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Originally Posted by andreasduess View Post
For the most, truck drivers I've encountered have been courteous and helpful, frequently changing lanes to allow us to join the highway. I repay that courtesy by flashing them when it's ok for them to pull back in in front of us.

So far, so good. Having said that, I recently had to tow the Airstream to London on a heavy traffic day and rather than subjecting myself to stress I decided to avoid the highway altogether and went cross country instead. Added perhaps 30 minutes - instead of 60 I was doing 50 - to the trip, but these were an enjoyable thirty minutes driving on deserted roads on a beautiful fall day. I even stopped for a while on a layby, just to enjoy the scenery for a while and make a coffee. Useful to have your house with you.
I'm beginning to worry that we were separated at birth, Andy (other than the fact that you're two feet taller than me). I had to tow up to London the other week and, like you, chose to avoid the 401. I dawdled up Highway 3 at 50mph, stopped to admire the view at Shedden (Ontario's Rhubarb Capital) and made my way to the Flying J on Highbury Avenue to dump the tanks. It was a very pleasant run, except that it rained and my lovely shiny Airstream became covered in mud from the farm vehicles that also use Highway 3. Still, I was very relaxed when I arrived

Steve; also known as Mr UK Toad

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Originally Posted by Frank's Trailer Works View Post
I have noticed that the new air damns on many semi trucks now create a strong outward push.
When I owned my 34' National RV motorhome, it had leaf springs and a long rear overhang. Semi's would almost blow me off the road. When I moved up to a 40' National RV motorhome with air ride and a more balanced profile, trucks and crosswinds ceased to be a problem.
Now, I'm downsizing to a trailer, and reading up on everything I can.
Be aware, if you are driving 50 mph, the trucks are going 70 mph and see you as a roadblock. I was comfortable at 65, and trucks didn't bother me as much.

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We just returned from a trip in the same general area with our AS. I would say it's the area and not truck drivers in general. My husband is a retired truck driver and has driven all over the country and is an excellent driver. That area is just very difficult to drive....very rude drivers. I'm sure you did nothing wrong.
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I have a very stable setup and drive at or close to the legal limit whatever it may be. If I'm a bit underpowered for a hill, I'm in the rightmost lane that I can unless it's truck only.

I've rarely had an issue with a semi driver. I totally understand their issues with momentum and gravity and I get out of their way when I can. I also find that they appreciate a flash of the headlights day or night if they are clear to slide in in front of me.

That said, I get more issues with drivers in cars that are basically clueless. The multiple panic stops I have alluded to in other threads have invariably been caused by cars and light truck divers that cut in too close, brake for no reason, or just act weird. Phoenix and Flagstaff seem to have more of these folk in the area. I do remember one time in Phoenix that it took me 20 minutes to get enough space to make a left--only one courteous driver was what I needed, and I found one eventually. He stopped short so I could get across and clear. Dunno who he is, but I love that guy in the beat up old car....

I'm convinced that defensively driving, being courteous, and in NO hurry is the only way to go with a shiny trailer in tow.

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If today's drivers had the same old cars we had forty years ago, thousands more would be dead. Today's tech makes up for poor drivers. That's good. Jim
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Sitting Duck:

We have downsized and gone back to the AS and TV. Have a 38' Newmar Gasser now sold and waiting for pick up by new owner, same as you described, awful driving, great when stopped. AS is both, great driving and great when stopped.

Safe Travels

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Originally Posted by overlander63 View Post
After a quick read through this thread, and I stopped reading a couple of posts without reading them through, I have come to realize some people seem to have no concept of the laws of physics. Specifically, the parts about gravity and its effects on moving objects as they go up and down hills.
Does anybody seriously expect an 80,000 pound truck to be able to maintain a steady 65mph, uphill and down, no matter what? If a loaded truck starts at the bottom of any kind of hill at 65, he will probably be lucky to be doing 25 by the time he gets to the top. Inertia is a trucks friend, and gravity is its enemy.
Which is exactly why I avoid I-85 in North Georgia and Western SC. Too many hills and the truckers just try to keep up speed best they can to conserve momentum, even if they have to move to the only other lane. I avoid it whether in my car or RV. To mimic the trucks behavior may be the best approach, by applying a constant throttle rather than setting your cruise control. Just don't follow too close.

