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How Happy Are You?

With all the problems we have with our trailers, I wondered what are some of the things you love about your trailer?

We love the way our trailer handles on the road, our comfort inside and of course the great air conditioner!

Lee & Don Pace
69 Overlander
WBCCI 7287

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2004 25' Safari
. , Illinois
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I've had two Airstreams and 03 and the current 04, I have to say, I did work out the small number of bugs and the coach is really great. Enjoying it very much. Looking forward to going on several trips this year.

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I have found that no matter how down I get by the work load to rebuild my coach, that just catching a glimps of the poor thing sitting in my driveway it takes my breath away. The beauty of the lines, the soft glow of the original finish (what's left of it ). The way it looks like it belongs out in the country side. That is just the tip of the iceburg of feelings that are evoked when I walk by the trailer day in and day out.......
Tedd Ill
AIR#3788 TAC IL-10
1967/8 Overlander International Twin w/ bunk/s.
Yes, four kids and two adults in the thing.
Happy wife, happy life.
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1992 30' Airstream 30
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I value mine for the fact that it allows my two boys and me time out together in comfort. We take it everywhere, even to the store, drop off and pick up at school, and of course, trips. Add to that the fact that these are classic head turners, and so I'm also proud of mine as well.
1992 Airstream 300LE, rear queen, Banks Power!
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Angry Compared to what...

With all the problems we have with our trailer...?
I'm still not at the end of the things I'll find wrong with my 'stealth' Airstream. The structural refurbishment is coming to an end (certain floor sections being replaced or band-aided, steel work, underbelly refurbishment, new upholstery, floors, curtains). I've still got to completely check out the wet systems (ohmigawd!!).

Point is -- I'm not into my Argosy because of economics -- had I bought new I would still need to understand the systems, recognize rising areas of concern and protect the integrity of my trailer. Yes, I believe the economics would be more upsetting to me if I laid down something approaching $50,000 for new and didn't have a Toyota-like vehicle that would run forever even if I didn't change the oil for 100K miles! That is unrealistic -- okay, I'm glad you're agreeing with me on something here...

These trailers are engineered to have the minimum strength necessary and still have a tow-worthy weight and, as such, they need TLC. Your question above needs to consider what WE AIRSTREAM OWNERS will carry forward in time compared to owners of the S.O.B. boxes (when was the last time I've seen that term here?). We are definitely ahead of the game if all we'd end up with was a masonite and plastic box that would shake apart and need to be replaced completely in less than 10 years.

Thanks to Silvertwinkie and many contributors we have had significant discussions on quality issues with recent vintages. There are receptive ears in Ohio listening to this forum! Just like the joked-about toilet seats from the Department of Defense, these trailers have had more and more amenities added to them until you can't help but have the odds catch up to you. The answer lies in becoming alive with your trailer (any trailer I might add), understanding it, being able to answer to some of the problems that arise on the road, and having a capability of dealing with the certain problems beyond our understanding.

Until Zen and the Art of Airstream Maintenance becomes a book (no doubt distilled from this forum!!), the advice is to research, observe, and research again! If one's time is not worth that, then I guess letting the larger Airstream investment become disposable is not a problem to any individual. Cachet is worth something -- and these Mamas are worth a heck of a lot more than style points!!!!!!!!!!! ....... though they ARE pretty darned good in the style department

5 meter Langford Nahanni

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1968 17' Caravel
Battle Ground , Washington
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Mine's been a lot of work, but I've loved it the whole time. It's my vacation home, my reading room, my tinkering project (there's always something else), and it's just darned cute sitting there in the driveway. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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I love my trailer just because it is cool

I paid to have most of the work done. I needed it right away. But I still spend
a lot of time on getting ready to hit the road ( because in nice weather, I am
always getting ready to go somewhere). Loading , hitching up, cleaning , and maintenance gives me plenty of AS time.
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2004 30' Classic
Field and Stream , PA & MT
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There are probably a 100 things that I like about my trailer - and here everyone thought I only loved to complain about it's problems!

