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I had a punch list about as long as yours for my 2004 22' CCD. I'm still discovering problems due to sorry workmanship and no quality control. Does yours leak? Have you inspected the roof? Airstream hides alot of poor workmanship up there. That said, Airstream and my local AS dealer (not the one I bought from) have done a fine job to correct these issues. In all fairness to Airstream, give them a chance to correct their mistakes before you write them off. I doubt you'll find any other brand that will have "better" quality. They all have something wrong with them. I've had a Jayco, and their customer service stunk!
We've enjoyed our CCD despite the occasional quirk. Hope you'll give 'em a try and can enjoy yours as well.

PS - I was an old missile crewman in Arkansas. Which missile site/s were you at and what did you do?

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Demo Damage?


Sorry to hear of problems, but it sounded to me as if some of the items were wear as much as new installation.. Is it possible you got prior year model that had been used as a demo and at RV shows? I know those sell for less, but after armies of "visitors" go through at shows, most are pretty ragged by the end of show season, and Airstream dealers might feel they were not manufacturing defects... That might affect their ability to get reimbursed by Airstream...

Good case study for Airstream Life article on negotiating and buying in current issue... If you're going to buy remote, find some way to do a pre-purchase inspection, or discuss coordination of local repairs with local dealer and selling dealer first... Once it leaves the lot, the selling dealer is the only one who has a strong reason to be your best friend, and many of these could have been found at dealer (unless caused by transporter..) and fixed before crossing country.... I susppect selling dealer figured little incentive to go the extra mile, and local dealer unwilling to put his own labor at risk if cause might have been transport or wear and tear from demo's...

And Harley still plays games with customers, as dealers join hands to avoid making sales out of "their local territory"... Any Harley dealer selling to a buyer from remote zip code loses income in form of holdback/rebate, and dealer near buyer will give cold shoulder as well. Airstream doesn't do much to enforce dealer territories or even price advertising and long-distance telephone quoting, so in some ways buyers need to beware...

John McG


In Theory, there's no difference between Theory and Practice, but in Practice, there is usually a difference...
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Welcome to the club of unhappy Airstream owners that plunked down hard earned money just to get poor quality service. Sorry about your problems. Go to C & G trailer in Bellflower CA. C & G or Ron is a authorized Airstream service center. It is a long way to go but that is what we do so we can get good service. Give them a call and make a trip out of it.
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update on service

I went to the dealer in mantica Ca again today. He made it clear that their customers came first, and that it was his busy time or year. I realize that, and they are a large volume dealership and sell many other models at their franchise.
I gave him the list and he said that he would have to get an approval to do the work from Airstrem, but if I had purchased it from him, they would go ahead even without calling Airstream, due to their policy of keeping the customer happy at all costs. I can appreciate that too. So they set up an appointment for next Monday. I won't be able to take it on the vacation we planned do to the fact the cabinet is haning and the way it screws in on the bottom back side, I can't get to it. Its looks like screws going horizontal from the skin into the plywood. The screws over head at the top on the END cabints are not going in streight, and are at an angle going into the ceiling, does not look like a good design at all. Now the cabinets that run lengthwise seem to have a good system in that it has a long aluminum looking angle that runs the full length.
I hope to have a good experience at the local dealership mentioned above.
I would have purchased a 16ft ccd bambi from them had they got one. I gave them over 2 months to get one on the lot. I think they have a great staff, but I was a little comfused when one sales man said that they had one on the lot for a long time, and lots of people thought it was cute, but no one wanted to purchase it because of its small size. Another sales person said that they were a hot item and that they had a hard time getting them.
Anyway I did research and found a place in Ohio, not far from the factory that had 3 2004. It was a good price, but it was already a year out, so we agreed upon a price. There was a miss understanding that came up. It was suppose to have a micorwave built in, that I was assured it had over the phone, when I got there to look it over, I noticed that there was none, and really no place one could be built in. The salesman looked and said humm
I thought it had one. I was a little upset after traveling 2700 miles for a unit that I had the list of options it was supose to have, and it wasen't all there.
He, the salesman said well if your not happy with the fact that its not there you can always find one somewhere else! Thats after 2400 miles and a cost in gas and lodging that totaled almost $1000.00 I then as for a manager! He ask what the problem was I told him, and he did in fairness come off the price of the hitch system $400.00. And did apoligize for the mix up. Then I get home and I had a problem with the paper work that took place at the dealership. They showed me putting down $3000.00 on the unit, and that the selling price was $3000.00 more then what it actually was. Which ment I had to pay more taxes on the unit then the agreed amount. When I was doing the paper work I did tell the finance mgr that I left my glasses in the truck, and that I would rely on his honesty to guide me through the process.
When I got home I noticed the contract stated that I put $3000.00 down.
I called Thor finance and ask what this was all about, and they said they didn't have a clue, but that they would find out what took place. I was more concerned with the extra sales tax paid on the unit then the maneuver of why it was done that way. There are two places on the contract, one is for rebates, and the other for downpayment, it was under the downpayment section. Anyway they did send me a check for the amount I thought would cover the extra expense, even tho I found it is was not enough to make up the differance. (it was close enough).
They might be a good dealership, I just had a few problems that I don't think should have happened.
I will never buy another anything from out of my own area!! It has been a learning experience..
When I called my sales man a sherry rv, and ask if some of the rusted parts could be sent here, and I would replace them myself, he said that could not be done. I could either have it done in my area, OR DRIVE IT BACK TO THEIR DEALERSHIP (2700MILE) AND THEY WOULD be glad to do it.
1. Wait, no matter how long it takes to purchase something like an Airstream from a Local Dealership. That wait I did of 2 months was nothing compared to the problems I have experienced buying my unit.
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I feel your pain, imagine. Bummer experience. I would advise you to go to Toscanos and stay away from Manteca. They have a bad reputation, especially for service. I would not risk another bummer experience. Toscano does expert service and you will not be sorry, they will make good on your list. Do a keyword search on "Toscano" and you will see other testimonials. Good luck with that list. I am bringing my '04 in for a warranty work this Saturday. I have had good luck with my quality (knock on wood) and the list is of little things.
"It's the journey."

