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I love all of the posts in this thread

I grew up in an RV family, grandparents, aunt/uncle, and parents owned everything from VW pop top van, slide in truck units, large Champion & Superior class A, then as they aged, started downgrading to Class B RoadTreks and Telstars. I guess those early years of camping trips rubbed off on a few of us who are all in mid 50"s now. My sister has a new 5th wheel, a cousin has a 45' Bluebird, and I got my Landyacht diesel pusher.

Everywhere I go in the Airstream I end up with folks knocking on the door asking to see the inside. Its like a classic car....make it look new and others will follow. Just to prove how well it performs and how progressive I can be....taking the Airstream to Burning Man in Nevada this Labor Day!! Odds are I will be the only person getting a hot shower daily without having to stand under a bucket of water in the sun!! Throw in some good scotch, steaks, and satellite radio.....will probably be the last one to leave that desert!! Haha!

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Thumbs up Jesse's take....

........"once the Pretty Girls...."

RIP Jesse...




Sandra wanted to go to Cleveland on vacation,
but Im the Husband, so we went to Cleveland. 😂

Its a crooked piece of time that we live in.
John Prine
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Originally Posted by cameront120 View Post
You sure like brushing with a wide brush. You've not described a single person of that age group that I know.

Here here Cameront120! First post = self righteous and ill informed, in my humble opinion.
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Wink Causes and effects

Apparently age bigotry is not limited to the young! I realize of course that to some extent every person finds their own way, and to some extent genetics pushes us; however, I have noticed that how children are nurtured, raised and introduced to adult life by their parents has a pretty significant impact as well. If you're going to moan and complain about your children, you may not need to leave the house to find a big part of their problem. 😉
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Obviously there are some who can read a sentence and discover a new meaning, only if some words are changed and added for accuracy. Those who do understand, try not to defend or argue with a dead stump, but go around. Their roots are beyond repair.

I traveled the world with parents who moved every one to four years. An Army Brat. As an adult, I moved twice in twentyfive years. Within five miles of the other. I needed more space to store all of my "interesting things".

Today. One home for eight months and the other for snow birding the other four. Some are envious that I had been to more countries as a child, than they as an adult. I was exposed to Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Bendelux, etc. and found that the USA and Canada was home and desired no other places to spend my idle time.

Well "seeing the world" was.... an eye opener as to North America's bounty. A kid needs a place to anchor one's soul, friends and memories. As "empty nesters" we now Base Camp from two homes and the Airstream is our third temporary home on wheels. Four Junior High Schools and three High Schools later... as a youth, was not Living the Dream.

What I found as interesting is that our two daughters... move. A lot. The oldest has lived in Europe, twice, and at both coasts of the USA and in between. The total opposite of what we found as choices. Their adult experiences were not part of their upbringing, so they wanted to travel and do it voluntarily as residents and not tourists. Each generation finds what the other... yearned, but not for themselves. I will enjoy, someday, to question my grandson what he thought of it all.

Several have missed the point of Young Old and Old Young... A parody of modern Society. I resist having to explain the play of words... knock on wood.

Those who follow the text, yet not understand should listen and observe in the public. Robert Cross had an interesting video on some of the younger generation. Obvious to some, and to others... normal family activity begining at sunrise, staring at a cell phone screen as a substitute to exploring and developing skills outside one's front door.

One person's Heaven is another person's Hell.
Human Bean
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Originally Posted by Ray Eklund View Post
Yes, maybe you.

Old people find the comforts within an Airstream lacking. The bed is not necessarily very large or comfortable. The shower... something to test your elbows against the walls of a solid object. Tight aisles, a shortage of closets, cold evenings and hot days within this aluminum cocoon. Why would anyone subject themselves to this? Why would anyone actually enjoy discomfort? Why would anyone invent such a miserable contraption bolted to one or two axles in the first place?

OLD people today are in their mid twenties to mid forties. They are the OLD people, without an Airstream.

It takes US, those over fifty to kick some sense into these lazy dead beats that live in your home for much of their lives and consider no other options for things to do outside of Facebook, chat forums and lack of ambition.

Yes. We, the few who have grown wise over the decades... need to help these old people. They are helpless. They are lost when the electric power is down for a few hours. Life is just too complex, too annoying and well... someone has to take care of them.

Well... not my wife and I. We are young and our 30 and 45 year old children are now the new OLD. My oldest daughter's husband is comfortable in a 125 square foot apartment in Brooklyn or Los Angeles paying $3000 a month rent. That is the real world... to them. Camped in a trailer... is only for the homeless among their age group.

We the Younger Generation, those over 55... can ignore these "success stories of today's OLDER generation" we have nurtured and tossed them out the front, or back door. Out with you and your lack of ambition or sense of order within the Universe. Do not let these OLD people drag you down. Go Boondocking. Get back to the basics of living the Good Life. Do not cater to those runny nosed 30 and 40 year olds trapped in modern cities.

