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Well I'll say it...


Sure it has some quirks and I have to work on it now and then (its called maintenance) but I would never be happy with a white box!
There is not an RV on the market that doesn't require some TLC and maintenance from it's owner.

There is nothing like towing aluminum, 90% of the time when we stop for food or gas someone will walk over just to admire it and tell me they always wanted one.

So buy what makes you happy, go to a rally or two, meet other owners and learn form them how to take care of your new baby.

Oh and welcome to this wacky community of streaming!

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I'll be as short as I can. We have owned 5 trailers in our 26 years of marriage. 2 Fiberglass, a Trillium and a Bigfoot. After the Bigfoot , we couldn't go down, only up and as such have owned 3 Airstreams since. We would never go back.


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The story of the Moho owner caught my eye.

In early 2008 I bought an Airstream 25 footer, traded about six months later for a 2009 27FB, the in early 2010 after having pulled these about 40,000 miles, ordered a new Tiffin Allegro Bus 43QGP which I received late May.

In mid 2013, I decided to do more traveling on back roads, stay in State and National Parks, and do some Route 66 stuff. While having all the extreme luxuries of the Bus, the size began to wear on me. Also, as with virtually ever moho, there were many little things that go wrong requiring service. So, sold it and ordered new 30RB Serenity...... And while it only has half the televisions of the mojo, no washer/ dryer, no Select Comfort bed, I will simply state in previous words, "I LOVE MY FREAKING Airstream".

Ms Tommie Lauer
Greensboro, NC
2015 Serenity 30 RB / 2008 Dodge Cummins 4 X 4
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Happy trails and Good Luck
Ms Tommie Fantine Lauer, Greensboro, NC
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First Airstream? As someone who is on her third one - sold one, rolled one, keeping this'un - my simplest advice is buy very very gently used.

Lots of people buy, then realize they want bigger or smaller - or unfortunately have a family crisis like a stroke, heart attack, etc. that precludes travel. They often trade or sell their almost new Airstreams. Look at the classifieds right here, then craigslist, e-bay, etc. Or of course a dealer who has taken a trade in often has a really nice used Airstream or two on the lot.

Save 20K. If the Airstream isn't perfect the 20K makes a nice bandaid.

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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The used advice is probably the best on the thread. My guess is, having sold two used Airstreams, one can purchase a two or three year old unit. looks like new, and save off MSRP about 40%. Take your time, search the ads on this forum and also with Google, etc. and you will find something. There are folks on this forum who will inspect a trailer for you and give some feedback as well.

But, if purchased wisely, a used unit can be turned in a year if you decide to upgrade, and your loss will me minimal. FYI, my moho, purchased new, depreciated over 3 1/2 years about $2.00 per mile…51,000 miles….

The Airstreams purchased used are much, much less of a hit… check out prices and come back to us.
Happy trails and Good Luck
Ms Tommie Fantine Lauer, Greensboro, NC
AIR #31871 K4MTL
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can't go back

Well DeltaRon, it's ok to have some Cognitive Dissonance. Heck I talked myself out of dropping a (beep)load of cash on the way to pick up the AS three times. LOL

I had a real good some other brand camper, 7 years, it was a great beginner travel trailer. It was aluminum framed instead of wood, I learned a lot.
But I can't go back now after owning the AS 'only' six months.

Once we brought the AS home, its staying. Really didn't have any cognitive dissonance on it. Its different and their is learning curve, but its a blast.

Its only money, see if you like a Airstream, you can always sell it if you don't like it. You probably will
have a good one !
Ra, Chelle & Natasha
For my next trick, I will use my new Airstream & Dodge Ram 2500 CTD to make this pile of money disappear.
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When I bought my 1978 31' Excella in 2001 I only knew one thing, if I bought a trailer it had to be an Airstream ! If you don't get that little flutter in your chest when you see one,,, maybe its not your kind of trailer.
I have invested about $6000.00 in mine over the years because the previous owner brought it from Florida to Barrie Ontario and it got frozen and then I took it to a NON AIRSTREAM trailer repair place and spent $4000.00 for repairs that had to be done over at CanAm airstream! I've put about 12000 miles on it in the last 4 years and it still has no leaks and I pull it with my 1999 GMC pickup.
Yes new Airstreams are expensive but if you look around you can find good older ones and if you choose right you only have to buy one!
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My sense is that for a number of reasons that reading this forum willl give you a skewed impression of Airstream ownership. As mentioned earlier posts are mainly by a vocal minority of owners, a group that doesn't represent a cross section of all owners (I'll let the sociologists figure out why it's like that). You need broader input, including personal experience and talking personally with Airstream owners, in order to get an accurate impression about Airstreams and Airstream ownership.

