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I have the 26U with twins....great layout. Stay away from a trailer with the east/west queen... crawling over your mate in the middle of the night to go pee is no fun. Read this thread for lots of info on the 26U.

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We also have the 26u with twins. At over 6', the queen bed is too short. My wife thinks I snore and with the a/c or HP going, my snoring doesn't wake her. Also much easier to get up during the night without disturbing the other.
I also hit my head on the overhead. I also think there is a little more storage with the twins.

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The 23D is a lot of trailer. Compare appliances and consider what you want, need, and will use when traveling.

The 26U is certainly a big trailer option if that is your objective. It would likely be a strong contender if we wanted a large trailer. We do not!

Our preference is the 23 FB - double sink, consolidated bathroom, two hanging closets, and queen sized bed - Extend the support lid and trade the mattress for a full length Queen. The narrow and short footprint makes travel easier. If the car and mirrors go there, the trailer will too. It tracks near to the path of the tow vehicle. It is enough and is not too much.

You mentioned resale and trading later. Bad idea. These coaches are expensive. Do not add the cost of a flip to your overall investment. Figure out what you want, need, and will use.

It is often recommended that spending time in the coaches that are appealing is helpful to determine the correct choice for your lifestyle. Figure out how to use it, store stuff, and live in it before you buy it. Ownership of the decision helps to deliver a more satisfying end result. Also realize that every option is a compromise at some level. Your challenge is to define the compromises that are acceptable to you.

Folks talk about the ability to get into more campgrounds with a smaller trailer. We find the advantage is really the ease of getting into small and busy gas stations. A quick and easy fill up will get you on your way a lot happier than engaging in a constant search for that perfect truck stop. We travel. Some folks camp. Other folks live in their coach. These are all different requirements and are best served by a different floor plan.

The solution to bigger, more powerful and more comfortable is more money. You can reduce that cost by purchasing good value used. DIY maintenance and upgrades also help to hold the cost line. Do not ignore that option if your budget is tight.

Good luck with your research. Pat
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we have a 23D safari, the small bed takes some getting used to. But since I don't sleep well, I use the front couch some nights. The advantages of pulling a smaller trailer and the amazing amount of closet space make up for it. We love ours, but you have to decide what is important to you. Friends got a 23 FB, and found they had only the table to sit at, traded for a 25 ft with front recliners, and really like it. They know they lost some closet space, but for the way they use it, it works for them.
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Originally Posted by dkottum View Post
I think the 26U can be ordered with queen or twin beds now.
Yes, we did look at a twin. I was not very clear, but I did not mean that it was one of the compromises. The main reasons we went 25Fb twin were;

No front bed option in the 26u
26U felt more closed in with the combined bathroom walls and hallway
Fridge seemed very far from kitchen
Less storage in the bathroom, exterior, under dinette/lounge.
Only 1 privacy curtain as opposed to the 2 on the 25fb which allows for more versatility in bathroom separation.

I don't think we would have been disappointed with either. There are always compromises and these were some reasons we preferred the 25.
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The only thing wrong with twin beds is the sleeping arrangement, we don't like being across the hall from each other. So we got the queen bed. And she doesn't crawl over me to go pee in the middle of the night, just flip back the covers and slide out the bottom. It's no big deal whatsoever, we've slept in this trailer arrangement for over 1400 nights, just bought a new Sleep Number bed for it.
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I had an 2007 25 International with the same rear corner bed. I found it to be inconvenient especially when changing sheets. The bed is a little narrow but we lived with it. My wife and I are not tall people. I am 5-7. My biggest complaint was the bathroom. I could not sit on the toilet and shut the door. it hit my knees. The toilet was also very high. I would look at a 23FB if you are determined to have that size. I would step up to a 25 foot which is the most popular size, that is your tow vehicle can handle it. We spent 5 months in our 25 with three dogs. We finally stepped up to a 30. We have to be a little more selective about our state parks now. National Parks we almost always stay at an RV Park nearby.
Anyway, welcome to the Airstream family. Choose the size that best suits your style and where you like to camp.
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Go larger

My 2016 experience was to move from a 23D to a 26U following a 3 week excursion up the West Coast to Vancouver Island. We are also not large people but found the difficulty with the corner bed (both the challenge of changing the sheets and rising in the night), the small bathroom, and the limited holding tanks meant the 23D would not be our long term trailer. We had moved into the 23 D from a VW Camper so during our initial 3 or 4 day trips thought we had died and gone to heaven. Needless to say the financial penalty to trade up was significant between the depreciation hit and the twice paid California sales tax and our only regret was we didn't get a chance to test drive the 23D. We love the 26U and don't regret the decision one bit. If you will be spending extended time camping GO BIGGER.
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Much of it has to do with your preferences. Consider that all the models basically have four functional areas - galley, bath, bedroom, sitting area. Then think of your needs within each area. The bedroom choice of a 23 is integrated into the bath- different from a 25, 26 or even other sizes similar (27 or 28). Some people share the need of being able to shower while someone else uses the commode without loss of privacy. Think through things like that. You will get more trailer with a 25 or larger- more than two feet- wider, bigger tanks, etc. That is what has made the 25 the most popular size.

