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Nightmare at Inland RV

I recently posted this story about a horrific experience with Inland RV on another Airstream site. I received hundreds of replies, all of them supportive, dozens with their own horror stories about Inland. Several people suggested I post the story on this site as well. Please forgive the length:

On May 20th, 2004 I arrived at Inland RV with my 1965 Globetrotter. I met with Andy Rogozinski for about an hour and discussed the work I needed to have done and when I needed to have the trailer back. Andy gave me a "top-end" estimate of $2000 for the work (which seemed a little high) but since I had already invested 2 days and 900 miles of driving to get there and back, I went ahead and left the trailer. He required a 50% deposit which I put on my credit card. It didn't appear that Andy was very focused in our meeting so I told him that I would follow up with an email listing the work that needed to be completed, the schedule, and the cost estimate so that there would be no ambiguity about what we discussed. In that email (dated 5/21/2004 @ 11:08 AM), I had the following two lines (cut and pasted directly from that email):

I need to pick up the trailer on 6/16 (earlier if I need to take the refer to another shop).

If we start to deviate significantly from the $2k estimate, please let me know as soon as possible.

He did not reply, so after about a week I called his office to confirm that he received the email and for a progress report. I was told Andy was busy and asked to leave a number where he could call me back. I left my office number so I could be reached during business hours (the phone also has the option of leaving a recorded message or speaking with a secretary). Andy did not return the call so I waited a couple of days and called back. Again, I was told that Andy was busy (either on another call or meeting with a customer) and asked to leave a number. This went on for 2 weeks and 15 untaken phone calls. Eventually, as the pick up date approached, I started taking a late lunch and called from home where I could dedicate the line, use my dime for the long distance charges, and wait as long as needed. On three separate occasions, I was told to wait at that number and "If Andy doesn't call you back in a half hour, I will". Each time, I waited a full 60 minutes without a return call. Each time I called them back only to be told that Andy was either too busy to take the call, or had left. Finally, on the night before I was to head down to pick up the trailer (6/15/04), not knowing if the trailer had been worked on or if we were still under the $2000 estimate, I started calling Inland every hour, insisting that I get some information. At 6:00 PM, 10 hours before I was to leave to pick the trailer up, I get a call from Andy (the first since I dropped the trailer off). He said "your coach is ready, the bill is $4800". I was stunned. When asked how we got from $2000 to $4800, all Andy did was quote me the parts and labor charges. After about 5 minutes, Andy had to go, leaving me to consider my options. Having signed a mechanic's lien (yes, I know) my options were limited, and since the only time I could get away from the office to pick it up was the next few days, I bit the bullet and headed south. It was late afternoon when I arrived at Inland and had just enough time to check out the trailer, take care of the bill, express my displeasure with the way things had transpired, and hit the road back home.

I was very disappointed with the quality of the work on the trailer. For example, I had asked him to try and locate the source of the smell in the radiant heater. He told me the heater was bad so he tossed it (it worked fine, just had an odor). I asked for a quote on a fan for the ceiling vent. He went ahead and installed one that protruded so far into the cabin that the original screen cover would not go back on, so I now have this unsightly electric motor coming through the ceiling to bang my head on. He installed an "exact replacement" for my fresh water tank that was sufficiently different from the original that a new fill hole had to be cut higher in the wall making the front bed difficult to open, and leaving an ugly patch on the skin. Later I would find more significant problems. Other work that he said he would do, he did not (in retrospect, a good thing).

Oh yes, and then there's the bill. $2800 more than the estimate (a factor of 2.4). Even though I had paid the 50% deposit on my credit card ($20k limit) and there were no problems, Andy said he would only take cash or cashiers check for the balance. What could I do, I paid the man and headed back home. In an attempt to pacify me, Andy said that when it was time to replace the heater, he would give me half off the labor. Big whoop.

A few weeks later I was readying the trailer for its maiden voyage (a trip to Southern California) and began testing the systems. The first to test was the new toilet and black water tank (responsible for most of Inland's bill). I brought in 5 gallons of water and slowly poured it into the toilet. Water leaked all over the inside of the trailer and through the belly pan onto the ground. Perfect. Since I was going to pass within a few miles of Inland on my vacation I figured I would swing by and have Andy make it right, so I got on the phone to schedule an appointment. Andy was busy and didn't take the call ("but if you could leave a number where you could be reached....."). He never did return the call and I spent my vacation with a brand new, but unusable, toilet.

