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Towing - what size vehicle?

Hello all,
I am looking to purchase a airstream in the 25 to 30 ft size and want to get the right tow vehicle prior to purchasing the trailor. I am looking at the Nissan Titan with 5.6L gas V8 with the tow pkg. Anyone have any expiernce with this vehicle or recommendations for alternatives?
Any feedback would be most appreciated.



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hi phil and welcome to the forums...

2 NEW purchases?


IF the focus is on recent or brand new trailers and it's not yet clear about the size,

buying a marginal capacity truck first is risky.

a new 25 works fine with a titan or tundra...

just barely.

but a 27, 28, 30 or 31 (same size as a 30) are much easier to tow with a 3/4 ton mule.

sure there are folks towing longer and heavier trailers with marginal trucks or suvs...

and u haven't shared HOW MUCH travel or where towing, gear, people and so on are in the mix...

i've counted 1/2 dozen or so nissan owners here happily pushing the limits with 27+ ft newer streams...

BUT there are MANY MORE documented examples IN THESE FORUMS,

of folks who felt the need to UPGRADE, essentially brand new tow vehicles...

because the trailer purchased turned out to be just a little larger than originally planned.

and their 1sthand feedback while towing a marginal combination wasn't reassuring.

there are piles of info on the towing specs and comparisons between the 2 components (tv/trailer)...

and it's valuable to wade through many of those threads in the tow vehicle forum.

find or buy the trailer u really really want, and THEN get the best sized tv for the task.

and if there is even a remote chance of trading this new trailer for one a bit larger next year,

get MORE truck the first time.

tell us more and have fun with the process of spending so much MONEY!!!


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Ditto what 2Air sez, Phil.
First look at the weights of the 27' & 30' then look at the tow capacity of the vehicle you're interested in.
Lookin' good, right? Wrong.

You got to look at the additional weight of people, gear for 'camping', pot's, pans, dishes, toaster, blender, crock pot, favorite ADULT beverages, clothes, food, bicycles, toys, generators, dogs, cats ("alternative" family members), fire wood, TV, musical instruments, computer, well, you get the idea.

Then, you need to look at where you're going to be going... if you're going to driving up topography higher than a berm, then you'll need some power, especially with the 30'. Also got to look at being able to keep up with traffic or at least, no keeping them behind you... going up an incline with an underpowered vehicle, well, the folks behind you might not be as interested in the scenery as you'll seem to be...

Especially Joe Sixpack on his way to see his girl...

Settle on the Airstream you want. Check it out well (like as cute as the bathroom looks, can you fit in the shower and especially, toilet without having to fold your knees un-naturally? Does the bed lend itself to daily upkeep and comfortable sleeping for you & yours? Is it what you've always dreamed about? Can y'all move about easily and if you have pets, with them sprawled about? Spend some time in it without the salesman hanging around.

Then get your tow vehicle. Always keep in mind, will it have the power when you need it most... can it handle the 'Stream + additional weights?

As to which one is best... well, Phil, that question is kind of like religion & politics (& best tires for your 'Stream).

You'll find answers to all your questions here on the forums... Good luck and welcome!
Bill & Kim
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A few days ago, I ran some numbers through Ford's website, and found some F250's for just over $21K, with diesel powerplants. The Armada is currently about $35K, and the Titan isn't a whole lot cheaper than that. Add to that a 3/4 ton truck will have an easier time towing than the 1/2 ton Titan. The Titan will get about 16 mpg not towing, and around 9 towing. Add at least 3-5 mpg for the bigger diesel, even with the higher cost of the fuel.
I have an F250 with a 5.8, and I have wished I had more under the hood when dragging 7,000 pounds up the side of a hill...
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I agree with everyone posting previously, and would add I would not go over a 25' trailer with any half ton, especially if you are buying both new at this time.

IMHO, tow vehicles are just like fun....and I've never had too much fun.
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When I was looking at purchasing an airstream I drove my truck to the dealer I purchased it from. I took my Dodge Ram book with the specs and asked the experts. This is what I was told. My Dodge Ram with a 4.6 liter engine could pull up to 7,200 lbs. My Airstream is 4600 dry weight pounds. My goal was not to gross weight my truck and trailer over 6,200 lbs. I know I lightened the load by removing all of the old plumbing, and hot water heater. I used pex and the attwood water heater was much lighter. I downsized my propane tanks and only had one filled. I left my refigerator empty and only brought a few clothes and what I would essentially need. I figured I could get all the rest when I got to my destination. what I did add as far as weight was my generator 110 lbs, spare tire, horticulture tools, fishing gear, my two dogs.
My wife and I were the only people.

