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"That's right, son. It's an Heirstream trailer."

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How do you justify?

I am the oddball I guess but I have justified my purchase because my "thinking style" demands it. I enjoy camping. If nothing else just getting away. When I decided to purchase a camper I looked and realized how much I would need to spend. One of my core values relates to cost and cash on hand versus loans. It acts as balance and prioritizing tool. I could have purchased new but it would have required a loan. I lowered the cost of new by 50% by selecting a slightly used '06 whose warranty expired in '09 (obvious late purchase). It was not the exact model I wanted but I grew to like it and I am camping. I have also been able to update it quite a bit over a few years. As a single, my economic choices are limited so I try to maximize purchases by lowering the cost of entry.

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"Bob, Lee, and Dusty's random trips"

Hi, my wife and I worked our whole lives and saved a few pennies. We bought a new Airstream in late 2004. We have been on many trips. Our largest was from Southern California to Alaska back. It was for 50 days and over 10,000 miles.

We are now on our cross country trip from Salem, Oregon to Maine and eating Lobster almost everyday. [in Maine] We started on July 1st. Re-sale means nothing to me because we don't ever plan on selling our trailer. When we are done with it, It might be worth nothing, but the enjoyment of our trips and memories will be priceless. people in camp grounds have asked me when we plan to go back home; I tell them when we are finished. [no set date]

How do we justify it? We earned it, we could afford it, and we are using the heck out of it.

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I think we have all had "Buyers Remorse" when purchasing a big ticket item. However, I didn't have any remorse, nor did I try to justify the love for "Streaming", that my wife and I have when we upgraded to our current Airstream.


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My wife and I don't have to JUSTIFY anything to anyone. We decide what we want and if we "want" to do it and thats it. In the end it is just a trailer your not selling a kidney or something.

Joe D
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I think this is just about the best forum thread I have ever read.

Naw, on second thought, delete the words "just about".
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Wholeheartedly Agree =)

Originally Posted by Civilguy View Post
I think this is just about the best forum thread I have ever read.

Naw, on second thought, delete the words "just about".
As long as it's not putting you in the poor house (aka excessive debt to income ration), GO FOR IT! On the flip side, it it makes you so happy (and, this is important, the happiness will last and not wear off) then also, go for it. Temporary buyers remorse is one thing...everyone's had it (I haven't yet with a moho as I've only had my own personal rigs for a few years (on #3 now) but I bloody well have with some of my boats...which is my other passion that rivals my love for air streaming and many people call an obsession (however as someone with Aspergers I prefer to think call them my hobbies...but everyone always gets a kick out of me schooling boat and MoHo dealers every now and then....oh, and aviation, but I frequent other forums for those "hobbies.")
I just wish I could get a job selling RVs, boats, or even selling airplanes (80% of the words aircraft currently flying are private/charters...amazing when you think about it)'s hard to keep a job when there are days where you can't leave your house for days at a time...God those suck even more because they get super pricey since I might as well be productive with my paralysing agoraphobia (which sucks because i'm intelligent enough to know nothing out there's out to get me yet I literally can't walk out my damn front door) so I end up ordering boat or RV mods online (If Amazon had a frequent flyer program I'd be diamond/emerald/platinum/titanum/black card level) and start yet another totally unnecessary but pretty damn cool project. (Fixing the mid '90s carried over for some reason to my '00 XC Diesel has been one hell of an undertaking (I plan on posting plenty of before and afters but not till I'm done) It's too bad most of the mods I've done on my boat aren't even noticeable unless I point them out.

So personally, I have in the past and even recently (this thread brought the nagging voice in my head to the forefront again) questioned why am I spending so much bloody money on these "toys" (for big boys) when honestly (especially this past year) have spent waaayyy more time in my back yard than on the road or the lake? The answer is. Even parked they bring me joy

So, in the end life's too short to penny pinch. (Unless you have to, I admit and never deny that I come from a privileged background and have been very blessed in life (though unlike some of my contemporaries) I have taken said blessings and very prudently and strategically through the stock market (it's amazing how many people don't know the killing you can make in a down market), real estate, Amex points (I really wish I traveled more I have enough points to fly world wide first class a few times over....but oh well) and any other income methods that can be performed at home (occasionally hiding in my closet during a gnarly panic attack, lol) You could be thinking you're kicking ass in law school one year then the second semester get grades on your finals that don't match up to your final exam essays (according to my personal attorney at least) .5 percent from passing...get denied academic probation and even repeating the first year while some blonde bimbo who did way worse was let on probation...given the option to re-apply in two years after which you promptly tell the school where to shove it, find out your father has stage 4 inoperable cancer in his throat the next day, but by the grace of god and many favours returned from dear friends in the medical system letting him basically jump the line to get into Stanford's cancer centre...(he's completely in remission with two clean scans now almost a year later) but the radiation pretty much has him learning how to eat again...find out at age 33 you've been mis-diagnosed your entire life from shrinks you've been seeing since age 4 as bi-polar when (3 doctors have concurred) you have this thing called Aspergers Syndrome which didn't exist until I was a freshman in high school...unlike today where they can tell if a 2 year old has it) but you look out at your backyard and see that shiny (i wish metal....'95 Classic unicorn, one day) recently washed fibreglass Airstream and go fire up it's amazing 330 cummins turbo diesel you've wanted since you were just a child...(everyone who owns a gasser either has turbo envy and admits it or denies it and is LYING) heheheheh...and you realise, life really isn't that bad and certainly could be a WHOLE lot worse (just look at the refugee situation in Europe ...I have very deep ties to the Armenian community, many of whom were actually born Syrian) and any buyers remorse I have, goes right out that window, to the cockpit of my Airstream that currently just sits there...but I (and a team of new doctors) are working on it. I have one goal with my XC before I trade it in...go to an Airstream rally. Just gotta find a travel companion besides my dogs, lol. But, even it it doesn't, at least I have forums like this one, and many others, that let someone like me who once spent his summers globetrotting and doing other stuff that on FB or Instagram would have come off as beyond obnoxious (I'm sooooo glad social media was its infancy and I never understood Myspace anyways) but now lives his life vicariously through the wonderful posts i read online about others with the same toys as I, but unlike I, the current capability to use them.

