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Who are all these folks??

I'm an old fellow that wants to know everything. Who are we?? Where do we live? Any average ages?? What is our favorite job or hobby?? OK I'm first....
I'm Frank Rowe from Twin Falls, Idaho. My birth day is 11/2/1937 WOW 65 years shortly. I mostly like to invent or improve any mechanical device. Was electrical contractor for 30 years with several other associated add-on licenses.
I'm ex-Cal. about 15 years ago. Tomorrow, married 43 years......Whew
Yep, she still is my bestest friend. Got a bunch of cars and tools....... I live to work....

Visit Idaho The people are great
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Cool Same general age group and interests

I'll be rolling over 70 the end of the summer (born 9/6/1932). I spent a few years in the Korean War era as a fighter pilot (F-86D Sabre). I then spent 35 years with IBM, developing new machines: magnetic tape systems, disk systems, copiers, and desktop computers. I filed about 30 patents during that time and I think all but one filing has issued.

I live on a hilltop in the Texas Hill Country, southwest of Austin, TX. I retired about 10 years ago, but I still do a little computer work on the side, mostly maintaing web pages. My hobbies are volunteer work, computer, woodworking, kayaking, banjo playing, hiking, and travel.

Like FrankR, I have to improve everything I own. My Airstream is my 4th trailer, only two weeks old, and I have already begun the modifications. See some of my other posts.

I love to spend hours prowling through places like Home Depot to find just the right material for my latest modification or project.

John W. Irwin
2018 Interstate GT, "Sabre-Dog V"
WBCCI #9632
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im a 55 year old trying to retire..have worked in the heavy equiptment business with the same company for 33 years. i went
to andrew college in cuthbert ga and georgia southwestern in americus ga..befor starting work in asheville nc ,i now live in saluda nc where i farm and started a family ,boy 7 girl 4..i got a late start...i got my nfirst airstream about 6 years ago 1975 international 27',fell in love with these things..picked up a 1987 25' soverign this summer at a steal...lookiing at a 1978 to rebuild its really something how these silver things get under your skin......
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, Washington
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I am 60 going to retire in August. Work for Port of Seattle and have for 27 years befor that Boeing. We have 6 grown kids and 8 grandchildren te oldest 2 are 19 down to 8 6 girls and 2 boys. We live in Auburn Washington. I was born and raised in Rapid City, Louise is a native from Washington State. I have 4 brothers and sisters and Louise has 10.
We love to travel have gone to New Zealand and various places in the US we are looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful country whan I retire.
We have a 1983 310 Airstream diesel MH, and enjoy it very much. We are looking to tow a Jeep Wrangler when I figure out how to attach the hitch with our tubular bumper.
We enjoy building things our most recent project was a Murphy Bed for the guest bedroom.
Other hobbies include cooking, and of course remodeling on that we are a remodel in progress. Cheaper than buying a new home we think. Photography, and we have a DJ business that we do music at weddings and parties, we are cutting that back as it interfers with weekends.
Dave and Louise
Finally Retired
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Still working

I'm 57, and still in the workforce managing the telecommunications area for the St. Louis convention center/dome stadium complex. Get to play with voice, data, fiber optics, and go to a lot of neat shows for free.

We started with an old VW bus (not a camper), a tent, two pop up campers, a Hi-Lo, an Electra travel trailer, and an Airstream Safari and now a Classic.

Between work, trying to keep up with the work to keep the home presentable, we try to get out once a month for a weekend and then a couple of times a year for longer vacations.

My wife Patty is a crafter always doing something, I like playing around with the computer. We have often kiddingly commented that we will retire and go to work at Silver Dollar City in Branson Mo. She will be one of the crafter people and they will put me in coveralls sweeping up cigarette butts on the pathways. The ideal job for the techno guy!

