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Originally Posted by 2wheelin View Post

With my setup, I can take 4 baggers or 7 dirtbikes or 2 scooters 4 road and 4 mountain bicycles or 4 dirtbikes and a mini dune buggy or a single smart car and 2 scooters. And I still have full use of my trailer!


'Cmon man. You can't just put that out there with no details! How is this done?

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Originally Posted by bredlo View Post
As long as I'm adding D-rings and seatbelt-style retractable straps in my imagination, I might as well create a couple of stainless accessories that can bolt into that floor rack.

The first obvious one would be twin vertical posts that allow you to store a canoe or pair of kayaks inside, if your recreational interests lean more towards water than motorsports.
Love your imagination. My wife's field of work is interior design and insists we should just buy an old AS and gut it to meet our needs. While I would trust her to reimagine the floorplan and finishes, I'm not sure about the engineering and safety that would come into play. Also, let's face it, I'm a computer nerd not a handyman. I want the big brains in R&D at AS to come up with this one and give me a warranty.

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Originally Posted by Slip7 View Post

'Cmon man. You can't just put that out there with no details! How is this done?

Look at my pics!

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yeah, 2wheelin' TV is the answer to a LOT of hauling issues.

looking back at the title of this thread and the notion of wishing...

keep in mind that a/s hasn't figured out how to FIT 30 lbs of pedal powered bicycle IN an a/s.

check out the 100s of threads here on dangers (real or imagined) of simply carrying 2 bicycles in OR on a stream.

so they need 2 solve the problems of carrying simple toys like bikes, a cooler, a canoe or yak...

or maybe even small generators,

b4 moving to the mota driven big boy toys. (probably bmws rather than hogs)

i suspect 1000s of a/s owners would really like being able to carry bicycles...

(and guess what a solution might finally be in the works.)

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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HAHAAHA! That is so awesome!! That's gotta be the best TV out there!
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"Do you wish your motorcycle would fit in your AS?"

I wish my wife would fit on the motorcycle.
Click on the link to see a picture of the Sioux River falls near my home.
Eastern South Dakota is very pretty with hills, rivers, and trees.
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I love this Idea I would love to load up my Bike up and head to the black

hills. there would be nothing better the a day of riding around up there

and then come back to my Airstream and enjoy a evening around a small

camp fire Now that's a Vacation!

I think i would want a 20 to 22 ft er but if moneys NO concern then 25-28

ft er. is what i would go for

Safari62 i hate to be rude but your a downer towards motorcyclist. you complain about hearing a loud bike ride by and the pissy look on there face who cares what they look like and what maybe 30 seconds to a minute you here the bike come and go.
when you drive by road work that's a lot louder and more annoying.

And i would say a Harley Trimed hauler from Airstream would work and sale Black Orange and Aluminum would be cool real cool
the only problem would be the price tag.
I really have never seen a guy dressed like a pirate no big hat parrot on there shoulder abd bad teeth.
I'm really ranting and i dont want to be that guy but your way off base and wrong here
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Originally Posted by bredlo View Post
I think a Baby Panamerica (or using Apple lingo) Panamini, or Pananano could be a really neat solution for both a lighter tow vehicle and price tag - while still having the Airstream experience and not giving up the amenities.

I'm thinking if you incorporated the Panamerica liftgate into something even as short as a 19-22' trailer, the living space could mostly be clustered forward of the axle, with some sparse storage. Maybe you could still sleep 2-4, have your bath/shower and kitchen - and find the right balance to have it all.

As I imagine things, to get ready for traveling you'd pull up a thin strip running down the center of the floor, revealing a floor channel designed right into the frame, to contain dirt or the occasional oil drip. D-hooks (with slick built-in retractable ratchet straps, of course) would be located along the upper walls on ribs to secure your toy, which is as close to centered over the axle as possible.

So your motorcycle / ATV / Vespa / mobility scooter now rides inside, balanced and secure. When you arrive at the campsite... you just retract the wall straps, roll your toy outside, reinsert your wooden floor strip and close the door to reclaim your traditional, fully-functional trailer.

What do ya think - crazy?

this is really cool good job
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Airstreams and Motorcycles

bredlo-Great concept! It might work for a smaller mc like 550-600 lbs, but I suspect would be next to impossible for a Harley Road King (800-900 lbs).

