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I would certainly consider renting ours out! I am also under 40 and have kids. I live outside Atlanta. I am not sure how I would go about renting it out, though! I would prefer that we set it up at a campground for the renters.... We could sure use the $$$!

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There is a company that rents Airstreams, but no way do they let the renters tow it. Can you image what most Airstreams would look like - limping back looking like a crushed beer can?

The company sets the trailer up at any campground within a reasonable distance from their lot.

One can only imagine what some of the insides look like; some people care about the property of others, but a lot don't. I bet this company also has a substanial damage clause on their rental agreements.

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all great perspectives - thanks

My wife and I really value all of the input and perspectives here. We became newly confirmed AS junkies after our 2010 maiden voyage started as a "we'll try it for 3 months tops" and ended as a "man, 6 months just flew by, do we have to go home?"

That being said, we aren't in a position to use our AS this year during the season (that's Nov to May here in Southwest FL) so we thought we'd consider renting for the next 6 months to folks that want a break from the weather up north.

If we decide to rent Babs, our 2007 28' International CCD, we would prefer to rent to fellow owners that no how to treat her right.

I happen to agree with some of you forum members that feel allowing renters to pull the AS is just NOT something we want to mess with.
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Originally Posted by withidl View Post
A couple of months ago I let my sister-in-law and her two friends stay in my AS for three days while they did business in Houston . After the first night I walked through inspecting the AS. The "hallway" just didn't look right ; upon further inspection I realized that the bathroom sliding door was off the bottom nylon guide . I had to spend several minutes fixing the problem.
Someone at work suggested we could let guests stay in the Airstream (we keep it at our house). I said we would be much more likely to stay in the Airstream ourselves and let them use the house - reason being, if they're not familiar with RVs, they're probably going to do some things that aren't good.

Now, if it were my parents, who own a 34' Airstream, or people from our local unit that I know well, I'd lend them the camper... and the truck. No problem. But random strangers? No. The Airstream is our baby.
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I might loan my rig to close friends of mine. Those with experience and those we have traveled with. No one in my family uses a travel trailer, so I have told a few family members no when they asked to "borrow". I knew they have no idea how to tow or take care of it.

When you consider that what you are actually doing is giving them a loan, the value of your trailer and/or maybe the tow vehicle, that puts a diffent light on it when considering the risk.

I would be very reluctant to rent to a stranger, even to stay in at one location where I setup. I would never let someone I do not know pull my trailer out of my driveway, unless they just purchased it.
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All this discussion leads to one conclusion....everybody needs to own two airstreams. One for yourself and one to rent/loan or take on those back roads..
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When I purchased my gently used airstream we already had a Class C Winnebago. Prior to the airstream the Winnebago was my pride and joy and I took care of it as if it was a family member. Once I had two RV's my wife quickly reminded me that one of them had to go.. well we owed too much on the Winnebago to get out from under it so I decided to go into the rental business. The airstream allowed me to have that as an obsession so the Winnebago was now a rental vehicle. I was still very particular about it. Sometimes I would have to spend nearly two hours going over stuff so they didnt break it upon return. We rented it 15 times over the course of a year and a half. It was very stressful for me and folks would always tell you that they would clean it all up and keep it perfect. Oh boy.. there are many different definitions of perfect let me tell you. It was only involved in one small crash in a campground.. a torn tire, damaged blinds, broken toilet, broken outside door handle, spilled vegitable oil, stains in all kinds of places, damage from tree limps etc.. The good news it that we paid it down by 13k and was able to get out of it. What I learned from this it that no matter what folks tell you.. unless they have been bitten by the aluminitus bug they may feel the airstream is cool but its just an rv and things happen. I could never go through that again and wouldnt consider it with my airstream. I am glad that others think its a great idea though.. just not for me.

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We do rent one of our Airstreams on location but not for towing. Most recent use was at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.
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Clearly the majority are against renting or even sharing an AS with their own family/friends. So I guess ddstech's suggestion is out (though I love it!) What strikes me most is the anti-sharing, anti-renters on the whole mentality... from a group of what I thought to be eclectic & communal alumaphiles. If you're independently wealthy then bravo & sorry if this thread bores you, but I know that even the wealthy like to indulge in new adventures & vehicles without all the mess of ownership/upkeep/depreciation-see Ferarri rentals & charter jets. My family lives in the SF Bay Area, we have good educations & 6 figure incomes - but kids, new adventures & Airstreams devour $. We rent our house after declining to buy one a block away 3 years ago, despite a pre-qualified mortgage & 6 figure income. That house like most around it was once valued at +/- a million, it has since depreciated almost $200k & our idle renting has saved us tons! Despite what the CPA dad says, owning & paying cash isn't the only or always right way to go for anything.

