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You are the kind of CPA I WANT.. thinks outside the box. Is this what you did or you know of someone doing this? sounds like a good plan if you are a small business person, which i am.

Originally Posted by chaseav View Post
What's the fastest way to turn $70,000 into $40,000? Buy a brand new Airstream! How to justify that? Call it a business office and write it off on your income taxes. Depreciate the unit using the standard 5 year depreciation schedule the IRS allows plus take the added Section 179 expensing of $25,000 off the top on this years taxes. You have to run a legitimate business though so don't get too inventive!

Carl, Raleigh NC
2-24-16 got a 2005 Classic 31D check it out for good rental deals
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Because the smaller units are in demand and command a premium price and often the larger units less so, there might be little difference between pricing especially since you are looking at used.

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Our outlook ...
The only gaurantee is someday we will die. In the process of that, perhaps grow old and not be able to get around as well.
So - work hard play hard.
The stationary home is paid for and waiting for us to spend more time there out of need.
The AS is for fun ...
We bought a 40 year old used AS knowing it needed work and after all repairs and upgrades we will have less in it than a smaller new plain white box - and it will be good for another 40 years.
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Originally Posted by larryglarson View Post
Like most of you I worked hard and with a little luck retired with some savings. I met a women that liked to camp. I looked around a lot and decided an Airstream was a lot better than anything else I could find. Almost 6 years latter I still feel this way. We have had a lot of fun in our trailer. About a year ago we decided to go to Europe for 2 months. It was a great vacation and the memories will live on for the rest of our lives, but cost Wow. Makes our Airstream's seem cheap.

At about 73 it is about what I can afford and what makes me happy. And planning the trips, doing the maintanence, setting up camp and meeting all the people keeps me young and happy.
The older I get the more I fear doctors... because they can make you die for a LONG LONG time. If you're terminal, close to broke and have no long term care insurance the recommendation will be "lets put her in a hospice and let nature take it's course"... If you've got a millions left in your 401K, you'll get way too much "invasive care" and you'll linger in a coma or worse (still able to think and feel but not communicate) until some courageous or greedy heir says, "we are going to move her to a hospice...."

Life is a balancing act... old age is a balancing act with both feet on banana peels. Gotta get that bumper sticker that explains the Airstream: "I'm out spending my kids inheritance!"

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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I retired one year ago after 30 years military and 15 years civil service. Wasn't sure what we wanted to do but we wanted to travel. We couldn't justify a new AS even tho we could afford it. We found a very well taken care of 1972 Safari that was great for us now, maybe later a bigger one. As an old school electronics technician I knew buying old would mean a lot of TLC but it is something I could do and maybe get to love. As others have said it is up to what you think you can afford and still be happy. I look out my front door every day and think how beautiful she is. Think hard and do the right thing for you and only you.
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You only get one kick at the cat - don't worry about justifying everything in financial terms!

But make sure as best you can that it REALLY is something you want and not a 7 day wonder (My wife often accuses me of that sort of purchase!)

Luckily our AS has not been one of those buys!

Brian & Connie Mitchell

2005 Classic 30'
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Originally Posted by nrgtrakr View Post
Our outlook ...The AS is for fun ...
We bought a 40 year old used AS knowing it needed work and after all repairs and upgrades we will have less in it than a smaller new plain white box - and it will be good for another 40 years.
This is exactly what we did. As we neared retirement, we wanted to enjoy travel without being tied to airlines, hotels and rental cars. I had a career in which I was able enjoy the outdoors and observe what others "camped" in and, as we got close to retirement, we were tired of pads on the ground. We decided (on those years of observation) Airstream was the one. We didn't know we'd be buying into the cult, own Don Featherstone flamingos, or flash our headlights at other Airstreams on the road. All that came after....

We looked carefully and found a well-cared for, 95% original, and always used (i.e., regularly "camped in" over the years; it had not sat out in a field) '76 Overlander for a fair, four-figure price. Everything worked - the furnace, the AC, all systems, etc. We bought it on a Thursday, went camping in it on Saturday. A good, deep cleaning, new Dexter axles and Michelins, LED lights and such... I think I could sell it for what we have in it pretty quickly - but that's not why we bought it. For the reasons we bought it, it's perfect. We can fit in most park campgrounds, boon-dock for several days, and don't need a parking lot to turn around.

