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We, like 59tradewind, are classic car lovers, and both appreciate the unusual and different. I never camped as a child, but Brad's family (parents and four kids) all piled into their car towing their little Go Lightly trailer and trekked around the U.S., so he was familiar with trailer camping. I loved to tent camp, but hated the humidity/wetness of it.

We attend a lot of vintage car events, from Triumph conventions to vintage car races (I drive and Brad is the crew chief), and got tired of staying at hotels and going back and forth to the track. Plus, you miss out on all the fun that happens after the track gates close for the night, among all the folks camping out there! Brad was working a job in Arkansas while I was living in Dallas, and a little 20' Class C Coachmen showed up for sale next to our shop property in Texas. He was paying too much for a rental house, and we decided to buy the Coachmen and he would live in it.

We did a lot of work to it and got it in good condition. He lived in it for nine months! It was great for going to our events, towing our vintage cars or racer. But for living in, it was very small, and he really wanted something bigger. So, we sold it and looked at a dealer's lot in Dallas for something he would be happier with.

The dealer had what I am guessing was a 345 or 370 diesel classic moho, and we both instantly fell in love with it. Unfortunately, we did not know anything about them or about diesels, and the price was about $4,000 more than we could afford, so we ended up buying a very nice 27' 1984 Winnebago Brave Class A. Brad was very thrilled to have ROOMS! But we both remembered the Airstream and just loved it.

Brad lived in the Winnie for about a year and a half and during that time we came across a deer-camp 31' Excella trailer owned by his coworker's mother. We thought we would fix it up and sell it, but it was so bad we ended up having to gut it, and decided to clamshell the back end and use it as a car-hauler for our small vintage cars (have not started this project yet ).

Last winter, we both really got the bug for an Airstream moho and started looking somewhat seriously. We found our 310 on eBay, bought tow brackets for our Honda to hook it to the included tow bar for the drive home, and drove to Georgia to pick it up. The story of the return trip is in another thread around here somewhere, so I won't repeat it, but needless to say it was a very interesting trip home! But we got it home safely, have done a bunch of work to it, and absolutely LOVE it!!

Then, we found a 20' Argosy moho that needed a LOT of love on eBay, and ended up going to Tennessee and towing it home (story also on another thread here). So we are now the proud (and somewhat insane) owners of one trailer and two mohos! There is just something about Airstreams (and especially the classic motorhomes) that we just LOVE, and it makes me happy to see them out there every day.


"Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how popular it remains?"

1984 310 Limited Motor Home "The Rockin' A"
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kitimat , british columbia
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Hubby and I live in the wilderness, close to two stunning provincial parks, however the bears are a big deterant to tenting...went to Smithers one day last fall and saw an A/S bambi go by (most likely from Alaska via Rupert). All the way home we said that is what we each have wanted for years and years and never gave it much thought. Looked online and ordered one up, pick up next month, needed a new t/v... since then have seen an old unit a few blocks from our home, doubt it has been in town long. Small town i'll find out more about it in a few months (it snowed here again today).

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Originally Posted by Snowey BC
.... All the way home we said that is what we each have wanted for years and years and never gave it much thought. Looked online and ordered one up, pick up next month, needed a new t/v... since then have seen an old unit a few blocks from our home, doubt it has been in town long. Small town i'll find out more about it in a few months (it snowed here again today).
Congratulations!!! Post pictures!
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UPDATE... I just stumbled across this topic and noticed my response from last September. Nothing has changed about WHY we purchased an AS but what has changed is that we now own our first AS. Two Saturdays ago we pulled her home for the 1st time. She's sitting in our rented inside storage space and we go see her on week-ends with the "stuff" we'll need during our trips. It's been fun outfitting her. We look forward to spring, summer and fall so we can get her out and travel!!! We've got several trips planned with her and are so anxious to get started. All of you that have been 'streaming for years know what it's like. We have yet to begin that pleasure - we've got it all to look forward to - lucky us!!! See you on the road some day..........
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Than to open it and remove all doubt."
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How I got into Airstreams