My recent Airstream purchase was for a barely used few year old CCD, that still had the nibs on the tires & factory stickers on the inside. The owner paid near msrp, 10% more on tax/reg & another $200/mo on storage. We purchased it with lots of dust & maybe a few months total use, for aprox. 60% of what she had invested in it. These are the people who would be better off renting, be it renting their own out for income or renting someone else's as needed. The dealers are getting their hefty chunk on new & used turnovers, as are the rental monopolies like Cruise America (quoted me nearly $3k for 10-day trip during peak season '11), so why shouldn't the end users get a little more involved in where the AS $ goes?

There's several earlier comments about how renters can't possibly be able to tow or even navigate a pre set-up Airstream. Didn't everyone here start there once? There's no IQ test at the dealership or even basic road worthiness assessment unless you exceed your states basic license limit for tonnage. As long as you have the cash/credit you can have a f-350 monster truck & 30' trailer. Most dealers spend mere minutes selling you what you want (but may not need or handle), give you the quick tour & shoo you out the door to learn as you go. I understand that when things go bad, they can go very very bad & I'm a huge safety freak (background as a 911 responder & in law). That's why we spend hours with our renters, give them AS & towing how-to books and hands on lessons. Most renters even prefer to have it delivered & that limits much of the liability on us both. Best you can do is hand pick your renters (most of whom I trust & like more then any family member who wants to borrow/abuse it!), teach them as best you can, get good insurance expressly to cover renting out your RV/AS, have solid contracts & charge real money and deposits (people want those back & know if they err' they're credit card # is on it's way to Jackson Center!)

This may not be ideal for most of you & I respect that... But for some this atypical commerce is a huge benefit in terms of finances or access to otherwise unavailable experiences. After all companies like AirBnB & HiGear (I'm not an employee or endorsing either) have millions of happy users that manage to share their toys in the free market sandbox of life.

P.S. Aside from the whole money thing, I hate seeing things go to waste. Those RV storage yard/graveyards pain me! Maybe I'm callous to my belongings after years of city dwelling (as a nature girl) with my vehicles being vandalized, stollen, gas siphoned, etc. I'd rather take the leap of faith on others & have the AS be used for what it was intended - with or without me.
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Hi, for some of us, or maybe just me, I don't need or want the rental money. We aren't rich and we are not searching for ways to make more money. We are retired and managing well. We live below our means. I did not finance my trailer and I don't pay for storage either. I don't need or want someone to make our trailer payments, in-which we don't have. When we are not using our trailer, it costs nothing for it to sit in my driveway until our next random trip.
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Originally Posted by Aspirations View Post
Clearly the majority are against renting or even sharing an AS with their own family/friends. So I guess ddstech's suggestion is out (though I love it!) What strikes me most is the anti-sharing, anti-renters on the whole mentality... from a group of what I thought to be eclectic & communal alumaphiles............

You should do what you want with your AS regardless of what others may say. To rent or not is a personal choice. We should all do what is best for our situation.
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Scott J-24 - Agreed!

I apologize if my posts seem argumentative or like I'm trying to recruit others into the rental track-I'm not. I appreciated the person from Florida who started the thread & was trying to add my perspective/experience. I really appreciated those who added pertinent real life experiences like Vinnie. I figured those with no interest in being a renter/renter would not bother to chime in. I guess I needed the reminder that people are more apt to post online about things they don't like whether it effects them or not.

Pleasant Travels All!
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You are free to post why you think it is a good idea, but others are free to post why they think it is not, and anyone who is considering doing something like this can get both sides of the argument. You are free to do whatever you want with your own trailer, and I am free to not share my trailer with others despite your somewhat scolding tone:

What strikes me most is the anti-sharing, anti-renters on the whole mentality... from a group of what I thought to be eclectic & communal alumaphiles.
What you may not realize is that some of us have dealt with renters or borrowers who happily trashed our stuff (not necessarily Airstreams, but how many ways do you need to learn that lesson) and left us to clean up the mess, as others have pointed out. You can have a warm and fuzzy, lets all share mentality, but in reality when people borrow stuff, they know it's not theirs, and they treat it like it's not theirs. Most people who have bought AS have invested significant amounts into them, and prefer to keep them in good hands.

If you want to risk the condition of your trailer to the hands of strangers, that's your choice. But you talk about it more like a business proposal than a matter of 'sharing'. If you want to buy a fleet of AS to rent, depreciate out, and replace as a business, that is much different than what the average owner intends for their beloved little chunk of aluminum.

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I wouldn't be comfortable renting out our trailer. It is 14 years old, and every time we go out, I find something that needs fixing. It may be big like the water heater or a plumbing leak, or small like a reluctant switch, but either way something doesn't work properly.

When I rent a piece of equipment, nothing makes me more frustrated than for it to not be in perfect working order. With that mindset, I would be very frustrated if I rented my trailer to myself! However, since I own it, I can instead take pride in repairing it and making it better for the future camping trips.

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lifestyle, rentals

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