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If I need help backing, I ask folks to tell me which direction my rear end should go. Then I do what is necessary. Saves much confusion.

I guess that's kind of what the working life is, come to think of it. Someone's always there to tell you where your a$$ should be at any given time.


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Maybe we singles could have a Forum Listing "Dating Airstreamers" and hook up with partners to travel with. Then just think of the possibilities....


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Perception at a campground?????

Originally Posted by Focuspuller View Post
OK, this might be a delicate subject, but I'm new, so here goes:

Since I've become obsessed with the Airstream Nation lifestyle, I have been scouring the internet for as much info as I can, this forum being a major source. But there are others.

I have caught a whiff of an impression on some boards that Airstreamers are considered snobs, and/or arrogant, and/or clique-ish in the eyes of other rv'ers.

Now, I can imagine envy playing a big part here and a form of stereotyping and profiling, whatever. Frankly, I couldn't care less what others think of me or my (future) rig, but when I pull into a campground that is 99.9% non-Airstream, am I going to be judged as a holier-than-thou elitist before I even land the thing?

More to the point, will no one help me back the sucker into the site?

So, what say you guys? Have you experienced an anti-Airstream prejudice to the point of it ever being a problem, or am I getting paranoid over nothing?
I would not worry about it, go out and enjoy, be the talk of the town, I have never experienced any of what you are concerned about, in fact just the opposite. The silver twinkie gets me invited to the upper crust (because they think I have money), My TV which is a Ford Excursion tells everyone else that I am just a normal person with an unusual trailer that gets me invited to everything else. Like everyone else here I have yet not had someone give assistance when needed and then want to talk about the AS. I have even had some not only help back me in but uhhook, and get out the chairs just so we could talk. Now I have had a few and I mean a very few of the motor coach crowd in 1/2 million dollar + units look down their nose at me, and I have a good response for that with me being 6'7" tall I get to do the same back at them, and with my baby blues make them feel the same as what they are trying to make me feel but I am better at it than they are.
When I had a box you just dont get paid much attention too,
The AS no matter what year it is, is going to be the best conversation piece you will ever own, so your question really should be how am I going to get some piece and quite.

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Thanks to all for the replies. My mind is eased.

I've been a contrarian all my life. I think I'm falling in with the right crowd.

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I got in late on this but I will chime in also. I agree with the idea of recognition. When you are travelling down the road and see an oncoming RV, basically the only ones you CAN recognize are Airstreams. If you had a Tahoe 5th wheel you can't recognize from a distance another one. I think that adds to the camaraderie.
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You poor, poor Airstream trailer owners... <sigh>

We Bigfoot trailer owners feel sorry for you. It always looks like you can't afford paint for your tin outhouses. It must be awful to be so poor.

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Originally Posted by 85MH325 View Post
You poor, poor Airstream trailer owners... <sigh>

We Bigfoot trailer owners feel sorry for you. It always looks like you can't afford paint for your tin outhouses. It must be awful to be so poor.


I feel so unworthy...I now know that the Emperor has no clothes

"You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do."

Eleanor Roosevelt

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Originally Posted by 85MH325 View Post
You poor, poor Airstream trailer owners... <sigh>

We Bigfoot trailer owners feel sorry for you. It always looks like you can't afford paint for your tin outhouses. It must be awful to be so poor.

LOL!! That joke reminded of this story.

When we were kids my Mom would take us to the Calif. beaches to go camping. We'd load the dog and the $10.00 garage sale tent and have a weekend of it.

One of these trips was to Refugio State Park. Where our next door neighbors had the first Airstream I ever saw. An elderly couple and their tow vehicle was a black Rolls Royce and they had a butler.

As we were finishing our hot dogs and mac n cheese my Mom gave us the eye to look over at our neighbors. The butler was serving them hot dogs and mac n cheese.

When we turned back to our table my Mom said. "See you're eating just like rich people."

Three things have stuck with me from that trip.

1, No matter how rich or poor you can eat like a millionaire.