Like many of the previous posters I entered the world of sleeping out in the Boy Scouts. My first camp out was in the Cubs and the next door neighbor an I camped in the front yard. Later in the Boy Scouts we camped at least once a month. In 1960 my best friends father was dying of cancer and wanted to do something with his son that he would always remember. We left Cleveland Mississippi July 1st in a 1954 Willys Jeep station wagon and camped every night for a month all the way to Kenora Canada and back. After that I was completly addicted. In 64 I was selected to attend National Junior Leader Instructor Training Camp at Schiff Scout Reservation, we group camped for two weeks while recieving training in among other things camping.
Later I owned a model 88 Land Rover with a pop up roof tent similar to a Westfalia VW pop up. I was living in Boulder at the time and spent many a night in the mountains camping in the Rover. A trip with friends to Yellowstone in a 1956 Chevy Apache panel truck provided another fix. Later I was bit by the canoe bug and spent more nights camped on sandbars on rivers in Arkansas than my hard drive can remember. In 72 toured Europe camping out of a Volkswagon Van that we bought in the parking lot across the street from American Express in Amsterdam. Ended up in Asheville NC and spent a lot of time tent camping in the Mountains and on the AT. Then came boats and tent camping near bodies of water. and it goes on and on. Including camping in a borrowed SOB at he Memphis Motorsports Park where we were catering the hospitality tents and suites for the NHRA Drag Races.
Fast forward to 2004 and a friend approached me about going in halves on a 1975 overlander in pristine condition for a 29 year old trailer. I thought I had reached the zenith of camping when I spent my first trip in the AS. In 2005 we were called to cater 1500 men 3 meals a day in the wake of Katrina. We hauled the AS down and slept up to 6 persons at a time as it was the only place to stay that had air conditioning. You guys in the back use the AS lou and ya'll up front use the Porta Johns so as not to step on any one. After that we added a 72 trade wind and a 66 overlanderto the the stable and the never ending tale goes on.....Thanks for allowing me to remember a great life spent oudoors.
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After a particularly bad night of tent camping - driving wind and rain; snoring dogs - I started looking. I stumbled upon Hunter's airstream list and was hooked. Found a 63 Bambi that had been customized to serve the previous owner and his efficiencies. We loved camping in it until my son was too old to sleep on the floor under the pullout bed. And left it in storage for a while and moved it to the Lake. We tried renovating and realized that without a toilet, it was never going to work for us.

We found the international on Ebay and are now renovating it but in much smaller steps - working on the toilet now.

The community of Airstreamers is a key reason why we continue.

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Several years ago, I asked my wife if she thought she would have an interest in camping. I had done this many times, in a variety of equipment, but she had never had the experience. She allowed that she would give it a try, so I found an old pop up camper. This went well, and she enjoyed getting away from it all. I was never happy with the pop up, my last trailer was a Holiday Rambler trailer, and it was a (large) step down. Things came to a head in June of 2003, when we went for a 3 day weekend in the pop up. It sterted raining about 15 minutes after we arrived, and continued to rain--hard-- over the course of the entire weekend. Sunday morning we were all (Marie, Cookie, our dog, and myself) standing huddled in the very center of the popup trying to stay dry, and not succeeding too well. At that point it was decided we were getting a hard-sided trailer for camping.
So, Sunday afternoon, I closed up the pop up (in the driving rain), drove home, in the rain, dropped the popup in the rain, slogged through mud to unload the popup in the rain, drove home in the rain, and unloaded the truck in the rain. Everything wound up sitting all over the house drying, as I cranked up the computer, and started scanning the classifieds. I found a 1972 Argosy 20 for sale. We went the next evening, took one look, and bought the trailer on the spot. It was probably the best thing I've done for our outdoor life in a long time.
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Wanting to take the kids out west about fifteen years ago started us along the TT trail with a older Holiday Rambler, Had a couple of great trips and decided we liked what TT's offered. Off to a dealer to upgrade a couple of years later, I was into a lite weight 'cause we had a Cherokee for a TV. She who is to be obeyed, had a different idea, (apparently her father had always admired AS's but circumstances never allowed), she took me to a dealer that had a '79 31' Excella that she had seen. We made him a ridiculous offer (it was December) and to my surprise we ended up owners. I ended up trailing it home 40 miles with the Cherokee (think about the old ad with the bicycle pulling the AS). We had a lot of wonderful family vacations in that coach (after a TV upgrade) and I came to understand all things AS.
After the boys went their own ways, we decided that either the 31' needed a major infusion of time and money to be reliable or we would find a newer unit. With a lot of strings tugging at my time the decision was made to sell the Excella and look for another, newer unit. The Excella sold in a couple of weeks for what we paid for it five years earlier. Three months of searching the net, calling to find what we liked already gone, I happened upon a '00 Ltd. in KC (a 12 hour drive away) The owners had bought a AS MoHo and had had a couple of nibbles on the triple but nothing solid. The fellow was very nice and forthcoming about the coach and we had a good conversation.
At this point I was stoked, made a call to the wife (SWMBOed) and called him back and told him I would like to look at it, he asked where I lived and when I told him, you could tell he was a little deflated about the distance. I asked if he would be home in the morning and would mind if I stopped by, would he spring for breakfast, I think he chuckled a bit and said sure. Well, after a little jaunt down the road, he bought breakfast and after one good look at that shiny, perfectly maintained, spotless coach under covered storage, I bought it on the spot. Turns out the PO had been a WBCCI officer in the area and was an AS fanatic. He helped me hook up, gave me a 2 hour class on how to maintain his baby and sent me on my way.
So far we have enjoyed almost two years and 30,000 miles in this one and I would have to say it looks as good as the day I brought it home.
Chalk me up as a convert and budding alumiholic.

