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Advertising Snooty Airstreams?

"CWF: Yeah... AS needs an HD TRAILER.... They could open at least one more manufacturing facility to support demand for those who TOW their MC to 'rally'..."

You see the "professionals" towing their Harley's in trailers to Sturgis on flat beds and within Uhauls. Your idea is so practical and has the potential to unite two great American Icons... and have potential sales that could have possibilities.

Corporate Airstream would not consider it.

Somehow Airstream wants an image and promotes this image of an Airstream as a high priced hotel room. Is there an image when you or someone not owning an Airstream imagine? I don't, and I have had two Airstreams since 2006. Maybe someone might start a thread about The Image of an Airstream... Owner.

When I say I tow my Airstream onto the gravel roads and two ruts on the Forum... most of the posts are... questioning my sanity. So, many owners do have an image in mind. Getting dusty and dirty is not one of them.

Airstreams should be FUN. Should be the top of the trailer pyramid for... (you list why). Some of you might say... why? ...Airstream sells them all the way it is. Obviously I am talking to a stump in a forest if no image has been recognized in the fog.

I did get some Airstream ink pens on our tours in Jackson Center. After awhile, they quit working. Maybe needed the ball in the ball point pen, greased.

Airstream owners have pride of ownership, that really span 8 decades and EACH still can be identified as an Airstream. Maybe an Avion... but who needs glasses?

There is an attitude about Airstream owners. Is is deserved, or not? There is an attitude about motorcycles... especially Harley Davidson branded models. It has always been positive, for me, although watching some television programs and movies, you would think everyone riding a Harley is a member of a gang or tormenting cats along the sidewalk.

This was not the purpose of the original Thread... although, eventually every thread becomes two sentence posts and lack any positive information.

I exist outside of the "Airstream image". It is just because that is what I do with my trailer, no matter what brand I had found most practical. I write about "possibilities".

I never thought about it until now. There might be more information to be gathered to support some feedback from individuals on my last trip. Maybe Snooty is an image of an element of Airstream Owners and should be printed on the jacket and hat. It just might sum up my thoughts as to the comments I have read.

Snooty. I think this couple in Tucson were on the right track and for good reason. Now, I have had my taste of "Snooty". I might be associating with the wrong people. That is not me. Opinionated, yes. Snooty, no.

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The local AS dealer uses perhaps 7 or 8% of the sales lot square footage for AS units. The rest is a complete range of top line motorhomes, fifth wheels, you name it. All the salesmen want to sell the motorhomes over a quarter mil for the commission. Not much commission on a 16" Sport. That attitude shows up in lack of product knowledge for AS products.

On the same street are literally dozens of trailer sales lots selling probably all brands made in the USA at every micro price point on the scale.

Thus, to acquire a AS here, one has had to be determined that is what they want out of a multitude of choices.

Perhaps that makes AS owners unique as they want something different than all the other square box trailers. The AS brand has 80 years of history where many of the newer brands do not have 80 months of history and may not even double that lifetime.

At the few rallies we have been able to attend so far, the AS folks were of different economic backgrounds, and any other filter one could mention. The common thread was the iconic Airstream design in their parking space that was made in 1940 or just last month.

In the past I owned BMW, Harley and Honda GoldWing motorcycles. Each group had a different unique persona that was exhibited whenever several of each brand got together, not unlike a group of Airstreamers.

I agree with the OP in that AS has been amazing ignorant of the marketing and side revenue from sales and licensing like in the Harley world. The same can be said of the GoldWing crowd and BMW crowd.

The local AS groups try to improve on this with their own flags and T-shirts. That is a tiny step but the clothing is usually worn only at the AS function.

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Originally Posted by Lily&Me View Post
What ever happened to ArtStream....wasn't that his name??

He did beautiful Airstream shirts and other items.

The name ArtStream is right. He is still around. Mike usually spends the winter in the SW desert. He uses solar power to live frugally on Bureau of Land Management land. Try sending him a PM to find out about buying his artwork and clothing.
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Airstream SNOOTY is hip

I did my best trying to imagine something to promote the image of an Airstream... and could not. It has a sterile image that really cannot be "morphed" into catchy slogans or graphics. Harley Davidson... can.

Snooty: having or showing the insulting attitude of people who think that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people.

Now that CAN be worked with, but not with a product or a current brand.

Snooty... clothing, foot wear, hats, sun glasses and on and on. Snooty may already be branded, if not... here is someone who wants to copyright or register a brand name... Snooty.

So, I will have to be content with the sterile Airstream logo as... I shrug my shoulders after only getting this far.

There are some who come up with ideas, solutions and improvements during a good night's sleep. This is my magical world of ideas.

Somewhere, some one will (ArtStream?) might be able to capitalize upon the Airstream brand, working with Airstream, and possibly develop a theme. Myself... I have to find ArtStream on BLM and share thoughts and ideas.

There is a demand for an eye catching Airstream popular art, like Harley Davidson, and it will take more artistic and imagination to find that right material to touch the heart, imagination and thoughts of... snooty onlookers.
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One may consider them ignorant regarding marketing, but on the other hand they seem to be doing a pretty good job of product placement in auto or truck ads. Movie and TV productions also seem to use Airstreams when they have story lines needing a travel trailer as an element. The only other product that seems to have such recognizable visual attributes is Apple's ability to have their laptops with their lit apple logo on the lid that seems to permeate so many TV shows and movies today. All very subtle brand reminders that leave an impression.