But, so can Mefly2 (and others)! He is nearby and our ASs are 40 years apart in age. We share tips and tricks - we love his ducted air but we know he secretly covets 4 burners and the Magic Chef oven! But, we both have Airstreams for much the same reasons.

But none of this is justification for YOU! Just remember, on those conference calls it's not whether you can hear the AC but whether the noise makes a difference in what you do. Will the new ducted air will make a difference in your business' bottom line? If you've lost the sale, couldn't hear the critical piece of information, or for some other business reason the ducted air would be better - that is your justification. And, if you sleep better and make better business decisions... maybe you need that quiet!

All these reasons we, out here in Airforum-Land are giving you, are OUR reasons (but, thanks for asking)! Good luck!
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Thanks for your attitude. Your family will alwys thank you. Your post brought tears

Originally Posted by jholder View Post
In my situation, my boys are 3 and 6. We go out literally every weekend. We just traded up to an 09 International 28 ft from a 71 26 foot that we'd only had a few months, just to see if we loved camping as much as we thought we would. We did. And more.

My justification is this: I could easily be dead in a year, in 20 years, in 40 years.....but I will know we crammed as much as we could into the times we had together. Those boys love it, our marriage is stronger and if that thing blow up tomorrow, man I've gotten every pennies worth already.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law worked and saved for "one day." Well, she died of cancer and he's in assisted living. In reality, they never did anything fun and spontaneous. We had the funds to pay cash, thanks to living frugally, so we just did it.

And we've never regretted it.
Your post makes me cry with gratitude that you realize the truest value of As and camping and family. Keep on camping and always keep the shiny side up.
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Originally Posted by lbdesign View Post
I'm obsessing about upgrading to a bigger AS. I full-time, so it would have a big impact on my daily life. But oh, the cost.
Do you think of it as an expense, as in: that purchase money is gone, or do you think of it as merely tying up that money for a time, since resale is relatively high?
How do you frame the decision for yourself?
I don't recall where I saw this, perhaps it was here. "Go first class, or your heirs will...".

We are also advocates of SKIing. "Spend Kids Inheritance".
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We be DINK's, so we have nothing to pass to anyone except who we choose...


Sandra wanted to go to Cleveland on vacation,
but I’m the Husband, so we went to Cleveland. 😂

Step aside Starbucks, this is a job for alcohol.
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I'm not going to worry about what I spent on my Airstream/tow vehicles when I'm on my death bed.

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There's a line in a Train song that always gets me:

"'Cause when we're laying on our death bed, a promise we won't say
Wish we would have worked more, baby"

I'm 42 and lucky to be in an industry where the harder I work, the more $ I make. But I'm realizing I'd better balance that with time with my 3 kids now. I've had a few acquaintances die before 40 or soon after. It could happen.
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After what I saw at the mall today..... kids dragging their poor parents to the $300 sneakers, the outrageously expensive Designer "X" clothing store.....and the electronics shop because they absolutely insisted they needed the latest techno-wizardy....then throwing screaming and/or sulking fits if their parents did not oblige....someone should start a thread, Kids - How Do You Justify the Cost????

Man....when I got home and looked at the FaN, squatting happily (and quietly) in the beckoned like a discount pass to the Elysian Fields.
easily distracted by shiny objects
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We brought our used Airstream home and our son asked "Are you sure you can afford this?" To which I replied, "Absolutely! It didn't cost us a dime. I took it right out of your inheritance"

We worked, we saved, we planned. This is what we want to do and we're doing it, nearly on our schedule. Still working out some kinks (he's a sophomore at UK and heading to Japan for almost a year) but we should be able to do more traveling this next year. It's something we've always wanted to do in something we've always wanted to do it in.
Let's travel


Rich & Yvonne
2006 Safari SE -Dora-
2004 4Runner SE

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