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Originally Posted by GCinSC2 View Post
This truck has the 6 speed trans known as G56.

Thanks for the info - much appreciated. Honestly, not sure on the brake. We are going to see if we can test drive it this week to see how it feels and how solid the clutch feels.

- Steve
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Had a ford 7.3, 5 speed manual , never again,dodge has 6 speed auto ,love it , especially in traffic, the red dodge is not a bargain, my 07 had 36000 miles and was 18 months old and I got it for at 26000$, about the same thing 4x4 also.....

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Manual transmission truck for 30' Airstream

Originally Posted by tjdonahoe View Post
Had a ford 7.3, 5 speed manual , never again,.....

You didn't mention the year of your 7.3L comments or if it was clutch, engine or other issues. The 5 spd sounds like the earlier DMF based system. 7.3L thru '97 had a DMF but '99 and up ran a solid flywheel. Each could have their own clutch system issues. The 7.3L DMF was made by a different mfgr than the G56 uses.

The G56 has been used in the US market since mid '05. Not sure of its usage in other world markets but that might be the longest running full size diesel pickup truck manual trans. 11 plus years with the I bet the highest stock engine torque output ever offered with a manual. Still currently offered AFAIK.
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Originally Posted by sdnet01 View Post
Thanks sandlapper. I've heard that RAMs from either the '06 or '07 years had issues with engine knocking - just curious if you've heard of this problem or if you've had any issues with your '07 in that regard.
Not familiar with the knock issue, and as far as I know, no knocks.

I bought it used with 30,000 miles, have put about 100,000 on it myself.

Love the truck.

Sixth gear, cruise set at 65, sweet ride.
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2005 30' Classic
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Originally Posted by tjdonahoe View Post
Had a ford 7.3, 5 speed manual , never again,dodge has 6 speed auto ,love it , especially in traffic
So the primary reason why you prefer the automatic over the manual is driving in traffic, yes? Was the truck your daily driver? What made you select the manual transmission to begin with?

Originally Posted by tjdonahoe View Post
the red dodge is not a bargain, my 07 had 36000 miles and was 18 months old and I got it for at 26000$, about the same thing 4x4 also.....
Different market, different time. Besides, that's the asking price and in no way represents the final sale price - if a sale happens in my case.
- Steve
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I have the earlier NV5600 in my 2WD CTD.

The man trans and the straight six Cummins is a marriage made in heaven.

The competitions V8 diesels were terrible with manuals.

Drive the truck and see if you like it.
1990 35' Silver Streak Sterling; 9k GVWR.
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I bought a 2001 Dodge 2500 CTD 4x4 new in June, 2000. It had the 5 speed manual (NV5600?). It was a Yankee farm truck heavily sprung in the rear to handle off-road heavy loads - and I added AirLifts to the rear as well. Front was also heavy duty, with a "plow prep" package meant to take the additional 1500lbs of a snowplow and the concomitant pounding of plowing. Loved the truck! Unfortunately, in 2014 it was "repurposed" to pull our 27FB Classic (9k GVW) - which it did effortlessly, but still rode like a deuce-and-a-half. After two cross-country trips my wife called foul and said I needed to get a new truck that rode a lot better. Since she offered to pay, it sounded like a deal to me, so we bought a 2015 Ram 3500 CTD with a G56 6 speed manual. BTW - the Ram/Cummins combo is the last American pickup that even comes with the option of a manual tranny - Ford and GM are all autos.

As for driveability - if you like to drive a stick, you'll love hauling your AS with one. Even in heavy traffic (both my trucks would idle along, pulling the AS at around 8mph in 2nd gear without touching the accelerator). IMO, the old 5 speed shifted more smoothly, but IDK if that was more a matter that I was more used to it after 16 years or that, with over 100k miles, it was finally broken in. New truck has around 10k on it so far - 8k of which is towing the AS. As a poster mentioned above, the straight 6 Cummins and a stick shift is a heavenly combo. I even had a case in June '12, with my old truck where the hydraulic clutch blew a leak from the slave cylinder, and after about 10 miles of leaking you lost all clutch. It was going to take three days to get the part to where I was in Vermont, and I needed to get back to work in Mississippi - so I drove 1500 miles without a clutch, except that I'd pour some fluid in the reservoir to get me started and used the motor rpms and the synchro rings to shift smoothly up and down once I got rolling. That got a little interesting in rush-hour traffic in Chattanooga! Fortunately, no AS in tow on that trip...

