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Take a good look at the Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab - Diesel. Lots of tow power, great ride, nice interior, good mileage. Long or short bed up to you.

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As I sit here reading this post, outside of my side window sits an beautiful rig. It's a silver Infinity QX56 and a 30 foot Airstream that my winter neighbors in Florida have successfully traveled with for 10's of thousands of miles/months at a time all over the USA with no problems. If you're looking for suggestions, just keep what you have, the QX56 more then adequate to do the job and is the secret envy of any 2500 pickup owner that's bumping down the road when they are pulling or not. Just stomp down on the QX56 gas pedal and go. If your Infinity decides it doesn't like the workout in a really hot situation, just roll down the windows and put the heater on full blast for a while. The idea is to spend the bucks going places not dressing up the perfect rig to sit in the driveway at home. By the way, this advice will only cost you two cents so take it for what it's worth.

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Which TV for FC 28

This probably won't help but we bought a 2015 Tahoe to toe a new FC 25. However when I left the dealership I had ordered the FC 28 rear queen. Started worrying immediately about adequacy of Tahoe given added tounge weight of 28. I traded the Tahoe in with 4k miles (ouch) and now have Chevy 2500 HD with Duramax diesel, 4X4, exhaust brakes, Allison trans and Class 5 hitch. Just ordered a ProPride hitch last week. I'm sleeping better but pocketbook is sore!
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Originally Posted by Ed Brownfield View Post
My head is spinning, I can't figure out the best solution to what a problem that I did not expect. I am having a terrible time trying to decide on which truck to buy and I usually don't have a problem making decisions! What tow vehicle is best for towing a 2015 28 FC? l

We are new AS owners ; picked up our 2015 28 ft. FC in August. I thought that we would be fine towing the trailer with my Infiniti QX 56 (towing capacity of 8,900 Lbs). We bought a Hensley Hitch for weight distribution and sway control (safety is a very important to us). We have towed the trailer about 4,000 miles now and we are not comfortable towing this size/weight trailer with our SUV. We began looking at trucks and I have not been able to make a decision on what truck to purchase. This is not normal for me I usually study a problem gather information and then make a decision. Not so with this decision, it is a really tough with no clear right answer. We want to use whatever truck we purchase as a "daily drive around" vehicle replacing my Infiniti QX 56 so a comfortable ride and nice interior are important. We like the 1500 GMC Denali but the 1500 does not have the towing capacity of a 2500. The size of the 1500 and its maneuverability are appealing but not the towing capacity. The 2500 has the tow capacity but it is large and from what I have been told it is cumbersome for driving around town on a daily basis. Then factor in the decision of whether to buy a large gasoline engine or a diesel engine it makes my head spin. I can not seem to find a the right or even a good answer to my dilemma. Safety towing is a very important factor, and being able to stop quickly and maneuver quickly if need be are important. I would love to hear other seasoned AS owners thoughts and suggestions on what to do. I don't want to make a costly mistake!
Hi Ed:I drive a 2007 GMC Diesel 2500 Crew cab, pulling an older very heavy 28' trailer through the mountains. I would definitely recommend a diesel 2500 if finances allow. It's a dream to tow with, and I love driving it daily as well. The braking is excellent as is the power.
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Infiniti should be fine - I would adjust your set up

I am really surprised that you have problems with the Infiniti. The reasons can be many different things, but as far as the combination of this tow vehicle with this trailer is concerned, you should not have a problem at all.

I would start by checking whether or not the trailer is level. Make sure you find a very level spot of concrete or tarmac large enough for your rig. Hitch up and then measure if the trailer is level front to back. If it is not, I would suggest adjusting the height of the tow bar.

Next comes checking the weight distribution. Use the same level area that we just used. Do all four wheels of the car go down exact the same distance when you hitch up? You can measure the distance by taping pieces of masking tape to the body of the car right above each wheel, marking a horizontal line on each piece of tape and measuring the distance of that line to the ground before and after hitching up. If the front wheels go down too much, you have too much tension on the chains and they need to be a bit longer. If the rear wheels go down too much, you need to put more tension on the chains by shortening them. Usually left and right are not a big difference. If you are adjusting the chains and you find that one link is too much, you can put a bolt and nut between two links to shorten the chain by half a link.

