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Buying an Airstream is much like buying a car, it's for the most part an emotional decision. We bought ours in 2013 and I still get pleasure looking, spending time and traveling with it. We can't imagine ourselves with another brand.
Sure there were some issues, after all they are hand built. We usually made an enjoyable trip of it and took it back to JC for warranty work. Never any issues having things taken care of there.

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Both new, 2014 FC 25 and 2015 Classic. Minor problems with each, none of which weren't easily fixed. Happy Camper. Remember, everything you read on the internet is absolutely 100% real factual court room truth....NOT.

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Fit and finish only

After spending a fortune on an Airstream, one would expect it to be perfect. It's not. But then maybe nothing is.

In our experience, there have been some malfunctions and some warranty-covered issues that are annoying, but for overall safety, hauling, comfort, etc, we are quite pleased.

To me, the problem is that the engineers don't talk to the shop or to their wives. Or their customers, apparently.

Perhaps the money saved in quality assurance is made up by a fantastic warranty and repair staff at JC. That has been our experience.

We were comforted as well that our family members who have bought Class ones and fifth wheel units have also complained about their products. So we are not alone.

If I ran Thor Industries....

Truly, expect that there will be problems and you will not be disappointed.

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Class ones?
Would that be Class A motorhome?
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Do not be dismayed and pursue your dream. As others have said Airstream is a great product. We have owned many makes of trailers over the years and our Airstream is by far the best. It says a lot about a trailer when you have this many fanatics with such a wide range of interests not to mention the durability of the vintage trailers and the modern trailers. You will love your new trailer. We all have maintenance issues that arise, just like raising a family. It is nevever complete, but always rewarding. I have much more fun working on my Airstream than I do working around the house or yard. Dive in!
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When my wife and I decided that we wanted a small RV, we looked at several, all on the Mercedes chassis. None came close to the Airstream in terms of fit and finish. But one of the first sales guys I talked to was very honest--I asked him if the build quality would ensure low maintenance, and he honestly replied "Take the maintenance of your house, its systems, and a luxury car, add them all together and that's what you can expect". Said another way, if you expect to drive around a small house, expect maintenance commensurate with that activity. We've had very few problems in the course of two years of ownership, but there have been a few--none serious, and mostly due to pilot error/learning curve. But I'm smarter now, and nothing really "scares" me anymore. I'm confident that the systems installed are the best that money can buy, and I'm prepared to handle it. I don't have a dealer within 300 miles, so I'm on my own. Jackson Center has been helpful with information and help as required. Try that with another brand.
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Airstream has been in business for more than 80yrs because they build a good product. Take a look around during the last 30 or 40 yrs there have been so many RV manufactures start up and flake out or get bought out by another company and then flake out due to poor sales or a bad economy . We camp with many families who have other than Airstream and they ALL have many more issues of poor design / workmanship than we have had with our Airstream. Nothing is perfect no matter how much you pay! We have had our 2012 27ft Eddie Bauer since it was new and have had ZERO issues. IF YOU WANNA PLAY YOU GOTTA PAY
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Currently Looking...
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We've had three Airstream Trailers in the past fifteen years. Quality has generally been excellent. A couple of hiccups here and there but nothing that couldn't be reasonably remedied within the warranty period.

Four quality and workmanship issues have caught my eye on our new 2017 25FB International Serenity. 1.)The small wooden blocks that act as the interface between the bed frame and air struts that enable one to lift the bed and allow access to the storage area, were stapled on and immediate pulled off when we lifted the bed. I screwed them both to the frame. 2.) The aluminum angle iron frames around the upper cabinets and bathroom window have poorly matched mitered corners, sharp edges and unsightly. 3.) Faulty fuse holder on the electric jack (bad batch from Atwood). 4.) Reverse polarity on the ZAMP charge port (bad batch from ZAMP).

