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Stainless steel upgrades as an option on purchase, rather than an add-on.

Not so much upgrades to the models, but upgrades to your web site for potential buyers. Provide information like this for prospective buyers, so I don't have to spend an hour compiling it:

Even better would be an interactive web app buying guide where I could enter my TV's towing capacity and hitch limits, or a sortable jquery table for all the pertinent features (sleeping capacity, tongue weight, dry weight, prices, etc).

I should also be able to see the options available for each model. Right now RV Direct has more info on options than the AS web site.

A few more decor pictures on the web site would be nice. Some decors only have one picture.

I'm buying something more expensive than an automobile, your web site should be as good. Go to any auto manufactures web site and click on "Build your own."

Need a way to pay for these improvements? Hit up the auto manufacturers to pay for a listing as a recommended tow vehicle. Heck, work to get a percentage of sales through your "Tow Vehicle Recommendation Site." Exclusive rights might score big money. Utilize the iconic Airstream brand. "Airstream only recognizes Ram trucks as a capable towing vehicle," and bidding every year.

Raise your prices if needed to insure quality. That's not actually going to deter me from owning an Airstream, though it might take me longer. Automate more and read W. Edwards Deming. Deming is the father of Japanese quality.

It's stupid to offer a 28 that is shorter than the 27FB. Standardizing on configurations and lengths could result in less tooling and cost savings. A shell should be doable as FB or RB.

Don't ever become the formaldehyde reeking plastic box that my wife had an allergic reaction to after setting one foot in the door.

On the plus side my wife and I recently visited an RV show, so here is what you get right:

- The panoramic windows and glass everywhere. I love feeling of being outside even when I'm in the comfort of the TT. The transition is appealing, even more so with the EB hatch. I want to enjoy nature, I just don't want to sleep on the ground anymore.

- Make customization easier, and promote after market solutions. Get revenue from "preferred customizers." Go look at the Jeep aftermarket revenue. Jeeps and Airstreams have a similar fanatic following. Explore that.

Your mantra should be, "There is nothing like an Airstream," without resting on laurels of the past. You lose that and you have lost your soul. I can honestly laugh when anyone would say "There is nothing like the Airstream Solar Option."

Lastly, I was all over the Land Yacht, until I saw I had to open two doors to get to the fridge. Maybe collaborate with a company like Sub Zero who can integrate paneling into their doors.

If I'm spending $150k for an Airstream, I don't want to open two doors to get a beer. Or maybe offer that floor for other decors. (that floor rocks)

Airstream is an American Icon. In a world where everything is made as cheaply as possible in China, and probably won't last a couple of months, I'm buying the values of fifties America when I choose an Airstream. When men and women took pride in their work, and were paid a fair wage.

I don't desire an Airstream expecting a Walmart experience.

Personally, I want an experience like a Volvo or a Michelin tire. 'I paid so much more for this, but it still exceeds my expectations.'

Sorry if this is a rant, I worked for Michelin for almost two decades. Quality starts with management commitment, and rewards for those that commit to it, which has to include quality measurements.

Lord Kelvin said "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." – Mark Twain​
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More ground clearance would be nice (and not just the lil bit from different tires) and a 30 layout in a 28ft length would be nice also..just shrink a few things down.

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Four Seasons definitely a yes...

Originally Posted by ukulele2010 View Post
I'd like to see:
1) Rot-proof flooring options
2) Four season options
3) Upgraded electrical (converters, inverters, solar, batteries, etc.)
I agree completely with Ukulele. While some people 'camp', many of us live in our Airstreams. I joke that I must be Redneck. To quote Jeff Foxworthy, my house has more wheels than my car does.

The small house trend in the US will only grow. What better small house than an Airstream? The best part of mobile living (unlike the boxes actually sold as mobile homes) is being able to change your address without moving out of your house. How many seasonal campers get disgusted when they pull into a RV park and find it full with full timers? It is only going to get worse, as more people like myself travel to find decent paying jobs.

So, ditto for the three items listed above. And continue with the ducted A/C.

Thanks for listening.
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Tomy!!! Well said! Perfect!

Laura & Tom
Let the good times roll!! Laura
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Work with Alcoa and write a section in the manual about corrosion. Explain what causes it, how to prevent including the metals and chemicals that must be avoided for the specific Alcoa product used to build this Airstream. For example explain why stainless steel options work and how road salt causes damage. Explain why some aftermarket products really provide protection. I believe that Airstream owners want meaningful fact driven data and no marketing type info in a manual.
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As another prospective, and concerned, buyer, this is a great thread. With the problems I continually see many on here complain about, I'm surprised this thread did not surface sooner.

