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I don't like Diesels. They are expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, and heavy. The fuel is quite a bit more expensive, and the fuel filters are expensive, as are the oil changes.

Having said this, once you tow with one and enjoy it's 800lb/ft of torque, it's very difficult to go back to a gas tow vehicle. I'm on my second one.

Now, having said this, if I had a 25 footer or smaller, I'd have a gas 1/2 ton truck. The improvements made recently with the six and eight speed transmissions are amazing. If I had a 28', I'd probably have a real hard time deciding between gas and Diesel.

Good luck with your decision, and I will only advise you to go drive them all before deciding.

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Tow Vehicle

We chose a 2500 3/4 Ton Diesel based purely on payload capability. I am the guy that hauls everything but the kitchen sink with me.
Like others have said Diesels are more expensive to maintain, a fuel filter for mine cost $45.00 and I change it once a year. 12qts of oil etc...
With that said it is Not My daily driver.
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What AnnArborBod said PLUS:

I've had the F150 Ecoboost Platinum, nice truck - would not and did not keep for any trailer over 25', in my opinion fine for 25' and under.
I've had the F250 6.7 Diesel Crew - great truck, does the entire job safely and with little effort. YES it's more expensive, yes it costs more to maintain - but it's a better truck for the job.
Now drive and F350 6.7 Diesel Crew Platinum - many people ask why a one ton F350, my simple reply is because Alice (my wife) would not let me get an F450. I like the F350 much better, more stable than the F250 (but again the 250 does a terrific job) greater payload capacity, so on and so forth and it is my daily driver. I volunteer at a dog rescue as trainer, rehabilitation person and home checker so I drive it a lot. My only issue is sometimes I deliver dogs and do a home check in the city, tough to find a place to park, but it works out. Love the truck and the safety aspect of going to a 3/4 and now a ton truck was one of my main motivators.

You are going to get many thoughts and ideas and there are countless threads on two vehicles. Good luck and enjoy whatever you buy.


2017 30' Classic - F350 6.7 Diesel Crew
USAF - Military Training Instructor (TI) - 68-72
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I got a 2015 Ram 2500 Laramie 6.4L Gas with the air suspension and 4.10 rear and I tow a 2015 27FB EB. Full disclosure, I only picked up the trailer from the dealer so far, about a 2 hour drive. I was psyching myself up for the trip based on the forums (expecting much worse). During the drive (NJ to PA) I had to check the rearview mirror to make sure the trailer was still there. I didn't notice much of a difference accelerating, braking, handling, etc.

I'm taking a year off work, so I'll be full timing, so for the past 4 months the truck has been my daily driver. I got the Laramie, which is the fully decked out luxury model. Whether its the new coil suspension, or air suspension, the ride is much better than I anticipated. Only issue is that I can't quite park it in tight parking lots, quite a big turn radius. Well, that and they haven't come out with the step rails for the 2015 yet... so I have to jump in. That will be fixed shortly.

I will be able to give a better report after traveling cross country, but so far I'm happy with my decision to go with the larger gas engine vs. diesel since it will be a daily driver for at least another year.

I large part of the decision was the initial cost of the diesel (9k) and the increased costs associated with driving one.
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Ed - I have a 2500 diesel to tow a 27FB. It is amazingly outstanding in that role. On a 10 point scale for that task it is an unqualified 10 at every moment and no BS - I literally am giddy and full of joy 95% of the time I'm towing! (Geek alert).

For the daily driver task I have to separate that into a few buckets:

Getting in/out of the garage at home is a 5 (DW has tagged the wall and there are times I've come close).

Parking (grocery store, etc) is a 6 - I just need to go out of my way to park away from others and wherever possible, take a pull through spot so I don't need to back up - even with the camera and audio warnings - it is a bit of a beast.

Highway driving - a 10.

Rural driving - a 9.

Urban driving - a 2.

Long trips - a 9.5.

Short trips - a 1.

So - you could create your own scale there and consider how much time you spend in those circumstances. If 90% of your time is spent in the 7-10 zones, you'll love it. If 90% of your time is spent in the 1-4 zones, you won't.

Overall it nets out for me around an 8. The worst part is my sub-2-mile daily commute which has me occasionally taking a detour to go up and down the highway a few exits to let it breathe. And when I have to work in my downtown office, I use DW's Honda CR-V since the truck is too tall for the parking garage :-)
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Originally Posted by CA Streamer View Post
Ed, you may want to look at the new Ford 150 with the aluminum body and 3.5l ecoboost engine. The tow/haul capacities have increased and if you get the max tow package and max payload package, should easily tow you 28'. You can find the specs here...2015 Ford F-150 | View Towing Specifications |
I agree with the suggestion of looking at the new F-150. I have a RAM 1500. I really love the RAM but it is seriously lacking in payload capacity. According to what I've read about the 2015 F-150 it appears as though you could get decent MPG as a daily driver, have the benefit of driving smaller truck and have enough towing and payload capacity to do what you want. FWIW, I'm not particularly a Ford fan but if I were buying today I would really take a serious look at the F-150.
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We have just upgraded from a 2000 F250 diesel, to a 2014 F350 diesel. The old 7.3 in our 2000 is a great engine, and I may keep the truck. I upgraded to the F350 Platinum because I wanted a crew cab, with a more modern and comfortable interior. I also often have a truck camper mounted in the bed when pulling the Airstream. The increase in torque and horsepower is going to be greatly appreciated.

