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A little sexy....a little Airstream.

Hope it don't offend...


“Side effects from the Network News Broadcast?…ask your Doctor." 🤪

"The hardest thing about Airstreaming, clearing your head and accepting how others feel it’s supposed to be done"…..

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Lili Lettice Leatherby
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Originally Posted by Friday View Post
For the record, I am a Canadian. We are the ones that saved your British asses in WWII. I appreciate your expert opinion that you know a lot about from your life 4000 miles away... on an island... with a tunnel to France of all places.
I’m English and very grateful you saved my Ass..
I heard.. It is possible to talk through ones Ass..
But to function properly..say for the Airstream..
I need more than just an Ass..
I can get away with one leg as the Airstream is Automatic
And.. at a push..One Arm..
But the head..not sure I can manage without the head ..
..the nose is not so important and i’m sure Hans
would on occasions..prefer me mouthless
but..I truly believe the eyes are a essential part of Driving an Airstream..
Love from
Limey Lili Lettice Leatherby
Supporter of American Armed Forces
What Tunnel

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I understand that this is a private board and that I am subject to someone else's sense of propriety. I will also say that with so much smut, foul language and indecent behavior on the internet it is refreshing to come to a site that is G rated. So I say Kudos to the mods and to the members for a family rated site.
But I would also suggest the moderators tread lightly when it comes to locking threads and deleting posts.
When I first came aboard this site I was fairly active for the first year or so. I was happy and enthusiastic to be a part of a great, fun community.
Then came the day when I posted an ad looking for some used tires.
I thought that since most Streamers replace their tires at 5 year intervals and since they are rarely worn out by then, I could find a couple of good used ones that would suffice for the front of my tractor.
Reduce, reuse, recycle. etc.
The following day the ad was gone. Thinking I might have deleted it somehow, I ran it again. This time, in addition to the delete I got a stern PM from a super mod warning me not to run it again. No explanation, no reason why.
I was so put off by what I thought was the arbitrariness of it all that I kinda lost interest in the site. I quit posting here, mostly quit reading the boards and even coming to the site for a few years.
Nowadays I do log in once in a while, even post on a rare occasion but the enthusiasm I once had for this place has still not returned.
Now I know there are those who are thinking I ought to put my big boy pants on and get over it. You are probably right and I can and should get over it.
But I will reiterate what I said earlier: The mods do need to walk a fine line when deleting things. I have seen other boards simply dry up and wither away because people felt they were not free to express themselves.
It happens quietly but inexorably as members begin to vote with their mouse. And soon enough the postings just trickle away.
It would be a shame to see that happen here.
So there. That's a thing I've wanted to get off my chest for a long while but never knew where to post it.
Hopefully it wont be deleted.
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Seems some folks are similar to the five year old with broccoli on his plate.

Not happy with being told he doesn't have to eat it...

He wants it off his plate.

Jeff & Cindy
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Ultra, was your "ad" a post in a regular thread, or was it in the classifieds? If the former, it was not an ad and the mod should have explained that and told you to use the classifieds.

No hot girl ad today, just a Capital One ad.

Now back to arguing who has better dental care—Canada or Britain. Here in the US many get none, so I guess we come in 3rd.

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Originally Posted by CrawfordGene View Post
Ultra, was your "ad" a post in a regular thread, or was it in the classifieds? If the former, it was not an ad and the mod should have explained that and told you to use the classifieds.

Hi Gene,
It was a stand alone ad in the classifieds.
I'm quite active on other boards and don't care to see people running ads in the topics areas.
Though in their defense they are usually new to the forums and don't know the rules of the road so to speak.
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Originally Posted by Ultradog View Post
Hi Gene,
It was a stand alone ad in the classifieds.
That is strange. I am pretty sure that mod is not modifying anymore and you have outlasted him.

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Originally Posted by zigzagguzzi View Post
Did not say I was leaving the forums, just that thread. I will not let perverts decide what I do. Oops, I may have offended someone,sorry. Lol,jim
I wonder who is perverted. Those making semi riske jokes or those that need to jump in and insist that those who have a different standard are perverted?

Where are these standards set anyway. Can't be religion as there are many religions with many tenants. Can't be law as the law allows much worse than anything seen on the thread.

It can only be in the mind of someone who insists that any one with a different opinion is wrong. Hmmm.
I'd rather be boon docking in the desert.

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Look it says LOL after my comments, you are too sensitive, give it a break! Jim
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Managing a forum community is difficult and an imperfect art. Our team makes it's best effort to discuss issues and how to handle them. We rarely deal with black and white issues, most of them fall in a gray area. When that happens, people from both sides of the spectrum will have an opinion in favor or against how it was handle, it's simply the way the world works.

As for AIR Forums censoring members, that's not possible. A forum which rejects somebody's post or closes a thread is fully within their free-speech rights to guide their forum however they like. Censorship happens when a person is denied the ability to self-publish. Posting to someone else's forum is not self-publishing, the same thing as submitting a letter to the editor of a newspaper is not self-publishing. If a newspaper declines to publish some letter to the editor, that isn't "censorship." It's the newspaper's right. The person who wrote that letter has the ability to publish it by other means, first and foremost by starting their own newspaper.

It's the same thing online. A person isn't "censored" online unless they are denied the ability to put up their *own* site, blog, forum, whatever... and no private citizen can stop another from doing that.

Unfortunately, sometimes, people push things a bit too far. We try our hardest to not let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Often we simply delete a post but sometimes a discussion starts to spin down the toilet or simply has run it's course, we then have to make the difficult decision to close it.

Although our tolerances might not be as lenient as some would like, we make our best effort to find the right balance. Our mod team brings a wide range of perspective and opinions to the decisions we make. We hope that you all will find that our community is a nice place to talk Airstreams and continue to enjoy our community.

We actually have a Community Rule asking members to chat with me (or anyone else on our team) privately if you have issues with the way the site is managed. That was added because these discussions usually end up in endless debates and distract people from chatting about Airstreams. That being said, I am going to close this discussion so we can focus on talking about Airstream's once again.

Thanks for your understanding...



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