2, Did they look over and see our mac n cheese and then have the butler make it.

3, Where did the butler sleep?
I'd rather be boon docking in the desert.

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Originally Posted by Goin camping View Post

3, Where did the butler sleep?
The butler slept in the Airstream with the maid and the chauffeur (perhaps separately) and they slept in the Rolls—it cost more than the Airstream.

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Perception of Airstreamers

Like many who have responded, I have never felt any animosity against Airstream owners. We have ours polished to a mirror finish, it's dirty right now, but most think it is gorgeous still.

Airstreams trailers while not rare are distinctive in that they are easily identifiable in a world of white rectangular boxes that you have to get close enough to to be able to read the brand name before you can identify the marque.

Our Airstream is a 1978 31 foot Excella 500. It draws a lot of attention where ever we go. We live in it for 4-5 months of the year all totaled, what with rallies and our summer trips to the northeast.

Most people think our trailer is new and are amazed to find it is 31 years old.

The perception of Airstreamers may have come from the early owners and the Wally Byam caravans around the world. Back in the 50's, to be able to afford an Airstream and take those caravans, one had to have money. They also were very proud owners, as we still are. I think the snob perception came from there, earned or not.

The impression that others have of Airstreamers is a function of how they are treated by us. Be outgoing and friendly when camping. Be helpful and interested in others. Answer questions about your Airstream in a knowledgable and forthright manner. Ask about their RV. Regardless of whether you are in the WBCCI or not, follow the rule to always leave your site cleaner than you found it. Park owners have on more than one occasion have told us that they love having us stay because we leave the site in better shape than we found it.

Because we stand out in the crowd, we can help others form either a positive or negative opinion about us as Airstream owners.

Vic Smith
Vic Smith
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Originally Posted by Focuspuller View Post
As I contemplate the full-time Airstream life, this is actually one of my fears: Traveling alone, pulling into a campground late, tired, and having to back into a tight spot by myself.
I should give you the keys to a Freightliner with 38,000-lbs of steel -- an unstable load -- and like the rookie I was you could spend 45" or more blind-side backing up a curve, on the dirt and across the tracks. Alone, with a flashlight and lots of trees.

There is something we've forgotten that our rural ancestors took for granted: it takes what it takes, no more and no less. The only goal is to do it correctly, and time plays no part. A change in mental outlook -- impatience -- was called for.

A fulltimer is calling on a different reserve of maturity (if you will) as he moves about the country. Hurrying from one place to another just to wind up with the same beer in front of the same TV program isn't it . . . but taking the time to get in and out of the vehicle and learn to admire the tiny differences of place is what worked for me to quell the anxiety. The impatience that, really, comes from without; a bad lesson we've had to internalize.

I've yet to met any truck driver, for what this is worth, who will not admit that there are days he can't back up worth a hoot. As a flatbed driver, then, I rarely did the kind of backing in a month that a dry box (van) driver did in a few days. Took me many tries sometimes.

My trip planning, therefore, works from the premise that I will arrive and be unhitched before sunset; certainly before the end of dusk. This is the luxury a working man hasn't.

To that end I offer a favorite trip-planning tool:

Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times around the World - Gaisma

If you wish to have something worth worrying over, then study a bit on how to properly alert others that you have had to make an emergency stop.This explanation is reasonably well-done:

Were I alone and backing uncomfortably and at night, it might be that I could place one or even more of these to solve the problem with a portable battery spotlight. I learned this because I had to. The traveller has the luxury of time, daily. Enjoy the difference of needing versus wanting, it is what makes full-time travel a pleasure.

A great trailer, with well-sorted rigging, being towed by a reliable and comfortable tow vehicle suited to the job, well . . .

if it's aluminum, I'm not surprised to see it. I am naturally hesitant in believing that a wide wooden box is ever quite road worthy.
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The Gaisma website is a great tool. Thanks, Rednax.
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Exceptionally well said, REDNAX.

🏡 🚐 Cherish and appreciate those you love. This moment could be your last.🌹🐚❤️
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