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san ramon , California
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Taking delivery tomorrow. Need advice

Im taking delivery of our 2015 25' FB Flying Cloud tomorrow. Any lessons learned from your experience that I should look out for? The dealer is transporting from their sister dealership in Oregon. Anything I should look for in the battery condition? We're taking it out this weekend, so we'll get a chance to shake things down.

Thanks for any help.

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If you are new to Airstream (trailers in general), what was useful for us was 3 lists: procedure for towing/hitching; setting up/leaving at the campsite and storing your trailer when not in use. There are lists on the Forums...these are much like a pilots list.

Have fun and enjoy every minute!!

Victoria & Joseph
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Read the Newbies Guide, and read it again. You may want to video the walk through. Ask lots of questions. Make them show you the awning deployment twice.

And enjoy your shakedown cruise.

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Take it out this weekend and enjoy yourselves. Take some time to go over the trailer with a fine-toothed comb looking for unreasonable defects in manufacture or damage in transit or inventory. Make a list. (Note: That's what we did and there was nothing on the list, it's been a good trailer for us and we have traveled and enjoyed it immensely.)

In the near future, learn how to regularly inspect and maintain your Airstream over the years. They are vulnerable to leaks and filiform corrosion in near salt water environments. Learn how to recognize, prevent and repair these while they are minor issues.

It's a great way to travel, good for you.
Doug and Cheryl
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If a decent dealer they should have gone over the trailer prior to your arrival, takes a responsible dealer about a day and a half for one technician. Batteries should be ok as they are newer and are 12v deep cycle. Deep cycle are very different from you car or truck batteries in that they can be drawn way down and be successfully brought back to life without significant damage. Same type batteries used in golf carts and boats to nam a few. As Dave said read the newbies guide, put it down and read it again. After 40 years of this I still carry it with us on every trip. It should be included with your AS briefcase full of product information. During the walk thru make sure the dealership shows you how to start up and or light up everything, twice if need be. You and your significant other should take notes. It's not complicated but in the excitement it sometimes becomes a blur.

Enjoy the weekend, I think you are going to enjoy this new venture.


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Watch the youtube video on how to set up your main Zip Dee awning. It's not real complicated, but there are certain steps you need to take.

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Just a couple of items you should you pay attention to as all interior systems will be functioning properly or they wouldn't deliver the unit:
1) Open and close the door - look along the side and note the fit, if it has been properly installed and not shifted in transport, both top and bottom leading edges will be aligned when closed. This is not a big deal to fix, but better to have it done by the dealer
2) This is VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure the dealer/technician installs and sets up the hitch properly. Our wasn't and the truck drove terribly. So much so that we actually stopped halfway home (75 mile drive home), took out wrenches (which we brought along) and started making adjustments. Two stops later, everything worked perfectly and towing was effortless. I cannot overstate this enough, that fancy anti-sway/load distribution hitch you just bought is nothing but a heavy door weight unless it has been properly set-up.

A properly set-up hitch is essential to safe operation and it goes a long way towards a more 'relaxed' towing experience. As others have stated, there are a few 'check-lists' that you really should get in the habit of using.

Good luck and happy 'Streaming!
One Long Shot
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Thumbs up Welcome Aboard....

FWIW.....I would have done the other way around.

You go to the dealer...."camp" on his lot for a day or two, make a list of your questions, take notes & a video the orientation, and do a slow "shakedown" on the way home, stopping to camp along the way.

That said......Sweet Streams and enjoy the adventure. You'll be a pro before you know it.

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I have to agree with Bob's easier to get issues resolved before you leave with the trailer. Our local dealership is setup where you can "camp" on-site. My advice would to stay there if you can and spend your time putting all appliances, etc. through their paces. Be sure to check tank monitor levels and though its probably the last thing on you mind at the moment, I'd run the furnace, as well. Fill the fresh water holding tank, run the pump and keep an eye out for leaks.

