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Hey I wouldn't be watching it for the intellectual content!

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Congrats to the good taste of our members for avoiding most of the obvious... ahem. It's either good taste or it's a really fast delete key in the hands of the moderators. Which is it, Shari? Alan? Pete?

Okay, there are all of 3 people online over at the Airstreamer Forum. So I'm sure the staff at Simple Life 2 are trying to get a clue over here. HEY GUYS! READ THIS: Dump Station Follies



5 meter Langford Nahanni

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I also have to commend the members. I know I have not been removing stuff in this thread, and I don't think the other mods have either. Continue on the high road, remember one oops wipes out ten attaboy's.
Brett G
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Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. -- Plato

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Cool Paris..........

I have to say that Paris is not that bad looking, though she could use a sandwich or two, to cover up them bones of her's.

I have to agree that if there is a "Dumping the black tank" epasode, I'm going to tape that one.. It will be a screem!!!

I do feel sorry for the poor trailer they are abusing.
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Yes, four kids and two adults in the thing.
Happy wife, happy life.
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Evidently Paris and her side kick were in the Tampa area this week. Paris got thrown from a horse and was taken to a Tampa hospital. The news showed the Airstream sitting safely in the background. No Airstreams were hurt in the making of the show so far.

I'm sure you will all see the updates on the news shows.
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April in Paris

I suspect Airstream president Dicky Riegel's fingerprints are all over this one
I recently met Airstream's new director of marketing and brand development at their HQ. It seems like Dicky has a "man behind the brand" in this guy. He was telling me that Airstream's strategy for "alternative" marketing is to leverage these types of opportunities. They sift through dozens of these types of inquiries and product use requests every week selecting only the ones that fit a specified criteria. This one was really close to the line. I think the purported 165 million viewers over 8 episodes may have swayed them.

I found it interesting that their philosophy is not to pay for product placement rather, they charge a use fee for the brand and trademarks in advertising and tv shows.

It does seem like they have a fix on the big picture which is how to market the brand AND the lifestyle to a wider audience (outside the traditional caravanner) who may never visit a dealership.

Visibility like this should go along way to answering the question "Oh, Airstream? Do they still make trailers?"

Frankly, I think Wally would be tickled "pink".
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the bad thing is this will drive up demand for the CCD and shrink the amount the dealer is willing to lop off the top (rumor has it that it should be about 14% for a 19' Bambi CCD?). Not good for those of us pondering a purchase...better decide and order soon
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Well, it's a good thing for the company to get the exposure. It will no doubt spark demand. I mean when folks at work found out I had an Airstream...I always get a...

"they still make those?" type response.

Could all the fresh interest in the brand be bad for trying to buy one?

We'll I would think so. Here are some observations I've noticed since getting into the brand a bit over a year ago.

1) The factory was near or at full production and they sped of the line a bit back when I was there in mid to late December '03. Can't build 'em fast enough. The shot that really put a dent in supply was the RV show that I think was in Louisville area. They walked out of there with several fists full of ordersheets and I don't think it's let up since. Not sure this was the case in early 2002 or 2003.

2) The CCD is a total hit and expanded quickly beyond the 22' unit that it started with, the quality is way up across the board from previous years and the laws of supply and demand could never be in a better snapshot of it in action.

3) Advertising in truck ads, TV shows, etc is way up. Everywhere you go you now see an Airstream either in an ad or behind a product being's everywhere now!

4) The younger generation is taking note that costs of vacations are very high. Hotels, airfare for the family isn't cheap. The younger folks (and more seasoned folks too) are looking for something different than the standard boxes being sold. Airstream is currently in the right place at the right time as the economy begins to pickup. Interest rates are through the floor and anyone with a good credit score can pick one of these things up for less than what they pay for a car and deduct the interest payment as a second house (if they don't already have a second house). I just did it and as a result have a refund coming! It doesn't hurt either to be the coolest looking coach on the planet and an American icon like the Corvette and McDonald's.

5) There was a very substantial price increase at the 2004 model year followed by another modest price increase for the 2005 units. The iron is hot and eveyone knows it. I think the ads, TV spots, etc are just helping an already huge wave of orders coming in.

Just my .02
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Originally posted by Silvertwinkie
The younger folks (and more seasoned folks too) are looking for something different than the standard boxes being sold.

There was a very substantial price increase at the 2004 model year followed by another modest price increase for the 2005 units. The iron is hot and eveyone knows it. I think the ads, TV spots, etc are just helping an already huge wave of orders coming in.
Unfortunately, Eric, many younger folks like me would love to buy a new Airstream, but it's difficult to find the money to fund a new Airstream purchase AND raise children simultaneously. The price increases in the past two years only make it more so.

My personality is not compatible with a SOB white box trailer, so a used Airstream is the only realistic option for me and my family, and it's hard to find an affordable one that doesn't require a lot of work.

