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Aluminitus strikes again!!!!

Well now..... a fatal disease hits again...contemplating a 25' FB, SE, LS, $$$. Antbody care to illuminate on QC problems, design errors, whatever, before we "move up"? Have a 2005 22' CCD which will (must) go.
Thanks in advance.
Cheers, Jeff

PS eagerly awaiting info.....

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I know that I do not know anything about the newer models. Just wondering why you are considering "moving up" to a larger size?

Mrs. NorCal Bambi (traveling in S Tardis)

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This probably sounds absurd, but.....the bed in the 22 is just not big enough when you have a passle of cats sleeping with you. Also the wet bath has become an issue. We like to dry camp and take showers occassionly. Lived on a sailboat throughout the world for 13 years, so this was always an issue. I guess older means a few more comforts...or's all just nuts!!
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How many are in a passle?

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Would this be a passle of dogs?
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	dogbed.JPG
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Wally Byam Airstream Club 7513
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Yep, looks like a passle to me!!
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good choice


We are very happy with our 25FB/SE/LS with the queen bed option. The number one reason we decided on the floorplan was the option of having panorama windows both front and rear with a rear lounge and front bedroom with a queen bed. ( I know that is really more than one reason ) A very usable floorplan in a still managable length. Decent size fresh, gray and black water tanks have proven to be very helpful while dry camping.

Design flaws? Not really. QC problems? Not too many, nothing that couldnt be and wasnt fixed by Airstream at no cost to us in a reasonable time frame.

We have had ours since April this year and spent around fifty nights and traveled about 10,000 miles and still believe there is no better choice for us. No regrets.

Hope this helps.

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must be quite a passel of cats if they've negotiated their own Airstream, that's fer sure
Of course I'm an elitist. Look around you.
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Been there, done that

I did buy a 22ft CCD in 2005 and upgraded to a 25 ft Safari FB SE in 2006. So I've walked in the shoes you're getting ready to try on.

Here is my rundown. Be aware that there is a is a new 2007 27ft FB, and that while it comes in the Safari version, it's moved one more step toward the CCD by using the round lobster bowl sink - with a round end counter. As far as I can tell the 25 still has the two small sinks. If you're going to upgrade you should look at both the 25 and the 27. There is more counter space and a LOT more wardrobe space than the 25. The queen bed is not crossways, it's lengthwise - another plus for a couple. The 25 FB's queen is said to be a walkaround, but it's REALLY tight. Impossible if you have a hamper, etc. in the bedroom. I fulltime, so a bigger wardrobe might mean more to me than to you.

Irritants on the 25 FB SE Safari:
  1. Safari's have the dreaded plastic toilet! After the porcelain of the CCD it's a letdown. I'm sure you can get porcelain as an upgrade.
  2. the two small sinks as opposed to the lobster bowl sink in the CCD - I can't wash my biggest skillet or soup pot in the small sinks without splattering everywhere. That's a personal preference only. One big sink gives you marginally more counter space - I haven't found a decent place for a microwave in my 25 FB SE, yet I had room for one over the small refrigerator in the 22 CCD.
  3. I got the conventional oven in my 25, there is an option for a microwave/convection oven. Given the limited amount of counter space, this may be an important and worthwhile upgrade for you, but if you boondock doing without a propane oven may be difficult.
  4. I like the CCD sliders on the overhead cabinets just slightly better than the lift doors on the Safari and the more open, lighted cabinets. They make the space seem more open.
  5. I did have two or three of the overhead cabinet doors come open on my first trip out. There's a screw adjustment to the spring, so I just tightened them up and they've been fine ever since.
  6. The drawers in the bedroom fly open in the 25, as does the under seat drawer in the dinette. In the bedroom I added two magnetic clasps to each drawer, one on each side, below the rollers. The drawer cases are steel, so you don't have to install magnets on the back of the drawer front. I put a child proof drawer lock on the one under the seat. The kitchen drawers are OK so far.
  7. The kitchen drawers are narrow - and the top one is really too deep for a silverware drawer. I'd rather have the top one be divided into two shallow drawers. Eventually I'll try to install something to make that drawer have two levels - perhaps two sliders half way down on the inside of the box and a lightweight wooden or metal silverware drawer that's easily removable. I'd stow the less frequently used stuff like corkscrews and melon ballers under the everyday silverware.
  8. The pantry in the 25 needs to have at least one and possibly 2 more shelves.. Hold out for them in your purchase bargaining.
  9. You CAN get two Fantastic fans or one fan and one vent... but then you get the fan in the living area, and I'd really rather sleep under a fan in moderate weather than have the a/c running. I may treat myself to a second fan as a birthday present. (In the rare event that I'd have a guest in the bedroom after eating chili... well you get the picture.)
  10. The wardrobe on the 22ft CCD is much longer and wider than the combined two wardrobes in the 25. I wear dresses... a short wardrobe may not bother you, but it irritiates me.
  11. The shelf in the 22 wardrobe was recessed a couple of inches from the door. I hung a broom, my awning tool and the stabilizer tool on the inside of the door... Can't do that in the 25, until I take my sabre saw and cut the shelf back a couple of inches.
  12. Take your duty tube of sikaflex and put a couple of dabs in the lower outside corners of the shower door frame. It will leak until you do.
  13. You may not like the wet bath, but having used both, I prefer it to the separate bath on and shower on the 25.&nb3p; If you ever get the flu, you can throw up in the sink while remaining seated on the throne! The wet bath is also much easier to keep clean in my view.
  14. The damn mirror on the medicine cabinet is a menacekin the 25 FB SE. It's heavy and held up by inadequate hinges. The right side hinge failed on mine when I went to Pennsylvania. I made an emergency repair with velcro to hold it in place until I got back to Virginia, then had to disassemble the whole thing to put a new hinge pin in. The original hinge had a rivet as the pivot point. I put a screw through the hole and into the wall.... a lot more solid. I left the velcro on and I'll give the mirror an extra push to engage it when I travel.
I think the 27 ft FB may come in both CCD and Safari models though I don't currently see a CCD on ( I think I did see one there at one time.

