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Flying Cloud 27
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2015 27' Flying Cloud
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I tow my FC 27 with a 2015 Sequoia.....does a great job. Mileage is around 10.5 across flats and mountains.

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2005 25' Safari
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I have a 2002 Lexus LX 470 (land cruiser equivalent) with a tow capacity rated at 6,500 lbs). I pulled a 2005 25 ft Safari (5,200 lbs.) for a year or so with it. Most accurate description is that it would pull it ok, but not pull it well. RPMs at cruising speed of 65 mph usually around 3,200. Struggled a bit on mountain hills. I switched to a GMC half ton pickup, and it does a much better job, and cruising speed rpm around 1,800. I love my LX 470 and have kept it, but prefer to pull with the pickup. But would not hesitate to pull again with the 470 if I needed to.

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The OP is looking a 200-series so it has the benefit of the 5.7L tundra motor so power won't be an issue.

For those discussing the 100-series (98-2007) model, it's important to understand some of the significant milestones of the model and how that pertains to towing experience.

In regards to stability for the 100-series, all the experiences are relevant for that model as the architecture and suspension is largely the same during the generation.

Towing power wise, the 100-series went from a 4-speed tranny to a 5-speed in '03 onwards. Then it got a significant power upgrade in the form of VVTi in the '06/'07 models. It's a heavy vehicle so each power upgrade helps significantly.
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Wow... suddenly a bunch of Land Cruiser fans (including some that tow their ASs) have come out of the woodwork.. awesome! We have an '09 200 and had been trying to figure out what size AS we could tow safely. I got lots of opinions but only a few folks who had actually used them to tow. Most said 23' or smaller. That's too small for what we're wanting to do. We finally said "screw it" and put an order in on a 30'. Planning to reluctantly buy a HD truck but I have a buddy who is hellbent on convincing me to at least try towing with the LC first.

I'll be watching this thread closely. I will say that I finally looked at our payload on the door the other day and it's only 1250 lbs or so. I think the factory specs said 1500+.

LCs are amazing vehicles though. We are on our second with a Sienna in between.

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Some more information that might be helpful.

The LC across its many generations, including the newest has had a wheelbase of 112.2". This is not huge by truck standards. It's saving grace are a number of things: relatively shorter rear overhang, wide stance, heavy duty (bordering on severe duty construction - hence it's the NATO vehicle of choice) compared even full size trucks, and mass.

The payloads are generally a function of the suspension fitted, as they are primarily setup for soft rides and articulation off road. This is a contrast to most trucks again that are predominantly setup for weight bearing. There are many configuration setup to handle considerably more weight with exactly the same hardware, save increased rate springs.

Minor tweaks in the setup should see it being able to hand much more trailer and weight. I've done 1000lb hitch weights with mine without any sag, with the benefit of AHC suspension fitted to some models.

I personally would feel very comfortable with a 25' AS. Exceeding that may warrant a more sophisticated anti-sway like a prodigy if only to account for the shorter wheelbase.
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Here is a picture of my setup. It's not very good, I know but this is not my season for towing. Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByAirstream Forums1453421658.625032.jpg
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It's not an Airstream and this is not my setup, but I think you get the point.

I had an FJ80 and towed a trailer with for many years with no problems, had the "Old Man EMU" Suspension setup on it. Heavy springs in the rear, medium springs in the front. Gave the truck a slight lift in the rear with no squat (leveled out) when 400lbs of trailer weight hooked up.

ARB Old Man Emu 4X4 SuspensionARB Old Man Emu 4X4 Suspension

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF0106a.JPG
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Paul Waddell
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Just adding to this thread. Love our LC 200 as a tow vehicle. Upgraded from the 4.7L V8 4Runner and it has made a world of difference. Comparing the 4.7 to the 5.7 is night and day. We tow at high elevation up steep hills and while we got a little bogged down in the 4Runner, the LC is hardly challenged at all.

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1985 to 2008 Land Cruisers... keep under 23 feet if possible

I have owned a number of Land Cruisers from 1985 to 2008. They began to 'balloon' in size over the years and powered by the straight SIX, to the V-8 4.7L and today, the V-8 5.7L. The LC has plenty of towing power. But lacks cargo capability.

The Land Cruiser transmission is considered one of the world's best and the mechanics in the transmission business say if they had to depend on repairing those transmissions to make a living... they would be out of business.

Tire pressure on our current 2008, P275/65R18 LTX/AT2 Michelins recommended at 33psi and rated for 1230 pounds of cargo. I believe we are at 45psi.

I wanted the LT tires, but neither Costco or Toyota would install them and the P tires were considered the best we could do. Other than going somewhere else for tires, I am satisfied with the tires. A firm ride use to come with the LC, or at least the older models. This 2008 is a soft SUV all time 4x4 today and there has been no changes that I am aware up to date.