We, over 55, may be a bit short in manners and social causes... but are long in common sense and a mission in life.

The mission in OUR "new elderly" world... Make it so difficult, so demanding upon the flabby waists of our modern elderly to make it impossible for them to find us without pulling out a map, a tent and trek into the unknown beyond the limits of the city life.... to find us in our Airstream and enjoying ourselves into our 70's and beyond.

Long live those who live every day with a little bit of sarcasm and some good wine to chase down the sore throats from laughing out loud. We EARNED IT.
You haven't described my 20 and 30 year old kids. They were raised camping, hiking, fishing, biking, and rock climbing and STILL are. They just take their kids and friends now. They are forced to live in little houses and apartments by a society who creates them, but because they took on my attitude they realized the whole world was their playground and the house a place to sleep and eat. I told them that they could go to college if they wanted, but the most important thing was to acquire a career or job that they enjoyed because it took up 1/2 their life. Half of your life should not make your whole life feel like suck. Out of the four, two are bike mechanics, one is a store manager for A-16. So they do the outdoors even at work.
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I still don't know why someone living in a town called Boulder City, that was named because of people working on the Boulder Dam would even say it's the Hoover Dam???? My Dad worked on the Boulder Dam project. I am sure the people who put their blood, sweat and tears into building the Boulder Dam would prefer it was called the "Boulder Dam", and please don't give me the story of way it's called the Hoover Dam. I have heard the story to many times to mean anything.
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PammieSue... you are so fortunate.

I met my... first wife... while working in Cheyenne and were married while at the University of Wyoming. She loved camping and was an Anthropology/Archaeology major... from experiences taking her arrowhead and fossil hunting on Ranches in Wyoming and Nebraska.

That changed AFTER we were married. After having two daughters who went camping with us every Summer until High School, I was the one vote for and three against camping. Their idea of getting out to camp was a hotel and beach in Georgia, Florida or Texas... Plus, I liked to have a dog, a fishing rod and some family time in the Rockies. Too... uncomfortable and borrrrrring.....

She found an Office Guy and I wished her good luck and a hearty farewell. But it was the loss of two daughters that was the most disappointing part.

Marrying young has its risks. I am thrifty and can entertain myself. A loose cent on the pavement is a prize. A quarter, a windfall. Just bad habits to some. A dollar bill stuck in a bush downwind of the Walmart parking lot... opportunity.

I now have OUR two Blue Heelers, fishing and fly rods, a tent, a trailer and a wife who is my best friend, advisor and has a good eye for finding stuff. This is why I say PammieSue is so fortunate. She has it all.

My Nancy... was born a camper and explorer. She could not find that one soul who shared similar interests, like myself. I can say "let's hook up the trailer tomorrow morning"... and we are loaded and leave in the morning. Sometimes we must find that special person, when you least expect it possible.

Those of you who have young or grown children who still share the values from their youth... let us know. Sometimes some of us get a second chance. I did. I am much happier and keep that positive attitude... after 24 years and just getting started.

Now, why would I bring something like this up on a public Forum? Because others have had similar things to darken their lives. A loss of a spouse. A divorce or two. An illness to overcome. But do not give up hope. Make the best of a bad situation. I did not and was fortunate to settle for exactly the kind a person I wanted to be a partner for life... Catch that next Adventure when possible. Keep doing what you like to do. Happiness is something shared between two and not needing others to supplement that spark in your life.

Be a YOUNG old independent person. Make sure one of you can... cook.
Human Bean
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Overall this post seems very positive, traveling with or without our camper has allowed us to meet people of all ages and enjoy their company. My wife and I did tent camping with our children and a few years ago some friends bought a AS trailer. That prompted us to consider a AS. My wife went on line to e-bay and found a vintage for the right price. I fixed it up and we used it and then sold it to purchase a different one. We have met many people in the WBCCI both young and old what ever that means. A person has to stay young at heart. I still hold the love for snow since that is part of my childhood. Ray Eklund - I to would love to repel to the bottom of the rope and climb over mountains, age has crept up and restricts some activities. Being a (Human Being) is what counts if you understand that. Hope to meet you traveling sometime. Don't remember if I have ever met you. I remember faces, but not names necessarily, never had. By the way, one of my Uncles was a Eklund from NB. All of you who have posted here, have a great time camping and meeting people.
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Got gandkids?
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Originally Posted by cameront120 View Post
The sketch has nothing to do with any of those things. I guess you just don't get it.

And this isn't America, it's the Internet.
Oh Wow, boy did I miss the mark. That post was intended entirely in jest. My humble apologies to anybody that was offended, especially you Cameron.

And yes, I do get it.