My truck pulled the trailer with no problems. 950 miles round trip. We even went through the Tennessee mountains. I never drove faster then 53 miles and hour. I always started out slow. I went through four tanks of gas (26 gallon tank) there and back. I did not include gas used at our destination.

SIU Bound

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Welcome from the Florida Panhandle

First off, welcome to the Forums. We're glad to have you with us.

We have a 2005 25FB, named Lucy, that we have pulled extensively (32,000 miles+). We pull her with a 3/4 ton Suburban, and the combination works very well. We have also pulled Lucy with our 1/2 ton Tahoe. It worked, but not as nice a towing experience. I would not recommend a half ton, even for a 25. Above that size, 3/4 ton would be the way to go. If your camping style is to go 10 miles to a local campground, you might make a half ton work.

Remember that an insufficient tow vehicle is the primary cause of a perfectly good Airstream becoming a very expensive piece of yard art.

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Thumbs up 2004 Titan NOT a problem plenty of power ..

Originally Posted by branch54 View Post
Hello all,
I am looking to purchase a airstream in the 25 to 30 ft size and want to get the right tow vehicle prior to purchasing the trailor. I am looking at the Nissan Titan with 5.6L gas V8 with the tow pkg. Anyone have any expiernce with this vehicle or recommendations for alternatives?
Any feedback would be most appreciated.


I tow my sovereign 31 footer no problem ..
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Please be advised, all responses here on the Forums are PERSONAL opinions.

These have been mine.

1. 85 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, 63 22' Safari. Great trailer, bad TV.
2. 95 3/4 Suburban, same Safari, 03 25' Classic, Sooper TV.
3. 06 3/4 Suburban, even better.

Don't think of the Burbs as a truck, just a great all around TV.


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Go bigger then needed. You might purchase something that is heavy while on vacation. You dont want towing capacity not allowing it. Dont forget safety. You dont want every trip to be " The Maiden Voyage"
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Take a look at the Ford Excursions with a V10 engine...We did, picked up a 2001 4x4 'Limited' loaded with all the goodies for CHEAP!

There are lots of good deals on these TV's and they are really stout for towing, great handling, lots of stopping power, and real cushy leather inside!

We really like ours, it tows our 28 ft AS with ease...we actually get over 11 MPG on the road when traveling around 55 MPH! Sure the mileage gets down around 9 when you do a lot of stop and go stuff...but we have that V10 power to make it up the hills!

If you get a 4X4 model, you'll have solid type axles front and rear with BIG disc brakes to keep things under control. Check one out...why not tow in heavy duty 'style'!
Ray & Pat; Morada, CA
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I'd definitely get as big of a truck as possible, you can pull a 25 or 27 with a 1/2 ton but I'd much rather have the 3/4. You get heavier radiator, springs shocks, everything. I love our diesel, that low end torque is fantastic for towing and the mileage is much better than a gasser..
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If I might make a suggestion, Branch, there's a huge amount of towing "real estate" in your post. You might be talking about a vintage 1965 24' Trade Wind that tips the scales at 3800 pounds dry or you might be talking about a 2003 30' Slide Out Classic weighing 8000 pounds dry. A few of the big truck purists might insist you need a 3/4 ton for the old Trade Wind... but not many. A few Titan fans might suggest you can pull the newer Classic w/ Slide... but not many. While I don't want get shot both coming and going, the most common "break point" for the Titan seems about 25' and 7000 pounds "wet." If you go vintage and keep an eye on the weight, you may be able to add a foot or two. If you go modern era, you might be leaning hard on your GVWR or GCWR. The best advice here (in my opinion) is to make a choice. One, you can figure out what you want to drive and limit yourself to an Airstream that will work. Two, you can figure out what Airstream you want to pull and limit yourself to a truck that will handle it safely. Good luck.
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Just returned from a 6500 mile excursion with our 27 ft classic and 04 Titan with aboslutely no problems. Went through Colorado (including Wolf Creek Pass) and the Titan pulled the trailer with no problems. Would suggest that the size of pick up and trailer has to do with rated capacity and experience of driver. Thing to look at is you probably won't need a 3/4 ton pick up for 11 months out of the year.

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