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I have no desire to pilot an airplane. He didn't pull the trailer. Some other guy who I never met did. Said he pulled trailers that were 40 ft. long. WHATEVER!


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I wouldn't lend my MH to anyone I wouldn't lend my toothbrush to.

Sleep in it, maybe, lend it to be taken out of my sight, not likely.

But on the other hand I suppose I can imagine a situation where I would have to act like a grown up and realize that it is after all an object, not a person.

Hope It never comes to such a choice.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
If you want to be happy, practice compassion - The Dalai Lama

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Originally Posted by beckybillrae
Okay, maybe I'm getting a little obsessed. I just lent out my Airstream for a week. Just wondering if I'm nuts, or what!
I would not loan my Airstream out. I would have no qualms about saying that after second thoughts you realized that you just do not want it out of your possession. If the requester doesn't understand that it's not your issue, it's theirs. If that trailer is involved in an accident and the tower is deemed at fault you may have liability, and if they damage something while using it then you are out potentially the money, but at least the time while it's fixed. It's just now worth loaning it out. I've learned this the very hard way and I know people have been upset that I would not loan them my trailer as it's just sitting in my yard at the time that they want to use it and my response back is now that I've got a significant investment in it and if they really want one they can either purchase or rent one. In the situation where someone asks to borrow it that I trust and then they offer it to someone else I'd be saying no way, that's not the deal, sorry, it stays home. The only one that loses if the damage it is you.
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Yes , we airstreamers are a little possessive, but why not!!! I sure can't replace my trailer. There have been many hours of work done to it.
Yes ,I made it into a trailer again!!! I put on a complete new front end!!
Was it worth it ? yes indeed!!!!!. We all have stories to tell about our airstream trailers. I don't think I'll ever lend it out!!!
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Hi Becky,

I don't have a sister, but I do have a brother who has no interest in borrowing my Safari..I would however still say sorry, no. My younger son who has a family of his own knows better; he went and bought a popup for themselves when they want to go camping! they come join us in the trailer for snacks, or breakfast sometimes, and to sit and chat, but that's about it..we took our 2 sons camping all the time when they were young..they know what goes into setting up..we had my mom and older son stay with us for a couple of days camping..2 nites was just right!'s the same thing like friends who ask to borrow your prized truck to haul or move their stuff. etc.unless you trust them to have the same care as you would, I'd say no..
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There's a reason you can't rent an Airstream either...


Another weigh-on on side of nope.. Whether it was ordered new or searched out and located or found as used jewel and polished or customized or redecorated or whatever... I'd love to see a poll on subject of "How hard or easy would it be to "replace" your Airstream?" I suspect more than half of us feel ours are irreplaceable, and would be really bummed if stolen or crashed or trashed... I also worry about relationship harm likely to arise when damaged Airstream comes between family or friends...

Several have asked about rentals here, and NOBODY seems to rent Airstreams you can tow, while a number of places rent SOB trailers by the week or by the month... Lots of people rent little SOB Mini-motorhomes. I think we now all know why! Dealers are not willing to face risk of loss on new expensive ones, and know the effort involved in fixing up a vintage model. You can buy a new 23' SOB from Fleetwood or Skyline for less than repair cost of a boinked Airstream...

John McG

In Theory, there's no difference between Theory and Practice, but in Practice, there is usually a difference...
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Loan My Airstream, H*** no.

Hi, Becky. I would not loan my Airstream to anyone period. I'm surprised that no one else mentioned this: Among all the other reasons mentioned, I bought this trailer to avoid Motels / beds Etc. I don't want anyone else sleeping in my bed, useing my bathroom, or cooking in my kitchen. Also with the hitch set up, they would need / want to drive my Lincoln too. Absolutely not.
I'm sure you love your sister, but the answer would still be no. As for her subletting it out to complete strangers! Some nerve! This should give you the nerve, from now on, to just say no.
Many years ago I borrowed a car from one of my brothers; While in my possesion it caught fire under the hood. I repaired all of the damage. Then I heard brake noise. I pulled the wheels off to find all of the brakes were worn out. I told my brother that I would do all the labor and he would just have to pay for the parts. He and I though that was fair. After all it was his car and I didn't wear the brakes out in two weeks. When I returned the car his wife told him not to pay for the parts because I used the car for two weeks. A few years later I was going on vacation and my brother asked me if I wanted to borrow his pick-up and camper. I said no, I can't afford to buy you an engine or trans. if they just happen to go out while I'm driveing it.

