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Kerri and I are both retired, and we spend about 16 weeks a year traveling in the Airstream.



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Still a newbie to Airstreaming, but marking the days

I bought my Bambi Dec. 2014. Retired Jan. 2014. So far I have put 12,500+ miles on her (Florida is a long state), and slept 126 nights in her. The mileage is due to a long, meandering trip to DC from Fl. I'd spend more time if it wasn't for volunteer commitments. It is in storage when I don't use it. But the decision is yours. I just love the fact I can pack up and go anytime knowing I'll always have place to sleep.

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A new friend recently confessed his big Motorhome has not turned a wheel in SIX years -- but he has been paying storage.... Nutty...

We're retired -- almost 70 -- started RVing in 2010 -- began 4 years full timing in 2011 -- one trip a month was not enough. Now in an AS Interstate -- in next 12 months we'll use close to 90 days. We just love traveling this way!

IMHO -- 3 weeks a year is not worth the investment--- unless, money is TRULY no object...
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My wife and I are retired and in our 70's. We bought a brand new 2015 Flying cloud 28W 2 years ago and used it primarily for our big vacation Baltimore to Yellowstone, to Grand Canyon, then home. That was a 4 week trip. since then we have used it for 5 weekend trips. Three of the weekends Tom used it by himself because it was more convienient than a motel. Two weekends we both used it.

We are seriously interested in selling it because we don't use it enough to make it worth keeping. It is in excellent condition. We have used the warranty during its 2 year period to replace the DOMETIC refrigerator and have had all safety recalls issued by the factory corrected.

We chose the Flying Cloud in preference to the International and the Signature versions of 28 foot length because there are more storage cabinets in the galley area.

If you are really interested in purchasing an Airstream and are near the Baltimore area we would be glad to show you ours. You might find it worth considering. E-mail me at
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My wife and I have been Airstreaming for about nine years. When we purchased our first 19 AS we decide to committe to going out at lease one weekend every 6 to 8 weeks. We felt like that justified our investment. Currently we are both in our early 60's and twelve to eighteen month from retirement. We currently manage between 40 and 50 nights per year. One of the things that we realized over time was that we needed more room to feel comfortable on those longer trips. Because of this we moved up to a 25. When we retire our plan is to spend 150 nights per year on the road. At that point we will very likely move up to a 30 Classic. Storage space and comfort means a lot when you spend a lot of time on the road. Good luck....
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Excellent question! One we asked ourselves before getting in too deep too.

Iím 56 too, and plan to retire before 60. We wanted a ďtravelĒ trailer good for extended stays in various locations. So it needs a full kitchen, comfortable bath, and lots of closets. That means minimum 26í. Camping is just a bonus for us. Is it worth it for me to spend $85K? Nope. But I can afford $15k for an older model.

We were very fortunate to find our 34í Avion. Itís perfect for us. In 10 weeks weíve spent 20 nights in it (but only because itís our new toy). This schedule is unsustainable while Iím still working. But yes, itís worth it since I plan to get my money back out of it whenever I sell it in another 10, 20, or 40 years from now, or whenever that happens.

It baffles me how some people can trade in their new AS to get two more feet every two years. Thatís WAY more expensive than anything else you can spend your money on.
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Smile How many nights...

Re: post #20. <However, the Airstream is really like having a vacation home but it gets to be in a different location each time versus always going to the same locale.>

Our Airstream is our vacation home; different location every time and no property taxes to pay as we experience each & every beautiful spot around this gorgeous country and North & South America. We've owned 3 different Airstreams and absolutely worth every $ spent and every glorious memory provided. And you've still always got the luxury of any other type of travel should you want to give your Airstream a rest. Don't overthink it with the math. You only live once!
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Look at it this way, AS are not going to get any cheaper and you only live once, so go for it.
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I'm 62 retire from one career, mostly retired from a second and my wife is younger and still working from home. We bought a FC 23FB last June and used just over 7 weeks until December. This year we used it for 6 weeks until we moved up to a FC 27FB this month. Although we loved the 23FB we found it to small if our 21 year old daughter joined us. We are planning to take a 2 month trip out west next summer and knew the 23FB would be to small. One of the main reasons we bought a one is both of us spent years traveling around the world staying in hotels in our job and are sick of hotels. Now we want to travel the U.S. and sleep in a bed that is ours.
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Originally Posted by phil1ben View Post
My wife and I are headed to the Hershey RV Show in September to look at Airstreams. We love the AS. I have done a lot of research (including reading Rick Luhr's excellent book "The Newbies Guide to Airstreaming") and it would appear that the 23' Int'l Signature would suit our needs and style. Normally it will just be the two of us. Assuming that money is not the issue, the question we are grappling with is how many days we would actually use it. I know this is a question that only we can answer. I am retiring in December (I am 56, wife is 53). We plan on traveling 3 weeks per year without the AS. So we figure between kids (one a sophomore and one completing a Masters both at Penn State) and other things we will use it about 3 weeks per year. Between storage and headaches etc... is it it worth it?

