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1996 25' Excella
Tillsonburg , Ontario
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I consistently get 10 -12 US MPG on my Dakota 4.7; 3.55 rear end. Same mileage I got on my old 350 Jimmy; same HP sl more torque. Big difference is 17-21 hwy vs 14-15 hwy on the Jimmy. Some of the newer GM 6 cyl SUVs are getting 12-14 towing. Haven't read any posts that do much better than that with a gas engine.

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Originally Posted by wbrisett View Post
One thing so far missing from most of these reports is what that gearing is on their tow vehicle. As you mention, this can play significantly into MPG. One of the reasons I have the vehicle I have now is because when I initially purchased a ½ ton pickup I needed it for the bed but was going to use it as a daily driver too, so I made MPG my main goal (fuel was still in the $3+ range at the time). Unfortunately for me, I realized the minute we bought our first camper that I was in trouble. Pulling it home from the dealership, the truck was struggling and my initial thought was the V6 engine was the culprit. I was able to use the vin on RAM's website to determine the max towing and when it pulled up the configuration, I realized that the truck had the lower gearing which maximized the MPG, but cut the towing significantly.

I ended up buying a different pickup that happily hauled the 'big' Aliner I had and gave me 14-16 MPG consistently with or without hills. However, with the Airstream, I'm really struggling to get more than 10-12 MPG consistently. Driving to and from Lubbock/Amarillo where the winds tend to be pretty strong, I drop to 8-10 MPG. Which now has me thinking I might be better off looking at diesels. The only question is which one. I keep looking and there isn't a clear winner. Looking at this thread I was hoping it would help more, but few people are putting in enough details to really help others determine what configurations are getting what. Putting in the gear ratio would go a long way into this... fuel sites (like fuelly) can only tell you so much as well because you don't have a clue are they towing? Or are they running empty? So many factors play into these MPG figures, but more information about TV configuration I think would be helpful.

Vehicle spec matters most.

Second is climate

Third is terrain

Fourth is driver skill.

Among pro drivers the difference where all other factors are exactly the same, is 30%.

One must relate all the above. And then the average speed. Not the chosen cruise speed, but the actual engine run time versus distance. Only then does the picture become clear.

It's a given that vehicle owners push the thing harder than needed. Can't separate needs and desires. Driving remains forever under the command of that long-ago teenager. Addressing this gains the most efficiency; the best use of power (which includes braking and steering).

Climbing a grade at 40-mph is no indictment of a vehicle. I do it on a weekly, even daily basis. Monday I'll hit The Gorge east of Asheville and expect to proceed two gears down at 37-39 mph on the ascent.

Losing 40% from the same trip solo is par for our combination rigs. 1966 or 2016. Trending down from there is applied skill. The mechanicals must be ideal (usually, lash up is poor, I see it weekly with AS owners) and then driving for best efficiency.


1990 35' Silver Streak Sterling; 9k GVWR.
2004 DODGE Cummins 305/555; 6-manual; 9k GVWR.
Hensley Arrow. 12-cpm solo, 19-cpm towing (fuel)
Sold: Silver Streak Model 3411
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Latest 3500 mile trip looks like we averaged a bit more than 13 mpg. We tried quite hard to find Shell V-power so we would have methanol free fuel.

Travel safe. Pat
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I get around 9.8mpg at just under 70 in my 2014 Ford Raptor screw pulling a 25FB Inrtnational.
2016 Serenity 25FB
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We get 11 mpg when pulling at 60-62 mph, when not 15 city and 25 highway.
We drag Mitzi a 2016 International Serenity 30 with Goodyear Endurance shoes, with an Equal-i-zer 1000 yanked around with a 2015 GMC Yukon XL SLT 4x4, 5.3L V8 ECOTEC3, 3.92 axle, 6-speed auto WBCCI #6111 AIR #107335

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I just upgraded from a ½ ton gas GMC which got around 10 MPG pulling my 23D, to a ¾ ton Diesel Chevy. On my first trip (around 1000 miles) pulling the 23D I ended up with 15.7 MPG average. I'm hoping that once the engine gets broken in, I'll end up around 17, but I'm happy with 15.7 really. The biggest advantage for us is the larger fuel tanks, thus longer range.
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07 dodge 4/4 auto 6.7 cumalong ,3.73 gears (. 6 speed auto is double overdrive). Coat to coast average is 12.5 mpg with the 13 31' classic...
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1978 31' Excella 500
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I get 15.5 mpg on my truck read out average. Truck is 2014 GMC 1500 gas.AS is 31' 1978.