Stuff I really LIKE in the 25 FB...
  1. the dinette across the rear is much roomier than the side one on the 22 CCD. The cushions (though they do grab the fabric on your clothing) are more comfortable to sit on and especially to sleep on in the 25. When watching TV, there are two back cushions on the seats. Take the second one out and lean back.
  2. Socializing - the 25 FB is set up to be a perfect place for up to 6-8 people to sit and chat and share an adult beverage or two.
  3. The door - the only airstream without the suicide door - you can forget to lock it and still travel safely.
  4. The slide out pantry is great.
  5. The air conditioner is also a heat pump and there's a single control that runs it and the furnace.
  6. the light switches are bigger - you can turn out the lights in the bedroom with a well placed toe!
  7. They've mixed in some well placed incandescent lighting with the CCD style fixtures, over the dinette and the kitchen counter.
  8. The exterior step light is a lifesaver and it's not bright enough to bother the neighbors.
  9. The outside shower comes in handy only occasionally - but If I had a dog or husband I'd probably REALLY like it.
  10. The bigger fridge is a definite plus.
  11. I did NOT get the wraparound windows in the bedroom, and I like that better than the CCD. You want it dark if you ever sleep in the day. The vent over the bed is a problem if you want to sleep so be prepared to get a piece of foam to block it if needed. If you have a fantastic fan in the bedroom, the darker cover is a real plus.
Paula Ford
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Do you have a photo of your passel of cats?
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We have a 2005 25' LS FB. We have spent about 40 nights in it and are finding it very adequate for two people. We bought this model because it is the smallest Airstream that had what we consider the two most inportant features: 1. the queen size bed and 2. the large refer with separate freezer. We like having the separate shower; it makes the morning run more smoothly. We do not have the SE with the wraparound front and rear windows. We prefer the smaller windows for two reasons: 1. they give the trailer morw of a "Vintage Airstream " look and 2. they make it easier to deal with interior light. Even with the smaller window in the bedroom we have had to make sun blocker out of one of those silver windshield deflectors to control the morning light in the bedroom. We also have to block the bedroom ceiling vent with some of the silver stuff. As a matter of fact, we have made covers for all of the windows out of that silver material; it works great when the trailer is stored.

As for a microwave, we have one installed on top of the stove burner cover. It is held in place by two of those little TV securing straps from Camping World. This makes it easily removable to use the burners. We are considering building a custom cabinet for the microve and toaster oven by removing part of the cushions next to the fridge. We like the separate SS kitchen sinks. We use one to wash and the other with a drain basket in it.

The only QC problem that we have had is the monitor panel for the holding tanks, etc. We have been too busy traveling to get it attended to, and we are managing to get by without it.

The bottom line is that we love our girl, Lucy, and she is a perfect fit for us.
SuEllyn & Brian McCabe
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This is a passel. Just got back from New York and trying to unpack. You can see how successful this is. I even have a cat on the suitcase.
Attached Thumbnails
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Cat city

Juel, I sympathize with you re your passle. Now throw them and 2 adults on a 48' wide bed and I think you all get the picture. Yes, our "little furry children" rule, don't they?
Thanks Paula, for the detailed list. I'll take that into consideration when we go to the mats. We have spent 42 nights and 8000 miles so far this year in the pod. It sometimes takes "real time" living to get it all sorted out, doesn't it? The 25 is the limit due to weight and capacity of the TV (17000 GCVWR).The van weighs in at just under 9000 when loaded, full!!!
Thanks for all the info, and keep it coming.

Cheers, Jeff
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clay-- the only advice I would give is that if you error , error on the large side as any will get smaller with use. started with an 04 /16'ccd bambi then 05/25'classic, now 06/30'classic. one more axle and 4 more feet to go.

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