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I Need Help or Better Yet Serious Counseling

Ok I certainly enjoy our AS, however, I have become addicted to four threads on our Forum: Portable Grills, Best Coffee Makers, What Did You Buy Today For Your Trailer and Camp Chair Mulling. Each one has cost me money. The latest is the best portable grill thread. After camping two weeks ago I decided I did not like our Coleman burner (it is old). So I came home, got on the Forum and read all of the responses on this thread and even started my own new thread. So now I have planted in my head that I need a new grill that I can use to make breakfast and also dinner. In fact I could not get the thought out of my mind. So I pour over all the input on the web and as a result today I went out and purchased a TEC Cherokee Infrared grill. (by the way I do have Cobb Grill that will now go to our son)

Now this wouldn't be so bad but I have also done the same as a result of the best coffee maker, camp chair buying and of course what did you buy for your AS threads
So my question is has this happen to others where a thought is planted and then you buy it for your AS camping or am I in need of serious counseling.

Just wondering

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Yes you need counselling. Stop trying to keep up with the Jones's and choose your own path.

My school of thought when purchasing things for my Airstream is as follows:

If it can be bolted down on, or preferably, inside the coach, I get the best I can get. ARB dual cylinder compressor, Flojet variable 5 chamber pump; you get the picture.

If it can be picked up and toted off with easily, I get the cheapest I can get that will do the job. Wallmart 2/$20.00 folding chairs, cheapest bicycle that works, bitchy wife; you get the picture.

I do like that grill though. Where are you camping next?At 28 lbs, very easily picked up.

$900 bucks for a portable grille, you need serious counselling.


Per Mare, Per Terram and may all your campaigns be successful.

Its a recession when your neighbor loses his job; its a depression when you lose your own. "Harry S Truman"
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I am the victim of the same affliction. Airstreaming and following Airforums can become addictive.

SuEllyn & Brian McCabe
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Well, instead of 'counseling'... here is a thought... it is said:
"You never see a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrist/counselor's office."

Ok, that is an over simplification... but, you also don't see Airstreams parked there either... unless it or the motorcycle belongs to the Counselor... =)

So, buy stuff for your AS that works when it needs to.. and can be reused more than once... and remember, it's "cheap therapy".. =)
Peace and Blessings..
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I use a 28 buck propane UniFlame grill from Walmart, a tin yard sale score perculator, and the Zip Dee chairs that came with my trailer. I don't worry about the Joneses, and sleep very well at night.
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I think the condition you are suffering from is not "keeping up with the Joneses," rather it is a form of Analysis Paralysis. This is a condition common among certain managers, and most "analysts," in which there never seems to be enough data to answer all the "what-ifs" surrounding a particular question.

It is easy to see who is in Analysis Paralysis just from looking at the thread titles. Anything that starts out with "What is the best..." is a sure sign of Paralysis setting in. It is the idea that before I buy a grill, plan a trip, change my curtains, eat at a restaurant, I have to crowd-source a top 10 list and then compare it to Consumer Reports, and then I am still uncertain.

There is nothing wrong with learning from others' experiences, but sometimes I feel like all the instant opinions take a lot of the adventure out of life. By the way, if any of you know the best way to beat Analysis Paralysis... let me know.
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Originally Posted by Belegedhel View Post
By the way, if any of you know the best way to beat Analysis Paralysis... let me know.
Beer. And in case you feel the need to research the best beer for this task, the best beer is the one within reach.
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Originally Posted by Belegedhel View Post
By the way, if any of you know the best way to beat Analysis Paralysis... let me know.

I think Colorado solved this problem a year or so ago... Everything is groovy man...

