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The Bored Airstream Lifestyle

I have no work for the rest of the month. Normally, that would be a good thing in December, but looks like I don't have much of a Christmas this year either as my loved ones are either dead, on a trip, working, or we're not speaking to one another.

The FaN is winterized and sitting in the driveway. The dealers did a good job tweaking the latest warranty issues. I can't find anything wrong! I also asked them to do a water-tight test. Last night we had heavy wind and rain - there's not a leak anywhere. It's tighter and drier than a ....never mind. So, I can't even come to ASF and post my latest angst, then wait with bated breath for another flurry of reply and rebuttal.

In short, this is a real bore!

So, am really tempted to take off for a few days at Christmas. There is an open all-year-round RV Park not too far away which would suit the agenda. I will not dewinterize so will not have running water into the trailer, but there is a communal shower I can use so I don't stink myself out. I notice the dealership also put antifreeze in the toilet bowl - I could still use it as long as I keep antifreeze in the tank, then I'll drain it before leaving the park, add some water (from a bucket and more antifreeze) and that would be okay, wouldn't it? I could also use the bucket water to flush. An electric kettle in the trailer and a plastic tub would serve as the dish/hand-washing station.

I would still have propane for heat/cooking. This would be kinda like a glamourized "roughing it."

The only thing I'm concerned about is the exposure to possible road salt, although the weather has been mild and if it stays mild, that would be minimal. I could spray down the trailer (and belly pan) upon my return.

The more I think about this, the more appealing it sounds.

Has anyone else done this (gone away for a few days in a winterized trailer?)

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We don't need to winterize (marine climate), but I wold go nuts seeing my trailer sit for months without use. When we bought we said we're going to use this baby like mad, and we do. I wish I could dump the stick house and just roll in the Airstream! I don't know---is this a disease?

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We leave Minnesota each year late October so that's in either a dry or winterized trailer. No big deal, after some 35 years of VW camper vans. Bring drinking/cooking water in gallon bottles, sponge bath when needed, plastic dish pan for cleaning the dishes and washing up, and line the toilet with disposable plastic kitchen bag for overnight, and rest stop/restaurant rest rooms as needed.

I couldn't tolerate a road salt bath for the Airstream though.

doug k
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mstephens and dkottum - thanks for the inspiration and tips! Lining the loo with a plastic bag is a great idea. I think I'm going to go for it.

As to any possible road salt, I have already Walbernized. I could add a protective coat of Boeshield to the vulnerable areas (front of trailer and the front-side where the spray hits).

Airstreamers are lucky. We can get away from it all....especially this!

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Because the 4CU holds several winter rallies, we sometimes have rally-attendees from colder, "winterized areas" (NoAZ, NoNM and CO) ... and they don't always de-winterize to come. You can do it!
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I'm like Doug. My old SOB (unknown to me) was delivered to the dealer in Michigan in February. SALT WICKS INTO EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY! It took literally years to clean, re-coat, and clean every bit of it and its resulting corrosion.

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It depends how cold it will be, if it stays above 20 I would just use the holding tank, using bottles of water for flushing, dishes and washing. Then afterwards dump the tanks and after getting home start with 1 gallon of RV anti-freeze and pure some into each drain that any water went into and the loo.
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Well, the great Christmas get-a-way could be kaput.

Woke up to this.....

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that looks like a great campsite :-)
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I'm not sure how road salt would affect an A/S with intact clear coat, but it sure screwed up the polish job on my 1971!
Had to Re-compound almost the entire thing after being caught in a snowstorm near Denver last month. UGGGHHH
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If you read this you will never buy another machine made of metal.

Fiberglass, Plastic and Rubber etc. are the only way to go where salt and associated products are applied for winter road maintenance.

The news about road salt is worse than we thought

November 3, 2005
Ron Khol

My column in the March 3 issue this year discusses how road salt is bad for our vehicles, highways, ecology, water supplies, and concrete structures such as parking garages.

Printer-friendly version View other Ron
Khol editorials
View Ron's Blog and comment on this article on the Machine Design Forums.Since that column appeared, even more damning information about salt has reached me in a newsletter from Horton Inc., a company which makes fans and fan drives for large trucks.
The Horton newsletter points out that not only is the use of road salt increasing, so are new deicing chemicals that are even more destructive and which attack paint, aluminum, especially aluminum wheels, and even glass.
The new chemicals are applied as a powder, small granules, or as a liquid spray. The liquid solutions are generally water mixed with road salt, or sodium chloride, and magnesium, calcium, or some combination. These liquids are put on the roads up to 48 hours before bad weather is expected. The intent is to stay ahead of ice and snow, but the effect is to coat your vehicle with corrosive crud even when you drive in good weather. These chemicals are a nightmare when it comes to maintaining vehicles, roads, and bridges.
These new solutions wreak havoc on the whole vehicle, according to Horton. Unlike conventional road salt that just hits the obvious exterior portions of a vehicle, the new liquid solutions wick their way into areas that granular road salt usually doesn't penetrate. There are now more corrosive failures in wiring, chromium finishes, fuel tanks, brakes, and heat exchangers.
The Horton newsletter says the deicing solutions are bringing a whole new meaning to the term rust belt. The problem started in the northeast part of the country a few years ago, but now it is reaching farther across the northern tier of states. Even reinforcing bars in concrete roads and bridges are corroding at an alarming rate because of the more aggressive salt treatments.
The new salt solutions are a cheap and effective way to keep roads clear, and no governmental agency wants to pay more than the minimum for clearing roads. On the other hand, the new road treatments are forcing automotive suppliers, especially those in the trucking industry, to go to more expensive materials and coatings to protect their products. It is my observations that companies building passenger cars, now often leased on three-year cycles and not held long by the original owners, don't seem to care much about the new threats from corrosion to the suspension, brakes, fuel system, and powertrain.
The new deicing chemicals are eating away at the types of materials and coatings that for years were once satisfactory. The new solutions will wick down a split wire casing or even one which has merely been poked with a continuity tester. The aggressive deicers are shortening the life of all components, says Horton.
The company advises fleet owners to inspect frequently for corrosion. They say truck drivers should use foot brushes and floor mats that can be cleaned easily because the chemicals will rot out floorboards. A good scrubbing is necessary because soapy water alone will not remove all of the chemicals.
Even the windows need attention. They should be washed well and have a protectorate applied. The company says to look behind panel covers. If you see pitting, rusting, or a powdery residue, keep looking because the process has started. There have been reports of fuel tanks corroded completely through underneath the mounting straps. This is serious stuff with serious consequences, says the newsletter.
The whole matter even has a bizarre twist. Biologists say salt runoff ingested by moose is a major cause for the increase in collisions between moose and cars. Moose drinking saltwater lose their fear of cars and humans.
-- Ronald Khol, Editor
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Heck, you don't need to tow it anywhere, now. Just go camping in the driveway! If you're really going crazy, you should rig up a light and music show for us - Transiberian Orchestra style!

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If you go to the Niagara region, they are using sugar beet juice on the road for deicer. He says it washes off??????

Niagara Region Uses Sugar Beet Juice to Reduce Road Salt - YouTube

You are probably going to trade that trailer in every three years anyway FLY so go for the winter camp and stop worrying about what will happen tomorrow.

Or do like Kay suggests, and put the fireplace channel on the big screen TV and open that bottle you have been saving for special occassions and ************ when you get back you won't need to wash the trailer.

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Somewhat of the same boat here. Most all the kids and grandkids will be elsewhere this Christmas so we are gonna go. So happy to have our escape module...

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