I've dreamed of getting a new Airstream for a long time and my passion for the silver coaches began long before Hollywood considered them fashionable. Now that millionaires like Tom Hanks, John Ratzenberger and Paris Hilton are snapping them up as fast as they come off the production line, It seems that with each passing month that dream of buying a new Airstream becomes more and more unattainable for "average Joes" like me (and I suspect most of the other members and visitors of this forum)

I hope the top brass at Airstream considers the "unaffordable" factor for working parents raising kids, but I'm not too optimistic that anything positive will be done about it as long as Airstream has a large stack of orders on their desks.

- Charlie
2004.5 Dodge 4X4 Quad Cab w/Cummins Turbo Diesel
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I know how you feel Charlie, my hubby and I were at a dealer today looking at a 22' CCD - my dream trailer. Even he agreed he wouldn't mind being chained to making payments on a trailer as nice as that. But the price is beyond our budget. So we'll just continue to enjoy our vintage unit, which is perfectly enjoyable as it is.

In a couple years, when those trendy folks who bought a CCD on a whim decide RVing is not really to their taste and sell it after only a few trips, we'll snap up a used one. It will happen, think of this sales boom as supplying the used market a couple years down the road. It's still a top of the line trailer, and I think they have a right to charge a top of the line price. I'll just have to wait a little longer to get my hands on one.

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Charlie, keep in mind that there are some pretty nice used units out there that have had that initial depreciation flushed out of them. I can tell you that the folks from New Mexico who bought my '01 Safari got themselves a like new unit for a lot less than a new '04. Its just a matter of watching the used market or letting a dealer watch what comes in on trade. Hopfully you will find a unit who had an owner like me or Eric who take better care of our units than most folks do.

We looked at a few used Classics from '01 and '02 prior to me deciding to buy new. Quite honestly the ones I saw didn't meet my standards but I'm picky, so picky that going new was the only way to keep me happy. The downside was depreciation and the hit I'm going to take on my personal property tax next December when that new trailer hits the tax rolls.

Quite honestly a lot of folks feel these trailers are out of their price range but I see a lot of families with young kids driving $50,000 Suburbans, Expeditions, and other big $$ 4 wheel drive vehicles. Maybe it's a matter of priorities. I saved big $$ by buying my 3/4 ton van vs. purchasing a Suburban. I plowed that savings into my purchase of my new Classic. If I had gone with the Suburban, I still would have my Safari.

Jack Canavera
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Charlie, I agree that the costs are significant. I would also agree with Jack that it is a matter of priority. In your case the kids win each time as they should.

I don't have a bunch of extra money laying around, but my payments on my '03 Bambi with $300 down, cost me far less than $300/month for 180 months, plus, unlike Missouri where everything has a tax, here in Illinois, you pay the tax once and that's it, just registration fees every year $30. One benefit I was looking to see the impact was the second home deduction of the interest on the loan. I paid a bit less than $2k in interest last year on the Bambi. A perk was that my refund went from $47 to about $300 given my tax bracket.

Now I'll be the first to admit that less than $300/month can still be a lot of money, however, when you take into account the cost of a vintage unit that is perfect and needs no rehab, you pay a fair chunk of change for it. If you buy a fixer upper, you have a low up front cost, but total cost of ownership goes beyond the low initial price for the unit.

My whole point to this is that you can get a new coach for less than most folks think given the interest rates and tax advantages. Yes it will be more in the long run than an older coach that is either perfect or needs work, but it really depends on each person's means/needs.

That said, even on 180 months, the 34' Classic is well beyond what I can swing anytime soon. Heck any of the Classics beyond 25' are out of my reach, plus I'd need a new tow vehicle which adds to my Safari bound we'll be unless we win the lottery!

My next priority is building a new garage that can house the Safari and any possible long term upgrade to the Safari. Also next on the list is to build a new house.....

Maybe I should set up one of those peddler websites where folks donate any amount. I've heard folks getting all kinds of money from those!
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We too are average Joes, young and with future kids to raise but we prioritized in our belief wisely.

Airstreams are almost forever, unlike SOB. We bought a new one that could accomodate us and family for many years to come. The down pymt was very small and the 15yr low 5.9% interest translates to a small monthly pymt.

We had to make a choice on the vehicle and we did. The used diesel Exc. we bought cost much less than the small SUV we drove before and the monthly pymt for that is half the suv's we had.

In the end with a brand new AS and a used tow vehicle we're paying not much more than we used to and we get to enjoy our new AS right now.

A raise in As prices means better resale value later

It's not as tough as it seems but it's also not necessary if you already have a real cool vintage! Those are always in fashion!!

One day we'll get a bubble...
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Wow, I had no idea you could stretch your payments out over 15 years! That certainly makes them a little more accessable.

BTW, Eric, I also had a chance to check out a Safari in person at the dealership Saturday. Nice, there's so much room in there! I can't imagine you'd be feeling squeezed any time soon. I also checked out a 16ft CCD. Now that was a little too claustrophobic for me! Couldn't turn around without bumping my elbows on something! My 17ft vintage seemed much roomier.

The Safari was too big...
The 16ft CCD was too small...
But the 22ft CCD was just right


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