If that does not do the trick, you could of course look at other things like the sway control or the settings on the brake. Another thing could be to look at how your trailer is loaded. Do you have heavy stuff all the way in the front and/or the back of the trailer? Or high up in the cupboards? The heaviest things should be as low as possible and as close to the axles as possible. That makes your trailer much more stable.

Good luck tweaking and I hope it works out.
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I haven't read all the responses but I'll give you my 2 cents anyway :-) (That's about what it's worth).

We have a 2007 Classic with a Slide. I recently checked it's wt = 9750# ! (Fresh, black & grey tanks were mostly empty but otherwise it had all of our "stuff" in it).

We tow with a 2007 Chevy Silverado C2500 Diesel. (The C2500 is 2 wheel drive - there have been a few times I wish I had 4 wheel drive). We have the Pro Pride hitch.

Last summer we were on a long trip. While driving through mountains we lost our trailer brakes. First of all I didn't even notice until we stopped because I mostly use the diesel engine for going down hill - very rarely touch my brakes. When we stopped I could smell the brakes. We had 500 miles to go and were able to (carefully) get back without an issue.

I wouldn't even consider pulling one of the larger ASs without Diesel. Add to that the amazing torque - it's a no brainer for me.

If you have the resources, seriously consider a diesel.
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THE BIGGER, THE BETTER. Short wheelbase, more wiggle, Longer Wheelbase, less wiggle. Bigger Motor, beefier tranny, easier pull. Smaller Motor has to work a bit harder. Diesels generally last longer, and produce more torque than the same displacement gasoline engine. Tough decision. They will all work to pull your AS safely.
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I just realized that your Infiniti may have automatic leveling. In that case, you would have to turn that off when adjusting the weight distribution. I have no experience with automatic leveling, so I am not sure how to do it in that case. Maybe someone else knows...
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F450Harley gives best advice

Welcome Ed!

F450Harley gives the best overall advice. There's nothing inherently wrong or unsafe with your Infiniti. If you are close to CanAm, Andy Thompson is "da man" for fine tuning tow balance for the best feeling and safest ride. We're too far away, or I would have had him tune our rig in a shot.

All the guys that are recommending bigger vehicles are right--that's the way to go if all you're concerned about is towing ability. But the other part of your dilemma is that you're looking for a vehicle that will do both well.

But it really comes down to what you and your wife feel is safe. A proper tune of your rig to get you the optimum will then let you know whether that works for you--or not.

When we bought our 2009 International 28' new, we already owned a 2000 Suburban 3/4 ton. Our dealer recommended the Equalizr, and we have liked it very much--the WD capabilities are fine, and the antisway works well--and it's one of the fastest and easiest to install, a major consideration for us. The Suburban with it's top end package and Bose stereo was very luxurious. We used it as a daily vehicle, and although longer than your Infiniti, it was quite manageable. It towed well, but its engine was a bit weak for more extreme situations--we couldn't accelerate to 80 going up a 70% slope, for example! (Not exactly a priority.) The transmission gauge let us know it was working very hard up extreme slopes in high heat environments, and we would behave accordingly. We felt that the leaf springs in the 3/4 ton were overkill, and they made for a very stiff ride unloaded, but otherwise had no complaints as a daily vehicle.

We considered replacing it with the same vehicle, but we decided a more powerful engine would be ideal. GM no longer offered a diesel, or we would have gone there, for sure. To get the more powerful gas engine, we would have had to go to the Denali (much more expensive, but very nice), and only the 1/2 ton had the engine, but that's where we were leaning. The only challenge for us is that we carry a large volume of lightweight windsurfing equipment, and it was already a squeeze to get it into the Suburban and the new bodies were even smaller in the rear opening--I just couldn't get the gear in anymore--an inch made the difference. My wife wouldn't consider a cargo van. So we researched and soul-searched and ended up with a 2013 Sprinter one-ton. This is NOT the right vehicle for you! But it's worked out very well for us. We are right at the top tow range (7300, and the top is 7500) which I don't like--in fact, we may change our four AGM batteries to lithium to save 200+ pounds. But the Sprinter little diesel pulls just fine, although now we might have to slow to 45 on those steep grades in a lot of heat. Even though we tow Texas, NM, AZ, CA to OR in summer and go over steep grades in lots of heat, the actual number of times we have to slow down might be six times in six months of towing. But you don't need or want the volume that we need.

