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As others have said, there are people who use forums to vent. Keep in mind you are only getting part of the story. Some complaints come from people who just like to complain and will never be happy.
Our Airstream has been excellent only a few minor items were fixed under warranty and a few more I have taken care of myself. Being handy does help, WE have had no leaks, no problems with any of the appliances, converter or the AC. No corrosion, blowouts (i did change out the tires) or disappointments.
Would I buy another Airstream ? Yes in a heart beat !!! Get involved in the Airstream community , join WBCCI. You will have a great time and meet some wonderful people.

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We're only 56 nights into our Airstream adventures with our 2016 25' FC, but we're having a lot of fun with it. One problem with the power jack that was addressed under warranty (I replaced the motor and returned the bad one), and that's it. No leaks, nothing falling apart, and all systems working.

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Bought my first "brand new" trailer last year from a dealer 1000 miles away sight unseen. And I'll be darned if I haven't had any problems after 17,000 miles on the road.

Go figure!
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Originally Posted by Andy R View Post
Going down the road is the equivalent of major earthquake.

I drove 300 miles today, much of it on I-81 heading north through PA. The road is terrible in some places with wash board, pot holes and undulating road surface (which was the worst I've ever seen, it was like riding a bucking bronco. I actually thought of pulling off the road thinking I was losing a wheel or something). I was thinking it's a wonder anything can take all that abuse. I am sometimes amazed that things work as well as they do. Not to excuse poor workmanship, but all in all, even with the problems that arise from time to time, our AS is a pretty good piece of equipment!
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Find a local inspector found on the forum and have them join you for the initial inspection.
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We Bought a NEW 2013 25FB Flying Cloud at Colonial in NJ, and towed it 1800 miles home to Colorado. Now with over 400++ camping nights and endless miles, only a few minor problems, and one major problem(transfer switch) which the Airstream Factory arranged for a non-airstream dealer to fix under warrantee!!!

Colonial Airstream, our dealer let us take as much time as we needed to check everything out, and fixed a few minor things we found during inspection quickly and apologized for not finding them during their pre-delivery inspection.

I also read of all the problems that are posted on the forums. I certainly wish these owners did not have the problems they have experienced, and applaud all the other forum members that jump in to give suggestions and advice to them.

I find value in the problems posted, as they give me an ongoing list of things to check out on our AS, some of which have uncovered potential problems enabling me to find and fix before they became a problem at a remote campsite or inconvenient time.

I have found our dealer(Colonial), and Corporate Airstream Customer Service very helpful, but you need to communicate with them clearly. I have found eMail very effective, because it gives them time to do some research and develop a response outside the pressure of a phone call. As you read the forums, you will find Dealers that are highly regarded after delivery. There are other dealers that tend to receive many complaints regarding customer service, which in some cases appear to be a problem at the dealer, and in other cases, I suspect the the customer attitude and expectations are the fundamental problem.

So as many above have stated, be prepared to go overboard on delivery inspection. Set your expectations at a reasonable level regarding a complex machine built by hand by human beings. When problems do arise try and start the discussions with your dealer on a cooperative/non-combative note.

Enjoy your new Airstream!!!
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I bought a new 2012 27FB Flying Cloud. I bought new because I knew my learning curve on "futzing" with it was going to take a while and with 2 years of warranty, it was pretty worry free. A few minor nits - my local dealer wasn't great (not selling them anymore either) but I've been to the factory for some custom work and repairs (most recently an emergency exit door in the bedroom - what a hoot!) and have loved every second of it.

Stuff goes wrong. That's for sure. Frankly though, it's been more worry-free than my home which we've been working the kinks out of to the point where we're good now 😀

Did I understand you to say you're buying at Can Am? They seem to have a terrific reputation so that's a great help right there.

Welcome. Enjoy the ride! Happy camping!
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2015 FC23FB - new from the local dealer in May of that year. The coach was prepared by the Bosie dealership and delivered to the Bay area for us. No problems other than the water heater isolation valve was closed and it took us some time to figure that out.

We now have about 23K on it and that includes a trip to Kansas, a trip to Maine, and a trip to Canada.

We broke the rear plumbing and paid for it to be repaired. A toilet water line had a broken fitting that likely was a casualty of the prior event. The monitor panel stopped working and was replaced. It may have also been a casualty. They pulled apart a lot of the trailer to replace the black tank. We were not happy with the way the door closed. It had to be slammed. Dealer adjusted it. The microwave went out this spring. The city water pressure regulator was replaced. The shore power plug was replaced. The tail lights were replaced. Several rivets were replaced. The DVD Player remote was replaced. The valve handle on one of the LPG tanks failed and the tank was replaced. All except the rear plumbing was covered by warranty (we did buy the extended warranty).

We have had a lot of issues, but feel the trailer was/is reliable and functional. We did our research and expected a few problems.

Advice - do a complete walk through with the service department at purchase. Have a lot of questions ready to ask and write down the answers. Do not trust the memory. When they tell you how to do something, do it yourself to reinforce the process. This is your first chance at building a relationship with them. Make sure the door closes properly and that there are no gaps at the door, windows ......etc. If there are, do not accept the coach until corrected.

Take the coach on some shake down trips, before you leave the area of the dealer (the trip home does not count). Check out each system on these trips. At the end of your shake down you should have a good feel for the trailer condition and reliability.

