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Ordered a Globetrotter. Now what?

I fulfilled a long awaited dream today. I placed an order for a 2019 Globetrotter. I am so excited and I can't wait to go camping! Of course it has to be ordered to get it exactly how I want it and that will take time. I'm told it will arrive sometime in late March. But that gives me plenty of time to get ready to enjoy it.

While I am waiting, I thought I should start acquiring the things I will need to make life on the road easy, fun, exciting, fulfilling, comfortable, enjoyable, etc., etc., etc. And that is where you come in. Please give this newbie some advice on the things you have found to be especially useful. Some will be obvious, like a sewer hose. Other things perhaps only you have thought of.

If you can share with me your Top 5 things you would not want to do without then I can start compiling my own list and use these next three months to get ready.

Thanks in advance for all of your suggestions! I really look forward to meeting many of you on the road!!!

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Welcome. I too have plans for a 27 Globetrotter. We currently have a 2014 23D
Top five things huh. Here’s my take
#1 Lynx blocks
#2 Dill TPMS
#3 Camco water filters
#4 Brass water hose 90
#5 Nebo flash light

I use all these things EVERYTIME we camp

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Like Tom Petty said, The Waiting is the Hardest Part.

Here are some recommendations:
1-geeky headlamp light. I can't say how amazing these things are. Good for seeing under cabinets, setting up in dark conditions, walking the dog, heading to the campground office, hiking, reading outside after dark. Truly an amazing thing to have.

2-Anderson levelers. These make it so much easier to level side-to-side than using the stacked blocks or wood. Since they are a wedge, you can get the level just right. Check out their youtube videos.

3-kicka$s tow mirrors. We have a Tundra without factory tow mirrors. We used clip on extensions with our 22, but when we got the 25 they were not wide enough. We got the McKesh tow mirrors with the convex spots on both right and left (purchase on the Hensley Hitch website). These are amazing. The convex spots let you see merging traffic on the on-ramps, and folks changing lanes next to you. Once you learn how to install them they go on in about 3 minutes total.

4-Viair 88P air compressor-buy on Amazon. This is a very easy to use, yet small sized air compressor to inflate your tires. About the size of a small toaster, yet fast to inflate the airstream and truck tires.

5-Zero gravity outdoor recliner chairs. Important to have these to lay back and see the stars, and to be able to sit outside for long periods of time. Bag chairs are just not as comfortable.

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Ask your salesperson what will be provided with the new coach.
A set of leveling blocks - not enough to meet all leveling requirements (24)
A 20ft sewer hose (two 10ft sections)
A clear sewer connection (likely not provided)
A 90 degree sewer connection (likely not provided)
A sewer hose support rack
A 25ft fresh water hose (only one provided - need two)
A 25 ft black tank flush hose (may be provided - do not use fresh hose)
A water thief fitting (connects hose to a non screw thread hydrant)
A 4-5 gallon water jug (colapsable from REI is good to carry)
An internal and extewrnal entry mat (likely get an AS internal one)
A set of four wheel chocks (get a set of x-chocks, but use both types)
A coupler lock (research and get a good one (Vault or better)
A Weight Distribution Sway Control hitch (usually included with sale of coach)
A torque wrench and socket to set wheel lugs (alum moves for 500-2000 miles)
A set of fuses
A spare light bulb for vent fan lights and LEDs
A few spare screws, rivets/tool, glue, cable ties
A multi meter and basic tool kit
A set of battery powered LED laterns
A LPG grill
Two fire extinguishers - upgrade the one by the door and a large one as spare
A 25 ft TV coax cable and male-male connector
A mat 6x12 or so to set up exterior patio
Aerospace 303 spray lub for windows
Lubrication grease for hitch and ball
Disposable gloves to handle grease and sewer connections
Spray wax/cleaner and microfibre towels to remove grease and bugs (speed shine)
A good tire pressure gage (Tire temp pressure monitor sensor system is good add)
Jack for changing tire or raising trailer frame
Set of 4-6 16in square plywood pads to spread weight in soft conditions
A 24in level (some use their phone) to setup coach when site is not level
Mirror extensions if TV is not equipped
Backup camera should be standard equipment on coach (Look at the 7in monitor)
Get at least (2) 1000 lumen flashlights (alternate headlamps)
A set of snow chains for TV and coach
Pack two warm sleeping bags
A weather radio
A winterizing kit
A small compressor

Plan to use galley gear, towels and bedding from home until you have experience

And all the stuff someone else has found useful.