Others have also wisely pointed out, as does my wife from time to time, Driving on the Interstate is not a competitive sport. At least I try to take that approach, even if others do not, but its easy to get caught up in it.
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I would say I drive aggressively when the Interstate traffic warrants it. I'm the retired guy and most of these other poor bastards have that get to, get home from, whatever. If they're all doing 75 in a 55, like around Chicago, I'll go along with them. Keep things moving, less having to pass. limit those dangerous lane changes. So my MPG's take a hit but I get there sooner. And with my new Michelin's LT 16" wheels, I'm allowed to do 85 tops.

This respect extends especially to truckers, those "Gentlemen of the Road". OK, maybe not so much like the old days, but if you don't show some respect for an 80,000#, speeding, fatigued operator, worn tired, poorly maintained mass of careening WalMart Brand adult diapers than maybe you should'ov stayed home.

If he need to get around me, I do all I can to help him. If he's pulling back into my lane, I'll flash my high beams to let him know he has the room. If he's a good guy, he'll flash his tail lights several times in thanks. And I'll do the same when the situation is reversed. If the trucks are doing the speed limit, must be a cop somewhere, so I will too.

Pay attention. A trucker got into a left turn only he didn't want to be in, so I made a hole for him. What I'm saying is, contribute! Everyone is expecting us to be 'geezers', tottering down the road and being in the way.

I am technically a geezer, but I'm not, if you know what i mean.
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Originally Posted by Protagonist View Post
I've only had one bad incident with a semi in my entire forty-year driving career, on I-20 between Shreveport and Dallas. The semi was a tanker with a load of fuel for Love's Country Stores.

The guy welded himself four feet from my rear bumper, and stayed that close for eighteen miles despite ample opportunities to go around; traffic was relatively light that day. Every time I changed lanes, he changed lanes. Every time I sped up, he sped up. Every time I slowed down, he slowed down. That persisted until I finally took an exit that he didn't.

As soon as I got to a good stopping point with WiFi, I got out my laptop and fired off an e-mail to the company complaining about the driver. Never got any acknowledgement, and that jerk is probably still out there playing stupid semi games with other drivers. And to this day I've boycotted Love's Country Stores. I'd rather be stranded than buy fuel or anything else from them.

OMG thats like a scene out of that movie Duel! I try to get on the road by 4am and then just wait at my destination. Same with airport travel. I'd rather be there early than stressed trying to get there. That being said most truck drivers have been very nice and I try to just get behind one doing 55 and cruise along. I have seen several driving like they are Danica Patrick and also swerving over the line. I try to just keep my distance and let em go on.
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It does sound like you should perhaps assess your own driving.

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Having about 90,000 miles between my moho and previous Airstreams, I can only say the trucks have never been a problem Some may at times be a bit aggressive in their driving but if I just pull in the center or right side of my lane I seem to have no issues.
Happy trails and Good Luck
Ms Tommie Fantine Lauer, Greensboro, NC
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Originally Posted by zigzagguzzi View Post
If today's drivers had the same old cars we had forty years ago, thousands more would be dead. Today's tech makes up for poor drivers. That's good. Jim

They certainly would slow down and increase following distance. In general, people rely on/trust/put too much faith in the safety features of modern cars. Airbags, seatbelts, and anti-lock brakes were not put in place to allow more aggressive driving. The safety features were designed to increase safety of the driving environment 40 years ago, and are overridden or negated by bad driving habits.
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The worst part about the truckers is they are on the cell phone like a lot of others, yet correcting a misguided truck is a bit more difficult than a car. I find being a defensive driver, watching for potential disasters, observing closely, all help me to be more alert and possibly avoid an accident.
Happy trails and Good Luck
Ms Tommie Fantine Lauer, Greensboro, NC
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The OP's was posting about his first towing experience, which happened to be while traveling from Florida northward up I-95. Through Florida and Georgia it's mostly 3 lanes each way. But just north of Savannah at the SC border it narrows and continues most of the way through SC into NC at 2 lanes each way. On top of that, at Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston, and Wilmington trucked shipping containers are coming onto I-95 from the ports. Add that truck traffic and the heavy RV traffic to the normal traffic, and it's like rush hour all day. I-95 through SC, NC, and VA really should be widened to six lanes.

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