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Originally Posted by noreen
Let us know in 50 yrs. how its holding up. Sal.

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Raining on the Parade (a little)

I was (and still am) interested in knowing more about Earthbound. My wife and I were recently at the Airstream dealer on I-4 just outside Tampa and they sell Earthbound too. I really wanted to walk into the Earthbound and be blown away with the overall design. I've seen plenty of Airstreams and they are certainly lacking in the quality department. It would not have taken much to make me believe Earthbound is the be-all/end-all to travel trailers. I have to admit I was less than impressed with Earthbound. In many ways it seemed like just another trailer.

I like the idea of green and I like the idea of composite floor (get rid of the wood floor Airstream!), I like the idea of low profile, torsion axles, etc. Lots of things appeal to me about Earthbound. Many of the same things appeal to me when I look at Airstream units. However, I was unimpressed with the fit/finish of the Earthbound.

Unfortunately, I did not think to take pictures. Here's what I remember: 1) at least one door inside the trailer did not latch and there was evidence the bottom of the door scraped/dragged on the cabinet frame. Other doors and cabinets were less than superior craftsmanship. 2) The main door to the unit was very difficult to close - maybe that's because it is a super-tight door seal. 3) There were lots of things hanging underneath the trailer - the stabilizer jacks stood out like a sore thumb, the gray and black tank valves and pipes were exposed, and all the underneath wire routing, tubing, etc. was just out there for everyone to acess. A belly pan would go a long way toward making a neater appearance.

All that being said I am still interested in seeing how these units hold up over time. At some point we'll be in the market for a used TT and I'll certainly give Earthbound another look.


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Originally Posted by blmitch5 View Post
You should do a Ford commercial! I like giving you a hard time. My father in law just bought an F350 quad cab diesel loaded! I don't think he paid full price, he said new was cheaper than a used one.
Im just hacking also..I'll pm you.


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nvestysly (post #44), is it possible that you might have confused "Earthbound" with another manufacturer?
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That does not sound like the Earthbounds I have looked at!! zz
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If he was at Bates, he was probably looking at "EverGreens".......which are significantly cheaper.
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Very Definitely Earthbound

I was certainly looking at Earthbound. I've reviewed the Earthbound web site and was impressed by their P.R. I looked at the all the technical information on the web site. I know I looked at Earthbound because it looks just the RV shown here. I also spoke to a salesman for 20 minutes or so about the rig. Not doubt about it - it was Earthbound.

So let me restate my "raining on the parade comments:"

1) I will give Earthbound a second chance, if and when, I am looking for another RV. I am very interested in the non-wood floor. The wood floor in AS is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night.

2) I have looked at a variety of RV's at shows, campgrounds, friends, family and I have not seen many that I think are really great. On a scale of 1 - 10 most brands are in the 5 - 7 range. Sometimes I come across what I think is an 8 or a 9. I'm reserving 10 for that perfect RV that might be out there. Airstreams are in the 6 - 7 range and I think Earthbound is too based on the 3 or 4 units I saw at Bates.

3) The green factor is interesting to me but that does not enter into my 1 - 10 scale factor. I'm much more interested in fit/finish of the interior and exterior as well as convenient/efficient storage. I'll give Earthbound the edge over AS because they seem to have a better floor system and I like the body composition. Rivets (as cool as they are) are just a problem.

So.... Earthbound is still on my list of possibilities. I just was not overwhelmed by their features and quality.

Lucius and Danielle
1992 29' Excella Classic
1996 GMC Suburban C2500 7.4L
2005 Chevrolet Suburban K2500 8.1L
Got a cooped-up feeling, gotta get out of town, got those Airstream campin' blues...
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Thanks, Lucius....I'm looking forward to seeing one; hopefully on our travels this summer.
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Canned Ham

The shape reminds me of the canned ham trailers of the 1950's. Kinda cool!

I do not like torsion all. If you plan to head through the jungles of south america and are primarily concerned with simplicity and low parts count, then they are OK. But you need to replace them every ten years or so. I do not like that.

Any RV company can use low V.O.C. paint. Whoopty Doo. I bought some Helmsman Spar Varnish at Home Depot that was low V.O.C. and it makes me a lot less high than the old formula that Lowes still sells

However, at least in their advertising literature, they DO appear to be VERY well made! I've seen them on the road, but have not gone through one in person. I will have to do that.

I currently pull a 1987 Avion. It has a frame that is beefier than anything Airstream ever built. I alsp like the suspension system it has: Six individual swing arms with six individual spring packs and six shock absorbers. Full six wheel fully independant suspension. It rides very nicely. No sag or separation, and no frozen up hard rubber suspension.

