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Originally Posted by kjmorle
Someday, Toyota is gonna get into the RV business, and then everybody will have to shape up!
I like that statement. However remember that after 75 years and thousands of trailers, Airstream is now the best of all possible production trailers in the world. ………But the world doesn’t stand still.

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[quote=zombyw00f] we expect many headaches, but not the kind of headaches that will spoil the trip. Yes, the CCD is a beauty queen and thats one of the reasons we have fallen in love.[quote]

hi zomby'

so you've been inside some trailers? great!
the more ya try on the better....
and if the ccd is right for you.....fantastic.
there are many very happy ccd owners....
it's a great hut....

seems i read somewhere that the 28 safari with special edition upgrade is coming? these have most of the blush of a ccd with a few more long-trip-user-features...

i wondered if the ny,ny was legit.....and if the current abode...measured postage stamp size.

airstream dimensions do have the benefit of a changing view...
and using the out of doors for added living space...

if you are gonna buy new....plan a few 3-10 day shake down trips....or just leave it at the dealers lot....take it camping, then back to the dealer for tweaks....before your epic journey....

i still think you'd have an easier time with a near new one...already tweaked.....
but new is new and no body has slept in the bed or used the toilet!

i don't think you need worry that any issues on a new one will ruin a 2 year trip or leave ya standed....honestly.

and your biggest fear.....
"that the AS's problems are greater than some of the other brands".....
is unfounded imo....
we are a pretty demanding clan of campers....
perhaps the most demanding...
in trailer land....

besides when ya leave new york....
just opt for a easy western first leg...
with jackson center circled on the map....
they build 'em, so they can repair 'em...
and the camping is free in the terraport..

post more about your buying process....


all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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New build QC

Being in the 'business' , I see all kinds of RV's with all kinds of problems. The new $300K-$500K Class A units have just as many...maybe more problems as any other type of RV...including Airatream. I have visited a bunch of factories and it's important to remember that most RV's are built on a factory line with many people doing many tasks. Some are not the best at what they do....but should be! Sometimes you have electricians running water lines, or plumbers hooking up stereos and satellite systems. Sure, they can be trained in the proper install technique, but it is not their specialty.

The RV industry as a whole needs to address the build quality issue while the unit is in production. They (some) are beginning to realize that is costs far less to get the job done right the first time than to have to tear it down to fix something that is deeply buried in the bowels of the unit under warranty. Every RV manaufacturer must show a profit to stay in business and they are beginning (slowly) to realize that high warranty costs are eroding that profit. If the trend that is being discussed and pushed in the industry now takes hold, we should be seeing a lot of RV's that have fewer problems in the future.
Lew Farber...ABYC Certified Master Marine Electrician...RVIA Certified Master Tech ...AM Solar Authorized Installation Center...AIRSTREAM Solar & Electrical Specialist...Micro Air 'Easy Start' Sales and Installations
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QC is bad. Very bad. Believe it. I looked at some other brands this week, and their quality was so far beyond AS... I saw integrated LCD tv's with mounts which made sense and actually worked. I saw clever designs and thoughtful features through out the trailer. This is and AS site, so you are going to get AS cheerleaders here. That's to be expected. While the AS frame is undoubtedly more long-lasting (if you get one that doesn't leak), the units may be twice the price. Past the QC issue, look at the posts on the attitude of the company. Call them yourself. Check out what passes for AS dealers. It was me, I would take the risk and get a quality other brand, then buy another unit in 10 yrs if you are still into it.
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My wife and I bought a 2005 Interstate last September from Out of Doors Mart in Greensboro, NC.
After a thorough checkout, we drove it home, made an overnight, and then drove it out to Tucson. When we got to Tucson we had two complaints.
1. The water connection to the toilet leaked.
2. The seat back of one dinette hadn't been properly fastened.

Oasis fixed both problems under warranty.

No problems on the way back.

The Dodge Sprinter van with its Mercedes engine is trouble free to date.

This compares favorably with my experience with VW Westfalia campers. I bought one in 1984 in Bonn, drove it until 1996. No problems with the camping unit for about 5 years, then had a problem with the fridge.

Of course, there is a difference in scale here. But the point is, Airstream QC does pretty damn good, in my opinion.

I'm satisfied with the Interstate.
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06 28' Ccd

I'm crazy about our 28 CCD. This is our 3rd new AS in less than a year and a half. All of mine have had unique personalities and problems. I put up with the problems and fix some of them myself. I get mad as hell at some of the QC problems, but I can't imagine towing anything but an AS. Style. Style. Style. And yes, Quality. There's nothing else out there like 'em. My dealer in Albuquerque has been fabulous with warranty work. They have fixed everything right the first time. We travel in our AS 3-6 months out of the year.

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We have an '05 28' CCD. All in all, we have had only minor problems. Missing rivet here, delaminating pull shade, sticky sun roof cover....and a few other issues. All taken care of at Jackson Center (as it is closer to us than our dealer). Cruising the Open Roads forums on the other TT's, many more problems over there, IMO. If I could redo the purchase decision, the only thing I may change is the dealership, we would have bought the same unit.