"Women who behave rarely make history"
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2016 30' Classic
Apache Junction , Arizona
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Typically 12-13 when towing. Up to 18-19 when not towing. F250 diesel.
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Just checked our Ecodiesel overall mpg in 7700 miles since new, 24.9 mpg abut half of those miles towing our Airstream, some hauling lumber or pulling our utility trailer.
Doug and Cheryl
2012 FC RB, Michelin 16, ProPride 1400
2016 Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab 4X4 Ecodiesel 3.92 axles

The Truth is More Important Than the Facts
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2008 22' Sport
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I get about 18 mpg with my usual driving habits (lots and lots of driving in the Texas "hill" country and to/from Dallas from west of Austin.) This is in a 2012 Ram 1500 with a 6-speed trans, 4X4 crew-cab, small V8 (4.7L) and 3.92 rear end.
This truck was originally spec'd out for a fleet-buyer for work-crews to use around the DFW area, (super-duty cooling pkgs, skid-plate-protection for construction-sites, dual locking axles, towing-pkg, Ramboxes, cargo-protection and extra-tool-storage built-ins, H.D. flooring, higher-output alternator/electric and lighting, etc.) but I'm guessing he didn't savor the idea of workers "hot-rodding" around with a Hemi so he ordered the smaller engine I actually preferred at the time anyway,... however he took delivery of only a portion of the original order, therefore leaving the dealer with an attractively-priced, well-equipped "left-over" ... which seemed perfect for my planned use....daily driver for a year, then retirement on a ranch, visits with grandkids piled-in a crew-cab, and with only occasional, light towing. The popular Hemi-engine would be overkill for my tastes...or so I thought at the time. And I prefer gasoline over diesel for similar reason.

Having acquired the truck I liked, I then set about to customize it in small ways that further met my needs/preferences. These small changes cannot be simply "ordered" in a replacement-vehicle...they consist of truly personalized things that cause me to be "in love" with my current truck. Buying a completely different truck would require I perform all these little tricks over again, and I hate that thought.
Then along came a decision to get an Airstream a year later, and we've now taken 8 trips with it,...several short ones of a few hundred miles, and two longer ones of a couple thousand, one along the coast and the other up thru the mid-west hills. This has shown me that this engine is fine for level and gentle-hills Interstate, but marginal for the mountains.
I am not someone who is in the habit of changing vehicles every other year. I drive 'em until they're either totally worn-out or they're wrecked, I'll keep it awhile longer in the hopes it can do the job,...but I'm wondering about our plans to drag the AS out West and Northwest. We'll have to see.
Anyway... the thought I'd like to contribute is for those who've discovered their differential gearing is less-than-optimal. When I was in my young twenties I worked for a while for Houston-area Toyota dealerships as an engine and rear-axle specialist. This provokes me to encourage those who don't like their rear axles to don't think they've got to throw the baby out with the bath-water. For a few hundred dollars you can have a reputable shop change your pinion/ring gearing to one more appropriate for towing.
For towing, a rear axle ratio anywhere in the range of 3.92 towards 4.10 or 4.30 would likely make you a happy person, and that change can be done for less than $400. For those who've found themselves owning a non-locking rear axle, for a $1K you can change out the entire setup, and keep the rest of the vehicle you might already favor.
Unfortunately for me, I've got the right rear axle... I just might not have the right engine, which is not as simple, nor as inexpensive a change-out as it would have been back in the good-ol' Hot-Rod days, now that everything is so computerized. I'm hoping our first trips out-west don't end up with me disappointed in the truck I've so lovingly personalized.
BTW, this truck gives me 18 mpg generally, and about 12 mpg when towing the 'stream, most of the time around 65 mph. I'm OK with that.
Hope the comments are helpful.
2012 Ram 1500 Crew Cab 4.7L 4X4
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I have a F150 ecoboost 2011 vintage. super crew long box and max tow package. I drove 1500 miles from Kitchener to Denver. uphill all the way, and got 13.5 MPG at 58 MPH. I drove solo and picked up DW in Denver at the airport. Then we toured around Wyoming for 10 days and it averaged out to the same. The return trip, in spite of being downhill, brought the overall average down to 12 MPG. DW refused the 58 MPH and insisted on turning the wick up to 65. Amazing what a big factor wind resistance plays on milage.
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Pulling my FC 28, loaded for camping: best 400 mile average 13.8 @ 55; worst 400 mile average 11.8 @ 60.
2015 GMC Sierra 1500 6.2 liter; 8-speed. Max trailer tow package.
Best 400 mile average running empty: 23.8@60-65. Worst 400 mile average running empty: 20.8@75-80.
"Loaded" includes 450 lbs of people and dog; Honda EU2000i generator; 5 gallons of gas in the bed; satellite dish; propane grill; camp chairs; camp rug; chest with "out-of-season" clothes; boots box, 40 lb. toolbox, torque wrench;air compressor and miscellaneous cleaning supplies and rags. All that goes in the truck.
Premium (91 octane) fuel is specified, but I've run lower in a pinch.
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I have 25' EB and pulling it with 2016 3.2L diesel ford transit van. Have not towed a bunch yet but looks like I might get between 15 to 16 mpg. So far very pleased with overall performance.

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