However, my grandpa has a 1958 Airstream Traveler that has the leaf springs and shocks and it still works great. Wally went to the rubber axles because he wanted something more hearty for the jungle roads he was going on. And they are heartier; they just don't last. But Wally wasn't worried about his trailer lasting 50 years....or 10 for that matter. He just wanted a rugged axle that wouldn't snag on stuff on the bad roads. For that, the rubber axle is better. But for longevity, they fall short of a metal spring...

Titanium makes a very nice trailer. I've thought long and hard about getting one. The pre 2000 Holiday Rambler 5ers are pretty nice too; with their fiberglass roofs and no rubber junk roof to peel back and come apart. I've also thought about swapping the silver trailer out for a motorhome as my two kids drive me nuts while driving from A to a lot nicer with a motorhome where they can swing off the ceiling fan in the back and not be yelling in my ear as we go down the road

In the end, though, I do really like Airstream's a lot. The Earthbound may be an excellent trailer. It probably is, aside from all the "green" marketing stuff.

In the meantime, I "recycled" my old Avion with a new water heater, a new fridge, a new a/c, and a new toilet. The rest of the old girl is just fine. These old silver trailers basically last just have to update the systems every twenty years or so.....

Best of luck whichever route you go, and see you on the road,
- Jim
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Reasons we chose AS

Mara, we looked several times and spent quite a bit of time talking with a rep at the recent Pleasanton RV show where there was a 29' Earthbound on display. It's an impressive rig with very high quality fit and finish. It's decor is similar to that found in high line class A motorhomes. I also seem to recall that it's very light weight, I think the 29' was about 1000# less than a comparable AS. Their wall, and roof I think, construction is very similar to SIPs used in green home building. It can be a strong and lightweight building method.

We ended up deciding on the 27 FC for many of the same reasons others in this thread mentioned. AS build quality is very good, and it simply "fits" its role as a TT very well. Design and layout work well. Three factors finally swung us to AS. 1) The interior decor is very clean, uncluttered. No phony raised panel doors, no cute wall lamps with dingle berry shades--sorry if that's what you like--no electric fire place, etc. We didn't choose the International charcoal paneling, just too dark. The beech laminate is really pleasant in both day and night lighting. 2) The windows! There's a lot of glass that really brings the outdoors in. We plan on boondocking a lot, and even in good campgrounds with large sites and views, the windows are great! 3) Airstreams are SO COOL! There is simply no other brand with 1/2 the cachet of AS. Everywhere we go--I mean "everywhere" people stop and compliment us on our rig. That's good, it sorta lessens the pain of what we paid for it ...

Good hunting!

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I went to my dealer for some part yesterday . I was talking to the service manager about the earth bound . He told me they don't sell earth bound anymore because of the quality issue . The brake had some major problem . Some interior part was falling apart . So after they sold the display one . They decided not selling anymore .
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First, I love our panoramic windows!!! We looked at the Earthbound the same RV show that we bought our AS and tho it was nice, it was awfully dark inside. They had four units at the show, and very little light on the inside of all of them.
On our last camping trip, we were parked by a Prevost class A, it still amazed us how many people wanted to talk about our rig versus the Prevost
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I was impressed when I first read about The Earthbound. By that time, I had already just bought our AS however.

If I were again in the buying mode I'd give it a very serious look. I particularly like the fact that there is no wood in the structure - even the floor is some sort of composite material that is claimed to be impervious to water damage. That is something I found a bit disappointing with the Airstream in this day and age.

I believe that for the same length trailer they are quite a bit lighter than the Airstream

On the other hand, there are a few things on the downside.

I'm always a bit concerned about buying from a brand new company - Airstream sure has them beat there. I'd rather let someone else be the guinea pigs!

I know that they did have some financial or organizational problems originally. Our local Airstream dealer (CanAm) announced about two years ago that they would be carrying Eartbound. The following year at a local RV show I was anxious to see one at the CanAm display. They had none, and when I asked, I got a vague answer about the company sorting out some financial arrangements.

For now at any rate, they don't offer a floor plan that suits us as well as the one we have in our AS.

I'll be interested to watch how they fair in coming years. I believe there is at least one another Company marketing something similar - may be called Evergreen?

In any event I'd certainly be updating my knowledge of the company if we decide that our current Airstream is not our last RV!

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With Airstream you know exactly what you're getting into. They have been around forever. With Earthbound, who knows?

Floors, you can maintain your Airstream so it doesn't leak, and its repairable if it does. Earthbound, who knows? You are only kidding yourself if you think a leaky Earthbound will not have damage.

Good looks, Airstream wins by a thousand miles.

Interior light and outward visibility, another thousand mile winner.

Will the company be around before the warranty expires? Who knows about either one, but one has been around 80 years.

You think filiform is a headache, try panel separation.

I'll take the Airstream and never look back. Mostly because the E' is so hideous to look at.

doug k

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