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Originally Posted by welj31
Hello all I am the owner of the trailer with the "dent that did no damage". I just wanted to take a min to reply to the above attacks and a email he sent me in ebay

1) The dent is in pics that were posted to the listing when it was listed.
2) Yes I did post new pics of the dent after being asked to do so (sorry I am just a honest guy).
3) There is no damage to the inside of this trailer.
4) The person placing this post must not have ever pulled a wheel , drum and checked bearings before. I did and they are fine, no gaulling or discoloring of races or bearings, packing looked to be high temp disk type and was unburnted. I hope this will help him if he ever checks his.
5) There is no floor rot and never has been, but he would not know this as he only has time to slander and no time to ask questions.
6) Oven does work great for heating the trailer (1 hour on 400 will bring inside of trailer to 100+) at -35 outside. (again i guess i have to spell it out for some people).
7)The water heater was unhooked at tank to drain and due to us not wanting to place RV antifreeze in heater tank.
8) This trailer is a Argosy and I dont know anything about them which is why I posted in the listing "if you need more pics or info please email me". I am an honest person as you can see from my feed back score and customer replies.
9) I have taken the time to report the person to ebay. Also I sent him a email outlining how his poor judgement and actions can be seen as an attack, slander and defaming of my reputation.All this without even knowing who I am. Just silly if you ask me. Well thats it for now have a nice day
I am sorry if my post upset you in any way, it was not my intention. This is a club for people interested in Airstream/Argosy products. Your auction on Ebay is amusing in a way that only people that love these trailers would understand, I do not expect you to understand the humor. I in no way meant this as a personal attack against you. Others that enjoy the same types of things and understand what I am referring to posted there replies.
I am glad you found the Forums and if you think about it the only thing I did was to help advertise your auction to the largest collection of people that may wish to buy it you will ever find. Even with the problems your trailer has or doesn't have and the information you provided explaining its condition, the price is still low enough that I may have done you a great service.
Again I in no way attacked you nor did I mean to.
As far as an attacking email I do not know what you are referring to, the question I sent you thru Ebay guided you here, and I hoped the link I provided in my question to would lead others here as well, not at any time in my above post did I mention floor rot, although a large number of Airstreams/Argosys do have some as they can and do often leak.
It was a jump to even assume that it was me that sent you a question thru Ebay as I go by a different user name but you are correct, I again did not slander you with my question in any way.

I did not save my question, but I will type it hear from memory.

"HI I just wanted you to know that there is a spray that will repair dents as well as floor rot! Go to to check it out! Please post this in your auction so others can find it as well!"

Knowledge is powerful stuff

I meant this as harmless humor directing people to the Airstream Forums!

The response I received from you is as follows.

welj31 (45)
Positive feedback: 97.9%
Member since: Mar-24-05
Location: MI,United States
Registered on:

This message was sent while the listing was active.
welj31 is the seller.
I just wanted to let you know 1st your email has been reported to ebay and 2ed Making statements on a public web site to defame,slander or attack someones reputation is not very bright even if you did know the person. I understand that some people are having trouble getting the med's they need, but there is help out there for you.And maybe you should get it before you open your mouth and show just how sick you are. Thanks

WOW! Actually I am thinking the only person who has been attacked is me

I do not wish to have an enemy in this world, even one I will likely never meet, so please accept my humble apology, I am surrounded by friends here that I am sure will vouch for me that I do not attack any one undeserving.

The following is my offering to you for your forgiveness.

To all others I am sure this is a fine buy and I recommend this trailer to you for what it is, another fantastic Ebay buy!

PS I am glad you have found our forums as you may wish to keep your trailer and fix it up should it not sell on Ebay and you are most welcome here where you can learn all you need to know to become an expert on your very special and very rare trailer.


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I will respond:
Your ad comes across as someone trying to make the proverbial silk purse out of a sow's ear. A bit of research prior to the sale of the trailer would have provided a wealth of information, things like an Argosy is painted aluminum and the end caps are galvanized steel and cannot be polished, yes it can be polished, sand blasting would be the last choice for paint removal. As far as heating with a stove you are asking for CO poisoning. IMHO you would have been better off advertising the unit a bit less vigorously and been a bit more forward. For example "we have only owned the trailer for 2 months and don't know if all the appliances work or not", "the furnace is missing", etc. Your excessive use of superlatives makes your advertisement very suspect. Unfortunately there are too many people that have gotten a raw deal on units that were advertised as "pristine", "ready for the road", etc. And the line about "leaks on an egg" are over the top. I suspect there is not a single vintage Airstream/Argosy owner in the world that has not had to deal with leaks and all the misinformation that goes with them. FWIW I own two vintage Airstreams at the moment and have inspected over a dozen others for potential buyers, some with were properly represented and others were so bogus that the police should have been called for out and out fraud.