On the positive side, our new 2017 25FB International Serenity shows that Airstream has responded to customer wants and needs. In contrast to our 2014 23D International, the 2017 has ducted air conditioning, lots of usb ports (but no 12volt cigarette lighter style ports), cushy vinyl flooring, deep battery box to accommodate 6 volt AGM batteries, solar combiner box on the roof, mushroom style TV antenna, portable ZAMP solar panel quick connect port on battery box, upgraded aluminum external steps, digital voltage and tank readout panel, much quite water pump operation, denser foam in dinette and lounge cushions, plastic-dip like material on the bumper ends, rain proof plastic cover on the Atwood electric jack, black paint on the front A-frame instead of that model year's secret gray formula, better seal on the water heater cover interface, and probably a few other things that I haven't yet noticed.

Electric vs manual awning. Our 2017 was ordered with a manual awning (instead of the now standard electric ones) by someone who opted out of the trailer due to health reasons. We were all set to order the exact trailer with the the same manual main awning. Two of our traveling companions had their electric awnings fail while on the road. It took hours to retract one of the awnings. The other had been to the shop many times without finding a solution.
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You got that right, even if you get what you think is a GREAT deal I believe the dealer still made money. Most of the time they are making some where from 3-5K per unit, more or less, depending on many units they sell yearly.. Just like car dealers the larger dealers get better "deals" from the manf with a lower price point invoice.

If you get a good deal and the dealer puts you on the bottom of the service list... FIND another dealer.

For every person that buys a unit at 25% or better below MSRP there are 2 that buy at 10% under MSRP so it all balances out.

If you check the classified section you see several 14, 15 16's for sale and soon 17s that someone is wanting to trade up or get out of.

buy new if you like but for me I got used and saved BIG money..

Originally Posted by Boxite View Post
I'm appalled at that advice. "Be sure the dealer makes a nice profit" is unworthy of belief. Any AS dealer who's been in business for more than a year or two selling AS's knows how to make money. That should NOT be a concern of any buyer. A seller knows what his margin is and is not going to take any injury with the mindset he can make up low margin by refusing to provide after-the-sale service. Any warranty work is ALSO A PROFITABLE activity for a dealer, as he is paid by the factory for his labor. Additionally, that weak advice presumes that the buyer is either purchasing a troublesome product which will require difficult repairs the seller might not want to do.....or the dealer will refuse to perform his obligations to prepare the delivery and complete the sale.
Horsefeathers! Any dealer in AS's will want to preserve his reputation for follow up business and referrals by the buyer. It's called Economics/Marketing 101.
Gonzo, WELCOME to the tribe of AS owners. Keep in mind that most folks come here to the forums to seek info on mx and operations, and all such forums of this type have a cadre of whiners and complainers. The Airstream product is the best on the market.... period.
I personally do not wish to take the depreciation of pulling one off the showroom floor, but if that's your preference.... then as the buyer you get to choose. So many people new to RV-ing buy and shortly upgrade/upsize/downgrade/downsize to fit their needs that many sell slightly used units at bargain-prices compared to new units. I'm one of those who prefer to let someone else take the "hickey" and work out the "kinks" in new equipment. I bought a barely/lightly-used unit 5 years old for about 40% less than the original owner paid. After a year and a half, I have turned down offers more than I paid for it and it's not for sale!
Yes, I found a few weak points and I fixed them. And I modified a few things to better serve my needs. I found that the AS is indeed a better unit and worth the price of entry than other brands. I plan to keep it until I cannot camp anymore and then pass it to the kids or sell it and get my money back. I fully expect to take no loss if I maintain it.
Hope this helps.
Carl, Raleigh NC
2-24-16 got a 2005 Classic 31D check it out for good rental deals
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I find the vast majority of AS owners to be happy campers. Hmmm. Pun intended.

I am on my second AS. 2015 25FB flying cloud and now a 2017 30 International Serenity. When you look at all the hand work and craftsmanship that goes into these TT it boggles the mind. Most people have few if any problems. I have had 3 issues with the 30 Intnl and I'll be taking it back for some warranty work soon. It's really like building a home and addressing the punch list with the builder. AS cares about their Reputation and they want to keep people's loyalty. Most people who have buyers remorse would have been unhappy with any other brand. Most AS owners are very enthusiastic and they tend to stick together in a tight knit group. Being handy is probably a plus with any camper or for that matter a plus for anyone who owns a home.

