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I sent an individual thank you to everyone who responded but wanted to say a big thank you to the whole group. These are some great suggestions and we will print them out and heed your advice. My husband and I have been reading Air Forums for several months prior to ordering and have been very impressed with how thoughtful and helpful Airstreamers have been. This is a terrific group. My siblings all own SOBs (fifth wheels and motorhomes) and can't believe the depth and breadth of knowledge and sharing here. I keep telling them it's one more reason to think about an Airstream the next time they purchase. Many thanks!

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The major dealer for the recent 23D acquisition did an extremely poor PDI. So check the interior walls to see if all the protective plastic was removed from the interior walls after assembly. Make sure the rubber door stops are on the correct side of the bathroom door mechanism. Make sure the cabinet catches actually do that. Make sure the windows really do open. Make sure the fantastic fan operates in multi-speeds and opens and closes properly. See if the televisions actually work and the antenna brings in at least one channel on each set. The audio systems are deplorable at best and very confusing to operate (in both our 2014 Classic and the 2015 23D International Serenity).

I suggest making labels for the water connection compartment so the sewer flush hose goes on the correct connection while the fresh water hose goes to the proper connection. We put a power outlet in that compartment for a small (15 watt) lite bulb to keep that space from freezing.

Make sure every light operates along with their dimmer slide switches. Notice that the exhaust fan handle can be just pushed even the with the bottom of the flange to create a small opening for ventilation when going down the road.

Check every cabinet surface and wall with a good magnifying glass for damages. look at the walls and ceiling for any popped rivets. Make sure the main door locks work smoothly. Check the exterior access hatches are easy to open and there is no water spots inside from gasket leaks.

Have a demonstration on opening the front window covers as well as the stone guards.

Have them show you the jack locations on both sides of the trailer. (Usually behind the wheels). As mentioned earlier, check the roof for damage or un-caulked fasteners. Check the flange of the skylight to ensure the plastic was not cracked by over torquing the screws to hold it on the trailer.

Only after everything is to your satisfaction do you sign any acceptance document or make the final payment. Withholding payment until everything is fixed is a great motivator to get the jobs done now.

Write up every discrepancy and have a responsible staff member sign and date it and you keep a copy for your files.

Welcome to a fun new life style. When the trailer is running properly, life is far less stressful.

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Originally Posted by SusanFleck View Post
We will be picking up our Airstream Classic 2016 from the dealer in the next week and are wondering what to expect from them. When they were selling the Classic to us they said there was a full day if training included. Since ordering they have been slow to respond to our questions and have not inspired confidence. What have you experienced when picking up your Airstream and what should we expect?
Hi Susan,

What dealer are you using? If it's the one in Joliet, IL, you may well have a problem. We initially looked at them but quickly decided not to buy from them and went all the way to Colonial in NJ. Colonial, while far from perfect, was light years better than the one in Joliet.

Good luck,

John S.
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What to expect when picking up Airstream from dealer

All of the replies have something to contribute, so I suggest you consolidate each piece and follow it thoroughly!
Have at least one other adult with you to take your video. Pay special attention to how to hook up and unhook, and how to use your Zipdee awnings. Of course it is all simple, once you know how, but be ready to have your head spinning after only a few minutes. Hence the importance of the video.
Do expect your dealer to set up your Airstream properly to you tow vehicle.
One thing I would add is to go for a test drive with your rig with the dealership in attendance to provide pointers. Do an emergency stop to get the feel of it.
Do stay overnight - you'll have a hundred questions in the morning!
If you are lucky enough to be in Ontario, Canada and CanAm RV is your dealer, then ALL of the above will be taken care of for you.
Congratulations, you will love your Airstream.
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We bought our first (and only) AS used from an individual who was selling it for a friend. It was in very good shape and nothing bad has happened yet but we got less than an hour's worth of orientation. The manual was very little help -- and I did read it. The Newbies Guide was a big help, as has been this forum. We also ask questions of everyone we see whenever we go to an AS meeting or rally. Every AS owner is very anxious to help -- or everyone we have met. A long orientation would have given us a bit more confidence, but learning by doing has been fine too. We had no warranty to fall back on either, so that wasn't an issue. Got lucky and we love it!
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Seek Assistance...

