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Originally Posted by BKHall View Post
Thanks allum for all your help. Definitely not interested Ina tundra so sounds like 16 may be our only option anyways from a hauling standpoint bath issues aside
I pull a 19' with a 6 cylinder Grand Cherokee with no handling issues at all. We compared both, the extra sink by the bathroom (don't have to brush teeth in the kitchen) and extra closet space made a big difference.

We chose a 2012 19' over a 2016 16' and paid less for the 19. Can Am did the hitch work and test drove the setup with me, explained the WD hitch and let us camp in it prior to pickup. It was an awesome experience!

Compare weights before you get the 16.

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We had a 16 ft and I always thought the effort of getting the wet bath ready for the shower was more effort than just going to the campgrounds shower. That and the single black/waste water tank had me concerned about being forced to dump when there wasn't a sewer access at the site. We moved up to a 25 with larger capacity tanks and use its shower every night.

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We have a 2006 19' and towed for 9 years with an 07 Tacoma Double Cab with tow package (an important feature). The Tacoma was enough truck to tow it. We would not win the race to the top of the hill but we did get there, which is the point, after all. We just got a 2016 Tacoma Double Cab with a tow package. It tows the Bambi even better.

Before we moved to the Bambi we had a small B+ rig with a wet bath. We hated the bath. It also had a sofa/bed that had to be converted to the bed and made every night. Hated that too. When we decided to make a change to a trailer, the two things we insisted on in a trailer was no wet bath and a dedicated bed.

Even in the 19' we wipe down the shower after we use it, so that will be the case in either size for us. The down part of a 19' is that the shower will become a storage place as well, especially if you don't use it every day or so. We usually use the campground showers unless we have full hookups. I suppose the unloading and reloading of the shower stall to take a shower is as much a pain in the neck as dealing with a wet bath, which probably is not used for storage quite as much.

That said, we have several friends who have 16' Bambis and they all like them. So much depends on your camping style, etc, and if you are good in small spaces. The latter is very important when having either a 16' or a 19'! I think aside from the actual floor space and the wet bath the biggest down side of a 16' is the single waste tank. The 19' has separate grey and black water. Neither one has much counter none (we use the dinette table as counter space).

If we were to upsize it would probably be to a 23' FB.

Good luck with your should try to spend some time in both to see how the "fit"... imagine doing your daily routine in them.
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The lack of separate Black/Grey tanks was the deal breaker for us when we chose the 19 over the 16.
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Here are reasons we chose to not buy a 16 * We bought a 22.

*no real storage in bathroom for towels (we can get 4 rolled towels under the sink in the 22)
*no counter space in the bathroom (we have a roomy counter for shaving, doing make up, or washing up)
*no ability to get dressed in the bathroom (even my husband can towel off or change clothes in the bathroom in the 22)
*combined gray/black tank capacity for boon docking (we essentially have nearly double the capacity with the 22)
*no operable window in the bathroom (we really like the functional window in the 22, especially when camping in national parks with no electric or AC)

Other reasons we decided against the 16, 19 or 20
*bed was too small (22 has a 54 wide bed vs 48 in the 16,19,20)
*lack of kitchen counter prep space(in the 22 there is more space to prep than most AS, and more than in the 16 OR 19)

Better overall storage under the dinette

Piggy Bank
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Len and Jeanne
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We've had both the 16' and the 19'.

Small is beautiful for the places we like to camp in, like out-of-the-way BLM campgrounds and state parks built during the Days of Yore prior to today's big rigs.

We would have kept the 16', no problem, but it was totaled in an accident. We towed it with a Tacoma. When we decided to replace it with the 19' Flying Cloud, we upgraded the truck to a Tundra. We live in the mountains and the nineteener, at 4500 lbs, would have been a bunch more weight to pull up those passes.

Jeanne used the wet bath in the petite Bambi on days when it was dry, warm outside, and preferably windy. The all-in-one wet bath concept wasn't the problem so much as the amount of humidity it added to the interior if the day was already damp, let alone cold. Len generally preferred to use CG/RV park showers.