Travel safe and collect those smiles. Pat

PS - The Andersen levelers are a bad buy. Alternates are same and do not carry the Andersen label. Research Arches vandalism to get the background.
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EMS surge and power protector
Water Filter
Cable to hook up tv
good tire pressure gage
TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system)
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Get a surge protector.

Your most important action is the day you take dealer delivery. Be prepared to walk away and wrap your head around that.
The brief should take about 6 hours, and demonstrably operate every switch, valve, drawer, and mechanism in the trailer, stem to stern, including installation and setup of your hitch on your vehicle. You should then be able to stay overnight on the dealer lot, and by yourself, once again, operate every switch, valve, drawer and system in the trailer. Play the television. radio, take a shower, use the head, all of it. After all of that, if you are agreeable, give them your check and signature. Not before.
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Ordered a Globetrotter. Now what?

You may get a gift box from the dealer that has the hoses, sewer stuff and Lynx blocks and other stuff. I agree that the Andersen style levelers will make your life easy compared to the Lynx blocks.

I would add to the above excellent suggestions:

Breaker bar and torque wrench for tightening rims. I keep a spare set on the trailer. Also a good tool set with various sockets and bits.
2 good chairs, Kermitís are my favorite but see the camp chair thread for other suggestions
BBQ, like the excellent Weber Go Anywhere propane grill
A decent portable vacuum (we use the tiny Dyson)
If you are inclined, visit the 16Ē wheel and tire upgrade thread. You can sell your 15Ē rims and tires for like 1200 and the upgrades will cost you another $800.
Replace the ebrake breakaway cable with a Fastaways, wonít rust.
Consider adding a small induction burner to your kitchen gadget. It Boils water super fast compared to the propane stove.
Finally consider either a Honda 2200 generator or some solar setup if you are boondocking.
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Iíve got a few Amazon lists for RV-specific things like hoses and surge protectors and chocks and Iíll start pecking away at those in the new year. I got the family some Rumpl blankets over the Black Friday holiday and will pick up some sheets. I figure everything else I need can either come from my camping bins (chairs, stove/BBQ/etc.) or my home (Dyson vac) for the first few trips and I can either subtract or add after I know what time out with the GT will be like. Stuff that works will stay in the trailer and will be replaced at home. If I donít have it and need it I can pick it up while Iím traveling.

I like the idea of bringing less to begin with and finding a need for stuff rather than imagining a need for stuff and bringing it with just in case (with the exception of some tools and so forth).
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You need the Newbies Guide to Airstreaming:
Stay Calm and Stream On!
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I donít know if you ordered your GT with two ACís or not, but if you did you will find the umbilical cord extremely unwieldy, especially if it is cold.

I purchased a much more flexible cord from eTrailer.
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Ordered a Globetrotter. Now what?
Find out from the dealer what the VIN of the unit is, and ask them when it will be built. If they can't tell you call Jackson Center and ask.

Then make plans to be at the factory for the afternoon plant tour and ask to see your trailer being built. We did just that and it was an unforgettable experience. We were allowed to take photos of our unit and enjoyed chatting with the tech installing the cabinets.

DW inspecting our trailer at JC:
Click image for larger version

Name:	JC Carol.jpg
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Size:	80.0 KB
ID:	330557

Interior being assembled:
Click image for larger version

Name:	JC Front Interior.jpg
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Size:	64.9 KB
ID:	330556
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what next

Strongly suggest two books from Amazon - The Newbies Guide to Airstreaming and The (nearly) Complete Guide to Airstream Maintenance. Then cut everything people suggest in half.
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Originally Posted by ga adkins View Post
Strongly suggest two books from Amazon - The Newbies Guide to Airstreaming and The (nearly) Complete Guide to Airstream Maintenance. Then cut everything people suggest in half.
Our dealer suppled "The Newbies Guide to Airstreaming" free of charge in the Airstream briefcase when we picked up our trailer.
Ray B.

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Congratulations! Do you go and see it being built. Buy an Insta pot 3 quart. And cookbooks by the blue Jean chef for Insta pot. Makes the most amazing pot roast! Join one of the amazing Airstream club. Get ready for the adventures to begin.

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