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Hi field & stream,
I do hope our paths will cross! I have never seen a Basecamp except on a YouTube video. I love the functionality and design! I have been tracking the ones that come up for sale. They are very scarce. It is not uncommon for some campers to have multiple travel trailers. Perhaps one day I will be the proud owner of an Airstream in addition to my Ollie.
My best wishes to you as well.

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A bit off topic here. Still, if quality is the chief concern for your Airstream to-be, perhaps consider an Airstream shell with custom-built interior from someone like Timeless Travel Trailers.

Meanwhile, let's get back to the speculatin'!

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Improper maintenance by a mechanic with an attitude could result in a dangerous situation down the road.

I have mentioned that on our new 2015 23D International Serenity one wheel bearing was already scored from lack of grease at less than 2,000 road miles and the other three needed grease. The recommended service interval is 10,000 miles, so after the wheel bearing failing along the way the damage would be blamed on the owner.

Frankly, a dealer is less than worthless if they can not even do a simple visual inspection as part of the required PDI - like noting the lack of the Airstream brand name on the back of our trailer and a wad of plastic covering for the side wall on top of the bedding. After not noticing these simple issues, I was left wondering what else they missed. Fortunately, I had the wheel bearings and brakes checked while having the modifications done to our trailer.

This forum is where folks comment on their experiences to serve as wakeup calls for the other readers. Many of the reported issues I also found on my trailers and got the issue corrected before it became a major expense. Many of the suggestions have been put into my note book as a solution to a problem if I t ever happens to me or another camper near us.

The forum is well worth the annual $20 fee to help support this treasure trove of information.
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Design vs Quality & CampInn Comments

Amazing how this thread keeps going. I keep thinking that the AS folks must be chuckling.

Design is what catches the eye, Quality is what is seen and felt upon closer examination. It takes both, IMO, to get the customer to purchase, to keep them coming back for their next unit and to recommend their purchases to others.

Regarding CampInn. I've been following CampInn since their inception. These are small trailers but not short of features. Not really simple, but well designed.

The first unit was built because a man is planning a tour of Rout 66 with his family and could not imaging striking a tent over and over during his vacation. Investigating small trailers, he found the teardrop and figured he could build one just as good or better than what he could purchase. This should sound familiar to anyone who knows the Byam backstory.

During the trip, people keep admiring his trailer and asking where he got it. Once home, he and a engineer co-worker decide to build a few. Then a few more. Then their "Day-Job" company relocates and they make it a full time gig...out of a airplane hanger behind his house. Later they expand to new new "factory" digs, within the same small town of Neceedah, WI, and grow their workforce.

Along the way they keep quality up and customer satisfaction second to none-as news articles and web comments indicate.

The two founders still work in the shop, communicate with workers and keep orders and lead times manageable. They hold yearly owner get-together's "CampInns" and people come from all over.

They sell factory direct and are probably one of the most expensive Tear Drop designs sold. They have less expensive models, but customer's preference leans towards the "loaded" models. Used units retain good resale.

They have continued to be successful for many years-even through the recession-because they build a good quality, eye-catching, vintage design with modern amenities. They make changes when it makes sense, when enough customer's request them and when improvements will benefit the customer.

It's a neat success story from a couple of go-getters that saw a need and filled it.
Lots to do. Getting there.
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Shacksman, thanks for the Holiday Post.

Interesting read.
This information is as valuable today, as it was in 1954, given the complaints within this thread.

The review section, as written with comments:

The big difference between Wally Byam's "Holiday" is that it was designed by experienced trailer travelers to be used by experienced trailer travelers.

It was not designed by a trailer manufacturer to make a good appearance on a sales lot and to be sold to inexperienced people who do not really know the good from the bad.

When Wally Byam designed this trailer he knew that many of them would be
sold to people who would go on his tours. And if anything was not good these people would be right there to tell him about it. Many manufacturers never see the folks who buy and use their trailers.

Wally Byam lives with his customers. His trailers have got to be good. Everything in the "Holiday" is practical, good and top quality, yet reasonably priced.
It is the kind of "good buy" that careful buyers are looking for.
For those who want a small light weight trailer for vacations, week-ends, and trips, it is absolutely tops.

Lots to do. Getting there.
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Ever more so because as a society we don't train people to work with their hands any more. The elites in education think there are no future jobs in technical work, likely because the don't understand it and don't have a clue how to teach it. However if you don't put a wrench or a rivet gun in a kids hand until he is 19 it will never really be part of him. It used to be that a farmers kids were helping fix the tractor from the time they were 5 and because there were more kids than farms there was this great work force available. However farms are becoming big corporate entities so there is not the same grass routes education of technical skills.