-Red, confirming that the struggle is real...
Somebody ought to clean these windows. There is a tremendous buildup of gook all over them...
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I greatly appreciate the counseling lots of good points however in defense of my affliction. Well honetly there is no defense for being an AS junkie. As to keeping up with the Jones, with all of the stuff i have bought I just might be ahead of them and as I seldom drink beer I will have to look for another solution to beat Analysis Paralysis syndrome.
Ha I know. I have a good doctor friend, Dr Jameson, who makes house calls. If Dr Jameson can't cure me then I think the only solution is to start and ASA thread (Airstream Annonymous) thread. What say you all?
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Last fall, as we were heading to Eaton Rapids Rally, We camped in a parking lot and I wasn't going to have coffee in the morning, no shore power to run the coffee maker
:-( . After several glasses of Scotch, I headed into Walmart in search of a portable coffee pot. What I found was a Coleman Coffee Percolator that will sit safety on my propane stove and, with the burner on, brew 12 cups of coffee. Best investment for my morning coffee while without electricity.
Mac from PEI
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I have bought many things based on reviews by fellow "forums users.
I don't consider it keeping up with the Jones at all.
The things I have purchased have made Airstreaming more pleasant, more practical, or less work.
Some of the things I have bought based on recommendations:
Surge protector
Rock Tamers
anti-rattle device
rear view camera
2013 Classic 30 Limited
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I still have one of those non-electric percolator things from our"camping" days. Keep it under the couch in case of no electric! Still makes pretty good coffee but filters are a bit tricky
If you don't drink Beer then coffee will have to do
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Right or Rich?

Perfect or Perfectly Happy?
How much is ENOUGH?

TV generally teaches one lesson - you probably watch too much.
However every now and then you watch something on the vast wasteland and a deep spiritual lesson whacks you right in the face (because as we all know it's so much easier to see clear solutions when other people are doing the same stupid behavior we think is justified when we ourselves do it). My big takeaway is that we can all cling to "but we've always done it this way" OR we can flit from new thing to newer thing to newest thing just because it's different - OR we can THINK, EXPERIMENT and make choices that benefit us - where whether it's traditional or avant garde is secondary to whether it works in our life.

Anyway I was watching one of those "fix my failing restaurant" shows where the owner insisted on making traditional "hush puppies" rather than tarting them up with any additional ingredients - like a bit of sugar and onions. The originals taste like corn meal and water mixed and deep fried - bleah. More trendy chefs for years have added regular flour and sugar and salt and onions or even a bit of red peppe .... anything to make the taste more interesting.

The celebrity chef did two different blind taste tests with the owner - his tarted up version vs. her "pure traditional" version - with the general public and with her own employees... and his won overwhelmingly in both samples.

She kept justifying that hers were done "RIGHT" because that's the way they were always done in the past. The celebrity chef kept repeating - do you want to be right or do you want to be RICH? You're in business to make money and if the customers refuse to BUY your style how much is RIGHT costing you? If "right" won't sell and your business fails, how does that prove anything but that you are incapable of changing with the times. Your grandma probably used a wash board and a tub to do her laundry, that doesn't mean it's RIGHT today. Customers will keep you in business or put you OUT... make them want it, or give them what THEY want.

People buy EMOTIONALLY and justify it afterwards with LOGIC. We all fall for emotional appeals (unfortunately the more we understand that trend, the harder it is to put up with a sales person who doesn't know any of the answers to questions like "what differential does this one have?" or "can it get it with 18 inch tires?" or "if it's ready to tow where's the brake controller?").

The internet seems to have us all chasing either the lowest price or on the other end of the spectrum the ultimate in exclusivity/quality/snobbishness. Is anyone else here old enough to remember when Wards sold a lot of stuff with "Good/Better/Best" grades - so you could simply choose your own value point and have a reasonable expectation of getting what you paid for?

If you can't taste the difference between Folgers and some exotic Hawaiian Kona then buy the Folgers for heaven sake. Some people have noted that I have a puckish sense of humor... I hate to confess it, but my sister has brought me some Kona when she's been to Hawaii - and I can taste the difference, BUT (shame on me) I did refill the bag with plain freshly ground semi-generic $4 per pound coffee and serve it to a few people who went into an almost trance like state over the wonderful taste. (Some day I may make these same people the "good" meatballs which would be legal in Colorado - and then really test their gastronomic limits!)

me go now.
Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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It's happens to me. I think you're fine.

But do you like the grill? The manufacturer's video makes it look like it has high output but 12,500 BTU is not particularly robust. Is it hot, and is it controllable. What I've read about the Solaire infrared portable is that it has only one speed--very hot--but it has a direct infrared burner, not a radiant plate.

I'm using a two burner Chinese stainless grill that looks nice but has rather uneven heat. Mine is a NexGrill but I've seen it under other names.

I still have my Cobb but I stopped carrying it because ash disposal is a difficult in some campgrounds.

My (this) message might be better in a different forum. Where is the thread you started?

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