Slip7- I think- you realize that taking your RK is overkill and not gonna happen unless you have a TV like 2Wheelin and a way to load the beast. Just take the ZX-6R. This will be enough of a challange.

Safari62- Neat cartoon, I like this very much. I think you have lumped all the Harley bikers into one camp. I have done a lot of riding and I put the Harley crowd into two different camps. The first camp is just Harley riders; no other mc exists. These guys will not wave to you. They are also fair weather riders and don't ride very far- just restaurant or beer joint to the same and they are real tough cuz they drink and then ride. These guys won't be a problem at the cg because they don't camp. Slip7 fits into the other camp- he is a motorcyclist that just happens to ride a Harley. They also ride a lot, ride long distances and in most any weather and may camp or motel it. I think you would be fine with this crowd camping next to you; I know that I would.

My main ride is a Triumph Sprint ST. It weighs about 550 lbs and this is a difficult problem to take this with me plus my Airstream. My second ride is a Ducatti 750ss that weighs about 400 lbs. It used to fit into my old TV, a 93 GM conversion van. It will fit into the bed of my new Tundra truck, but the bed is too high and I covered it with a cap to keep all my stuff dry. So what to do?

I think that I may have hit on a solution for me- a small dual sport mc (Suzuki drz400S or SL). I can use this to take short trips and explore on my own, something that I really enjoy doing. This will be carried on the front of my truck. The weight of the mc, loading ramp and receiver will be less than 450 lbs. This may push me over the truck gvwr, but will help keep me under the rear axle gvwr, since the mc in front should reduce the rear axle loading by about 100-125 lbs. I personally don't mind being slightly over the truck gvwr (6,900) if I am under the axle gvwr (4100,3900). The only real problem is blocking the headlight illumination somewhat. I probably could not travel at night.

Slip7- VersaHaul makes a sport bike carrier with a capacity of at least 600 lbs, I think. You will need a class IV front receiver hitch. Good luck in your quest. Thanks for starting the thread.
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The one trip we took with our Airstream, going to Ocean City, Md, I took my 96 Suzuki Savage in the bed of the truck. The motorcycle weighs about 350 pounds. On Interstate 68, the most the truck, Airstream, and motorcycle slowed down on hills, was 45mph. I carried my wooden ramps between the twin beds in the Airstream. Hopefull next trip, that I take the Airstream, I can afford some aluminum folking ramps, and only be slowed to 47 mph on the uphills
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I found 2air's post on the Panamerica and I concur with his idea to shorten the "garage bay" and make the bike load from the side. The rear ramp does raise some limitations that would require loading and unloading to happen prior to dropping the trailer in it's spot. Much of the interior is sacrificed for the sake of the garage. Nice to see someone has actually put eyes on the original concept and noted such obvious improvements.

I also guess that I could get a lighter bike in the future to putt putt around on. Maybe I'll finally get my wife that Vespa she keeps going on about or better yet, a sweet vintage Triumph!

TouringDan thanks for the suggestion.

Yeah, I guess my head was locked into Harley originally but touting this solution as one for all motorcycle enthusiasts out there would be far mor advisable (and profitable?).
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I love riding my BIKE.

67,000 miles in her. No garage/trailer queen here. It would be nice to load her up and have more than one way to travel while in beautiful country. This would be the best of both WORLDS!!!!

Here is picture of my Honda VTX 1800c


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Tow Vehicle" 2011 Superduty Diesel!!"

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Go places that have motorcycle rentals.
Cameron & the Labradors, Kai & Samm
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I vote for the Eddie Bauer in a 26' with a north/south queen bed in the front. The bike is a Honda XL600R dual purpose for medium length exploration trips anywhere I want to go, weight is about 300 lbs, so the trailer would carry it easily. The layout is perfect for our needs, whether entertaining, sleeping, or enjoying breakfast at the beach. Our TV is a full size Blazer with one ton running gear, perfect for exploring and dry camping, but carrying the bike is problematic at best. I think the new EB design is a winner. Unfortunately, I can't afford a new one unless I win the lottery, but I do know a bit about aluminum fabrication, so I'll be taking a close look at one when I get a chance. :-)

Sean & Sharon
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road king, toy hauler, harley davidson

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