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I think the anwser lies in you

Whether a vintage or newer unit is optimal probally has more to do with you and what you want out of the experience. To me one of the big functional differences in the two is width. The new wider trailers can be nice at the campground, but are less nice on the road, espically in construction zones and city driving. The narrow bodies are nicer to tow and, if you are like me and want to get off into the boonies, fit more places. In another year, I will have upgraded about every major system and appliance in the Trade Wind so in that regard it will be like a new unit. An additional bonus for me is the elegant look of the vintage bodies. Now that mine is reasonably polished and has the cool new vintage awing it is even cooler looking. But that is just me and what I like.


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Originally Posted by moosetags
I want a polished 1958 24 footer with a 2008 interior.
I would want a brand new unit, polished of course, new amenities with old interior construction materials, techniques and style.

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It should be YOUR choice. New very expensive to start. If you are starting Airstream....will it be worth the investment?

Vintage...they have charm and if you can do the restoration yourself the initial investment is affordable. As you restore the investment comes in
smaller pieces. Do what you must and then continue to restore.

We are NEW to Airstream and with our Vintage (seems in ok condition). We have done restoration ourselves.

Do you like Antiques? Do you prefer modern furniture? Many questions only you can answer. More people on this Forum (an intelligent group) will contribute info to help you make YOUR decision. ENJOY. Aria
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Unfortunately, for me, it was all about price. We were just looking for a camper, but imagine our surprise when we found our 63 Overlander. It was way in our price much so that we have been able to afford the nessesary improvements w/o breaking the bank. We have really enjoyed fixing it up in the evenings and in spare times. We took it on our first trip this past weekend and enjoyed the fruits of our labors. There are still a lot of things to do, but we can accomplish these things one at a time as time and money allow.

But...if I had the money I think I would still buy a vintage. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment that working with my own hands gives. It really brings the family together too when you're fixing it up and when you get to use it.

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I only own a vintage, and have been working on it for the last 26 months when I’m not required to do other things.

That said - if you want to restore an oldie, expect to spend up to half your time looking for parts and supplies (because things HAVE changed, and many of the old parts simply are not to be found). You must have: patients; skill; some practical engineering talents (because there is much of that required); tools; a place to work; and a desire and willingness to have such a project. If you have all that, then go for it!

If you do a good job, you will get back satisfaction and admiration from those you come in contact with that share a love for Airstreams. These returns are absent, in large part, when you buy new(er).
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We're trying to cover some of both worlds. Keep it all 1948 on the outside and modern touches on the inside. Several years ago we built a large teardrop trailer from scratch using plans published in 1940. We had a lot of fun in the contruction phase. It's a lot of fun to take out as we get stares on the road and always give tours when camping. Then the vintage bug caught us. We found the '48 in run down shape and after diggin into it, have really found out how bad it is. Part of the fun is the process of redoing it. The neighbors get involved as well as family members. We have people all over the country dropping into our Yahoo photo page to watch the progress.

It will be interesting getting it out of the garage and on the road. We're looking forward to getting our coffee in the morning without having to go outside to the galley.
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Originally Posted by Gen Disarray
but are less nice on the road, espically in construction zones and city driving.
Yea, I'll be the first, second and third to admit, I've had a few white knuckle exp in construction zones.....
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Love the new ones, but also vintage. My wife and I love the vintage cars, trailers, homes. Our vacation cars are hot rods/vintage and a trailer needs to match, on the outside at least. Our cars are all updated with modern conveniences so they look vintage, but are modern for the most part (safety, comfort, ease of repairs the key decision factors).

Same with the trailer. Vintage externally, all the amenities internally. Hidden where we can so to the casual eye it looks '51, just like the car looks '57.

I would buy new as well to go behind the new truck but it would not get used as much as the old one. I happen to be down to just one at the moment but as soon as I'm able to do the majority of the driving again, and able to work on the restification of more, my qty will increase. I would like a '57, a '47 and that '85 I missed on eBay (it still haunts me that I was too slow to reply or it would be hanging out beside the '51 as I type).

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If money were no object nor time, I would choose vintage and have the best team of people on it asap. I like the heavier aluminum that can be polished to a mirror finish and also the metal castings and the multisegment endcaps. I would want the one with the most amount of windows I could find though. Some look rather small and closed up, then it would be custom all the rest of the way after a complete and total redo keeping only the shell.

But I don't and I am in a hurry, the clock is ticking... gotta make hay while the sun shines.

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Vintage - no question

First, they all leak - old or new. I am restoring a 1958 30' Sovereign of the Road... we've been at it for two years. Over the last two years, I've owned about 10 different vintage models - all needing some work, but able to go streaming in them. I started Airstreaming in a 1985 34' Limited that was nice, but heavy and had an OSB floor that with leaks, is not good! The Vintage trailers have more character in my mind - 15 then 13 then 7 panels... and have stronger Aircraft (not license plate like today) grade aluminum shells. Ours is now STRONG and will last us the rest of our life...with all new white birch / maple interior being finished now with original layout. We will leave it to our kids when it's about 100 years old - will a new one make it to 100 years old? Our is 50 years old this fall! It's way lighter than the same trailer this length - like a ton or more lighter! Plus, when you tell people when they ask, "is that new?" that it is 50 years old, I like the reaction. Of course, doing a full restoration takes patience - but having the other 13-15 Airstreams while doing it has been fun and allowed my patience. To each their own I say! Then again, I'm skewed too - The Vintage Airstream Podcast - Home! Later,

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No new motor homes, so vintage for us!!!

Actually we are both solidly hooked on the vintage models. There's just something about the allure of yesteryear and the times people have lived through and are nostalgic about now. Although there is a lot to be said about new systems that don't need troubleshooting and replacing!

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I have owned a 74 vintage and did much work on it and enjoyed the work and the finished product. I sold it and bought a 94 because the 74 had twin beds and I had no confidence in the appliances or the weather tight integregity of the skin. Sold the 94 and purchased a 01 wide body with slide because I wanted the room a wide body and side offered. I enjoy using the unit more than working on it.
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I supppose a lot of your decission will depend on what your idea of fun is.
If Fun means getting out and traveling with all the modern conveinences at your disposal, with little concern of falling through the soft spot in the bathroom floor, or stuff falling off the trailer at highway speeds, then Modern has its advantages.

On the other hand, Going Vintage adds a couple more elements to your RV'ng experience.
Turns out that one of my ideas of fun is finding old stuff and figuring out how to make it work, getting to know the older systems and and appreciating how cool some of them are. Like the 3 foot flint stricker on a Dometic RM26.

Another Element is the thrill of the hunt. That special feeling of truimph when you finaly find a NOS Harper/Wyman pilot unit for the old Magic Chef stove. Or that special giggle you get when finding a working 12V fan for a Hehr roof vent (still looking for one if anyone has an extra)

There is a pride in having something youve built, or rebuilt being used by you and your family. This pride gets inflated by the occasional passerby who wants to check out the old rig. All of this inflation however, means the ego gets popped when something breaks or fails to work, since you take it a lot more personal.

Then, there is of course, therese a certain esprit de corpse among vintage trailer owners that is partly based on a common appreciation for these extra elements. Which is one of the reasons why folks tollerate me prattling on about my '63 Avion, which is an SOB on an Airstream site.
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We could not decide on vintage over new either. Went from a 71 TradeWind to a 63 Overlander, did a total restoration, spent as much money on it as a slightly used late model, but now have vintage camping vibe, light weight, major coolness, polished shell, but with 2006 conveniences.
My point being, you actually can have your cake and eat it, too. It's just not cheap.

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