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thanks Big Dee, I am new here, just moved from midwest so just getting to know
modesto area. I have an appointment set up for monday, I will give them a chance to win my bussiness. If any problems I will give Tosnaco a shot. I just hope all turns out for the good!! Good luck with your airstream. I guess I will be taking the Goldwing/trailer on my vacation. We are going to New Mexico. The trailer I builts can haul all we need for camping, using a tent. It will be fun in a different way. Was looking forward to using the airstream, but don't feel the cabinet would take the trip...
its hanging lose. thanks again... I am not going to give up on the airstream yet. They should just have better quality control, and in some instances better structual
design. (cabinets on either end.) I would be afraid to put any weight that amounted to much in them. thanks again..... mike
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What are you doing October 7-9 because you are cordially invited to take the last slot at the NorCal Rally at Pismo Beach. We are an awesome bunch of Airstreamers who would love to lament your Airstream troubles at happy hour. Please consider joining us. It positively will be an super fun weekend. Click on the link in my signiture for the thread.

Good luck with Manteca. I really hope they knock-out your list and you are happy with the unit. Enjoy the road on your bike until then. Happy trails.
"It's the journey."

NorCal Fall Rally, Jackson Rancheria, October 7-9 2011 Click here for more info

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Call the area rep for AS and discuss your situation; ask for his recommendations. Our 16 ('04) had many similar problems. NO dealers in Alaska at all. A washer beneath the screw on the refer should fix the latch; have dealer check all OH shelves AND the closet for missing/loose screws, perform hubs recall, and check TV and cable hook ups for connectivity. Ours was totally screwd up by AS and cannot be fixed in state. I called AS re: leaking and rusty lights and they are sending replacements (not sure if this is an improved version or just a replacement to last until I'm out of warranty). Funny thing; when we 1st considered buying in 2003, the QC issues stopped us. Then came the 2004's which supposedley were built under the companies new QA/QC program and new quality assurance supervisor. We bit. We are not in a position to run back to the Borg in Ohio for God's sake (few are) to fix all this. So, we learned a sad lesson about American pride and workmanship, and perhaps about corporate greed and indifference. We just hope the one guy is right in saying this will all pass. You have the coolest TT there is. BTW, all of the AS customer service people I have dealt with are first rate, albeit a little embarassed about their company.
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Originally Posted by imagine
When I was doing the paper work I did tell the finance mgr that I left my glasses in the truck, and that I would rely on his honesty to guide me through the process.
Wait a minute! You mean to tell me you drove thousands of miles to buy an Airstream ... but when it comes time to sign financial documents you can't get out of the chair and walk out to your truck to get your glasses ... so you can see what you're signing?
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porky pig

What can I say, I am a very trusting guy!! maybe thats a fault in this day and age. I was able to see that the bottom line was correct, the amount we agreed on! It will never happen again I can assure you! Thats the first time something like that has ever happened to me in regards to purchasing a Car/Truck/House/Camper! I knew what the payment was going to be before I got there, and it was correct. Its sad that a person would have to be able to see in order to be treated honestly. Pokey
This was a huge wake up call for me! A learning experience that I will not forget!
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O porkey one more thing

Porkey, I fogot to mention it was not just outside the finance office, it was maybe 1/4 mile from the office. It was at another location, getting the equipment needed to pull the trailer. The manager didn't offer to take me there when I mentioned that I left my reading glasses in the truck... all he did was smile. mike
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Welcome to the Unhappy Airstream Owners Club

When I bought my new 30' Classic last year I experienced many of these same problems, plus many more -- so, welcome to the Unhappy Airstream Owners Club, as if being a member in such a club will somehow make you feel better.