Bottom line is that the Dodge/Ram/Cummins/standard tranny is a joyous thing, if you like to drive a stick. I love mine. Having the engine brake mentioned is also a sweet deal. When towing on the interstate, I set my cruise control at 63mph. That is 1600 rpm in 6th gear. The Cummins has enough moxie to haul all the up-hills on I-81 in SW Virginia and the Alleghenies in central Pennsylvania without even breathing hard; and as you go down the other side, the auto engine brake holds it at exactly 63mph without touching the vehicle/trailer brakes. And, with a GCVW on the CAT scales of just over 17,000 lbs (10,000 of which is the Ram with full battle load), we've averaged 14.5mpg on 4 trips from MS to VT and back. That ain't bad...

Some people like their automatics, I like my handshaker. If you're not ready to be "shiftless" better get that Dodge and enjoy some *real* truckin'!
"Hot meals, cold beer, dry bed & flush toilet - everything I look for in a wilderness experience..."
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Thanks Adiredneck, appreciate your thoughts! It definitely sounds like pulling an Airstream with a manual is no big deal if you are comfortable with it. There are no technical limitations or common problems that manuals create when it comes to the usability of transporting and maneuvering the trailer when driving a manual transmission.
- Steve
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Have driven manual transmission all my life until now-
Not a bother at all-
Most recent one was 2 years ago- 1999 F350 7.3 with manual transmission-
Know guy with a fifth wheel still towing with a 199 F350 manual transmission-
2013 Classic 30 Limited
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I have driven big trucks all my life, over 50 years, almost every transmission ever built, and with the 94 ford 7.3 and the spring dampened flywheel, 5speed, was a joke....the 6.7 dodge and 6 speed auto , in my opinion, is the cats meow, my wife has pulled our as through Chicago, LA, and thru Portland, with out any trouble, the stick in the ford was a problem for her, after she got it in 5 th we were fine until she had to stop and go traffic it wasn't good.. Also the dodge 6 speed automatic is double overdrive.....
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Keep on truck'in

Had a 1972 Ford F-250 w/one-ton rear end that we used to haul our slide-on and earlier TTs. It was a four-speed w/a straight-6 and I didn't have a problem with the manual transmission, just with the fact that it was a 2-wheel drive unit and it didn't like wet grass. I think using a manual-trans TV really depends on the skills of the driver and how he/she feels about using it. Using a manual-trans certainly keeps you more involved in your driving and paying more attention to traffic/road conditions which is a good thing. Our replacement TV was a Dodge conversion van which was a great auto-trans unit and our current TV is a 2013 F-250 auto-trans (4x4) and I think it shifts a bit "clunky", would not hesitate to buy a manual-trans if the deal was good. Good luck!!!
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Our 03 Dodge 2500 5.9 Cummings with the 5 spd manual and 3.73 gears is by far the best and easiest to drive , forward and reverse , of any vehicle Ive ever owned both hooked to and unhooked from trailers . We Plan on using it for all our local and cross country trips until the good Lord pulls the plug . I have driven standard transmissions all my life from a 3 on the tree to 5x4 Brownlite set ups , 13 spd roadrangers , and have never had anything but disappointment with all slush boxes that I have had the displeasure to have driven.
We also have a 1964 F-100 4x4 that has the original Warner granny gear 4 spd in it with nothing ever done to it except occasionally change the oil . Put a 13 inch clutch in it back in 85 when I changed the old Y block to a 69 302 , it still works perfectly .
I don't think there is many slush boxes out there that can say that .
But that's just me , I like driving paid for dependable vehicles and treat them accordingly. I like being in complete control of the vehicle and not being at the mercy of when the slush box decides to up or down shift .
And yes I used to pull the 66 Airstream with the old 64 Ford and enjoyed every moment of it . But the power steering and brakes , the AC and cruse control in the Dodge makes for a much more leisurely drive , and now only occasionally hitch the the 64 to the camper for short trips . Old , wore out , and spoiled . Me , that is .
My two cents is for buying the Dodge and enjoying the hell out of it !

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I tow my Classic 31 with 02 F250 ...7.3 with 6 speed manual. Wonderful. My son has the 2012 Ram 3500 with 6 speed manual. Both 4x4..tows everything.. Wonderful. 6 speed is much better than the 5 speed manuals as you can always find the right cog. With a little time you will get very smooth and appreciate the ability to choose.
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I have a 2003 Dodge 3500 2WD DRW 5.9 305 with a Banks Brake, has 3.73 gears and the NV5600 coupled to a Gear Vender. Solo I never use 1st gear and pulling I never use 6th gear. When pulling I use the 5th gear with the Gear Vender engaged.

I was told that the 6th gear is the weakest and at the top of the transmission. Knock a tooth off and you lose the transmission $$$.

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