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"What? I'm sorry ... what? I ... oh nothing. For a second there I thought you had actually asked to borrow Silver Sally. That would be so absurd what with my, I mean, HER separation anxiety and all. That's just absolutely ridicul ... what? You DID ask to borrow Silver Sally? Hmmmmm, I'm afraid that's out of the question ... I can't just ... She's one of the family ... well, I know, so are you ... but I ... I ... I ... can I just give you one of my kidneys instead?"

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Arrrghhhh!!!! I never thought it would happen to me - now what???

I'm in a fine pickle now...

So now we have two Airstreams...which, unless you are a multi-Airstream owner (or at a least an obsessed single Airstream owner), is a very difficult concept for more most people to understand. "Why on earth do you need two campers????" But that's a whole different story....

I thought it would be fun to take both to a rally next summer and let my parents join us...we would travel together, camp together, we would be able to "fix anything" that may go wrong and at least supervise their stay. We even thought I would tow one while Mr.InsideOut towed the other. I suggested it to them (my first BIG mistake) thinking they would enjoy the vacation together and get a flavor for trailer camping in-style. They are in their 70's and camp in a pop-up several months a year (they live in AZ and escape for the summers). I think it's time they upgrade and thought once they tried it they would agree. How naive can I be?????

Here's where it stands now...they want to go with us. Okay, so we started this....I'm not 100% okay with it, but it was our idea. Under the circumstances listed above, we can do this. Four days on the road and a week camping...what can go wrong???? (yeah, I know...don't go there)

What can go wrong is....they have now asked if they can take it out for "a couple of weeks" after our outing! Their reasoning is, "after 10 days, they'll know how everything works", they "will be so close to wherever (it doesn't matter) it would be a shame to not spend some more time exploring!" and "we usually go to (blank) every summer and will already be halfway there..." and "blah blah blah (I tuned out after the first couple of reasons)" All very logical comments until it's MY Airstream!

NOW WHAT??? We didn't commit, I was dumb-struck - I should have figured, but didn't see it coming. We kinda stumbled around with the "Ummms", "Ahhhhs", "we'll see" (which always meant "no" when I was a kid) and "we'll have to look into our insurance" (no - can't use that one because we suggested the co-trip to begin with we'll have to deal with that anyway) and "geeez, we have another rally to go to" (ooops, can't use that one - we have two trailers!). So now what?

Do we:
  • Let 'em take it.
  • Tell them we are okay with the whole thing only if we are there with them and tow to/from and set-up, etc. so only for the 10 days we planned
  • Cancel the whole trip - at least for them? Which we could kinda do...being that Birdy is not roadworthy yet - hope to be by next summer but we could have some "unforseen delays" come up that won't allow us to commit to a completion date...
Here I was, staunchly set in the "hell-no" group" what?


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Sounds like you're in a bit of sticky wicket. Hmmmm . . . tactful honesty. After all, you have a lot invested in your vintage masterpieces.

I wouldn't trust leaving mine unsupervised even with family.
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For us, the AS was a very expensive purchase and involved our acquiring an appropriate tow vehicle, hitch and a commitment to learning how to safely tow the temperamental trailer. In our experience, accomplishing this goal has required much experience......not sure we're there yet. Therefore, it is hard for me to imagine a condition under which we would agree to loan-out the trailer.
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I never thought it would happen to me - now what???

Sometimes there are mysterious electrical or propane problems that suddenly arise with tempermental Airstreams.

Sometimes they last long enough that thoughts of borrowing someone elses Airstream fades away.....
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I would never ever loan my AS (if I had on,still looking) even if it was the Pres himself.
It may make her mad but she will get over it
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Tom O
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Our Caravel is nothing fancy and I have always maintained that I would not loan it out. A year or so ago a co-worker of my wife did us a very good favor and my long suffering wife asked me if they could use Bucky for a week. She had not even offered it up to them before asking me. In the interest of domestic tranquility, and because she puts up with most of my nonsense, I agreed to let them use it. After a thorough checkout and the agreement that if they broke anything it would be fixed before they returned it the deal was made. They showed up on departure day in their 2-door Ford Explorer with a weezy little engine. So off they went not only with Bucky but they also had my Expedition. Did I mention that they were going to Burning Man? They returned a week later with everything intact. Both the car and Bucky were cleaner than I had ever seen them. They treated it very well, but I won't likely do it again.

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Poor Shari!

I'd have to go with option #2, that you aren't really comfortable letting the trailer out of your sight. Anyone who has witnessed the work you have put into your trailer will understand (well, maybe not right away). Letting them take the Airstream after the rally may just be way too difficult, especially since you will have had 10 days to witness how someone else treats your trailer - not always a happy surprise.
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Oh Shari, I am so sorry. I know the guilt my mother can render with just a look. And she never forgets anything, and never lets me forget a mistake either. I guess if I were in your situation, I would lie. I would wait until they had enough time to make other arrangements but close enough to departure that I could say I was sure the trailer would not be ready to make the trip. With my mother I have found that the truth is not always the best policy, sometimes it is easier to lie to her than to upset her. Easier on me at least.
Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

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Im with Sugarfoot ,I would not do it . the airstream is a valuable thing to all
of us enthusiests .It is not easily replacable .Anything can happen and just might. Im in agreement that some unforseen thing could go wrong with the
coach and then what ? My brother hinted and kidded about using my 60 trdwnd ,absolutely not happening ,end of discussion ,even the travelall is totally off limits .so youve got to just figure out now how not to go or postpone it .The thing is these trailers are of great sentiment and value
and if it gets dented ,or otherwise not kept as you want it ,you will be the
one that will be the most unhappy .I love my dad ,moms gone now ,but he
has his own little RV van to go when we camp and it all works out great .

only my humble opinion ,

Scott of scottanlily
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Sure I would loan out my Airstream. There are a few conditions.
First= a one time rnon refundable deposit of $ 80,000.00 deposit in CASH.
Second- borrower must assum all insurance, maintenance and any other and all costs.
Third- rent would be $ 3,000.00 A week. And last
Forth- It must be returned in better condition that it was loaned out in.
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i'm with the above post. when my truck was new i let my dad drive it once. it came back ok, but it never happened again in 18 years. i'm funny that way.
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I got the same sick feeling reading your post as I did when my sister asked me to use my Airstream! I also had to chuckle, because I'm past the whole thing. Do you believe there was still drama over the whole thing this past summer?! She didn't ask me to use my coach, but asked my brother (who just got a SOB) to use his. He told her fine, as long as she fixed anything that broke. She asked me why he would say something like that & I told her that things DO break in trailers. Like the door in my bathroom. She was really mad I didn't tell her about the broken door (which I did when she asked what could possibly break?) and actually started to cry. Oh, the drama! Anyhow, she then called my brother & told him she didn't need to use his trailer & they used someone else's. Problem solved. She'll never ask to use my trailer again. I sold Bessie (which I offered to sell to her & she said I wanted too much money for an "old trailer") & have a different AS which I am fixing up. By the way, the door was quite a pain to fix & if you want to save yourself anxiety attacks, just make up some reason why you can't loan out your coach (insurance, whatever!) I'm much calmer now, since I've told my siblings that they won't be using my AS!

1964 Bambi II
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Too much information?

Shari, just a quick question ------ Does your Mom and Dad use the internet?

Just had to ask. They know of your interests in Airstreams, I'm sure - could they read this thread?

My answer to this thread's basic question is and will always be - NO.

Michael & Tina with Layla and Preston BZ
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