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Pullrite info

I'm interested to hear from folks WHO HAVE USED a Pulrite, Any one out there? good or bad reports welcome, Thanks in advance Tim


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thats a lot of stuff to take in, i need a day or two to take this in. thanks.

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Originally Posted by TIMETOGO
thats a lot of stuff to take in, i need a day or two to take this in. thanks.
hi timetogo...

sure it is, and take your time. it is an important issue.

when a question arrises, we'll be here...

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Test Drive?

Maybe when you get on the haha forum, when one of the haha owners/users responds to your post, they will offr you the chance to come over and test drive one!!!!!!?

On second thought,......nah, probly not!
just a thought
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Robertsunrus says Quote:: The elite will tell you to buy a Ha Ha. [Hensley Arrow] Spend the bucks, you can't go wrong.

Bob ; I fail to understand why understand why those of us who purchased a haha are called "elite". We each buy what we feel is the best for our needs. The purchase of this hitch will require me to do without some things for the next few months, thus I hardly think I fall into the elite catagory. While the hitch may be concidered elite by some, not every purchaser is.
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Originally Posted by Mike Lewis
Bob ; I fail to understand why understand why those of us who purchased a haha are called "elite".
let me see if I can explain it:


If a $3k price tag doesn't make you go ...then you're "elite".

doesn't make you a bad person, though!

same thing can be said for "airstreamers" in general. they're expensive trailers. good, but expensive.
So good, in fact, that there are so many of them around for such a long time, there are many perfectly good one's on the market for the price that some might pay for a hitch.
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There are indeed folks who have gone from the HA to other hitches. They found that its quirks make other options more reasonable.

Don't confuse load leveling with sway control.

The most common friction bar type sway control is inexpensive and works well for a lot of folks.

A step up is the Equal-i-zer or the Reese Dual Cam sway control. These are about equivalent in performance and usually considered much better than a friction bar. Blue Ox has a hitch very similar to the Equal-i-zer that fits in this class, too.

The top end for sway control is either the Pullrite or the HA. Their advantage is that they use geometry rather than damping. They move the pivot point forward so the sway effect on the tow vehicle is more like that of a fifth wheel than a travel trailer. The Pullrite has fewer quirks than the HA but both seem to keep their users quite happy.

If your tow vehicle has a short distance from rear axle to trailer ball, you should not need much if any sway control, especially with a heavy duty tow vehicle designed for towing and loads. You might not need load leveling, either.

The latest VAP podcast has a Reese Rep on hitching - not too bad and only a bit of Reese sales hype. theVAP - The Vintage Airstream Podcast Interesting how he handles the brake controller liability risk, too.

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I know it's reported to be good, but $3K?

I haven't seen one closeup, but what is their market share---must be small.

So that means that thousands use other brands and travel fine.

What's interesting to me is I don't see much talk here about "air bags" on the rear axle.
I have seen a fair amount of info online how they help smooth things out.

Anyone here have experience with them?
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Originally Posted by Lipets
What's interesting to me is I don't see much talk here about "air bags" on the rear axle.
I have seen a fair amount of info online how they help smooth things out.

Anyone here have experience with them?
If you are talking about the booster-type air bags, it is generally not considered a good idea, because the same amount of weight is still on the rear axle, and the same amount of weight has been lifted off the front axle. It is just masked by the rear axle being raised back to normal operating level.
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I have seen a number of posts knocking the Hensley Arrow because of its cost. I haven't seen any posts that berate those who choose to spend the same amount to have a disc brake conversion done on their Airstream. Are not these people also fools for spending that much money to feel safe?

This issue always seems to arise when someone new to the Forums asks an innocent question about towing or sway. A number of Hensley owners (myself included) usually respond with our information on and our experience with towing with the Hensley Arrow.

I have never seen one of the Hensley owners berate any of the other brands or their owners. I have seen some other brand owners tout their brand and insinuate that Hensley owners are stupid for spending that much money on a hitch.

What I thought we were trying to do here is to give the new person the benefit of our experience as it applies to Airstreams and related issues.

The Hensley works for me. The confidence and control that it affords me is worth the price. If someone else feels that their system is better, by all means inpart that information, but do it without negative editorial comments.
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air bags from Airlift site

Am I reading this wrong?

If towing or hauling is a bouncing, swaying “thrill ride”… if you’re concerned about safety when your vehicle is loaded… if you and your passengers could use a little more comfort in that nice ride of yours… maybe it’s time to “add air”!

Factory suspensions must compromise between ride comfort and load hauling capacity. Smooth ride suspensions can’t carry heavy loads; heavy springs ride rough, especially when the vehicle is unloaded. Air adjustable springs solve these problems and give a safe, comfortable ride under all load and road conditions. Just add air for a muscular suspension when towing or hauling a heavy load; remove it for a softer ride when the load is removed.