We really considered a 2015 16' Bambi for #2, but we would have added on the front stone guards and the rear fender. They can do this at the dealership for an extra charge. These are not standard on the Sport. They are on the 19' Flying Cloud.

The separate shower in the 19' is an advantage, but you probably want to have full hook-ups or just a night or two stay to shower, because the gray water tank still isn't gigantic. You also get some more kitchen space, but no more counter space.

Hygiene requires extra attention in the sixteener, with just the one sink. We solved the problem with packets of baby wipes in the wet bath, and just cleaning out the one sink with a Lysol wipe & water post-tooth brushing and prior to dish-washing.

Our truck has a canopy (topper) which provides a huge amount of storage space, so we don't require much inside the Bambi.

We appreciate the bigger windows, front and back in both models. Your best view at a campground is often out your back window.

We didn't have any particular issue with towels. We don't store much under the dinette. Both units come with a folding door near the rear to provide extra privacy for whoever wants it.
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Len and Jeanne
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Just a word on the waste water tanks.

The diagnostic panel is your friend. We checked it a lot on the 16' Bambi. Once we actually did overflow the waste water tank, which was fairly awful. It backs up into the loo through the floor drain. Fortunately nothing escaped from the cubicle. Jeanne cleaned it up while Len looked on and supervised.

After that experience we bought one of those portable blue plastic waste disposal tanks on wheels. (aka the Biffy Box.) We've never had to use it, but on long stays in one site, it's in the truck as a back-up. Generally in a campground or RV park, we would use their facilities during the day, and save the on-board toilet for night-time or emergency (!) use.

Also, we became adept at not adding unnecessary gray water down the drain. We enjoy off-grid desert camping, where conserving fresh water and waste-water tank space are parallel concerns. We wash dishes in a stackable rectangular plastic tub, and discard the water outdoors. (In a sanitary way, of course.)

Water-conserving showering is possible through the system of (1) positioning two plastic tubs in the west bath/shower area to catch most of the water. Take a cup in with you for scooping it out and hair rinsing. (2) getting wet, then turning off the water, (3) soaping up, (4) rinsing, including with any clean captured water. I wouldn't worry about it in an RV park with full hook-ups, naturally. In an absolutely private back-to-nature setting, you can also use the outdoor shower.

Where there's a will, there's a way. We never found the 16' Bambi cramped, and when we had it we camped with a medium-size dog, as well.
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All good thoughts and opinions! There really is a lot to consider, as I'm sure you've seen with the responses. Water/waste capacity, bed size, storage, campsite size. These are all issues to think about in addition to the bath. Your intended use will answer some of the questions, but even that may change as you start using your trailer.

Go and sit in all the models you'd consider. Some folks are happy with their 16', but most people do move up in size. I think if we'd bought a 22' originally, it would have prolonged our desire to upgrade.

Good luck!
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Thank you all for the responses. You have given us many items to consider
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BK, I've got a 91 Ford Explorer with the v6 engine I use to pull our 25' AS with thru the SE and have made trips thru the Smokey's several times. Like some say, you may be slowed down on the major hills I always made it and never had any issues with handling. 19' to a 25' are good sizes to us.
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Streamracer- thanks for the insight. 85% of our usage will be inside GSMNP and surrounding public lands. I was concerned about the towing up such inclines.
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Originally Posted by BKHall View Post
Streamracer- thanks for the insight. 85% of our usage will be inside GSMNP and surrounding public lands. I was concerned about the towing up such inclines.
Generally the thing to be concerned about is going down, and handling in wind where the vehicle gets pushed around. Your Tacoma (along with most modern vehicles) makes as much horsepower as an F350 diesel did in 2000. While you may need to dip into the throttle some, up is not going to be a problem.