Jack Canavera
AIR #56
'04 Classic 30' S.O.,'03 GMC Savana 2500,'14 Honda CTX 700
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Hi Folks,
I am 52 with 29 years in a county emergency communications center. I have been the Telecommunications Director for about 27 of the 29. On paper, I can retire about now. Mary, the mail person needs to work about 3 or 4 more years. I am trying to decide whether to hang on here for a while, start a new career, go back to school, or climb a tree.
Except for a couple of years in the Marines, 69-71 I have lived in Shelby, NC. Mary lived in Florida when she was a child and was from Asheville, NC when we met. We have one son, 31 and a couple of wonderful grandsons who live two hours away.
I enjoy fooling around with the computer, Ham Radio (K4GLC), I play a little golf, fish on occasion, and play with our 8 month old Newfoundland pup. I am the Newsletter Editor of Piedmont NC Unit #161 of the WBCCI. Mary is crafty especially with a crochet needle, she reads alot, and collects anything with a rooster on it. Her Amateur call is N4AXP.
Mostly we like to go camping. Growing up and early on in our marriage we camped in tents , then with Phillip playing all kinds of sports in the summer, we got away from it for a while. In '95 we bought a 26' Sunline and that was all it took. Now after an Award and two Airstreams we have bought the last one we'll ever buy. (Yeah right, lol)
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still working also

I am 54 and still working (if you can call this work). I design computer networks for Boeing in southern California where we design and manufacture rocket engines (space shuttle, atlas, delta). I have camped all my life in tents and truck campers and decided two years ago that sleeping on the ground is for younger folks. I researched travel trailers for six months before deciding that there was no equal to Airstream. I couldn't find any used ones so I bought new. We like to dry camp at the beach so I added golf cart batteries and a 120 watt solar panel.
Jerry Sullivan
'01 Limited
'01 Safari
On The Road, USA
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Geez, you guys are OLD!!!! (kidding, just kidding...). I'm only 37, married for 13 years, no kids. I'm a network administrator for an architectural firm.

John: I wish I was you. I'm also a pilot, and have been flying for more than 20 years. (yep, started when I was 15). Shortly after college, I got a Navy pilot slot, and went to Pensacolla to start training, where they gave us "just 1 more physical"...(like they hadn't already done plenty before this point). Well, you guessed it: they found a problem with my heart that no one else had noticed, and that was the end of my flying career. (It wasn't a mistake; it is very real). I may not even be able to continue flying as a hobby for much longer, either. Anyway, I had to settle for being a computer-nerd. pays the rent. but I'd SO much rather be up there....

So, I just bought my first airstream (73 safari). First "anything", for that matter. I'm new to "rv-ing". Something I've wanted to do for a while, and finally got around to getting started.

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To Chuck

Flying is a kind of disease that some of us have. It is pretty hard to cure.

After my 3 years as a T-33A and F-86D instructor, I flew a lot of Cubs and Cessnas for a few years until I bought and recovered an old Aeronca Champ. I flew C-119 transports for the Reserves for a while and was called up for the Berlin Crisis in 1961 and spent the next year working in Combat Ops and flying T-33s in France and all over Europe.

Next I flew C-123 transports for the Reserves and bought a Tri-Pacer and then a Cessna 195. I still miss that 195!

My second wife didn't like me flying, so I sat on the ground for 17 years before I was divorced and I immediately got into soaring. I owned two sailplanes, a Phoebus and a Slingsby T-53B until about 2 years ago when I finally hung it up. I finally quit mainly because I moved too far from the glider field, but I still ache to fly on good soaring days like last Sunday.

I just attended my squadron reunion. See my web page at
John W. Irwin
2018 Interstate GT, "Sabre-Dog V"
WBCCI #9632
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1973 23' Safari
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Aeronca Champ, did you say?????

I learned on a first solo was in this very plane:

yeah, regular people don't understand the "bug". If I tell a pilot, (particularly a military pilot) that story, they wince in pain and horror; anyone else, they seem to just think it was like not getting some "job" that you were mildly interested in......They don't realize that to me, this was like being drafted into the major leagues (actually, its probably more competative than that; they only took around 300 people per year when I got in) and having someone cut off your throwing arm on the way out to the mound on opening day.

