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Originally Posted by sound-silver View Post
Ummmm, I'm pretty sure that Tekonsha recommends that their brake controller is mounted so that the unit is horizontal. Mine is in the pretty much the same spot, but a tad lower and it is mounted horizontally. Does your system operate OK? Your mount spot is slick.
It needs to be level side-to-side, but can be at an angle from -20 degrees nose down to 70 degrees nose up.

Take a look at this video from Tekonsha's website. They mount it at an angle under the dash.

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Also, the front-back centerline needs to be parallel with the center line of the vehicle.

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Originally Posted by Steamy1 View Post
It needs to be level side-to-side, but can be at an angle from -20 degrees nose down to 70 degrees nose up.

Take a look at this video from Tekonsha's website. They mount it at an angle under the dash.

Sorry; here is the link:
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Thanks Gene. I will pump up my tires a little more for towing.
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There are lots of photos and tips on brake controller installations in Tundras on We have a Prodigy mounted in the removable pocket adjacent to the TOW/HAUL button, and all the wires are inside the dash.

The Prodigy and P3 don't have to be mounted horizontally, and can be tilted quite a bit, although I don't recall the recommended maximum angle. Checkout the Tekonsha Web site for more info and/or to download the installation instructions for your specific Tekonsha brake controller.
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We just towed our new AS int 28' from Los Banos to the Bay Area this past weekend. for the guys that know the area, highway 152 coming up toward Gilroy has pretty steep grades. It pulled pretty well. At certain points the tranny needed to shift down to 3rd gear. We were averaging between 55 and 60 going up. We have Reese dual cam that the RV center set up. There was a little bit of bounce up and down. the guy put the second link on them. I am not too familiar with these so I will need to read up. My AS has 950lb tongue weight.
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2007 Crewmax Limited - 2008 Airstream 25 FB SE twin bed - Hensley Arrow


This is my first post on this particular forum. I need some advice regarding weight distribution and capacities for my Tundra-Hensley-25FB combination. Thanks in advance for any ideas/experiences you can share.

Here is what I have

2007 Crewmax Limited 2wd with hard tonneau cover
GVWR - 7,000
UVW - 5,415
GAWR - 3,900 (front axle)
GAWR - 4,150 (rear axle)
CCC - 1,585 (this is what I find in Toyota website not in door of truck)
Wheels - 20 Inch Wheels
Family - 4 people for a total of 690 lbs
Cargo - Roughly 300 lbs in bed of truck

2008 Airstream Safari SE 25 FB (twin beds)
GVWR - 7,300
UVW - 5,210
CCC - 1,241

Hensley Arrow Seetings
- Three holes showing in the spring bar
- Bars are tightened to the middle mark (of the three marks )
- Hensley sent me a towing bar with a 2-inch drop
-- We first had the towing bar on the normal position (i.e. droping height on the trailer side), but the trailer nose was pointing down and the Truck back was sagging. We talked to hensley and they asked me to reverse the bar. Now the trailer's tail is slightly tipping down but the truck's back is still sagging some (see picture here )

Results from CAT Scale
Family in car, truck bed loaded with about 250-300 lbs, TT propane gas full, truck's gas tank 1/2 full, water tanks in TT at 1/3 capacity.
Truck Front Axle - 2,940 lbs ( 22% of GCWR)
Truck Rear Axle - 4,560 lbs ( 35% of GCWR, exceeds GAWR for this axle )
Trailer - 5,460 lbs ( 43% of GCWR)
TOTAL - 12,960 lbs

My Conclussion
- I will never be able to meet the 33%, 33%, 33% balance (for front truck axle, rear truck axle, trailer axles respectively) as if I was to achieve that, the 12,960 GCWR would result in 4,320 lbs in each of the truck's axels, exceeding the GAWR for both of these and exceeding as well the 7,000 GVWR of the truck.
- The best I can hope for is perhaps 3,000 lbs and 4,000 lbs in the truck's front and rear axes respectively. This way I stay at the trucks GVWR limit of 7,000 lbs and within GAWR for each axle. This combination would yield a 23%, 30%, 47% distribution.

- How did you manage to stay within Tundra's payload, GVWR and GAWR numbers?
- What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks for your comments,
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Jose, if I understand your post, I think the error is that you are trying to balance all the load. A WD hitch should transfer part of the tongue weight to the tow vehicle's front axle, not part of the weight of the entire trailer.