Pulling a trailer on flat terrain with the LC would never be an issue, but the cargo limitations is what would put a 'pinch' in your plans. There is a 2" hitch... but even I found it risky pulling our 23 footer at the time with the 2006 4.7L Tundra as the tow vehicle, but it did the job very well. I had to be very careful with the cargo on board.

Even the 2012 5.7L Tundra has just a couple hundred pounds more cargo maximum and I am sure towing the 25 foot Airstream... we were never 'under loaded'. Once on the road we never had a towing issue at any speed. The rear suspension would be at its limits and even with the Equalizer hitch getting the rear end up just a bit.

I had intended to use the LC towing East of the Front Range and our Tundra to tow West of the Front Range. That never happened. The Tundra was better suited for towing, but limited again by the cargo maximum.

A 23 foot would be the longest Airstream I would consider pulling with a 5.7L Land Cruiser. The LC was built to travel anywhere, through some of the worst snows around here you can imagine... but for towing, no suspension to support the cargo and tailer.

I recall fully loading the 1985 LC with the straight V8 camping in Utah. The engine would almost stall going up a steep grade, off road, and I would have to shift into LOW 4x4. The 5.7L would not hesitate.

It would be nice if you could use the LC for towing and for local driving, but after considering everything, I just could not follow through with the towing and local driving plan.

I waited for ten years for a 3/4 ton Tundra... and gave up waiting. I now have a F350 Ford diesel that will handle everything and more. My wife loves her LC and it will last as long as we live. It just will not be towing any of our Airstreams.
Human Bean
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Thanks for the great information

I want to thank everyone for the LC information, especially the recent post from Rivet Master. My wife and I decided to purchase a used 2008, 5.7L LC this past spring and we have had great experiences towing our new Flying Cloud 23FB. I also decided that the 23 is as big as I would want to go with the LC. Since our purchase of the LC and the AS we have put on about 2,000 miles including a two-week trip from Seattle to Helena and Ennis, MT. On that trip we had a good chance to test our setup over several mountain passes, curving roads and in windy, rainy weather. Both the TV and the AS performed flawlessly. Further, since we live in the city of Seattle we are more comfortable with the LC as a second car than we would be with a pickup.

I agree that storage is limited in the LC versus a pickup. However, it also looks like we won't be doing much boon docking, so no need for a generator. So far, with just my wife, our 70-pound Lab and me we have plenty of room. And I still have the option of putting the rocket box on top of the LC, which I haven't needed so far. We are looking forward to a three-week, 2,300-mile trip to Montana, Reno and back along the Pacific Coast this fall.
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2007 23' Safari SE
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Wondering if any of those on the board who tow with an LC have the molded extended tow mirrors.
Have tried to find some for my 2006LC and unable to find any.
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2007 27' International CCD FB
San Diego , California
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To update my previous posts, I've since purchased a 27FB and have been towing it with my 200-series. This is paired with a Equilizer with 1000lb bars. Tows well and stable.

Note that my 200-series is a LX570, which has AHC hydraulic suspension fitted. It accommodates the large tongue weight just fine. And the dynamic dampening system makes the ride silky, while keeps large suspension motions well under control.

The standard sprung Land Cruiser has softer non-adaptable springs and dampers as it's meant for off-road articulation. Anecdotal reports suggest that one towing at the upper end of the spectrum should add airbags, or change to higher rate springs (of which there are many many options). Note that the platform is heavy duty in regards to frame/driveline/suspension and able to support higher loads with minor tweaks. There are official GVWR upgrades in Australia that involve nothing more than springs. Land Cruisers have a reputation of being configured to the 7000-8000lb curb weight range with ballistic or off-road armor, and still prove to be durable for many many miles, off-road no less.

Key to a good setup is also adequate WD. Need to keep the front axle loads balanced to the correct attitude and ride height or the loss of caster will make the steering feel twitchy.

LT tires are also a good upgrade for the stronger sidewalls to minimize any chance of sway.

Click image for larger version

Name:	airstream1.jpg
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2007 27FB Ocean Breeze "See Turtle"
2009 Lexus LX570
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2007 27' International CCD FB
San Diego , California
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Originally Posted by Fred L View Post
Wondering if any of those on the board who tow with an LC have the molded extended tow mirrors.
Have tried to find some for my 2006LC and unable to find any.
Several have gotten these mirrors from Australia:

I personally just use add on mirrors as I like several features integrated in the stock side mirrors: puddle lights, heated, auto-down in reverse, folding, and curb camera.

Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3:
Click image for larger version

Name:	airstream2.jpg
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Size:	376.1 KB
ID:	293135

2007 27FB Ocean Breeze "See Turtle"
2009 Lexus LX570
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