In another couple weeks we'll be parked just feet from the Yellowstone River, north of Yellowstone Park. There I love to open the blinds on the rear bedroom window as the sun rises above the Absorokee Mountains, snow covered still, and take in the early morning view while lying in bed; to hear the murmer of the water as it flows past, still high and cold; to watch for eagles and osprey and drink that first cup of coffee as the sun rises over the mountains to catch it's first rays on the bright metal sides of our Silver Hilton II.

Yes, just 467 more payments and 28 service visits and it will all be mine! (just kidding!)

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What I love about my Safari Airstream?

I love the fact that my wife loves our trailer
The privacy it offers when we go on a trip. Not worring about who slept in the bed last or what went on in the bed last!
But as the rest have stated, for me its the privacy to get away (even in my driveway). It's a show of accomplishment. The looks and the stares, and the other cars slowing down to look at my Safari as they drive by. And the questions at the rest areas. And people wishing they could own one
Yup, I like my 2005 Airstream Safari.
2007 Dodge Ram Quadcab 6.7L Diesel w/jakebrake

"Better to have more then you need, then need more then you have because you don't have enough!"
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1976 31' Sovereign
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I have to agree with what others have said. It's been a lot of work but I just get such enjoyment from seeing him out by the drive. Such a proud ole boy. I wonder where he has been and who has taken such good care of him I'm trying to bring the Argosy back to what it was in 78, "or better". It's a well built trailer and I can see myself spending some wonderful times in it in the future.
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COULDN'T be happier!

How happy am I? We bought our 64 Tradewind last September and I spent months just trying to clean it. We've scrubbed on the weekends and puttered after work, and read all the great info you guys have shared with us Newbies! At the end of May we were finally ready to roll to our first weekend at the beach for my daughter's 11th birthday. I can't tell you how much fun it was to sleep in, to cook in and yes...even to clean up! But the topper was when my daughter looked at me and said it was her BEST birthday ever!! I am one HAPPY Airstream owner!
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One of my favorites is lying down in our snug bed (rear queen) and seeing the curves of the side walls and ceiling, framed in warm wood. Makes me feel like I am in a gypsy wagon, hence our license plate of 2 Gypzs and our trailer's name of Gypsy. So many things about this Airstream make us happy-where she takes us and shelters us, how she looks when we catch a glimpse of her out the window of the house, how she glows in moonlight, sparkles in dazzling sun, or glazes with ice and snow. . .but I do love best that gypsy caravan feel she gives us when we tuck into bed!
1995 Airstream Classic Limited 30' ~ Gypsy
1978 Argosy Minuet, 6.0~Minnie/GPZWGN
Chev Silverado 2500HD Duramax/Allison, 4X4, Crew Cab
WBCCI #5013 AIR #2908
Go, Mizzou...Tigers on the prowl!
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I love the look and feel of the trailer. The way it hangs nice and low behind my '57 Pontiac and looks like they were built to go together. The inside with all the wood is great, and the whole experience brings back strong and fond memories of travelling with my family as a child and the tremendous times we had. My wife and I relive those days, and travel with a group of fellow car lovers who also enjoy camping in a big way. There's a timelessness to the Airstreams unlike the other vintage units we've had, a sense of accomplishment at owning one (or more) and uniqueness, sturdiness and quality that seems to attract people no matter where one stops. Life with a silver trailer out behind you as you go down the road just seems to feel so much simpler and less complicated. All the hard work and problems getting things done on it just seem insignificant once you are out and on the road. I can't help but wonder who the PO's of my '51 were and what adventures it's been on. Oh sure, now I'm all excited again about our trip in two weeks and I won't get a wink of sleep tonight. Barry
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Last year about this time, we took a 3 week trip ending in Victoria, BC. By the time we returned to Corpus Christi, we had a list of 56 items requiring attention. The list had no gimme's. Every item was a serious one, like "replace the folding shower door with a lexan door and rebuild the door frame." Or, "reduce the depth of the side wardrobe cabinet and raise the bottom 4 inches and add a convenience light." Or "rebuild the leaking black water tank drain valve." I thought I would never get thru the list of "56", but I did. Now, the trailer is an absolute joy to spend time it. Everything works the way it is supposed to and it feels and looks right. It feels like it is ready to give us years and years of service with a minimum of maintenance. It is nice to know it is out there ready to go anywhere when I am.

So Long!
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