Even though I have never owned an Airstream, I have been to numerous RV shows and dealer lots to check them out and have been reading this forum for years. Here are my ideas for a better product:
- Obviously, Airstreams are not inexpensive. Having said that, the "American icon" idea only goes so far. For the price being asked, better quality and components should be standard.
- In the Marine Corps, we called it "attention to detail". From what I have read and seen personally, the quality assurance for these trailers is lacking. I see lots of sloppy construction which is usually the result of a "get it out the door fast" mindset. Slow down and pay closer attention to the final product...don't overlook the small stuff!
- Fix the floor leak problem. Should be the #1 priority.
- Put Corian counter tops in the kitchen, bath, and bedroom. At this price, it should be standard.
- As has been mentioned by others:
upgrade the foam seats,
LEDs throughout,
better electrical components,
disc brakes standard,
more efficient insulation,
more user-friendly entertainment system
- Twin bed option on all models
- Enclose/protect the underside plumbing for traveling over rough terrain
- Recliner options on medium-sized models (25, 27)...look at the modifications some have done at your factory
- Figure out a way to build a shower that fits adults! One way would be to stop taking up valuable floor space by putting it over the's already small enough in there.

Your product is very desirable, but many of us continue to hold off buying until many of the basic problems and issues are successfully addressed.
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Originally Posted by neck101 View Post
As another prospective, and concerned, buyer, this is a great thread. With the problems I continually see many on here complain about, I'm surprised this thread did not surface sooner.

Your product is very desirable, but many of us continue to hold off buying until many of the basic problems and issues are successfully addressed.
Permanently holding off buying might be the best for you, because it is unlikely your list will be incorporated into Airstreams in the near future. I say that not to be nasty, but simply that no product is perfect for every buyer. There are many other RVs to choose from and many already have the improvements you desire and will have problems at least different from many of the Airstream problems which appear in this thread.

You mentioned, "Figure out a way to build a shower that fits adults!" I find that surprising because our 19' 2002 Bambi has a shower stall which we find very generous. Yes, we are adults and one of us is still over 6' (although shrinking with each passing year).

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Have you stood in a late-model 25-30ft shower lately? Besides limited foot space due to the step, I'm 6'1" and cannot fully stand up and can barely turn around without knocking the door open.
Like every other post in this thread, I was only listing items I would like to see. Mine is not a "do all of this or I'm walking" kind of list.
OTOH, most, if not all on my list, have been mentioned previously by others, or would seem to be an easy fix by Airstream since they already perform many of these modifications at there service center.
The point I was trying to make is that for $80,000+ trailers, better quality control, floors without leaks, disc brakes, more modern electronics, etc. should already be included.
Maybe you're right....I may need to shop elsewhere.
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Easy to satisfy all of these requests. Have Timeless Travel order you a shell and you have them build it out to your exact specs.
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Things I like to see on New Airstreams

Why not offer a few levels of option packages like other RV's or the automobile industry. Basic, Standard, Technology, Audio, Luxury etc. Within these packages, step up the game. As a side note, it really annoyed me that I couldn't have a twin layout FC with some of the finishes (solid surface tops) of the International.

Compare a 80K-100K automobile to an AS. That class of car has highend audio systems with integrated user friendly interfaces that offer acoustically tuned 10-16+ speakers, not 4 speakers driven by a $200 headunit. The seating in the car is ultra comfortable with 8-way+ power, heated and cooled, not filled with $5 foam that lasts about 2minutes before it compresses to the wood base. Cars contain lightweight materials that are constantly being improved, not 50yo techniques/processes. 4-6 piston brakes get the point.

Theses are only a few example comparisons and obviously the AS has other things to consider, cooking, plumbing etc but 80K-100K vehicles also have to deal with "self propulsion hardware" to offset those costs .

My point is the VALUE comparison.
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You know what, that Timeless Travel suggestion is actually an awesome idea. Grab a shell with ducted AC and have them build the trailer I want. Once I get my breath back after looking at their quote, it would seem a fantastic idea. Getting a perfect trailer right out of the chute - it doesn't get better than that. I'll seriously consider this idea if / when we decide it's time to move to a new TT after enjoying the one we have long enough.
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Depending on size and compared to current pricing I'm betting a custom AS with the upgrades people are desiring would start at 250K
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Originally Posted by cory_can View Post
Depending on size and compared to current pricing I'm betting a custom AS with the upgrades people are desiring would start at 250K
Airstream can offer many upgrades, to many things.

But, one thing they do not offer, is a free upgrade.

That being the case, how many would be willing to pay for all of those things suggested.

Airstream, does make many changes in part by demand and in part by new technology. Most all of those things, in fact, has a direct bearing on the price.

I remember, all to well, when a customer in 1966 said "when Airstreams trailer price hits $ 10,000.00 (ten thousand) dollars, they will go broke.

So I guess that same person is today saying that after 48 years, Airstream is working on borrowed time.

As a matter of fact, Airstream needs more time and more people, to keep up with the sales demands". They have started that with another expansion plan.

My first car, a Buick, brand new, was $ 2995.00. A nice 1500 square foot single home, back then, sold for $12,000.00.

Sorry, but I think the good ole days are deeply buried in the history books of decades ago.

Airstream is a leader, and always will be.

Airstream does monitor this Forums, with regularity.

Something that really helps getting your suggestions to the right people, is "write a letter to them, or directly to Bob Wheeler". He listens always with great interest.

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No matter what they do for us some will never be satisfied or believe they get their monies' worth. And some should shop elsewhere if they have a laundry list of complaints about an Airstream they never owned.

There are some fine, thoughtful suggestions in this thread. Hopefully they won't get buried in yet another complaint and rant session. We know Airstreams, we can do better than that.

Doug and Cheryl
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