Here I am, the "boy wonder". I think the ink was still wet on my ticket. age 17.....
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I was born in the Motor City 8/01/1956. So I am 45 and living in Phoenix for the last 12 years via Washington State (Bellevue, Redmond, and Shelton) from 1979 to 1990.

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and went to college in Big Rapids Mi. I was heavily involved in the automotive scene. Worked for Ford Motor Company from 1979 to 1986. (They moved me from MI to WA) Worked for a couple of dealership till I moved to AZ. I now work in the banking industry as a loan officer doing mostly residential home loans.

My hobbies are boating (have a 26' Wellcraft cruiser), Model A's, volunteer work (Make-A-Wish), Real Estate (I am selling a rental property now). I have traveled to Mexico (Rocky Point) for the last 7 years. Always rented down there. Rented a SOB trailer last year and was hook on the trailer experience. Just didn't find the right trailer till I saw A/S! Then as a addicting habit I got to the point I had to have one. Bought my chunk of shine in April and took it to Mexico. Had an awesome time for my 1st trip!

My name is Dave Jackson however you can call me Action!

Frank (R) you crack me up! I loved your diagrams in the electrical post. I am a lot like you from what I know of you. Wished I lived closer. I am sure we would be good friends.

1966 Mercury Park Lane 4 DR Breezeway 410 4V, C-6, 2.80 - Streamless.
1966 Lincoln 4 door Convertible 462 4V 1971 Ford LTD Convertible 429 4V Phoenix ~ Yeah it's hot however it's a dry heat!
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Who we are

Born in Illinois in 1930. Still working. Manage a retail store in El Paso, Texas selling southwestern products. Atrended a one room school near Athens, Illinois in the 30's. Lived on a farm at that time with only electricity. No running water and outdoor toilet. Went into the Air Force in 1950 and spent 3 years on Tulln Air Force Base, 21 miles northwest of Vienna, Austria. We were the only air base behind the iron curtain since this was russian territory at that time. Lived in Illinois, Maryland, Colorado, and now Texas after leaving the Air Force in 1954. Getting my airstream roadworthy after sitting for 13 1/2 years and living in it the whole time. Have decided to keep the disc brakes and will put in the new type of controller soon. The rest of my life has been, frustrating, exciting, etc.
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My real name is Mike, Pick is a nickname my buddies gave me out of hight school. I am 47 and a Telecommunications Manager for our county Department of Emergency Services, where I manage the 800 Mhz trunked radio system. I also do all the repair work on the system as well as mowing the lawn, and changing burned out tower lights. Married for 18 years, no children, just 3 horses, two dogs, and two birds. I also raise vegetables and sell them at our farm market, although this year will be a bust, I am afraid because of the weather. (55 here this morning, after a BIG hailstorm last night.) I just bought my first Airstream this spring and have been working on it, mostly plumbing system problems. This morning I pulled out the kitchen countertop and am going to replace the laminate with something a little more modern. Hopefully we will have it all done in time for the 4th of July weekend, and we will be off to the Kinzua Dam!
2003 GMC 2500HD 4X4 D/A Ext. Cab
Propane Powered Honda EU2000i
Lots of Hot Sauce!
Air # 283
WBCCI 1350
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This is a great thread, it is nice to learn a little something about everyone. I'm a mere 33, born April 1st, 1969. That's right an April Fool. I am self employed - I have a mail order catalog business that is dedicated to the sport of hot air ballooning. My parents have been balloonists for 20 years now, so I have it in my blood. For all of you boys out there talking about flying, if you've never tried ballooning you should. Not as exciting as a fighter jet to be sure, but unlike any other form of flight.

We just bought our first Airstream after years and years of tent camping. My parents started sleeping in our large van on camping trips, while my fiance and I took the tent. I can no longer take another night on cold hard ground and can't wait to get started with the Airstream.

I look forward to learning a lot from everyone here, so far I am thrilled with the helpful and pleasant attitudes I have encountered on this forum. I hope it continues to grow and succeed.

Great to meet you all,

"Airabelle" - '66 Overlander International 26'
"Mod-Pod" - '77 Argosy Minuet 6.0
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