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It is Friday 9:00pm Eastern time,
86 degrees in NC.

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Updated: July 22, 2011 7:00 pm ET

It's hot but how hot? Let's put Friday's heat into perspective.
Friday Afternoon Heat Index Values

Northeast heat index values at 2pm ET on July 22, 2011. More Heat Maps

Newark, NJ: New all-time record high of 108 degrees. Breaks old all-time record of 105 degrees set on August 9, 2001.

New York, NY: Central Park topped out at 104 degrees. Second hottest temperature on record. Hottest temperature since 1977.

Dulles International Airport, VA (IAD): New all-time record high of 105 degrees. This breaks the old all-time record high of 104 set back in 1988 and 1983.

Baltimore, MD: Daily record high of 106 degrees. All-time record high is 107 degrees set on July 10, 1936.

Trenton, NJ: Daily record high of 106 degrees.

Philadelphia, PA: Daily record high of 103 degrees.

Atlantic City, NJ: Daily record high of 105 degrees. Old record high for July 22 was 98 degrees set in 1998. Second hottest day on record. Max heat index of 120 degrees. Hottest temperature recorded since 1969.

Boston, MA: Tied for 2nd highest temperature on record at 103 degrees. Hottest day in exactly 85 years!

Washington, DC: No daily record high set. However, peak heat index of 121 degrees.

Hartford, CT: New all-time record high of 103 degrees.

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The coldest winter I ever experienced was a summer in San Francisco.. well said.

Valleys are hot and the fog pulls in like a big vacuum.

Sorry its so hot elsewhere. Come visit us!

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I took my 15000 BTU coleman apart and cleaned all the cooling fins. Put it all back together and turned it on during the hotest part of day in Georgia. It was 95 not including the heat index and the airstream was sitting in the sun. Wow! what a difference in the functioning of the air conditioner. It cooled down nicely.

Brian & Adrienne
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Originally Posted by REDNAX View Post
And Canada is just a slightly more expensively run 51st state anyway. The "border" is just handy arbitrage for those with sub-machine guns, as fictive as our southern one.
You know, most Canadians would go ape over that, but I'm not.
Why would Americans really want us?

Most Americans spend their lives seated before the evening news that ends with another weather forecast that warns of "a cold front moving down from Canada." Even though half the U.S. is boiling under a heat wave at present, they really do not want a lump of of ice 100,000,000 times larger than the one that sank the Titanic.

American presidents don't seem to "last too long" in Canada either. Franklin Delano Roosevelt went swimming in the cold waters off New Brunswick and never walked again. John Diefenbaker handed John F. Kennedy a shovel and made him plant a tree. Kennedy spent the rest of his presidential term with a bad back sitting in a White House rocking chair. Warren Harding stopped off in Vancouver on his way back from Alaska, developed a fever, and died on the way to San Francisco without reaching Washington again.

Added to that is our anti-gun laws. Canadians are only permitted to carry potato peelers. (Big-game hunters are allowed some leniency, though). You Americans would have to show us how to shoot. We can't see too well - must be night blindness from living all those winter months in the dark. The big-game hunters can't even see very well....or shoot straight....judging from all the cars, barns, cows, billboards, outhouses, mothers-in-law etc. who are mistaken for a "moose."

Then there is that ring of fire you mentioned, the one that western Canada sits on just waiting to swallow-up these horribly conceited Canadian folks.

But there are certain trade issues - tariffs - that Americans have enjoyed, thanks to the auspices of some dufus Canadian politicians, but I won't get into that, other than saying why buy the cow when you can the milk for free as worried mothers often warn their daughters.

In closing, thanks for the armageddon book recommendation REDNAX, I've always wanted to know what it will be exactly like when I go.

It's been enjoyable....

easily distracted by shiny objects
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back on topic...( which is extremely rare for me so don't think this will keep happening) I just got an email from an RV renting company, and just before I hit the "Unsubscribe" button I read this Camping Hint 22. I think it is aimed at renters of this company's RVs, but I found it interesting, and pass it along here for whatever you would like to do with it, as long as I am not physically involved in whatever that is and besides I already walk funny.