When you do have a problem that needs to be repaired, expect the dealer to take one to two weeks to fix it. The microwave took over three weeks. That is the reason to stay close to the dealer or at least have a plan that allows some down time. We drove from Kentucky to California to have the plumbing done at our dealer so we could leave it with them and be at home. Much more convenient than staying at a motel at Jackson Center, but if they have the parts they can do the work faster.

If your dealer does not have a reliable service department, find one and build a relationship. Jackson Center is often the solution suggested, but not everyone lives close to that resource. Alternatively, one of the posters tells of getting JC to send him parts to repair problems himself. It seems to work for his circumstances.

Stay on the lookout for leaks - plumbing and shell too. An early fix limits the damage.

One final comment - an AS is made by folks. It can be repaired by folks. It will get bumps and dings. Enjoy it and don't worry too much about the small stuff, while making an extra effort to avoid the big stuff. Look before you move. Slow down or stop when the drive is unstable. Use active driving skills and attention at all times. Make and use a check list always. Have fun and promote those smiles.

Travel Safe. Pat
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Originally Posted by VaTravelers View Post
FC, thanks for the reality check. Never thought about it in those terms. I have a custom cabinet shop at home and can fix just about anything so I am not going to be running to the dealer with every little issue. I intend to do a very thorough delivery inspection. I am sending the dealer a copy of my list prior to delivery so they know I am prepared and they should be as well. I want to establish the right relationship with them up front. I can either be their best advocate or not ... pretty much up to them.
I am not handy at all. The dealer fixed the initial problems (two minor leaks and a faulty power jack).

Many Airstreamers are ultra "handy." I sometimes wonder if this can lead to overkill and they create a bigger problem. The reason I say this, the craziest thing keeps happening. When I have a problem, the FaN has remedied the problem without any interference from me.

For example:
The deadbolt would not lock. The dealer ordered a new lock. Then the lock started working again - and continues to do so. The dealer was stuck with the lock, but they said that was okay.

The air conditioner was tempermental. "Make sure the outlets are not blocked," said some on the forum. Before I could check the outlets, it started behaving itself again.

A couple of other things too, but I can't remember them now.

I think I have found the perfect trailer....for me.

I hope you too will find a likewise compatible trailer...."handy" or not.
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Rich and Kat
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Originally Posted by dkottum View Post
... We do regular inspections for leaks with a moisture detection meter ...
Doug, can you please share what kind of moisture detection meter are you using? I'm only familiar with the needles that push ~3/8" into wood... Thanks, Rich
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by riffin-rich View Post
Doug, can you please share what kind of moisture detection meter are you using? I'm only familiar with the needles that push ~3/8" into wood... Thanks, Rich
This is where we discovered it

“We were young and knew we're old and everyone else knows everything.”

"It is more wiser to ponder all things with diligent suspicion, than follow with blind assumption."

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HI Rich, it's a Sonin from Amazon, about $30. Looks somewhat flimsy compared to what you may have but works very well for our Airstream use. It is 9v battery powered, as two needles at the end of a cord so you can reach into tight spots with it. Very sensitive to moisture.

I sharpened the needles with a file so I can easily push it through the vinyl floor covering and into the wood subfloor a bit. The mark is so tiny you won't notice it after pulling it up. I go around the interior perimeter with it probing the floor looking for external leaks that have drained to the subfloor. I do this during a quarterly general inspection of the Airstream, looking for leaks, corrosion, anything broke or loose, and ensure all systems work.

I have found four, all very minor, and fixed them easily. Two at the base of the awning support arm rivets and screws (this was when Airstream installed the awnings AFTER their assembly water spray leak check, they now install them BEFORE the water test). One at the lower door hinge screw, had worked loose. The other at the rear window during wind-blown rain, the latches were not tight enough.
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We just took delivery on a 2017 Flying Cloud 27FB after having a 2015 23FB. First was from Colonial, new one from Safford in VA. First one was to small. Have we had issues with both, yes. Have they been major, no. When you look at all the other brands the issues that Airsteams have are minor. I can't tell you what to do all I can say is we enjoyed our first one and are looking forward to many years of enjoyment with the second one.
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You are..
Test pilot...
Ground crew...
Maintenance chief...
Preflight leader...
Diligence in observance of your Airstreams peculiarities will serve you well.

Our 1999 is still on the road... Had a perfect trip Texas-Minnesota-Texas-Louisiana-Texas over the last two months...

Is it perfect?? For us, yes... We have done much to repair, tighten, seal and replace..nearly all ourselves... If you don't have the patient passion to follow thru yourself..... You can pay others who offer splendid service... like the Mothership

Will it leak??? Probably...
Will it creak??? Guaranteed!!!
Will it look tiny in the "mine is bigger than yours" RV world... Yes.
Will you regret purchasing??? Sure, it is a LOT of money, geez... A lot!!! Even George Soros and the Clinton Foundation winces at the sale taxes alone!!!
Will you hand down to some bright eyed descendant or a random fool, soon parted with his money, Anticpating dreams the Airstream will provide?
Probably or maybe so...

The Airstream can be fixed... Usually...

I am still working on me.

Hope you enjoy!!!

Peace and Blessings..
WBCCI# 30676
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