If you want a sexy new trailer, the 28' CCD is it, but don't spend $65k, you should be able to get at least 15% off, maybe 18% to 20% if you sharpen your pencil and don't get impatient.

Our family of four spent close to 40 nights in our unit last year, and with two week long trips, we had no issues. You do have to learn to pack smart, but you are probably a leg up on most Americans due to your having lived in a small apartment.
Hi Yo Silver, Away II?
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Quality Control - How Bad Is It?

I purchased a 1984 31 Foot Excella in April of 2005 (21 Years old, old enough to vote). I've had a roof leak at the fantastic roof vent, had to replace all the clearance lights because they were disentegrating form years in the sun and repair the belly pan due to corrosion. I've had SOBs. I am very happy with my purchase. I knew that I was buying a used vehicle and entered into this adventure with an open mind. Oh, I repaired the roof vent leak also.
Had I purchased a brand new unit, I would have had a different mindset.
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We have a 19ft Safari SE. The gestalt of the unit is quite pleasing and all our appliances work and overall we're reasonably pleased.

On the other hand after 75 years you'd think that they would have the construction down pat. There is no excuse for window leaks, inexplicably cheap components (marker lights), and poor construction (in our case there is a 1/2 inch gap between the bed frame and wall, the screws are in the wall but obvious in the gap. The leak out of shower stall comes as standard equipment on the 19 foot, it's better with additional caulking.

My basis of comparison is a Eurovan which is a simpler but much less comfortable and complete unit.

The RV industry seems to have low standards of engineering, fit and finish. You make your deal with whichever devil you find attractive and then have to spend time effort to get the unit into shape. From other comments it appears that Airstream is no better or worse than other manufacturers. A little disappointing but that's life.
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I was going to start another thread - but my complaint seems to fit right in with the other QC issues. I returned to the factory last September to replace my A/C, align the axles, and install new tires. As far as I know, the A/C installation and the axle/wheel alignment appear to be OK. While prepping the rig this Sunday for the upcoming season, I checked the tire pressure and I was surprised to find that it ranged from 62 psi to 51 psi - with no two adjacent tires the same! I had driven 1,200 miles back from the factory, confident that the tires had been set correctly to 50 psi - or, at least, to some common and acceptable pressure! While stewing over that discovery, I crawled under the front of the trailer to check the spare - only to further discover that it had been installed upside down on the carrier and the valve stem was out of reach! (I had used the spare in place of a bad tire on the trip to Jackson Center.) I can't comment on the 45 psi pressure in the spare since it has been my experience that spare tires lose pressure over the winter. I mumbled a few choice words and flipped the spare over

Now, I'm willing to concede that there were at least two overnight stops on my way back from Jackson Center where I should have checked the tires before getting on the road the next morning - but I didn't. That said, it still ticks me off that we pay good money for very sophisticated trailers, endure expensive maintenance regiments, and then the factory repair facility ignores their own recommendations with respect to tire pressure on a tandem axle trailer!

I have to wonder if the 62 psi tire, riding next to the 51 psi tire, was overloaded to the point of possible damage??? Fortunately, the trailer was very lightly loaded.

2003 GMC 3500 D/A, CC, LB, 4x4 and 2000 Airstream Excella 30. WBCCI 7074
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here cracker.......

i'll bump the thread by replying to your post......

just 2 be tires mounted september 2005......

pressure not checked again till april 2006.....

with variable inflations measured....

and this is a factory issue how?

it's quite possible the service center inflated them correctly...

last september....

many tires loose pressure over time....

6 months qualifies as time...

suggest you check them more often....

even if parked.

i've got 6 and after sitting a few weeks the pressues can vary...

so i usually reinflate them to 65

when the trailer is stored...

as my quality control....

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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i have a 2005 25' international ccd. the trailer has had no issues of any kind.
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Thanks for all your advice. I think I'm going to go for it... We'll be able to take a trip or two to Ohio to work out any kinks the dealer can't handle, if need be. I now realize that the initial problems, once resolved, will be long forgotten once we are out there enjoying our new Airstream. I'll keep you posted. Fingers crossed!
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CCD vs Safari Special Edition

I started full-timing in a new 2005 22ft CCD a year ago. I just bought the 25 ft Safari Special Edition Front Bed model (back door). I've got to say the safari furniture - especially the dinette is more comfortable, but the upholstery on the CCD just looks cool.

Well, do you want your wife to be SATISFIED or LOYAL? If you're smart, the answer is "both". I'm really hoping to see bigger SE's for folks like you.... However I agree the CCD is cool beyond belief and I nearly chose a 28 CCD myself. I would and can redo the upholstery myself. The problem with the solid color is that it shows every fleck of dust, lint or dirt that gets on it. Choose something tweedy or with stripes and you won't feel the need to clean it every day.

As for the two sinks, nope! I like that big lobster bowl sink. Just try to get a large skillet or crock pot into a standard RV sink. In the big round one, you can wash either, or the family dog or infant!

Hope to see you down the road soon. Happy trails.


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