When I got back home I took the trailer to a nearby (100 miles away) Camping World to see if they could fix the leak (it costs me about $1000 in fuel and lost wages alone to drive to and from Inland). They found the problem (a flange broken on installation) but told me that they couldn't fix it. All the local shops I contacted said they might be able to fix it but they weren't sure, and couldn't give me an estimate of the cost.

It looked like Inland might be the best option. It was under warranty, and perhaps if I got the heater installed at the same time, the labor savings might help offset the cost of the long trip. OK, the phone doesn't work so I'll focus on email. I sent Andy an email in which I explained that neither the toilet nor tank had been used, and that I was going to have a hard time taking time off to get the trailer to him before my next vacation in June. Imagine my surprise when I got a fairly prompt (albeit curt) reply:


Our corporate law firm requires us to follow a normal warranty policy, OR ELSE!

We cannot keep extending any warranty to you without creating all to many liabilities, beyond the 90 days.

We must have your trailer in here before the end of this year, to correct any problem.

So, I schedule the work (leak fix and heater installation) for 11/1/04. I dropped the trailer off at 7:30 AM on the first and returned to pick it up at 3:00 that afternoon, as arranged. No charge for the toilet (although Andy did say that somehow it was my fault "Somebody must have sat on it"......think about that one). There was a problem with the heater bill though: I was being charge 5.5 hours labor (no half off) for a total of $1109.36. By this time Andy had disappeared into the back so I requested he return so we could discuss the bill, in particular the missing half-off on the labor charge.

This is where it gets weird.

The moment I reminded him of his half-off offer he got beet red and started yelling things like "I never said that" and "You didn't say anything about this when you dropped it off". The second part IS true. I didn't remind him of the half-off offer when I dropped it off because I wanted to see the bill first so I wouldn't get half off 11 hours of labor (kind of like buying a new car, you make your best deal THEN pull out your discounts). I tried to explain this to Andy but he just got louder and redder (reminded me of when I used to tell my three year old son he couldn't have any dessert until he ate his vegetables). When he got to the point where he was screaming, pointing in my face, and insinuating I was lying, I'd had enough. As soon as it was clear he wasn't going to shout me down, and I raised MY voice, he started yelling "Call the police, call the police! And don't take his credit card! If he can't pay cash, lock up the trailer!" And then he ran away, not to be seen again. Having anticipated something like this, I had the cash in my pocket and paid in full, anxious to put Inland far in my rear view mirror. When the officer arrived (a very nice fellow) I asked if he wouldn't mind hanging around so Andy could explain exactly WHY the police were called (a questioned to this day I cannot answer). Andy never came out.

Every encounter I've had with my Airstream, with this one exception, has been positive (especially participating in discussions on the Airstreams lists). Now, I know some of you have fond feelings for Andy. That is partly why I didn't write to the list about my first trip to Inland. But this time it was too much. In my 52+ years on this planet I have never had a more frustrating business relationship, and I have never been called a liar.

Hope this was in some way informative (if not, I hope you're a fast reader),



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Let us know what the Better Business Bureau says about them. Do you know any investigative reporters that may be interested in doing a story about your experience and possibly delve into the seedy operations of Inland RV?


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That's all I can say.

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Me too, just not as bad

I've shared my bad experience with several as well, but it pales with what you've gone through. You can expect a blame the customer reply soon. Sorry you've had to go throught that.
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Bottom line here is that it spells out the need to have written documentation regarding estimates and the need to call for approval before work begins. Unfortunately oral agreements mean nothing in the case of a dispute like this.

The fact that you were required to pay cash or cashiers check tells me that this business had a fair idea that you were going to dispute the costs and that your credit card issuer may have agreed with you thus reversing the charges. Its obvious that they may have been on the losing end of these disputes before.

I rented a houseboat one year where the deposit was taken by credit card, but the balance due upon arrival was to be paid in cash or traveler's checks. I paid my money and then was taken to the dock. Unfortunately the pictures of the boat I had seen on the Internet were probably 30 years old.