Andrew T
Originally Posted by DavidsonOverlander View Post
While you're both correct that many students do not get the shop class experiences that they would have in years past, in my experience it's not quite as bad as you make it sound. In our school district all high schools offer technological education courses (ranging from woodworking to auto shop to construction to machine shop to electrical to robotics to HVAC, etc.), and many students get some experience with tools in elementary school as well. In elementary schools there is certainly a smaller variety of tools than there was 20 years ago, but there's still something and at least now the girls are involved as well, unlike when I was in grade 7/8 in the early 70's. In Ontario, education in many industry sectors is offered through Specialist High Skills Majors courses (in high school) which provide a broader range of industry-related skills than did previous courses.

The opportunities are there, but many parents do not recognize the value of Technological Education and discourage (or at least don't encourage) their children from taking those courses, a huge mistake in my opinion. In some of our schools 95% of parents of grade 9 students believe that their child will attend university. I guess it's easy to think that if you're child is going to become a doctor, lawyer or stock broker they'll have enough money to pay to have anything built or fixed that they need.
Well said Davidson !
Many folks are qualified to offer their opinion ***from an elitist or not *** but it is refreshing to see a member take the time to share their current school district's statistics.

As a former auto shop, welding, and math instructor who also chaired both a Vocational Ed and a Computer Science department, I was quite offended by the remarks from Andrew T purporting to explain our current state of AS quality affairs. It was an oversimplification to say the least ...and to speculate that educators "do not understand it" referring to the technical trades is self-serving and offensive to most professional educators.

Perhaps the reason for failing quality across the board in many area might be that society in general has lost many of the values that the older generation has held in high esteem for many years. For some, the adage - if you can't do it, then teach - is correct; but, please don't lump us all in one barrel until you have walked in our shoes.
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Thumbs up

“Education is what people do to you,
Learning is what you do to yourself…..”
Joi Ito

"Apprenticeship.....what you do together"

"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes."


Sandra wanted to go to Cleveland on vacation,
but Im the Husband, so we went to Cleveland. 😂

Its a crooked piece of time that we live in.
John Prine
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Nicely said, Robert ...
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Fun discussion! I encourage anyone working their way through college to get employed as a substitute teacher on their breaks... And volunteer for all sorts of assignments. I did everything from my Father's Advanced Math Class to all sorts of vocational training (not that I was qualified). It'll teach YOU a thing about education... especially at the middle school level.

A well rounded HS education, no matter what track you were on (in my day its was vocational, "business", and Math/Sci College Prep) should include a little of all. I learned mechanical drawing and woodshop. No HomeEc but its OK for guys these days. And everyone should have a least one semester of Auto Shop.

Skilled workers are a great resource to this country in times of war or peace. We just need to provide for more mobility so workers can go where the jobs are. Would love to see Thor get into this game. And you know, there are a lot of soon to be seniors who are going to need cheap mobile housing... its a growth industry for sure.
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Wasn't Airstream expanding the factory by 50%? Seems like there should be room for a new line of trailers that tours may not cover.


The Airstream is sold; a 2016 Nash 24M replaced it.
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Less expensive Aurstream

I have been following this forum about a new less expensive Airstream.
I think the group has gotten off course in reference to why the forum started.
I am in the market to buy a camper this year. My ex wife and I bought a new Airstream back in 2001. I have owned a couple of campers myself since our divorce in 2005. I really want to buy another Airstream so I am going to wait and see what they come out with and, most importantly, how much will it cost. I think I see where it will be out in May? I'm hoping it will be worth the wait. If not we'll then I'll buy something else. I'm retiring soon so it will be what I take into retirement.
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My retirement trailer would be (is) a Classic 30!

Sent from my iPad using Airstream Forums
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Originally Posted by Gene View Post
Wasn't Airstream expanding the factory by 50%? Seems like there should be room for a new line of trailers that tours may not cover.

They did. They are still several months behind due to still training and bringing new employees up to speed and another increase in the number of orders.
Personally I believe any new non-aluminum trailer will be built off site by a third party. Possibly a current rebranded Thor product.

Do you know what a learning experience is? A learning experience is one of those things that says "You know that thing that you just did? Don't do that."
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While it's off topic from the OP, the conversation about trades people and lack thereof, is truely worthy of discussion. rmkrum, Andrew and Davidson, you're spot on. This issue has frightening ramifications. Maybe start a thread, I'd love to engage in more discussion about our future without enough carpenters, electricians, mechanics and machinists to name just a few.
Uh oh, I sound a little preachy....
but, it's a big deal...
I had conversation with some elementary school educators who were fixated on "high school ready & college bound". "Not all important and rewarding careers begin at a university" I said. We need Americans with skills in the trades too. Ok rant over.

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