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Buy used, scrub and disinfect it yourselves, bank the money you saved for retirement.

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There is an alternative no one has mentioned.... buy a new SOB for the price of a used Airstream.

No doubt I will be bombarded with tomatoes for this but please take them out of the can!

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All that would do is prolong the inevitable- I have lived that scenario- I wanted an Airstream- bought a nearly new sob for what a vintage Airstream would cost and was never happy- camped in it 2 years 4 months and traded it in on an Airstream- now I have as nice a trailer as there is and reliable, too.
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Originally Posted by Ted S. View Post
Do I just buy a new one? Or do I try and get her to buy into the used one? What would you do and why?
Ted - I've been in somewhat the same shoes. Bought a new 28' Safari, very soon learned the floorplan wasn't good for new circumstances. So the Safari was sold. Then bought a 30' Classic. Both wonderful trailers. . . Then the vintage bug bit me, big time.

I now have a 1954 Cruiser, totally renovated (to suit ME) and I love it. This one will be my final, true love trailer till death do us part (or the economy, or my age??). May I suggest that you & your wife find a WBCCI or VAC rally in your area & attend. Take a look at a few vintage Airstreams. Give that option some thought. And as a big plus, being an architect, you could (if you wanted) work out your own special interior design. Also, Forums member MelodyRanch is "thinning his herd" and thinking of selling several of the beautiful vintage Airstreams he has personally restored / renovated - to a very high standard I might add. You might want to contact him & get some photos & discuss.
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We bought a used ('97) 2 years ago with retirement in mind (accomplished in June of 2013). It was a one-owner trailer, and the gentleman had passed away. Although it was pristine, it was very dated so I went through it from stem to stern, and top to bottom. We left nothing untouched. Items were either added, (such as Fantastic fans), updated or replaced entirely (bed and couch come to mind). It was a great experience, and I was helped enormously by the experience of those on this web-site who documented their own efforts to my benefit.

I got the best of both worlds, a great Air Stream at a fraction of the cost of a comparable new one. It is ours, with our stamp on it and our fingerprints everywhere. Another advantage is I know about every system, how things function, and where everything is located.

Good luck with your decision, mine is just another view point to consider.

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Originally Posted by Ted S. View Post
I have wanted an Airstream for as long as I can remember. I'm an architect, I love design, I value it and will pay for it. Obviously, I only want an Airstream.

My wife on the other hand, likes space and slidouts, she doesn't necessarily see the poor qaulity, fit and finish issues of the SOB. She was actually turned off from the Airstream because she said they were small. Then if you read my first post, you'd be happy to hear I finally got her to "acquire" a taste for them. Now she wants one.

I could buy new or I could by used. I love the new, but I feel like I am not 100% responsible in dropping that kind of money. Its not an affordability issue, its if I should drop that money on a toy or saving for retirement, etc.

So now we know we want a bunkhouse, and I located one of them. I want to jump at it but my wife is not hot on a used trailer. Would I love a new Airstream? Boy would I. That really is the only toy I would ever want.

So I am in this interesting fix. My wife has given the green light to buy the toy of my dreams, yet I am holding back because I don't know if I am being responsible.

The last thing I want is for my wife to not want to go on trips because the trailer is not exactly what she wanted. She talks like she wants new because she wants it to be only ours, every scrape and ding and piece of dirt on it is ours and not be wondering where, or who put it there. I think you know what I mean. And I know, a happy wife....

Do I just buy a new one? Or do I try and get her to buy into the used one? What would you do and why?
Last May my wife and I decided we had seen our last spring storm roll into the Eastern Sierras as we frantically packed our tent and gear..... I decided that after a lifetime of backpack camping, horse packing, and tent camping it was time to move inside a nice cozy trailer for a change.... I didn't know I wouldn't miss it, but I don't.

I guess maybe it's because of how good it feels to wake up in a comfortable bed and still be in the wilderness. As a kid we had a 15' Shasta that slept the five of us and it was magical.... Memories I've never forgotten and dreams I still had. But then we started looking at this trailer and that, pop outs or not? Lance, Flagstaff, Winnebagoo and of course Airstream.