Go for it. Stuff the buyers remorse in a sock. You will enjoy it immensely and never regret the purchase.

John & Vicki
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Grown men don't need leaders. ~ Edward Abbey
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Good for you

Good for you for bringing this to the forum. I read the negative comments here and shake my head. We live in Yakima Washington home of Western RV (Alpenlite 5TH wheels) and they were among the best around. They are now gone. We owned two of them and were very happy. We would run into to people in the parks that had them and we would stop and talk to them. Those that were happy and positive people loved their Alpenlites but those that were by nature not happy didn't like them. I feel like that is what a lot of this is about. Positive happy people just go about their business but the unhappy grumpy people will not be happy with anything.

Yes Airstreams need attention but not like everything else out there. We love our 2012 and can not imagine owning any other brand. If you decide to go through with your purchase something tells me you will be happy that you did.
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Originally Posted by Mike-Gloria View Post
Positive happy people just go about their business but the unhappy grumpy people will not be happy with anything.
I guess that makes me a happy grumpy person. I like my Airstream, warts and all; but that doesn't stop me from complaining about the warts.
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My Google-Fu is strong today.
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Welcome DeltaRon:

Our experience: First in my real world-retired now and it does not seem real, no one should have this much fun. Anyway, I ran several manufacturing companies and or divisions where we manufactured products that retail customers purchased or rented and quality was our primary focus. I discovered over the years that anytime something is made, whether by humans or robots, something is going to go wrong. Not on every unit, but on some of them, unless we were provided with a faulty part in which case every unit had the same issue. That said, we have been camping for over 50 years, tents, tents from canoes, pop up trailers, enclosed trailers, motorhomes and yes Airstreams. We now have a Newmar motorhome and a 2015 30' FC. Motorhome is going first of December. We love it, but love our AS more. All the products we owned had issues, some minor and some major, but nothing that could not be fixed.

We own and AS and have had two others because we simply like the product, is it perfect, no, but then neither is the top of the line Newmar Motorhome - 37' 2014. I always keep in the back of my mind something a friend of mine who sells Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels and Motorhomes said to me - "you are moving a condominium down the road, with all the appliances, furniture etc of course you are going to have issues, but you will have fewer with an AS than any other Travel Trailer". We believe he is right, which is why we have gone back to the AS after owning the motorhome for only six months.

Best of luck, I don't think you will regret the AS purchase, new or used. My wife and I are a dealers dream, we always buy just about everything new.

Safe Travels

2017 30' Classic - F350 6.7 Diesel Crew
USAF - Military Training Instructor (TI) - 68-72
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Hi DeltaRon,

We love our Airstream for the type of travel it allows us to have along with the layout, style and many of the features. That being said, we have had numerous quality issues. In our first year of ownership (last year), we had to go back to the dealer after nearly every outing to have major issues addressed. This included the water heater, furnace, refrigerator, water leaks, many attempts at fixing the tank monitors and so much more.

I don't believe that the quality complaints are overstated on Airforums. If anything, I feel that many people that are dissatisfied with their Airstreams are rather quiet with all the problems out of concern that they are going to hurt their resale value if and when the decide to sell it.

To me the biggest key to buying a new Airstream is having a decent dealer nearby that can work with you through the initial issues.

Good luck with your decision.
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We purchased a 2008 Classic 25fb last year and if you search my posts you'll see some of the problems I've had but I have been able to fix them myself and I'm no mechanic, plumber, electrician or carpenter. Sometimes I think I'll sell it and buy a brand new SOB for cash but everytime we look at one of them we can't make the jump because our Airstream is SO NICE. And whose to say I wouldn't have some of the same issues plus some issues not inherint to Airstreams. Its not always greener on the other side of the fence.

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Great advice from Paula (as usual) - buy gently used. Which can apply to a two year old trailer or, in my case, a 25 year old trailer. In terms of a newer used one the drive away depreciation hit has already been taken. An older one may even appreciate in value. The three key things in buying a used one are: condition, condition and condition. Perhaps the best thing about buying a gently used one is that previous owners have done the debugging for you.

It is helpful to be somewhat handy when owning any Airstream, especially with older ones. Fortunately, most of the work is pretty simple and being able to do it yourself gives you the ability to respond quickly and at low expense. And most of the information is here.

John & Vicki
WBCCI #4291

Grown men don't need leaders. ~ Edward Abbey
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