When I was taking the plunge, I located a AS forum member, near my dealer, willing to meet me at the dealership. This helped greatly!! Just a suggestion. Stayed near the dealer overnight and was prepared to not sign off until they signed off on needed adjustments or repair work. Since you are purchasing new - your financial partner may have influence over the dealer too. One final thought on the quality issues at the factory. 1) The older guys are retiring and have a different work ethic. The factory is not located in a area that may attract iconic minded worker. Different culture is coming on board. 2) AS has no real competition, so you, the buyer, just can't really do much except not buy new units. Buy used, AFTER, somebody else suffered the agony of warranty and dealer abuse. The factory service team beats factory assembly team in one area: Consistency. One only does repairs. The other chases production goals and speed. Quality gets too varied due to market demand being so high - NOW!
Best Wishes for few aggravations!!
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Originally Posted by Urbanologist View Post
AS has no real competition, so you, the buyer, just can't really do much except not buy new units.
The OP is a proud new owner, and it seems counterproductive to tell them that their brand-new purchase isn't any good because they didn't buy used. Lots of people buy new trailers and have few problems with them. Please try to be more supportive.
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Owning a Airstream is an on going learning experience. I've owned my trailer for going 8 years now and I am still finding out tons of things about it, heck this past Fall I learned I was not putting the Zee Dip awning up correctly. I didn't know there was a way of setting up the awning that allowed for the wind to safely roll it back in! I've found that the Airstream manual that comes with the trailer to be of great help, but It can be confusing on some issues, so I put some index pages in the book where different conditions exist, such as plumbing, winterizing, electrical, towing, ect. and when I find something interesting on this forum I print it out and stick in the manual. There have been Posts on "important check lists" that I have printed out and put to the front of the manual and that comes in quite handy, along with a needed supplies list. This Forum has been a life saver for answering all the questions we have and for getting the needed support on some tough issues from fellow Streamers.

I wish you well with your new purchase, your gonna love Airstreaming!

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After camping for 20 yrs in SOB trailers we purchased our new airstream last Summer. What could be so different about a silver trailer? After all, we weren't newbies to camping. Well, there was a lot to be learned. Our dealer in Portland di a good job going through the systems in the trailer, but there were enough differences that it became overwhelming and we "forgot" a lot of what we learned that day. That led to some interesting times trying to figure out the heater/AC/ heat pump thermostats controller. And don't get me started on the toggle switch for the stereo. But with patience and a sense of humor and the dealers number on speed dial I have only fallen more in love with our FC. Can't wait for spring.

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One other obvious point: a brand new AS will be under manufacturer's warranty for the first year. So if something is defective it's not a huge problem if (a) you can bring it back to your dealer for servicing, or (b) there is another AS dealer or another AS approved service center where the problem occurs. If you have to get something fixed by another service centre, save your receipts for reimbursement by AS.

We learned (b) kind of the hard way, in the Mojave Preserve in southeastern CA, when the lock jammed on our back storage compartment, that just happened to have most of our hitch equipment in it. Thanks to a good Samaritan in the CG and a helpful service center (and locksmith) in Pahrump, NV we got the immediate problem taken care of, and then AS (of Spokane, our dealer) subsequently replaced the lock for no charge because it was under warranty.

We bought our first AS used from Can-Am, and got their dealership one-year warranty, which we also had occasion to use several times without charge.
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Even better, it's a two year warranty
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When we picked up our first AS at Can-Am they told us to plan to be there the whole day. We arrived at 9 am and left at 4:30 pm. We spent a half hour or so reading and they let us go for lunch in a company car, but the rest of the time was spent with them. When we picked up our second it was only half a day as it was the same model just longer. Towards the end of the day I realized they had forgotten the pet screen and as the service guys had already gone home Andy (the owner) was out there installing him. Spent some time picking his brain on towing issues etc. We wanted some organizational items from their store and they let us take things out to fit them. We spent the night in their lot with water and hydro rather than driving the 3 hours back home at night. Both times the day was very well spent.
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SusanFleck - every AS dealer has a punch list they are expected to go thru with a new owner and then have the owner sign off on. If this did not happen you should be able to secure a copy from the dealer. The punch list is very extensive and covers virtually every item anyone would need to know about AS except the hitch set up.

Enjoy your new AS, it's a great way to travel.


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Originally Posted by Protagonist View Post
6 - You may be buying a unit that is already winterized. In which case, make sure the dealer promises to either let you come back for more training on the freshwater and wastewater systems when the weather warms up, and/or that he'll be available by phone if you have any questions on systems that couldn't be covered in the walk-through because they're winterized.
I would go one step further and, if the unit is winterized, have the dealer walk through (and you perform) a full de-winterization, use of all systems and then re-winterization procedure. This will especially help and give you the confidence to use your trailer in December, January and February to its fullest capabilities.

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