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Originally Posted by coriolis1

That's all I can say.

That entire deal sucks. I am not surprised though. The attitude from him comes across in his emails on this board where he is "whoring" out his business. He definitely thinks he knows all about the trailers with his use of the bold typing at all times. I am not surprised to hear that he is a hot head.

I have talked to other shops in the SE that know all about him and I have never heard anything positive about him or his store. Initially he got his start as an insurance adjuster in the coach business and grew it from there.

From the sounds of that email, I can't believe that he is still in business. That is no way to treat people, and i believe that eventually what comes around, goes around.
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I'm so sorry for your past experiences, and altho I can't do anything to change those, perhaps I can suggest that there are some other AS repair facilities surrounding you that you might want to check into. I have seen posted someplace here about one recommended in Arizona. Also, a different place in California and then one known by several Colorado AS owners in Idaho. Maybe a search will turn up the names of those and you can find one to fit your needs. Hope that helps some. Good luck.
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Well for my two cents is when things are reported second hand, or without both parties present - it's gossip.

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You're more patient than I

First off, A quote is a quote, and if you asked if it deviated siginificantly from the $2k quote, as an Operations Analyst, I'd say a factor of 2.4 is significant. I can't believe you went back....My 1965 Globetrotter, you could have bought it from me for $! And then it leaked...I would have tested it right there in the high desert. I'm not going to get into the politics or anything on this, but I will say, as an American fighting for your rights (like freedom of speech) that you can post this, and Andy can post his side...that's your right. I hope he polished it too!

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We have not responded to any comments made by Wyn Ross, on this site, and likely will not.

Mr. Ross has left out "the real half" of the story.

Police don't usually invite someone to leave a business, unless they have more than adequate reason to do so, along with witnesses.

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Police call

I would have had to been invited to leave by the Police too....the difference in price is almost my whole months paycheck.....and then another grand on top of that....

I'd like to see the list of what was done to the trailer for $4800. Then $1000.


If it's too much to list here, please email or PM it to me....
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I knew that this was about Inland RV before I got to the end. It was always amazing that someone like Andy could stay in business the way he treated customers. Yes I'm the one that paid Andy $500.00 to fix a leak that still leaked go figure. His office is the most disorganized one I've seen and not everyone likes to sit on a couch that his dog lays on. I've sat across from Andy and have him throw his paperwork at me with words that do not belong in business, because he is the Airstream god and if you don't believe me just ask Andy. In the future go to Darlene & Rod at C&G trailer they will not abuse you like Andy.If you need any help when going to court please pm. Thats my 0.02
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First I'd like to mention that I am the Manager of a Classic Winnebago Motorhomes web group of approx 800 members, so I can see how the moderators have to handle this issue. However I don't think that the post in question (I read it elsewhere) was at all offensive. It was well written by a gentleman who is much calmer than I would be. He has a right to inform others of a vendor that he feels is unqualified/overpriced, or whatever. He did't call Andy any names, or use any bad language, so what's the problem? I have also read many posts here on the forum where Inland seems to think that he IS the word of Airstream, and THE ONLY WORD. Same as in BOTH issues of AS Life, the hitch issue that was here on the forum has found it's way into the fall issue of AS Life.

In my short time being an AS owner I have dealt with Inland already. The experience was not of the most pleasent nature either. I live in PA and needed to order some stuff for my AS so I found their web site (before I found this forum) and placed a phone order. The order was supposed to be shipped the same day. The only quick thing about the whole process was the charging of my credit card, twice!!! I called 10 days later to find that my stuff was shipped only the day before. I made several calls to inquire before I actually got an answer. They always want to call you back, but never seem to do so. I was going to order a 50 ft roll of beltline and a 50 ft roll of trim insert, but decided not to because I only need about a foot of each. She told me taht since my order was already several hundred dollars that she would throw a few scrap pieces from around the shop in with my order. No big suprise, I didn't get it. I can safely say that I will think twice about dealing with them in the future.

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WOW!!! And I though I was upset about 24.00 in charges and 10.00 in phone charges and no response by phone, fax, or e-mail. Marvin

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