Air is better than steel!
Sure, you can add steel helper springs to help handle your trailer or heavy load. The trouble is, if you use an “extra leaf” steel spring, that “extra” spring rate is always there, whether you’re loaded or not! Using a non-contact or “overload” steel spring sounds better… but it only engages when your vehicle sags enough to make contact! Does that make sense? And rough roads will give you sharp “spikes” of extra spring rate, in other words, rough ride. Who wants that? Maybe your Main Passenger doesn’t like that rough ride and maybe you’d even like a little more comfort when you’re riding light. Air adjustability is the key!

Air suspension is all we do. You can’t buy a better air spring!

The benefits of Air Lift air springs:
• Air Lift exclusive! Guaranteed non-corrosive high-strength reinforced composite Zytel® endplates!
• Air Lift exclusive! Shur-grip crimp ring, extra-strong steel for long, trouble-free life
• Your air springs will never come apart! We back up our bags with a free lifetime air spring replacement warranty for failures resulting from endplate or crimp failure. If the spring comes apart, we’ll replace it, no charge, no hassle. Just contact your dealer or call Air Lift at 1-800-248-0892. See additional warranty details above.
• Bags built with superior reinforced natural rubber or tough molded polyurethane (see the individual kit descriptions for details).
• State-of-the-art, easy to connect engineered polymer air fittings.

Put an end to these common problems:
• Sag: Proper weight distribution to all the tires improves steering, braking and tire wear. Especially important when towing; adjust the air springs to accept the tongue weight of your trailer.
Sway and body roll: Air springs increase spring rate and vastly improve vehicle stability. Less roll and sway means a safer, more comfortable ride!
• Bottoming outt: Air Lift springs restore normal ride height when heavily loaded or towing, reducing suspension wear, eliminating “crashing” on bumps.
Trailer sway: Air Lift permits precise vehicle height adjustment for exact alignment… and no more trailer sway!
• Headlight aim: Only level and stable vehicles provide safe and proper headlight aiming, critical for night driving safety.
• Rough ride: Air Lift’s “progressive” spring rate soaks up bumps, keeping tires on the road for better handling. Your passengers will love the difference!
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Decision is yours to make after doing research

One responder says your elite if you purchase a Hensley - that's BS. The Hensley performs as advertised and is a reasonable purchase.
Another responder suggest you ask a forum member to test drive their Hensley and see the response you get. You don't have to. A Hensley purchase is satisfaction garanteed and can be returned within a specified time period, when I bought mine it was 60 days. That way you can really test it on your own setup.
During your research, Hensley should be considered.
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I don't own a Hensley (yet), but got their sales DVD and booklet. I also got the same from Equal-I-Zer. And, I have a Reese Dual Cam setup.

Behind my 4-door long bed Dodge, the Reese pulls my Excella just fine. In fact, I've towed it just on the ball and it did just fine there too.

The Equal-I-Zer looks simpler to hook up than the Reese.

But looking at it from an engineering standpoint, hands down the Hensley is the cat's meow. What they did was very similar to what you do when setting up a sports car suspension using double wishbones. In the sports car, you make the A-arms non-parallel and thus you project the roll center of the car actually below the road surface. That makes for a very flat cornering car. In Hensley's case, the rotated this arrangment 90 degrees, and they project the "turn center" up by the pumpkin, so it acts like a 5th wheel. It's spectacular engineering. Very smart. And when going forward, it works superbly, and reliably, all the time, because its based off the very geometry. From what I can see, the only downsides are (A) when backing up it'd want to flop over to one side because its basically unstable going backwards, but you don't care because you're going at half walking speed, and (B) it's really heavy. Oh yeah, (C) it costs a lot. But, (A) and (B) are not that big a deal, and if you can handle (C), then by all means.

I'm wondering why somebody doesn't just incorporate something like the Hensley right into the design of the tongue itself. Forget having a separate hitch attached to a ball clamp. Just build the tongue of the trailer itself to be like a HA and just have the stinger and bars coming off the trailer itself as one integrated unit. I might consider such a thing for my new frame

Any of the three are good though.

Best of luck!
- Jim
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Battle of the hitches?

Hi, Usually anyone who purchases the most expensive, anything, would be considered Elite. If you have a Ha Ha, being called Elite should be a compliment. Thank You. Sorry if this compliment insulted you Mike.
My position is, since my Equal-i-zer came free with the purchase of my trailer and works perfectly fine, I have no need to change. Is it only the money? No; I paid cash for my Navigator and I paid cash for my Airstream and if I decided to buy a Ha Ha, I would pay cash for that too.
If the Ha Ha or changeing to disc brakes gives you peace of mind, Do it! And please don't trash those brand new drum brake take offs. UPS those to my new address, after I retire, in maybe six months. I will, use them when I need new brakes on my Safari.
My Navigator has rear air suspension. Does it ride soft? No, but a little softer than coil springs. And pumps itself back up to normal ride height.

These are my opinions and that is what this forum is about. I am not condeming anyone who's opinions are different than mine. Just trying to help inquireing minds.


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