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Originally Posted by beckybillrae
Would you lend out your Airstream?
My first thought is not only no, it's hell-no! But then, if they were fellow vintage Airstreamers, it might be maybe...but why would they want to borrow mine if they had their own???

My main reason is three-fold:

1) I would hate to have "an accident" get in the way of a relationship...they would feel awful, we would be heartbroken
2) I doubt the brorrower's insurance would cover my trailer if something were to happen while they had it
3) I see how most people treat it when I am around, like during an open house or when we have non-Airstream visitors...even family, I can't imagine how they would be if I weren't around

We did have some of our very good, fellow vintage Airstream friends take our trailer home with them when we moved into our new house. Only because we had to modify our yard situation before we could bring Maxwell home...and it was the dead of winter. Even that was a creepy feeling...seeing the back of our baby leaving without us! But I knew it would be safer at their house than some storage yard and they were not going to be in a campground or using it.

Bottomline, there would have to be some pretty unusual circumstances for it to happen. Yeah, people may think I'm stingy, but anybody who knows us, knows better than to ask!

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We have a saying

In our family it's "always leave it better than you found it". If we borrow something it's always better when we return it. Sadly we have found that no one, not even close family, is as conscientious as we are. I know from experience on another issue that when a family member accidentally damages something, everyone is sorry but you are left with a reminder, everytime you see the damage, of what a nincompoop that person is. I would definitely make it a point to tell my sister that the door is damaged. Then hopefully she will understand if you say no next time.
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Yes, I have (and would) under certain conditions

Good question! My answer is “yes” and “no”.

The “yes” is: I've lent out my 2002 Bambi to long-time NEU club members who aren’t towing a trailer any longer. In this situation we towed the trailer to a WBCCI event that we also attended. We took care of towing, parking, hook-ups, set-up, and dumping. I wouldn’t think twice about doing that again.

The “no” is: Letting anyone tow one of my trailers away from me and use it themselves. I was only asked once and the story isn’t pretty: When we purchased our first Airstream, my mother-in-law hinted that she and her husband have always wanted an Airstream and wanted to take it out to try for a weekend. I can still remember the feeling of dread and panic that started in my stomach and expanded up into my chest. I had trouble breathing, felt blood rushing into my face, as my head started to throb. The only thing that came out of my mouth was a mumbled, “But you don’t have the right tow vehicle for it.” Wrong answer! My father-in-law quickly replied, “We could use your truck.” By this point, my knees were weak and I was near speechless. I was not prepared for this situation and didn’t know what to say. I love my in-laws dearly; they give the world to us but they were asking of me what I now realized was unthinkable! I finally composed myself enough to stammer out a total “avoidance” answer of, "We use the Airstream every weekend so it would be difficult for us to lend out." In four years, the topic has never come up again so either the urge to use the Airstream passed or my reaction was more apparent to them than I thought it was.

For future reference, I’d love to hear everyone elses answers to people that ask to use their Airstream. Your answer could help a fellow Airstreamer stuck in this jam some day! On the other hand, after reading this thread, I now feel more comfortable just saying "no".
WBCCI Region One

Attitude is the only difference between ordeal and adventure
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Hi Becky,

Great thread.I will also chime in on the no side.My Airstream was my baby and I would have a hard time feeling comfortable loaning it out to anyone,family or not.I might have considered towing it somewhere and letting them use it but it would have to be special circumstances and understood that it was a one time thing.As far as someone else you don't know....NO WAY.
I would have a hard time dealing with the possibility of an accident happenning and how I would feel if someone got hurt.Not to mention the damage to the trailer.
Having already loaned your sisters motorhome this complicates the situation instead of her just asking you out of the blue.Each family is unique.You known your sister all your life and hopefully through this experience you will come up with the answer that works out the best for the both of you.

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Non Airstreamers do not understand the special nature of owning an Airstream. An Airstream,even in its worst condition will still polish out and shine. There is no other trailer on the market as special. So for someone to man handle and not care for it should be positioned in the pie throwing both at the fair. If someone I did not know came to pull away my baby they would leave with nothing on the hitch.Be carefull in the future and lie if you need to. Say it's broken.
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I would haul the 'offending party' off to the nearest SOB dealer, open my wallet and rent them anything on the lot. It would cost me less in the long run -- money and mental anguish!

Yeah, right!! Count this as a NO!

5 meter Langford Nahanni

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Have always had te policy that "I don't borrow.I don't lend". I'ts just simpler that way. I just seen to many friendships lost that way. I feel it's better to have someone mad at me for not lending than for me to be mad at them for damaging something they borrowed. ---- Pieman

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