May we all be Happy Campers!
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There is a 100% perfect Airstream. Have the folks at Timeless Travel in Denver buy a shell from AS based on the model you want, have them custom build the rest of it and I would almost guarantee it would leave Timeless absolutely perfect. Of course the first pothole might make a difference. The Timeless price would be PRICELESS.

The same complaints of quality can be found on every travel trailer and motorhome forum on the web. Shoot not even home built by standard builders are perfect and the landscape on the internet is littered with builder complaints.

My Airstreams have been just fine. 100% perfect, no, but they weren't built by the few perfect people who have walked on earth....
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Stay CazuaL
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Very valid concern.

I work in the AV industry and design them for high end homes (worth around $10m and up). If you are comparing that higher end means flawless, then I haven't seen it. Premium means premium parts. Quality of the build by man will always have flaws especially when it comes to production lines of products.

AS uses high grade aluminum which cost more.

I had issues with mine as well. I am no exceptions. AS dealer took care of every single one.

However, every RV dealer I have seen when I went to an RV show has always told me AS is always built better than most. So if AS has these issues, then I am concerned for the other brands.

One last thing, and this is superficial, AS carry weight like a Rolls Royce. I am not saying it is one, but when someone says Rolls Royce, it carries a certain weight.

But AS is something I will always stick by, I plan on upgrading to the 28ft soon.
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Raised almost in an old mid 50s A$

I understand your concern. But I feel the long term issues with all the other trailer companies is a small price to pay for a newer one with a few bugs to have fixed under warranty.

What percent of 40+ year stick and staple trailers are still on the road? Not many at best 3% where old A$ are most likely around 40%

As a young boy I had an uncle with a mid 50s model A$, don't remember the badge for the name but it had a lot of windows along one side and a single axle.
He was the head of a boy scout group and pulled that old trailer 10,000 miles a year with no issues I can remember. He always commented that if you would put wings on that old A$, it could fly.

Well, we wanted a camping trailer to tag along with our family to the local lakes with a few long distance trips per year. We felt we could not afford a real A$ so settled for a stick and staple 5th wheel . I knew when I got it there was a rear corner that showed some cracks in the sealant but felt it was not a big deal to fix. We took it to our local lake a few trips and wasn't till we pulled it 500 miles we saw some major problems.

The siding would come unlocked after a day on the highway, and then next day I adjusted my mirrors to see the whole side of our camper flapping in the road wind. The entire corner was so loose I could pass a loaf of bread out the back of the camper if I pushed on the wall.

Back home I started to pull staples and siding till I got into the body framework. I was shocked to see none of the timbers was joint fitted but square cut and held together with 6 long staples. Most of the lower body wood was black and rotted.

What I found out was at the factory from day one they forgot to hook up the AC drain tube so all the AC water filled the lower walls and rotted all the wood. It was a mess and took me most of a week to rebuild. The wood that was used in the camper frame was some super soft balsa type cheap wood that the staples would go into easy.

I got it rebuilt but when done searched for a buyer ASAP and we started our search for a real riveted body A$. We ended up with a 1972 Overlander in very poor condition but it was still solid.

Matter of fact, all the units inside after cleaning and some oil took off and worked like new again. I did have to replace both axles but found a supplier off this website and they bolted in easy.

There is just one spot in front of the trailer with a rotted hole about 4" around from a leak in the front windows. Other than that it is still as solid as it was made in 1972.

I understand that I am talking about old/new issue but the basics are still the same. A solid made riveted together trailer built like a battleship.

After seeing how cheap the new stick and staple wonder trailers are built, just makes mine so much nicer. Yes, some of the newer floor plans are wonderful to the tunnel like "submarine" of our old Overlander. But I still love the insight that was put into it from day one. That's my 2 cents worth if it helps. Sodbust
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There is not a better trailer out there.I wish they would read this forum and use it to improve upon their product.But it is what it is

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