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I was at a friends place for a mid-summer gettogether, when I was curious about how heavy his mom's Argosy was. I was thinking to myself it to be an Airsteam knock-off. Well he explained that his mom never used it and that..."you can have it".
You could have knocked me over with a feather. Later that week as we made the arrangements, I did some research thinking to myself how it looked just like an Airstream, only to find that it was!!
The next thing I remember is we're towing it to another friends house to start the re-hab and I found this forum. Now both I and my wife are hooked.
Such a cool trailer and such wonderful folks...what's not to love??

Dan and Sherry W.
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I spent 20 years in the Army (HOOAH). I spent at least half of that time living in an old stinky GP medium tent with as many troopers as we could fit. NOT fun. Well.....after my first wife bailed out....I met a YOUNGER woman who loved to camp, and fish and hike. By that time I was just about to retire and decided I would never camp like a cave man again! Well...I had to keep up with my young wife and gave in to a few tent trips. It wasn't that bad...if you had a blow up matress that didn't go flat in the middle of the night. We graduated up to a 1972 Shasta, re-did all the interior and made it liveable. The only thing there was no bathroom. That sucked.
Sold the Boom Boom room and got a Prowler 1983. GRRRRRR...that was his name.
We got tired of buying used old junk that we spent more time fixing than camping in. So after our last fiasco on a camp trip, I decided I wanted the Caddy of all Campers. Thus the 2008 19ft Bambi Limited Edition. And the rest they say is history.
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When we bought the retirement property and started to develop it we would go with out the dogs to work. We constantly talked about how much the dogs would love the property because they are fenced in the yard and our county has a leash law.

We were first looking to build a two car garage with an apartement on top . Well the materials alone where $15.000 dollars plus plus labor, to build it and the property tax after it was built.

I started looking at RV's on different websites and went to a huge RV show here in Atlanta. The cost of them, payment plans, hidden costs etc just did not appeal to us. Then I started looking at the Craiglist for RV's. I was able to talk my wife into going on a couple of visits because the RV's looked great and the price was right. They were junk. I was just about ready to put all of it to rest when I saw this airstream on the Craiglist. My wife had already given up on RV's but agreed to check it out. As soon as we walked inside we fell in love with it. Out of all the RV's we went through the lay out was the most appealling. We loved the widows and the storage. The price was a steal at the time. Even though I have spent the same amount that I paid for the trailer to restore it. I still have a steal. Plus it is all paid for with no loans, no hidden costs etc.

We bought it and never have looked back. My daughter loves it also. We chuckle because when she comes over to the house with her steady boyfriend they just smile and talk about what they could do with the airstream. They are just amazed on how great it looks restored. The fantastic fan, laminate floor, panel TV, and killer sound system makes it.

SIU Bound

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I recently got into Airstreaming. My wife and I had a Leisure Travel (Sprinter B Van with the Mercedes diesel engine) - Last year we traveled over 18,000 miles across Canada and the western US - averaged 24.4 mpg - slept in over 70 nights BUT needed something much much bigger - purchased a 1986 Airstream 31' and now think it is too small and am now looking for a 34'. I am currently parked at Land Yacht Harbor in Melbourne Florida and the best part is meeting the other Airstreamers and even the staff is great. In just a few months I have learned more about Airstreams than I could have ever imagined.
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I have been camping my entire life, its part of me.

How did I get into airstreaming..... look at them. How could I not.

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Red face Yea...

Originally Posted by Gen Disarray View Post
My witness protection officer said it would be a good idea ....... ummm forget I said that...............
Strange..but I actually believe it. lol
GAWD, this thread has been around for awhile~!!

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