Roof Air Conditioners - One problem we see over and over again is the roof air conditioner isn't cooling. It's blowing but the air coming out of it is barely cool.

Most of the time the problem is the unit is freezing up. Most people equate the use of a roof air conditioner with the central air conditioning system they have at home so they keep lowering the temperature setting to Cooler. This is almost the exact opposite of what they should do.

The roof air conditioner on an RV is a sealed system. When the compressor is running, it is under a great deal of pressure. In order to cool properly, the compressor must cycle on and off. If it runs constantly, it never shuts off so it never relieves the head pressure on the compressor. It then will freeze up. When it does, it stops cooling.

After being off for and hour or so, it will again start cooling but will just repeat the freezing up process if the thermostat is set to too low a temperature.

The first thing you need to understand is no RV air conditioner will keep the inside of an RV at 68 degrees in the middle of the summer. The systems simply can't do it and the RV's aren't insulated enough to allow it to happen. RV's could be insulated enough to allow it but they would weight about 50% more and be really hard to handle.

To get the peak performance out of a roof air conditioner, never set the thermostat lower than 3/4 or 74 degrees. This will allow it to cycle on and off. It will produce maximum cooling at this setting.

You may be a tad bit warmer than you like during the heat of the afternoon but overall, you'll end up being much cooler than you will by cranking it down. You can maximize the effectiveness by closing all the shades on the RV. If it has a patio awning and or window awnings, make sure they are out during the day to give you some shade over the windows and doors. If you have a choice of spots in the RV park, try to pick one with trees near by. They'll keep the area around them at least 5 degrees cooler.

happily for us, 78-80 deg is just about perfect as far as we're concerned. 74 would be a bit on the coolish side.
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@Gringo: While the actual advice is sound, I don't think they know what it means when an AC system "freezes up" or perhaps I just have a narrow view of that. I think that's when the evaporator coils develop ice and restrict air movement across them.

Still, having the temperature set where the compressor can occasionally cycle is both more efficient and better for the longevity of the system. It's just semantics, I guess.
— David

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Thumbs up Nailed it.....

I know we not in Texas.....but, it has been very hot and humid here recently.

The AC has been on in the AS for the last week, thermo set at 80 degrees.

Doesn't run at night and on a 90 degree day it only comes on for about 15 min per hour. You can still go inside and be very comfortable, the lower humidity and 10 degree differential is very noticeable. The bathroom vent is the only one open.
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My first air conditioned truck was a 1976 Mack cab-over thatI had a rooftop AC installed. I was instructed to never set the thermstat on the coldest setting due to "freeze-up". Sal.
Sal & Nora
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The plus side of the heat in Austin is that there are hardly any mosquitoes because they burst into flames when they fly into direct sunlight.
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We were in Tucumcari, NM last weekend and it was 104Ί. The AC was set at a "slightly cool" setting and kept us comfortable while cycling every 15 minutes or so. I was worried after reading some of the horror stories but the Carrier did a great job and I won't hesitate to do more hot camping.
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Yeah, you can tell it's hot in CenTex. By the time the summer will be over with, about half of the Texas Highlands Unit will have been here.

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TS Don?

This sums it up:

Tropical Storm Don, the fourth named storm of the 2011 season, made landfall near Baffin Bay, Texas yesterday evening around 10pm CDT in less-than-grand fashion. The storm was looking very weak for the 24 hours before landfall, but fizzled rapidly after landfall, and by early Saturday morning, there was barely a trace of the storm to show that it even existed in the first place.

NHC Hurricane Specialist Eric Blake probably said it best in this mornings 5am EDT discussion on the storm:


I think that defines how hot it is in Texas!
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Good news in Texas

Good news....The Hot Weather for the week is past.
Bad news.... Weather forecast is for hotter weather this end in sight. 110 for today. Maybe I will find something to polish on.

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