I only live about 35 miles from our local dealership and had the ability to worry the hell out of them if needed and therefore didn't stay on-site but had the trailer back at the dealership bright and early the next morning the day after delivery. Mine (my 5th Airstream) had the sewer connection support (such as it is) rivets pulled loose from the trailer and the transducers for the grey water and freshwater tanks were inverted. There are things that Airstream and subsequently, the dealership should have caught and there will be things that you just won't find until its put into use. If I had lived a long distance from the dealership, I would have fixed the problems myself but I would have been cussing under my breath after ponying up the cash.

I was familiar with the trailer I was purchasing but the sales lady had to give me her spill on this and that about the trailer....frankly, she was a nice lady but didn't seem to know much about the trailers in general, much less, the little details. She couldn't have deployed the awning if her life depended on it. If unfamiliar with these trailers, make sure whoever gives you the "walk through" knows what they are talking about and can show you. Though your head will be spinning with excitement, its a brief education, a lot to take in and therefore, needs to be given by someone really qualified.

I would go at it with the attitude that you will find issues. That way if you do find issues, you won't be too disappointed and if you don't find issues, you can consider yourself one of the lucky ones or have a competent dealership that found them before you did. Even with all this, on down the road, you will find little things but with time, you will have a well sorted trailer that will last.

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What they said^^^.
My 2 cents?
Enjoy it!
Have fun!
Camp a lot!
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New AS Check list

Make sure the breakers are identified as to what they control. My 2010 FC had no ID for any of the breakers.
Home or where ever you store the AS, if you have a single AC or dual AC, you need to make sure you have or upgrade your electrical outlet to check how they run, 110/ 15 amp won't do it. For a single AC you need 30 amp and 50 amp for dual AC's.
If you don't check before you go, you'll find out when it's needed and you'll be very upset, the AS is a great insulated trailer when it gets hot, I mean hot... does not cool down fast.
You'll love the AS...
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You did not say what experience you have towing a trailer. So, even if you have towed trailers previously, I suggest you proceed to a large empty parking lot, e.g., a school that is out for the summer is often a god place. Then just practice turning, backing up, U-turns, etc. Get as good of a sense as possible about your tow vehicle and trailer as a combination. If you have any traffic cones set them out and create a bit of an obstacle course to navigate. The more comfortable and familiar you are with the performance of your trailer and tow vehicle the better prepared you will be for traveling. All the other suggestions are also good to follow.

David Parker
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Drive it around and feel comfortable and enjoy that's why you bought it. Have a blast!!!!!!
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We pick our 25 ft FC in Feb., took it out for a week and each day we set it up like it was the first time.

What you discover is the first few times you do things different, about the fourth day you start getting into a routine on setting up and closing up and hooking up.

We had to have the microwave replace, it came on but wouldn't heat anything, also when I look on the AS site, I saw a recall on the 2015 FC PROPANE TANKS not being bolted down right, they use screw and they were breaking off. I call AS and gave them my Trailer # and mine was on recall and they have not sent letters yet to owners of the problem yet.

Do check this out, you don't want your tanks falling off while on the road.

We left AZ 3 weeks ago and now are in Glacier Park with no problems to report.
David & Nancy Ames
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Great posts everybody so I'm just going to add one very important tip.


Remember to leave more room by swinging out before turning right. Leave more room before returning back to your lane if passing someone. Never go down a street that you can't back out.

But most importantly, LOOK UP! That steel I beam across that mall parking lot telling you the max height, will clear your truck, and seriously damage your trailer.

Happy trails
Per Mare, Per Terram and may all your campaigns be successful.

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Originally Posted by Eonicks View Post
Im taking delivery of our 2015 25' FB Flying Cloud tomorrow. Any lessons learned from your experience that I should look out for? The dealer is transporting from their sister dealership in Oregon. Anything I should look for in the battery condition? We're taking it out this weekend, so we'll get a chance to shake things down.

Thanks for any help.
Peace and Blessings..
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san ramon , California
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Thanks for all of the great pointers. We did the orientation today and will return to the dealership tomorrow to take it off the lot. We're using one of their rental TV until we decide on which one we want to go with. Read thru the newbie guide and will read again. Thanks again!

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