So the question I am asking (excluding full-timers) how many days per year are you actually on the road with your Airstream? If you would like please identify if you are retired or still working and other relevant circumstance. I am trying to determine what more experienced people feel is the "over-under" in number of days on the road.Thank you everyone.
Hope I'm posting this in the right place. It's been some time since I posted anything.
I use my AS once a month but most of my travel is within TX. I am retired and have the time and really enjoy the time out there in State Parks or US Army Corps of Engineers Parks. You meet a lot of nice people, very relaxing and great to cut back on the every day chores. When I got my AS I said I was going to use it or sell I have been using it. GailMac.
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Originally Posted by phil1ben View Post
So the question I am asking (excluding full-timers) how many days per year are you actually on the road with your Airstream? If you would like please identify if you are retired or still working and other relevant circumstance. I am trying to determine what more experienced people feel is the "over-under" in number of days on the road.Thank you everyone.
I've already answered about my Airstream usage. But honestly, the number of days that you use it is immaterial.

The real question is, "Does using your Airstream reduce your stress level?" If the answer is yes, then even a small amount of usage is worth it. Because what is it worth to you to have a lower stress level, live longer, and enjoy life more? Your Airstream, even if stored 364 days a year, is a whole lot less expensive than one trip to the emergency room because your heart couldn't keep up with your blood pressure!
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Cool You will use it more than you think.

First, Welcome. We have a 23ft Safari. Bought when my wife retired several years after I did. Expected to spend a few months a year traveling. Except for this year (medical issues) have spent close to six months most years in the Airstream, it draws you to wonderful places and adventures (especially WBCCI Caravans). The 23ft. fits well for the two of us and our two cats, solar makes going anywhere possible for five or more days without hook up. It is so great to get out of Wisconsin winters and do adventures throughout the country. Expect to use it more than you originally plan, it is such a great way to enjoy all that is within driving distance, and be rested when you get there.
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Asking the wrong question.

The first major issue is can YOU afford the daily fixed costs of ownership. You're purchasing another home. Period. Can you afford two homes and all of the cost that entails WITHOUT financial challenges. Next, the various out-of-pocket variable costs associated with each trip. You can plan best if you truly have decent extra cash flow each and every month of owning the extra home in reach. Once you get that figured out, you use it as much as you can. I use either of mine about 180 days per year. We're either at a stationary fix home OR roaming the USA. This means properties are VACANT the other days. As my accountant told us: Spend your money on the stuff that will bring joy in YOUR retirement - however, don't be rediculess in the process. We are retired and educated the children to now earn their own way in the world. If you can, get a good used AS that really is bigger than you may think you need - but within your budget. Remember, an AS isn't a need, it's a pretty want. If you take note, you'll see all the ones bought in haste up for sale. Don't become that owner.
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Don't Even Try

First of all, I am retired. Retired at 58 in 2010 and wife did too about the same time. We are averaging about 60 days per year with a low of 38 one year due to grandchildren being born and all that sort of stuff.

If you are looking for some kind of cost analysis so you can pencil out the "worth" of this investment save yourself a lot of trouble right now a quit. If you own a beach home you probably already know what I am thinking.

What you see as your future right now is not going to be the same as the reality coming at you. Two sons both close to heading out on their own will create some issues you can't for see. We have a daughter who moved away and the Airstream gives flexibility when we visit. Our general interests have changed too and we are getting more into traveling as a way of seeing the sights. Before we went out to camp and a lake or in the forest. Now we like to hit the road. The Airstream has really helped us to do all of these things.

Size? That is up to you. The smaller the better in a lot of ways but the larger ones have their advantages as well. I didn't want to climb over anyone getting in and out of bed and I wanted a 2 door fridge. We have a 25 FB and it works well for us.

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