music.
The AS is the perfect base camp for us.
However one never knows what is waiting around the next bend of the trail.
So many folks that had someone to share the adventure with, are now alone, by choice or circumstance.
I say go for it!

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Ray, as usual, you have a gift for coming up with "the right" subject for a thread. This one ,as the the really hitting a mark.

Most of we solo travelers do so because family members or friends do not share the wanderlust. Whatever the circumstances, we find that, eventually, if we desire to travel, see the country...and if those close to us can't or won't go...we end up as Solo travelers.

Of course, there are still many who find that kindred fill the void of loneliness or to build a lasting relationship with. For them...I wish them all the luck in the world, and hope you do find that One who completes you.

Then, there are others of us, who are farther along in years and life experiences...who want to travel, camp, go where we want, when we want, involve ourselves in activities that others may not enjoy. There is some value in that independence and we have earned it. All that being said, that does not exclude us from the need to socialize and find new friendships.

I will not be adverse to making new friends...ever. We Human Beings, are by our genetic creatures who need each other...if only for a few days at a time...then move on to our next adventure. As comfortable as we are with our own solitude, we all need others in our lives. As we grow older, I think we all get settled in our ways, and like being the master of our own fate.

So, if you ever find yourself near my campsite...come on over...introduce yourself...join me for a cup of coffee or tea, or, later in the PM...a glass of wine...and a good conversation and sharing of prior adventures and a few laughs. We both can benefit by the encounter.
I'll be the lil' ol' white hair lady with the little yappy dog in the 2015 BAMBI 16' Sport.
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streaminwild... Nancy & I travel and live like paupers. I usually do not wear a watch, as the time of the day in the forest is told by the SUN. No matter the time zone.

The richest man I know has a ranch he has to fly over to check fence in Wyoming. He drove an old Toyota pickup that should have been junked 30 years ago. That is the best to size up a "friendship". He would have died by now but was just an old cowboy minding his business... Ranching.

His Uncle I met ten years earlier and I did not know his younger cousin, until I heard the last name and inquired.

I use to buy, sell, repair and restore antique slot machines and jukeboxes in Wyoming to cover the cost of the University for my wife, myself and two year old daughter. He had a theatre in a small town. It was closed. In the basement he gave me some broken down 1930's slot machines and had a 12 foot Craps table in the building down the street where they would play a few... friendly games, from what I understood.

Be yourself. A true friend cares little about what you have, but WHO you are.

If I do not like someone... they will know it. Having been in the people business of buying and selling "stuff" you meet them all. The fake smile and good buddy interested in what I have to sell that week. Smell... them across the room.

You want someone to be honest with you. Share common interests and stories. Lie to me... you need never return. I do not loan money, but for family am better off giving. Loan money to a friend... Lose a friend. Same with family. Loan a family member money when they have to intent to pay you back... good. You will not see them coming around again.

Being old has its benefits. At times... I really do not care. Tell the truth and let the dice fall where the lay.
Human Bean
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All problems solved

Family of 5 exploring the USA with a Ram Power Wagon & Airstream in tow.
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