I apologise for the length of this post...I just started typing and it kinda got away from me. But I want the members on here to know how much they've all meant in their own little ways to me this past year. Hopefully I'll meet you at a rally soon where we can argue whether fibreglass Airstreams truly count...if not, I'm sure there's already a thread for that but if not I'll start a new one =)

Until then, I'll close on this. If you even own an airstream, then it was worth whatever you spent on it. (with some exceptions of course) but the mere pleasure (and occasional pain) of owing one means that in the grand scheme of things you're blessed in life. Life is good, even if it seems bad sometimes, life is good.

Keep on 'Streaming =)
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I hesitate to mention practical matter again, since this thread is so full of great philosophical answers. But I found this interesting:
Calling my insurance Co for quotes on various options, I found that the cost to insure a 2007 30' vs to insure a new 2015 30' is identical (within a few bucks). The agent said it's because parts get more expensive as the RV gets older, so there is virtually no cost difference in the two scenarios. Something the dealers must be happy to hear!
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We have worked for four and a half decades and I continue to work as a business owner but can do it remotely at least part of the time. We live in Texas where summer can be endured but not enjoyed. We were considering a cabin in Colorado until we looked at the price. We might have been able to afford a vacant lot with no water or electricity.

For the price of that empty lot that took 4WD to get to, we could buy a slightly used Eddie Bauer and a new 3/4 ton diesel truck to pull it and our Colorado cabin could follow us wherever we wanted to go! Yeah, the cabin in Colorado could be rented out when we weren't using it and they do tend to appreciate, except, of course when they depreciate and need major repairs because the renters trashed them or a water pipe froze.

In the end we bought the Eddie Bauer (for about $20k less than new) and the big truck and have had absolutely no buyer's remorse. As we were passing through Boulder on the way to Estes Park, a woman pulled up alongside and honked as she made the "roll down your window gesture." I feared that a tire had blown, but she just wanted to give us the "thumbs-up" gesture and yell, "Now, THATS the way to vacation!"

When we first lived together 44 years ago, it was first in a tiny travel trailer and later in a mobile-home, in a mobile home park. We have returned to our roots. We are trailer trash at heart, just very well educated, upper-class, aluminum, riveted trailer-trash! Two dogs, two people, and a huge country to explore in our Silver Grace.
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Originally Posted by lbdesign View Post
I'm obsessing about upgrading to a bigger AS. I full-time, so it would have a big impact on my daily life. But oh, the cost.

Do you think of it as an expense, as in: that purchase money is gone, or do you think of it as merely tying up that money for a time, since resale is relatively high?

How do you frame the decision for yourself?


I'm not sure I justified the cost. I know I want to see the U.S. and Canada on my own schedule - to linger or not as I choose.

I know I enjoy being in different locations but always in my own bed.

We camp at an ocean site for our anniversary - right within sight of some $10,000,000 homes and I know I can have their exact view and experience for a fraction of a fraction of that cost - and then haul off to enjoy a multi million dollar mountain view, or prairie view, or whatever stunning view I can imagine - and in fact, can have all of them in time and not limit myself to just one of them.

I know life is short and I can't take any money with me.

I saved for decades and bought outright (I know financing would have been potentially smarter financially but I like knowing it's ours debt-free).

I sometimes think of the worst, lowest, most difficult times of my career and see how those moments ultimately got converted into the funding for this this amazing freedom rig. That just makes me smile. Can't imagine what that will feel like when I ultimately retire...

I'm definitely not looking at it as an investment. DW and I are going to use it til we can't and then we know which godchild and bride will get the rig when we're gone.

And we're enjoying the hell out of it while we can. Probably a bad "investment" but a brilliant, worthwhile expense that I only regret not doing sooner.
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Originally Posted by Loden View Post
As we were passing through Boulder on the way to Estes Park, a woman pulled up alongside and honked as she made the "roll down your window gesture." I feared that a tire had blown, but she just wanted to give us the "thumbs-up" gesture and yell, "Now, THATS the way to vacation!"
I got a little nervous when I started reading this, as I live near Boulder. Glad is wasn't a person yelling at you for conspicuous consumption of diesel.
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You've all been so thoughtful, encouraging and helpful. I just put a deposit down on a 2015 30' International Sig. Thanks for helping me get to this point.

CJ at Desert Autoplex in AZ has been great to work with so far. Will try to keep this updated.
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Originally Posted by Fly at Night View Post
jholder, reminds me of an uncle who lived next door. We would often go there for Sunday morning pancakes. I was just a kid then, but will always remember the Tahitian girl salt and pepper shakers on the table. Why Tahitian? Because my uncle always wanted to go to Tahiti.

I can still see my uncle sitting at the table with those salt and pepper shakers. How many cold winter mornings did he look at them and dream of Tahiti before he left for work? It would be in the thousands But when he retired, he was too ill with COPD to go. Those salt and pepper shakers were his only "Tahiti."

Darnnit all....people should be able to realize at least one big dream in their life.
Thanks for sharing this. Beautifully conveys the message. Loved it.
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lbdesign, congrats on the decision to buy. Sounds like it will be a sweet rig and we wish you many years of happy travels.

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