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Originally Posted by welj31
Hello all I am the owner of the trailer with the "dent that did no damage". I just wanted to take a min to reply to the above attacks and a email he sent me in ebay

6) Oven does work great for heating the trailer (1 hour on 400 will bring inside of trailer to 100+) at -35 outside. (again i guess i have to spell it out for some people).
DO NOT heat your trailer with a propane oven. This is a disaster waiting to happen and totally unsafe. The oven is not made as a heating applicance, it was not intended to burn full bore for extended periods. And then there's the little matter of CO2....
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Not Slander or Defamatory


I stand by my post in this thread. This is a public forum and your trailer is for sale on a public site. Discussing the condition of the trailer and what may be true or not true about the condition of the unit is not slander or defamatory. Your very public add is full of sales puffing and it is in the consumers interest to discuss the merits of your statements. You have put your trailer on a public site and provided pictures for evaluation. Many here are experts on Airstream trailers and will discuss every aspect of your listing; this is why the forum is in existence. Many will see the condition of your trailer differently than you do and state their opinion. Someone on the forum may decide that they are willing to take on a project and purchase your unit.

I do not feel that anyone should send you’re an email which is insulting are demeaning to you in anyway. Had you found this group earlier and asked about some of the issues with your trailer you would have found a group of people willing to help you and guide you. I wish you the best of luck with your auction.

Thanks Jim

Below is an example of why the condition of items on ebay are always supect. BTW this is from your feedback file.

Negative feedback rating
Seller Misreprented HW as Original when it was a REPLICA car. Very Negative eBa
Buyer mvpvail
Dec-28-05 03:27 6993530221

Reply by welj31: BEWARE buyer threatens sellers. bids on items without knowing anything about it

97.9 % Feedback on 45 items is not great on ebay.

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Lump me in with Jim's comment above...!!!!
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welj31, While I'm sure no one here intended to personally insult you, I offer my apology if you feel offended or slandered. However, I do agree with everyone who has responded. Ebay is a public auction. With a public auction anything being sold is up for discussion in public, in this forum for example, and will be scrutinized by the wise.

What I believe caught the attention of many of us was your statement regarding the "dent" followed by the claim that it "did no damage." Any Airstreamer knows a dent IS damage, damage to the skin which may or may not be repairable. So naturally, your statement was humorous to many of us. Perhaps you were meaning no damage had occured to the interior due to the dent, however, this doesn't immediately come across in your description.

I wish you the best with your auction.
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6) Oven does work great for heating the trailer (1 hour on 400 will bring inside of trailer to 100+) at -35 outside.
(again i guess i have to spell it out for some people).

somehow the above fits so well with the pending holiday...

what temperature is needed inside of the trailer for fully cooked?

will the little red thing pop up?

dot dot dot
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for what it's worth, welj31, we pick on a LOT of ebay listings. we watch them religiously and even buy on occasion ...
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I will bet this one may even make it into Airstream Life magazine!
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Wow, cross border communications (digital borders) between EBAY and AS Forums - imagine that.

Who would of ever thought that we would be looking at ebay sales here.
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I looked at an airstream for sale in Atlanta. The guys advertised it as needing a little restoration.When i got was amazing....not only was the rear bath missing, the floor underneath where the bath had been was gone, as were most of the supports. The front inside had been trashed and was painted in multiple shades of latex. All the doors.access covers were missing, the covers for the heater and so on. The axles were obviously shot.
The roof had holes were the vents used to be. And so on. But to them this was a minor restoration job. Oh yes and it was priced at 4500.
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Oven heating Trailer

It may heat your trailer, but it's also pumping carbon monoxide into it unless you have the fan running and the oven door closed.

Please be careful!!! CO has no color or scent and you don't know how bad it is without a CO detector. It also builds up in your system from multiple exposures and prevents your red blood cells from carrying oxygen.

Using a stove to heat your unit can mean you never wake up!

Paula Ford
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Using the stove or cooktop for heating is a good and save way to die, so don´t try it... At least I won´t...

I think it was great that welj31 came to these forums to answer some of the existing questions. One answer I really miss is: What happend to the furnace??

Maybe we´ll never know...

Happy biddings and good luck (for the bidding and heating with the stove...)!

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Rich Luhr took a pretty good stab at catagorizing the state of trailers found on ebay... I recall one about a Polished Turd.... but this one isn't polished

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