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Originally Posted by Skater View Post
I suspect that when the vintage units were new, they had problems similar to what new Airstreams now have. Does anyone know how good/bad their vintage trailer was when it was new? Probably not...

That said, I wouldn't mind having a restored vintage unit. To me, the real advantage is that you can get one of the restorers to do whatever you want in it. It's expensive, but still cheaper than a new one.

On a related note, I noticed that the floor plan in our '95 30' Excella is exactly the same as a 2011 30' Classic Limited, which tells me it's a good floor plan and we're not the only ones that like it.
Now, that is interesting. I wonder what the Airstreamers of 30+ years ago said about their new units.

This was long before the internet so there was no way they could compare notes, except at rallies, via the newsletters etc.

If I could do it again, I would try for the custom-restoration option.

I have no regrets about my unit, but like a new house, you find something that you wish you could do over again.

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Originally Posted by valmog View Post
Interesting topic ~ I'll throw my two cents in. We bought a new Bambi just this summer. We had looked for quite some time for a used 16 ft trailer and we weren't able to find one. We ended buying new knowing that we'd loose some value right away but we got what we wanted. It didn't cost any more than our last car, and somehow I feel we'll get A LOT more enjoyment out of our little trailer than any car we'll ever own.

I LOVE seeing the old airstreams drive by with their pretty, shiny exteriors, but I also know that they are a lot of work and we don't have that kind of time to put into one at this time in our lives....maybe someday, when we retire But, I hope we get an awful lot of enjoyment out of ours until then!

That looking can be exhausting. Glad you decided to go for new, and your comparison to auto ownership is spot on.


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Originally Posted by MrUKToad View Post
I was kicked in this very forum for suggesting that to buy new was a good thing. I had, apparently, insulted all those who couldn't afford to buy new. Well, that wasn't my intention, I was merely pointing out that for someone as cack-handed as me, new was the only option because there is no way I could maintain a vintage unit.

We bought new because we don't really have the skill or the desire to lavish huge amounts of time on keeping an old 'un on the road. Also, ours is the only trailer we intend to buy so we started with new and will hopefully grow old with it.

Of course, there are plenty of good folks out there who thrive on the challenge of an older unit and yes, of course, not everyone has the means to buy new. Either way, new or old, each unit is cherished by its owners and that's the important thing.

For what it's worth, I think Airstreams old and new are fantastic and get excited at the sight of either, sad man that I am!
Another spot-on observation. Some may have worked hard all our lives and just do not have the energy or desire to spend copious amounts of time looking for the right used unit at the right price.

I know if I went that route, I'd end up at the mall holding that cold cup of coffee.

You have a great attitude. Bravo!!!!
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Originally Posted by Fly at Night

Sounds like you're in the biz. Now, aren't you glad everyone does not want to put you out of work?
Not in the biz. Just like working on my old airstream
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Hi, this subject has been brought up before, just worded different, and my statement is still the same; If there were no new Airstreams, there wouldn't be any used/vintage Airstreams.

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We've had our Airstream (bought new) for 2 years. It is our third travel trailer. The previous 2 were also purchased new.

The Airsteam had a few problems when it arrived, but far fewer and less serious the either of the other two SOBs.

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I am picking up my new 2012 Flying Cloud in Eugene, after Labor Day. I'm close to 70 and have never driven a truck, nor pulled a trailer. I don't have time to wait for the perfect used trailer or the time to restore one. I'm living my dream now even though I don't have enough money left for gas! Reading truck manuals, researching hitches, and
often hear "go girl go!" I am having a wonderful time and don't even have the Air. Think what a frolic it will be when I pick it up! Hopefully, the roads will be clear and the camp grounds empty. I looked at an Air today and it looked awfully large. I'm going to have this following me down the road? Yikes. New or old, just hit the road.
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Originally Posted by Fly at Night View Post
Now, that is interesting. I wonder what the Airstreamers of 30+ years ago said about their new units.

This was long before the internet so there was no way they could compare notes, except at rallies, via the newsletters etc.
Dad and I were just discussing last evening how he remembers listening to many Airstreamers with late 1970's units when they were brand new complain about build quality. Every little thing went wrong with them. This was during the famous "Beatrice" years of ownership.