It appears to me though that many of the issues you've mentioned are relatively easy to fix, so hopefully you'll get a dealer who will work with you to get them resolved -- the floor squeek may or may not be easy to fix however. The following are some of my experiences:

My dead bolt didn't work -- the factory service put a spring in the dead bolt assembly and it works fine now.

A couple of my outside lights leaked because they were not caulked properly, and one had a broken piece of plastic that held a mounting screw in place -- again, factory service replaced that one light fixture and properly caulked around the others.

I had missing caulking in many areas around the bathroom shower and the sink, and the few places where it was caulked looked like crap -- the factory service recaulked and repaired about 80% of my bath area, and I caulked about another 10% that they missed. The shower in my trailer is poorly designed by Airstream so unless I have part of the shower door and "wood" panel removed and replaced below the shower door, I'll always continue to get some water leaks from the shower.

My running gear was severely out of balance and my wheel bearings were inadequately greased. (Someone claims that Airstream is now balancing the tires on the inside where you won't easily see it unless you crawl down and look from the back side - I don't know if this is true or not but you may want to look.) Several Airstream managers told me tires weren't being balanced last year at this time, but they may have changed since then. I had mine fixed at my own expense because Airstream's Service Director refused to acknowledge I had a problem.

My floor squeeks right in front of the refrigerator. I'm convinced that Airstream intentionally puts in floor squeeks in that area for us fat guys so our wives will know when we're trying to raid the refrigerator late at night! Even though I've made 2 trips to the factory for this repair, my floor still squeeks and groans.

I could go on, but you can read all these issues and more if you read the prior threads pertaining to quality.

The other issue you mentioned is the inflated sales and down payment on your finance contract. My suggestion would be to have your dealer prepare and process a corrected contract for you with the finance company. Although a several thousand dollar misrepresentation may not be material enough to cause you problems down the road, I suspect this was intentionally done by the dealership in order for your contract to be approved by the finance company (who have requirements for downpayments as a percentage of the sales price). It is unlikely that your dealer has made this "error" only once, and he is likely to have done this on other customer contracts also, which increases your risk if or when he gets caught.

ANY misrepresentation of a finance contract in order to obtain financing is a FELONY. I know from personal experience that many dealers do this, but a few bucks one way or the other in your sales tax would pale by significance to you if you were sent to jail for committing this crime - your signiture is on the contract. I'm exaggerating your risk to make a point, but with all your other problems, if it were my contract I wouldn't feel happy until it were corrected.

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Imagine- as a one time ( 12 years) F&I guy at a dealership, I can tell you that is there was any issue with getting the finance done, the dealer may have done that 3000 raise to make it look like you were putting down more cash- its called "structuring the deal" for approval. Dealers used to use "in house rebates" to do the same thing, its fraudulent no matter how you cut it, but if they get the loan through and you pay, then everyone is happy. I have seen way more problematic things than that done...
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It is an enigma

flyfisher/ALANSD thats the strange part of the whole situtation! I called the finance company to ask them what was going on. I ask if it had anything to do with needing money down to make the deal work. I could have put the 3000.00 down, and I have a credit score in the high 700s. The lady at thour finance said that I didn't need any money down, and that my credit was excellent! She looked at all the figures and coulden't understand why it happened that way,
but said that she was going to get with the national sales mgr, and another high ranking offical for airstream to find out what happened. Next thing I know I get an apology and a check from the dealership.

what upset me was the fact that the selling price did not match what we agreed on, and it was going to cost me in sales tax. When I called the dealership, was told that the finance man was not in, so I ask for the sales mgr. I am not sure I ever made contact with a finance mgr. I did make contact with the sales person I consummated the deal with through emails.
His final answer was that it was some "sorta of an in house rebate".
If that were true, why was I not told about it?? and why on the contract was in put down under (down payment) instead of the slot FOR rebates??
I am not privy to what took place between Thour and the dealership, I just know that Thour seemed upset, and after they contacted the dealership
a check came. After it was all over with I ask Thour why they put it on the contract the way they did, and she didn't have an answer.

Its over with now, I am not going to dwell on the subject, I don't think it was a simple mistake, but even today I can't figure out the reason, or ANGLE why it came down that way. ( and neither could Thour, They even agreed that if it was a rebate it should have been but in another location on the agreement.
I am an honest person, maybe to a fault, I should have stopped the paper work at the dealership and walked the 1/8 mile or so to the truck and got my reading glasses. Maybe then, right there I could have gotten an answer to my question. No one seems to know for sure even to this day??
Or at least no one is going to fill me in on the situation.
1. was told it had nothing to do with credit score. It was excellent
2. was never ask for money down
Just one point: In the end it was the correct amount we agreed on. My payment was within one penney of what I calculated it to be. The only
gray area was why did the contract show the $3000.00 down. I guess I will go to my grave not knowing the answer to that question... mike
lession learned: I WILL NEVER, NEVER,, BUY A ANYTHING OUT OF STATE AGAIN!!! (If its over $31.27 anyway)

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