And the diesel is less convenient than gas and more expensive for oil changes (and you can't use Mexico diesel in it if you want to go through Baja, for example) but it really is just not a problem.

By the way, no truck, no matter how inconveniently huge, had bed long enough for our gear. And the larger luxurious versions were just too big for daily use in our opinion. Depending upon what you're carrying with you, your first call is whether you want a truck or an SUV. If you'd prefer an SUV, again, I'd try tuning your current rig first. Otherwise, the 1/2 ton Denali (which comes with the larger engine) was the best in our opinion when we were looking. Only drawback was it gave up the larger 38gal tank standard in the 3/4 ton. We didn't look at Mercedes, BMW or any other manufacturer because they all were too limited in storage capacity. But for you, you could look at the whole field, including the Porsche Cayenne, and if you don't have a tremendous amount of gear, look at towing capacity, torque, horsepower (and cost) and then test drive anything that fits your needs.

But first, as Mr. Harley suggest, get your current rig tuned, and if it all possible, let Andy Thompson at CanAm do it!
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If looking at Ford, go to a Ford dealer that specializes in trucks (lots of them on their lot). The typical car sales man only wants to sell the one on his lot and typically has less knowledge than the empty mail box out front on the true terminology relating to towing safely.

The bare F150 has a fairly decent payload. Dressing it up to a Platinum uses close to 500 pounds of payload for glitz and bells and whistles.

We went from a 2007 Mercedes ML320 CDI diesel that the weights did not workout to a 2012 Ram 2500HD 4x4 Cummins diesel crew cab with short bed. That solved all the towing and payload issues with the 25FB and now the 31' Classic with a 10,000 pound GVW. We load what we want and go and are not worrying whether the tube of toothpaste will overload the rig.

We had the Hensley hitch for the 25FB and went with the second generation of that design (the ProPride) for the Classic.
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I also have a 28' trailer. I tow with a Ford F150 ecoboost. Haven't pulled in the mountains yet but on flat land seems fine. Will probably step up to a diesel for the added safety. This truck is a crew cab. Interior is huge and very nicely appointed. Very smooth, quiet ride. Have always been a Chevy guy but when I test drove this I was very impressed. I keep the transmission locked out of 6th gear when towing. Only complaint I have is trailer seems to push around the truck a bit more than I like. Haven't pulled my trailer with any other vehicle. My dad has a Chevy 2500HD with the diesel and Allison trans. Awesome tow vehicle. Almost double the cost though. The interior is smaller than the ford especially the back seat.
Nissan is suppose to have a 1/2 ton diesel coming out soon. Sounds interesting.
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Originally Posted by tjdonahoe View Post
There is no such thing as too much horsepower or money!!!!

Hi, I totally disagree with you. I won't even get into the money part of it. Too much power can be as dangerous, or more, than not enough power. Too much power to compensate for lack of driver ability, or confidence, is not the answer. And if you can't feel that trailer behind you, you need to stop towing before someone seriously gets hurt.

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I will add to the confusion. I just pulled a 31' AS from Fort Myers Fla. to Iowa with a Ram 1500, with the Hemi engine. It also has the eco feature. The only thing I need to do is possibly add air shocks to the back. It seems to have all the power we need. Running without the AS, we average about 21 or 22 MPG. Pulling the AS we varied between 10.6 into the wind to 12.5 without a headwind. I previously drove a 3500 Ram with the High Output Cummins. That had all the power you would ever need and then some, but it really rode rough, and it to 20 acres to turn it around. The 1500 rides nice, and the backup camera is nice and big. Good Truck.
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Toverman, go for full FALR versus air shocks. If then truck sits a couple of inches low with dead level trailer you are good. Air shocks and overloads on 1/2T work against you. Bilstein shocks are a good upgrade, though, 2014 new or not.

You can work the hitch adjustments using a certified scale. Same Steer Axle weight solo and hitched with WD tensioned. Same tire pressure in front and to door placard number on rear if at max.

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