This was back when they only had the rallies and gatherings to discuss.
"The difference between vintage and retro is that vintage is honestly old and cool. Retro tries to be but isn't."
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I believe there are many factors that go into the decision of buying new or used, but you can never go wrong buying quality. Over the last few months I have done a lot of research trying to decide what TT to buy and the one that kept coming out on top was the AS. So we looked at new and used. Decided on a new 25' Flying Cloud. One reason we bought new was our age and the fact that I did not want to do major maintenance as we traveled about. My wife and I will pick it up this coming Wednesday. I hope it will be perfect in all ways, however, over the years I have found even the best made items have flaws but usually minor in nature and easily correctable.
I suspect it will be true with our new AS.
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Ahh, likes your 'tude Orson. Wishes you well in your hands on driving lessons I do.
I bought a new(altho 2010) 27' Flying Cloud to be picked up next Friday. So it sucks?
My last/still present 31' Dutchman Classic seems like a dollhouse inside in comparison. I never dared shut a faucet with but two fingers for fear it would twist off..window cranks? Lots wore out/stripped with minimal use. The white box trailers as some call them seem to all have slide outs. Nice but I am so done with that...heart of those gaskets should be stainless.
Yeah, I could have taken better care of the white box..blocked up as my campsite is far (but great) from level. dern mouse chewed a hole in the corner/roof as well.
Going to have a spot leveled so I can at moments notice take the AS on..yeah, an adventure as one said. Even a rainy day don't sound bad with the panoramic view fore 'n aft to ponder flint knapping? lol, with this country going as it is I may have to resort hunter/gatherer 1day...btw, I made fire from flint/tinder last year first time. Way cool feeling that is.
I'm glad I bought new per se. Wipes the slate clean with what I've learned 'n ready. Likes the rocks as well I do, and morels, hen of the woods mushrooms, strawberries they be outside. Learn to call the trailer Bud "winks" other than oh **** sounds good aging with.
I'll just have to get used to rolling down the road with a large slug-o-money tethered amongst the preoccupied. eep~
@ Orson~backing? lean back and relax, learn the mirrors, hand at six O'clock on the wheel. Hand go's in desired direction of trailer...wup, don't look back.
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Not many 1976 box trailers in all that good of shape, but my 1976 AS took us on a 4k outing and all i did was put tires on it. I do have to admit, i'd really like a new AS, but i'm not able to aford it... but someday the kids will move out, mwahahaha.
Did you want fries with that?
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Reality Bites!

Having just ordered a brand new 28' International, I have an opinion to share. The "good old days" weren't necessarily that great. I remember my first trailer experience with my aunt and uncle in a 22' Silver Streak Clipper back in 1954. Later -- in '58, I went to Yellowstone with them in a '56 Airstream TradeWind. THAT was luxury compared to the Clipper, is it had NO bath, not much of anything, but I thought it was cool at the time. UNTIL the Airstream that is. (And that Airstream has been fully updated by my B-I-L and is fully roadworthy). I had a small Winnebago back in the mid-80's. Quality? No comment. I consider myself an early adopter. I had a GM EV1 in So. Cal for 3 years. Innovation and quality matter. This Forum helped me to decide to buy NEW. Right now, more than ever, we need to support American manufacturers and American businesses. I have every confidence that I'm not going to be let down by Airstream or my dealer.
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OK, I am going with my opinion here.

I think it (mainly) comes down to money, pure and simple. Those who can afford new will buy new. Those who can't will look for the best trailer out there that they can afford.

Then the justifications follow and some can be rather nasty. You can call it jealousy or you can call it insecurity or whatever but that is what you hear from those who are quick to criticize others. I bought a relatively "new" used trailer because it was the best I could find. I do not appreciate people telling me that it isn't as good as their '92 or '87 or any other year. Every trailer out there has problems or will have problems. Some trailers more so than others and some years were worse than others but that doesn't change my current situation.

I am handy but I am not skilled enough to take on a full frame off restoration. I admire those who can and I look at their units with even greater admiration knowing that they are works of love. It is the same to me as a vintage car that has been totally restored. Do you think the owner of that '55 Chevy would say you were crazy to buy a new Chevrolet? Why do you suppose some Airstream owners do this? I find the discussions about WD hitches similar in tone at times. If you buy Brand A and I buy Brand B, I really don't want to hear you saying that I am putting the safety of my family at risk because I chose a different hitch. Some nasty stuff can come out if we are not careful.

I like my Airstream but refuse to take shots at my buddy who just spent a large sum of money on his new white box trailer. To each his own.
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Originally Posted by justbrian View Post
hand at six O'clock on the wheel. Hand go's in desired direction of trailer...wup, don't look back.
This forum has all sorts of good information, not the least of which is quoted. With the ton of experienced AS owners belonging to this Forum, the simple suggestion seems obvious but to novices (like me) it gets the learning curve going. Of course, pull though parking is always appreciated....

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