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I have a 2007 Tundra extended cab and a 25' FB...use a load-leveler hitch and never look back...don't overthink it. 12,000 miles last summer and a bunch this summer.
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The Tundra is a great tow vehicle, but it is only 1/2 ton and so the limiting factor will be the GVWR of 7,000 lbs and the rear axle weight rating (GAWR). I think that you are wise in seeing how your actual weights compare to the manufacturers gross weight ratings. I am an engineer, so I don't think that it is a good idea to exceed manufacturers' ratings, but I also know that there are some safety allowances in setting the ratings. I hope to not exceed the rear GAWR, but if I do, I want to know about it, so I am aware of it and will make allowances for it in loading and possibly in driving even more defensively than I already do.

I am a little bothered by your numbers as you are 3,000 lbs under the GCWR of 16,000 lbs, yet have exceeded your rear GAWR by 410 lbs. I am not saying you are wrong, I am just bothered. Makes me wonder how many other trailer rigs rolling down the road are exceeding their weight ratings and yet are completely unaware of it. Being aware that we are exceeding the ratings is one thing but let us not stick our head in the sand.

The first thing I recommend is weighing the truck without the trailer, so you can determine your truck weight loaded. You need this to determine your tongue weight. Next, I would leave some stuff home that may be in the back of the truck bed that I don't really need or move it to the rear of the trailer to reduce the weight on the rear axle. Third I would travel with one propane tank empty and with very little fresh water. You can add water when you get to your destination and you don't use much propane unless you are running the furnace a lot.

I notice that your front axle weight is about 1,000 lbs under the rating. Maybe you can adjust your hitch to put more weight on the front axle.

Keep us posted.

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I have a 2005 Toyota 4.7l and a new 23' AS. After 4000 KM through the Rockies, all I can say is "ugh". On the flat its finem, but up any grade, much less mountain switchbacks it has to work very, very hard . This of course means lots of gas and slow speeds up grades - in the range of 25 mph.

Without a trailer attached, I loved the Tundra for is ride but with the trailer: It humps, bounces and walllows over anything less that a smoothly paved road.

I can't get OEM or aftermarket extendable mirrors to help me in traffic and the dealer has no answers to my questions about HD struts or aftermarklet spring add-ons to try and smooth things out...

I'm looking for a new tow vehicle. My Tundra is for sale.
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I have a 2010 Tundra, 5.7l, double cab, and tow package. We just returned from 3300 miles up and down the West coast pulling our new 20' Flying Cloud. It pulled great on the flat and through the passes. Mileage was usually in the 12-13 range (17 highway not towing). No problems.

We are new to AS, but so far so good.
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What is the tow rating with the 4.7l? I believe that was the largest engine available for that year. I also believe that year and model is a little light for the 6000 # GVWR of your trailer.

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Originally Posted by JDEJV View Post
...I need some advice regarding weight distribution and capacities for my Tundra-Hensley-25FB combination...

lots of good info jose' including the questions...

-staying within payload

simply put, if the tongue weight AND truck gear and people exceed the payload...

there is NOT an easy solution.

traveling without water doesn't solve that (in some trailers FULL water lowers tongue weight)...

and carrying water improves stability of the trailer, along with UTILITY of the trailer.

one can ADD another leaf spring or timbren bumpers or air bags.

these things don't RAISE the payload but do help car the extra load.

the 33%/33%/33% is largely OLD wisdom for the old days of car towing...

and primarily useful for SINGLE AXLE trailers towed by SOFTLY SPRUNG CARS...

trucks don't need that TOTAL equalizing since the bed IS meant to carry load.

the GOAL of w/d is to RESTORE FRONT AXLE LOADS to the UNhitched values, for steering control.

so the CAT scale info shows 2940 lb on the front,

but that figure is only useful AFTER knowing the UNhitched front axle load.

this is just a WAG and example but lets assume the front axle is 3300 lbs UNhitched....

the 2900 lb reading means MORE TENSION on the w/d jacks to move MORE load onto the front axle....

i suspect that the current adjustments are TOO LIGHT on the w/d bars.

with a 2wheel drive toy' truck the 2 inch drop MIGHT be correct

but with more tension to RAISE the connection.

we need to SEE the set up to guess at this

((or post the measurement of the receiver box HEIGHT unhitched))

((your pictures is NOT accessible so we cannot SEE the rig))

the a/s weight specs u posted are useful,

but you need to know the TONGUE weight (not the estimate provided by a/s)

carrying LESS lpgas won't help much

since the STEEL TANK is heavy even without 30 lbs of gas.

what w/d bars do you purchase for the haha?

they SHOULD be 1000 lb bars,

lesser rated bars will not allow enough tensioning...

to adequately REload the truck front axle with a 25 foot trailer tongue weight.

the issue with MOST 1/2 trucks is usually payload limitations

but most 25s can be set up to fit 1/2 trucks...

as long as the bed is not full o'rocks.

imo staying UNDER the gross COMBINED weight rating

is more important than the payload (IF the TIRES are adequate)


all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

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toyota tundra, tow vehicles

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