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How many Airstreams are out there?

Janet sent me a message saying that we are growing at 20 new members per day. We both agreed that was an astonishing number and I asked her "
what is your guess for New Years of next year?" and she responded "no idea. how many airstream are there?"...

So I did some real quick and raw math to guestimate how many Airstream's are still out there. Here is what I came up with:

2,000 per year X 50 years X 70% still on the road = 70,000 Airstreams

So let's talk about assumptions in my calculations and try to come up with the most accurate estimate of how many Airstreams are still out there. I will start off with some of my assumptions and things I think that are flawed with the calculation.

I think I recall hearing that they would produce close to 1,900 units this year (2007). That is where I got the rough number of 2,000 Airstreams per year. Does anyone have input on a better number to use or better yet, total production numbers per year since the begginging?

I used 50 years because it made the math easy and it's generally about right. I know they have been making them for longer but in the begining the numbers must have been much lower and during the war they stopped. I figured if I over stated the amount made per year at 2,000 and the actual was 1,800 or 1,900 then the overage would account for the other low production years. It's a really gross gernalization so would anyone like to help find more details on this?

I recall Airstream stating that 70% of all Airstreams every produced were still on the road. Is that the right number? I wonder how they arrived at this percentage. Do you all think that number will go up as more Airstreams are salvaged? There is one thing I know for sure, people are keeping them on the road because we have enough axle debates to prove the running gear is being updated (please don't hijack this thread and talk axels).

So how many Airstreams do you think are still left?

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I think you're pretty close with these figures---pieman

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i'd say those numbers sound pretty good too. maybe fred will chime in with some historical info about how many were produced back in the day.

*by asking the above question,
i verify that i have already used
the search feature to the best of my ability...
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I wonder if AS could provide some numbers concering the number of units produced over the years.
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I bet it's closer to 50,000. No real reason, just a feeling about production quantities in the slow years. That means there's still a few more prospective forums members out there!

What I really want to know is how many haven't moved in the last 5 years and where THEY are! I think this is germane to this thread, since a lot of vintage Airstreams aren't being used. I admit that in my surveys of the SW over the last 7 years, many of the "parked" Airstreams have disappeared, but I still don't see them traveling down the highways.

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Well there are some exporters who are taking a small percentage of vintage units and shipping them around the world. Although it's sad to see them hauled to such far corners of the world, in a way I feel it's "ok" because it helps spread the word about our beloved silver beauties. The people in these places cherish their Airstream with as much passion as the most passionate people here in the States, so I think it's good to have limited numbers around the world. Do you all think there are significant Airstreams being exports, enough to matter?

What about supply and demand. Do you think that as time evolves and demand for people to own something unique in an ever increaingly generic world will cause deman to rise? If demand rises will we experience a similar valuation increase like muscle cars have in the last 5-10 years? A Shelby Mustang that was $35k can now fetch up $150k.

I think the fact that less then 2000 units are made should be a marketing tool that Airstream uses more in it's pitch. It helps consumers know that in a world of mass production they are able to buy something that is produced in a fairly limited quantity...
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I know I have two!

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total production statistics has been a topic in several threads...

what is it?
yearbyyear and total?
how was it derived?
how many are still in usage?

and so on...

the 'advertising number' is ~66%? or some such silly thing.

it reminds me of stan freburg as the beaver, who is dupped into removing the collar by tramp,

and calculating the improvement his new 'log hauler' brings....

Beaver:Gotta get this log movin', sonny. Gotta get it moving. Think the cuttin' takes the time? It's the doggone haulin'.

Tramp: The hauling!... Exactly!... Now, what you need is... What you need is a log puller....I SAID A LOG PULLER!

Tramp: Guaranteed not to tear, wear, rip or ravel. Turn around, sister, and show the customer the merchandise. And it cuts log-hauling time sixty-six percent!

Beaver: Sixty-six percent, eh? Think of that! Well, how's it work?

Tramp: Why, it's no work at all. You merely slip the ring over the limb like this, and haul it off.

Beaver: I'll have to make certain it's satisfactory before we settle on a price.

Tramp: Oh, no. It's all yours, friend. You can keep it.

Beaver: I can, eh? ...[excitedly]... I can?

Lady: Uh-huh. It's a free sample.

i'm with zep i wanna know how many haven't been moved 5 feet in 5 years...

production 'peaked' recently (last year?) at around 2 k units.

they aren't telling us this year because it is DOWN again.

while they may get close to 2k, 500-600? are supposed to be the euro models and for export only.

fred or others have posted the historical production figures....

as i recall it the total ever produced is 62,481.5

i agree the marketing could play on 'produced in limited numbers' but ...

a better marketing line would be "GUARANTEED FOR LIFE" which was used a eon ago and worked.

of course they would have to improve production some...

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According to this, Airstream has produced 140,000 trailers and MHs since the business started. 66% still on road. Now if we could determine how many MHs were made, we would have our answer.

Ill bet they have made more trailers then MHs. That would mean more then 70,000 trailers.

Airstream, Inc. information and related industry information from Hoover's
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How many airstreams

There are at least two answers within the greater context of how many airstream enthusiasts are out there that are potential members of this forum.

How many airstreams are still out there meaning they haven't been sold for scrap. I feel that there is a real percentage (10-20%??) that are owned by folks how have lost interest in their trailer and the trailer is in increasing states of decay and will never roll down the road again. This number is probably balanced out by folks who are currently non owners but are interested enough to join a forum like this.

Maybe a third to one half of the trailers currently in active use are potential forum members.
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(Numbers, numbers . . . is it true that you Airstreamers, all 62,000 of you, have to have a number on your unit to tell it apart from the others? )

Silver Streak is reputed to have only made a few hundred trailers annually, so maybe 8 or 9,000 in total over 35-years.

I'll bet many have been scrapped. The only reliable check would be the database of state registrations.
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I tend to lean with Zep on the 50k number. I see so many of them out there that are dead to the world. Recently friends were at an Airstream Park and they took pictures of many Airstreams in pretty tough condition laying about. I think the 66% number is close to correct for still around, but not tow-able.

Given the Airstream has always been at the upper end of the price scale and even used have always been desirable I believe that fewer of them were left to rot out back. That said, there are a lot of really tough ones sitting in yards that look quite nice, until you get up to them. Then you realize that they are really tough. We found a fellow near Seattle with 20 or so Airstreams in his yard, all sizes, the newest a 1976, but they'd been sitting on grass for so long the frames were so bad you wouldn't tow one out of there unless it was on a flatdeck. But they sure looked great when we pulled into his yard.

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It's a little known fact that If you were to go back in history and take every president, you'll find that the numerical value of each letter in their name was equally divisible into the year in which they were elected. By my calculations, our next president has to be named Yelnick McWawa.
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by mistral blue
Yelnick McWawa.
He's leading in Ioway..........right??

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