Obviously they are hitting their mark since they can't build them fast enough. Some things carry enough brand recognition that they really don't need the plethora of trinkets, t-shirts and other materials that some think is necessary to be labeled "successful".

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I do get a glimpse of an Airstream being pulled by a new vehicle on television. A second or two of connecting Airstream with the public by loaning one for an automobile commercial. I would suspect that it is the automobile advertising accounts arranging this, and not an Airstream spoke person.

How about the placement of a vintage Airstream... Sons of Anarchy? Wayne, the retired policeman working for the Sons of Anarchy repair business living on site... boondocking? Harley Davidson and Airstream HAVE been sighted together by millions of television viewers if it made an impression, or not.

A great advertising ploy is to take a negative and make it positive. Remember when Senator McCain was said to have a bad temper. During an interview for television he was asked about this "bad temper". His response... "That really makes me... mad." Or something in that manner.

Dogs gone Bad, can be spun to be positive. You expect one thing and find that the Bad... is how crafty a dog can be to find that turkey on the counter and get his fair share. Not what people were expecting.

I await for the day that some artistic promotion of an Airstream is found on a tee shirt, hat or sweater. It must be auspicious but with this twist to remove any preconceived impressions of the public.

Tiffany would not be able to do this, nor many other brands depending on status and the snob appeal of their market. Airstream, Corvette, Harley Davidson and a number of other brands CAN pull this off and successfully.

Corvette tee shirts catered to those owning a particular style/model year. You could immediately make a connection at a car show with those who shared your vintage. Great way to sell tee shirts.

If I had a hat... Airstream Snooty... it removes this stigma, if there ever was one. "I am with Snooty." Snooty to you too. Take a perceived negative and turn it around into a positive.

For Airstream, there is a tight range of what the brand wants to capitalize upon. They may feel that getting away from the 80 years of... just... Airstream, it will carry on into the next fifty years.

Maybe an AirSTEAM tee shirt? Again playing on an image and idea.

At one time, we had a Las Vegas Night business in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Before River Boats and closed a year after River Boat gambling was legalized. We called it... Lee's Vegas Casino. Sold three tee shirts out of the five that a local silk screener made up for me. The problem was that the Poker hand was Four Aces... missing a fifth card. Obviously he had no clue how to play poker, either. But he tried.

There are some talented individuals following these Threads. It would be nice to support some artistic surreal Airstreams on some clothing for casual wear. I do not think Harley Davidson art work will be transferred to an Airstream brand... but I hope it happens. Even if it makes light of our owning an Airstream... make it art and buyers will come.
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Airstream Valentine 2016 "lines"

I pop a rivet every time I see you.
Snooty (or fill in your name)

Pound for pound... you are my Airstream
(well, this could have a double meaning)

To improve my Airstream, you would have to be in it.


To improve my Airstream... stay home at your mothers'.
(for a relationship gone bad)

No, I have not had any coffee or beverage. You can come up with better ones... lets hear them. All tee shirt material for the future artist in waiting.
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Originally Posted by TCwheels View Post
So the coffee cup is bad...because it represents snootiness and lack of marketing imagination? Just trying to understand...
In my Humble Opinion any coffee cup is good... So long as there is Baileys in the coffee, no matter what it says on the outside
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Ray, looks like you found a niche - get to printing those Tee shirts man.
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Eddie Bauer goes to Sturgis and...

A beautiful classic knucklehead comes down the ramp to roar through the streets.

Combo image - slick as a greased eel in a barrel of snot.

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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OK, what are the qualities of 'Airstreamness' or 'Airstreamitude?' that should be promoted better? What would you like to see? Humor? Retro-focused cool? High-end Glamping?

I'm an artist and designer, and am stunned at the lack of a cohesive product identity for merchandising/promotional purposes. Not that I like overmerchandised products, mind you, but we should have at least a few things we are proud to own with the name. Quality is essential. I'm getting inspired here--what are your thoughts?
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Was just looking at the AS corporate store. While the variety and selection isn't exactly overwhelming, I think what we are seeing is that AS is focused on making its core products, not ancillary doodads.

As to merchandising/promotion, I think this, along with product placement, are a couple of things that Airstream really isn't worried about given number of trailers, Interstates that they are producing.

The reference to Apple is apt because creative types that come up with commercials, marketing campaigns love Apple stuff and are also quite taken by the image of the Airstream. So when the client says, how can we up our "cool", the creatives are likely to say.... put an Apple product or an Airstream in your message.

In a perfect world, would Airstream be as savvy in marketing and promotion of brand as Apple and others are? Yes. But you have to remember that those other brands are selling product by the millions, often manufactured abroad and mostly not built by hand. So given Airstream's limited capacity to build its core products, it is not surprising that increasing the consumer's desire to own an Airstream is not the highest priority at the moment.

So I think if folks here want more Airstream related stuff, it's going to have to come from somewhere other than Jackson Center.

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I rode HD for years, and after the first year I woke up and quit buying $30 t-shirts. In fact I really don't like paying to advertise any business. They want to give me something, I probably would still not wear it. A lot of people may feel differently...

As they say, your mileage may vary....

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I got the dark grey hoodie shown here when I picked up my Stingray from Bowling Green last year, wouldn't mind having something of similar quality with the Airstream logo on it.


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