If you have the factory tow package you should be just fine with the 16 or 22 sport, the 19 FC is also OK and nominally you can even tow the 20 FC but you would be close to the limit on the hitch weight with water and gear.

Without the tow package your only option is the 16 because the hitch weight is only rated @ 350lbs.
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We have the 16'. First off, we don't change in the bathroom. So, we generally do two things there. The shower has never been a problem. We don't wipe it down after, it just dries on its own. We leave the curtains open to dry and it's all good within a few hours. Moving around isn't a problem either. We keep the dinette down all the time and use it as a lounge with extra pillows. This way, underneath becomes a place to put buckets/baskets of misc for the trip. Hopefully we will be eating outside but if not, we use folding tv bed trays. It's amazing how much bigger the interior is with the table down. It also makes it cozy to read, chill. We've had great storage ideas and organizing options for the closet. We have two bath towels which are enough to for us. Extra small ones are stored in the cabinets. We've never had any issues with the tanks , we schedule our time at the dump. We have been out for close to two weeks with bikes and haven had problems. Ours is a 2012 with the door facing the exterior door, so sometime we just enjoy our view...

Our friends have the 19' and having the extra sink would good when one of you have contacts but it hasn't been an issue. And not having an oven is not a problem! Our microwave is a storage box and I imaging that an oven would be the same most of the time.

Sorry I got off bathroom topic. The wet bath is not an issue for us. We are smaller but my knees still hit the door when it is shut all the way.

I think the 16 can't be compared with anything. It's in class by itself with its own mindset. It's small. Period. And really cool.
And, most importantly, you really have to love the person you share it with. No room for arguing! <3
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4.0L towing capacity is not really big, so I'd rather put a smaller bats just to reduce the weight. This may also result in a better mileage.
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Len and Jeanne
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BAAMbi7, we agree that that the 16' is fine for us gung-ho campers.

I note that you live in Arizona, where your air is normally really warm dry. In more humid and northerly places, drying out the interior can be a problem. We just camped in a provincial park in BC, where the weather was clear, but with cool days and cold nights, it was not possible to keep all the condensation out or dry out anything wet.

This is a work-around, but something for people to consider.

The main advantage of sink #2 is hygiene. One sink does for all kinds of post-potty hand-washing, teeth-brushing, and dish washing. We solved the problem in Bambi I by frequent use of baby wipes in the loo and Lysol wipes to clean out the sink frequently, notably prior to dish-washing. We also wash larger loads of dishes in a stackable plastic tub, especially where we can throw out the water outside.

Either way, small is beautiful. Especially when it is aluminum.

Either way, be prepared for lots of questions about your petite Airstream during your travels. They do attract attention.
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Originally Posted by BAAMbi7 View Post
We have the 16'.

I think the 16 can't be compared with anything. It's in class by itself with its own mindset. It's small. Period. 3

This sums it all up. As a long time 16 owner, couldn't agree more.

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I pull a 20 foot Airstream with my 2012 Dual-cab 4.0 liter, and it's great... until you get to the mountains. The brakes are great, and the truck controls the trailer just fine, but the naturally aspired V6 is underpowered at altitude. I've been through mountain passes with it, but at 9,000 feet going up all I could muster was 27 mph with my foot to the floor in 1st gear.

Here in the midwest, and in my trips to Florida, it's been fine, so don't count out the 20' model, much less the 19, which is slightly lighter.
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Hope I'm not too late with my input. We are seriously considering full-timing with our 16'. We're both smallish and the wet bath works great for us if we have full hook-ups. Husband wipes it down with a used bath towel after we're done. We like the bed setup on the 16'. We've been towing with an '03 4L Ranger with no issues. Slow uphill in lower gears and slow going downhill in lower gears to save breaks. About to upgrade to a F 150 for 2 main reasons. The wider TV so we can see what's behind us and more fuel capacity so we don't have to fuel up every 200 miles.
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Len and Jeanne
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Full-timing in a 16' Bambi? Happy trails to you!

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