Air No. 6427
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The Eklund Clan of Northwest Montana from Minnesota 1900. Off the boat from Sweden 1867.

I still remember those Eklunds in Montana who spoke with the Swedish accent in the 1950's. That Fargo, ND program... accent. The last vintage of the 1870's off the boat into the New World. Chasing the lumber west. Of course, my mother speaking Dutch, great Uncles speaking Swedish... no wonder I prefer typing to talking! I was a real mess in school. Dutch or Swedish was not an option in first or second grade.

Do not let your advanced age discourage you from helping those possessing too much youth. I knew everything at 15 and now as a Young Old Retired Not Give a Hoot Airstream owner... I know half as much as I did then. Makes me 7 or 8 years old. The boy never leaves the man, but if it does... you are much too Old to keep my company.

Gove County. Logan County, Kansas.... absolutely wonderful places to trailer. Once passed Salina and Hays... you are getting elevation and drier air. Lots of Niobrara Chalk for shark teeth and large swimming reptile and fish bones in the oil patch. Further west and north of I-70 are some "common opal" sites. Has been fifty years ago... but I left the area pretty much as I found it... lacking a few bones, teeth and opals, that is. Pick up a loose "stone fence pole"... although they run about six/seven feet when in a pile.

We will need some experienced 27 to 34 foot Airstreamers to write a report, if they can keep up with the 16 to 25 footers on our western Adventures. There is no age limit, no size limit, no trailer needed limit, no dog limit... and whatever else... limited.

There is talk, mostly ideas that have not developed into a paragraph, yet... but that is how we make ready for Young Old Airstream owners wanting to dust up their trailers out West. I am making it up as I type... and volunteering a few fitting this description unknowingly, and not wanted by any authorities in Dodge City or Manhattan, KS.

This thread was intended to provoke some thought that you are never too Old nor too Young to get away from the bright lights of Olsburg, KS or tight pants of Las Vegas, NV. You and I know it is making fun of ourselves, especially myself. Some do not quite get it, but you have to remember anyone living through the 1950's to 1970's has a totally different recollection of what today's youth have never experienced.

I see the Current Active Users below. Lets become more ACTIVE and less Current. Everyone has something to add towards any limitations that come with being young. Many of us were young, in a relative way today... and expect to find MY experiences in a history book. Well... it is a living history for as long as I can keep it that way.

An Airstream is only special because of those who dwell within. Other than that... I see little use other than to store things. Get into your trailer and camp at a Walmart in the town down the highway. Their doughnuts may not be that great... but the apple fritters are not bad. Some day this opportunity will be gone.
Human Bean
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Originally Posted by Elbo View Post
I still don't know why someone living in a town called Boulder City, that was named because of people working on the Boulder Dam would even say it's the Hoover Dam???? My Dad worked on the Boulder Dam project. I am sure the people who put their blood, sweat and tears into building the Boulder Dam would prefer it was called the "Boulder Dam", and please don't give me the story of way it's called the Hoover Dam. I have heard the story to many times to mean anything.

No body asked me what name the town was to be called. Hoover Dam became Boulder Dam and then Hoover Dam. I do not give a dam its name. My wife's uncle started work in 1931 on the Dam Dam, Uncle Carl, stayed in Boulder City, died in Boulder City and is buried in Boulder City. His wife is buried in Boulder City. He did not give a Hoover. The Bureau of Reclamation calls it Hoover Dam.

You might want to stop in Boulder City, go to the museum at the Hotel and vote for Boulder or Hoover. Then... you will be among those of us who know.

If you look, if able, at a 1931 US Geological Survey report about WHY Boulder Dam was built... it would help. In 1935 a US Postage stamp... 3 cents... celebrates "Boulder Dam".

If one does not study history, they know no history. I hope this helps.
Human Bean
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Ray, as always...I enjoy your threads. I have not decided if I am OLD YOUNG OR YOUNG OLD.......I am young...lying in bed in the morning...making my pseudo plans. Then, I get out of joints creak, moan, ache...I take a few steps...slower than I think i'm moving...then the muscles ache...and I try to remember which of those plans I can physically manage. As I creak down the stairs and let the little dogs out, then, to the kitchen and push a button for my morning cup of this time...I realize those plans won't work out today...maybe tomorrow.....
Now what was I saying? I forget! Now, what were you saying, Ray?
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When I was working for a living, I had to start thinking of myself as old when I first met full-time coworkers who were younger than my career, meaning their date of birth was after my first day on the job. When you can legitimately say, "I've been doing this since before you were born," that's an old person thing.

But I only bought my Airstream four years ago, and only retired one year ago. It will be a long, long time until I can once again say, "I've been doing this since before you were born," with regard to either Airstreaming or retirement, so I guess now I'm not old!

WBCCI #1105

My Google-Fu is strong today.
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