We personally couldn't justify the price tag of a new one so the hunt was on. We initially looked at and past up, a beauty in Az (2009 20' flying cloud $35k) I regretted it at first, but then, I found our 19' Bambi in the Airstream Classifieds. It was located in Austin Texas and belonged to the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. They realized how interested I was and worked with me in every way. We flew out to look at it and they rolled out the red carpet. They offered to pick us up at the Airport, took us out on their boat to dinner and even offered to drive it out to Los Angeles where my wife and I would meet them at an RV Park near the fairgrounds!

I know it sounds crazy and it is. Almost as crazy is the fact we arrived at the park within 1 minute of each other. I drove up from San Diego, they from Austin...... It was meant to be!

It was 4th of July and we celebrated with them and their family from nearby Anaheim, with BBQ, Champagne and fireworks.... We're still celebrating. My thanks to Andrew and his wife Bobbi will never be enough.

My rambling point is we stuck our necks out and it paid off. We found a 2 owner 06 Bambi that is in near mint condition (obviously seldom used) and could not be happier. We paid $27k and it is sweeet!

One final word on all this is that we decided that waiting for retirement that for many reasons may never come was not what we wanted to do. My parents waited for retirement to buy their dream and passed away long before their time - never really fulfilling it. Live your dream.... Life has no promises. Hope to see you and your family in your new or used Airstream...... Happy Trails, Mark
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We chose used. We needed a bunkhouse and we wanted an airstream. When it comes down to it, our needs are very very unique, and we are very experienced and mechanically-inclined with a design background. We lovingly restored our 1989 29' Excella and made the perfect custom bunkhouse for our seven kids and grandma and ourselves. It has everything we could ever want in an airstream-- even a dishwasher! But we ran out of projects on it once we had completely restored it. So now we are restoring another one for ourselves. We lovelovelove our bunkhouse. But we will be selling it soon as we get closer to being able to use the next one. Maybe you should consider looking at custom restorations. Be careful to choose one where the owners have upgraded the systems and not just made it pretty: axles, appliances, brakes, tires, electrical systems-- none of that shows but it is costly and necessary to update. The new ones are great, too, through, if it has the right layout and setup for your family.
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So you want the new Airstream, the wife wants the new Airstream, you can afford the new Airstream but you can't buy it because it seems too extravagant.

This is a psychological issue.

How about this. It's ten years from now. 2 different scenarios, best case.

1) I'm sure glad we bought that Airstream. We've had some great times because of it and we will have lots more as long as we take care of it.

2) I'm sure glad we didn't buy that Airstream. Our retirement account is larger and every year it produces more income for us to spend on more important things.

How do you feel? Which is more appealing?
Living in the trailer park of sense, looking out the window at a tornado of stupidity.
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Interesting question

This is a no brainier.
Get a new airstream in the floor plan that pleases your wife.
This advice from the wife who persuaded her husband to by one for her.
You know you want new, too.
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" if you want to give The Lord a good laugh, tell him your plans". After awhile, you know how much money you have, but not how much time you have. Simply think of it as an expensive SUV, and go buy it. If it doesn't work out sell it, other wise nothing will quite compare. Usually things we fear the most, never happen on the way to new adventures. I searched for four years for that perfect AS, visited several dealerships, and participated in this forum. Went from wanting a 25, 27, then 30ft w/ recliners. Finally ordered a 30ft-FC/ recliners in September with full awnings, 2AC, etc. $70,000 over ten years use is an inexpensive toy, could sell it before I retire, or use the equity to buy a new one before I retire. Just do it, don't look back but forward. The Bunk house model is perfect for you.
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Thanks for all the replies. I really appreciate the responses. I'm still confused, but I am convinced there are pluses and minuses to new and used. However, I think my wife is better with the new idea. It's the physiological thing. I'm going to see if someone will check out the TX trailer in the off chance it is like new. Then maybe take a trip with her to see it.
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You could buy used now, camp now, enjoy now, and, then trade the used for a new when you know for sure what works for you, and what you need and want...
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New or used, an airstream is only expensive if you don't use it. Don't torment yourself. Get one and get going!
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I'm back to bring closure to this Thread.

After seeing some of the most important people in my life grow old, I asked myself what would be my regrets when I turn their age.

At the top of the list was not spending as much time as possible with my kids when I had the opportunity to do so.

So we ordered a 2015 Airstream Bunkhouse today.

What the hell, 401k's are overrated.

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