My preferences are that I like the twin bedrooms, a nice counter in the galley- I cook, seating that faces a tv for evening tv watching and a table to eat at. From there it is all about comfort and the details. In my perfect AS, the bedroom would be just like it is, the bath would be a closed bath but with more floorspace, The galley would have a two foot prep space and the sitting area would be flexible to be home theater-like or a conversation pit without a table in the way. Airstreams are challenged in that last item just by the mere space without slides and that is why I am probably better off with a couch or recliner lounge model like I have.
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The u-shaped dinette, relatively large bath and wardrobe, plus the front TV that moves out into the door way (for outside viewing) sold us in the 2016 model 26U. We had considered both and the international's also. Really wish they'd make a Serinity model 26U. We pull with a propride hitch and 1,400 lbs bars. Also, replaced the steel LP bottles with all aluminum to loose a few extra pounds on the hitch. No retrets in any way. However, as mentioned above, everyone will endorse the one they already have and love. Good luck!
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My wife and I had a 23 with queen. Slept great. on 3 sides is a fantasy unless you are4 ft tall and real skinny! We found not enought room to get around the bed without stepping on the dog(small) or wacking your head ( every day ) on the overhead cabinets! ( long learning curve.) it was also difficult to crawl , climb, or roll over your partner when the pee alarm goes off. (For either) also getting dressed in the kitchen dining area hampered food preparation.
But we did have a great time towing it with 1/2 ton, fitting it in smaller campsites without a problem, and lack of space made spending more time outside cooking and relaxing in good weather.
All in all, we traded up for a 25 forward bedroom with twins, afectionally called " the bowling alley". We love it , extra space worth it's weight in gold. While we towed with the 1/2 ton all last year coast to coast, ( did pretty damn well) we recently upgrade to 3/4 ton duramax. It's the 4th duramax I've had and I wish I had stayed with them all along . Great tow vehicle
Good luck
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Originally Posted by NYgirl View Post
... the bed. It's small and may just be the deal breaker for us. We are not large people by any means, we have a queen at home which suits us fine and is roomy enough.
We rented a FC 20 as a test run and didn't mind the small bed. But then it was cool enough that cuddling felt good. No way this would work on a warm summer night. Go with the bigger bed.

Originally Posted by NYgirl View Post
We are also curious about resale in case we decide to sell in a few years. Are there certain sizes/layouts that seem to be easier from that standpoint?
The ones with the queen size bed are popular with those moving up
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Originally Posted by Debit View Post
. Also, replaced the steel LP bottles with all aluminum to loose a few extra pounds on the hitch..
Hello....was wondering how much weight you took off with using the Aluminum tanks? I could use some help. 1150lbs on the tonque of my 26U. Thanks. Don
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Here's my take... First off we have the 23D. We seriously considered the 25FB, 26U, and the 23FB. We liked the sitting area that the 25FB, 26U, and 23D provided. We like the bath area of the 23FB. But the sitting area was a big deal for us.

Since we knew we would only have our daughter for one more year before moving off to university, the 23 footer was fine. In fact, I love the size. I liked the 26U, but overall it just didn't really seem to be what we were looking for... the 23FB had the bath and queen bed, and like the original poster, we were concerned about the size of the bed in the 23D.

However, at the time there were no 25FB with the right configuration in the area. So, it came down to could we live with the bed size...

Well, here we are nearly 8 months into the purchase and honestly I can say that it doesn't bother me. Is it a pain to find sheets? Yes. Is it a pain to put the sheets on? Yes. Do the sheets come off at times during the night? Yes. Does it bother me being on a bed that size? no.

Most important, would I but the 23D again? Yes.... with a caveat. If I could find a 25FB, with the right mix of appliances, I might do that just so I had a bit more room in the shower area. That's the one area that I do wish was done differently, but overall I would say, if the bed is the only thing holding you back, then don't let it hold you back.


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