Our first trip with the new truck and Airstream will be early next month, when we head to Death Valley to get out of the Oregon rain. What I've noticed so far is the incredible smoothness of the power and ride. The new transmission with tow haul is far superior to the transmission in the old truck. Being able to control descent speed without being continually braking is great. The new truck is very, very quiet when compared to the 7.3.

Just over 2000 miles on the F350, and we are seeing about 17.5 mpg at freeway speeds. I would expect to see that increase as we get more miles on the truck. BTW, after over 15 years with the old truck, our overall average, across all types of driving and loads, is 15.3 mpg. I would expect to see something near that with the new truck.
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Originally Posted by Hans627 View Post
I agree with the suggestion of looking at the new F-150. FWIW, I'm not particularly a Ford fan but if I were buying today I would really take a serious look at the F-150.
Late summer we were camping in Steamboat Springs and a family with a F150 Eco Boost and 30' Bunk wound up next to us. The fellow came over the next day to discuss my pulling the 25' FB with the ML350. He said the new F150 Eco Boost was absolutely terrible and he was struggling with the hit he was going to take replace it, but replace it he was. He indicated that it struggled under load and was overheating on the long grades. I would personally go with a diesel or at least a V8 in one of the other brands for the 28'.
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Pulled our 28ft International one season with F150 Supercrew 4x4 5.4 V8 and while it pulled it ok the suspension and brakes left alot to be desired.It was maxed out.Going up steep grades the engine was taxed.Traded for a 2012 6.7 turbo diesel Ford Superduty crewcab F350 and the difference in handling was night and day.When it came time to trade the choice was easy 2015 F350 Platinum Supercrew 6.7 turbo diesel 4x4.I also use a Airsafe hitch.
Just got back from the maiden voyage and did 4500 miles all I can say is wow.When the Airstream is hooked up this truck rides like a luxury car much better than the F150 with maxed out suspension.Brakes are much better than 2012 and far surpass the F150.I like a 8ft box for my atv and misc but for alot of people it may be to much.I drive this truck every day and it is a pleasure
There are alot of people on this forum who will say a new 3/4 or 1 ton is over kill,but I would venture to say that none of them have ever pulled with a new technology Superduty.
When it came time to trade the 2012-2015 it cost the same to drive the F350 as it did when I traded F150's.Maintenance cost difference from gas to diesel is minimal.
.I don't drink the Koolaid with the light truck heavy trailer crowd as I have tried both and will not go back.
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Congratulations on your 2015 AS.
Now it looks like your first and major concern is safety reading your post. Followed by daily driving, then " costly mistake" from picking the wrong TV. A lot of great analysis by previous posts and all boils down to that subjective "Safety". The state of the mind dictates how safe we feel all the time and not the data posted on the equipment or in our head ( good or bad). Since you've already felt unsafe towing with the Q56 Infinity ( a great SUV by the way), you will in most probability feel the same in ML 350, F150 or any 1500 since they are all in roughly in the same payload / towing capacity . In my humble opinion, keep what you have and have a professional ( for example) diagnose / adjust your current setup to see if your "safety" level improves OR go with your 2500 instinct since that's what your subconscious part of the brain is considering as "safe".


Gas or Diesel depends on how long you plan on keeping the TV and if exhaust brake and initial torque ( for descending and take off should you stop at an incline in traffic hold up respectively) appeal to you. A 2 wheel drive 2500 drive as comfortable as any 1500 due to less weight in the steering front axel, hence better turning radius. In Virginia per your avatar, you might need the 4x4 so it's a trade you have to settle with wifey's comfort driving.
I will also advise you go to a few dealers and test drive both 2 & 4 wheel drives and as soon as you narrow your choice down, tell them you need to test tow and you will be surprised that some of them will yield as long as they see you as willing and able to purchase .
Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Ca-Am but have visited their workshop to see and learn about various SUV modifications. I also have MB G55, F450 & 2500 as TVs plus Suburbans as past TVs.

Again, stick with your Q56 till you test drive 2500 and follow your instinct sir.

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My dad pulled his 31' AS for many years with Suburbans. He was not happy with the perfomance in the mountains, tho. He thought he should be able to cruise up any mountain effortlessly.

So, he bought a Ford one ton diesel van, and had it customised. He had a Banks turbocharger, and two speed gear box installed. He had a TOW TRUCK! A very fancy TT. I think he spent over $100,000 on that very fancy, powerful TT.

Me, I'm quite happy with my Chevy Quadrasteer with the 6 liter engine. Yes, on the really big hills, I'm in the truck lane with the big rigs. But, that's a small part of my travels, so it doesn't matter that much.

As a daily driver, it's fine. As a TV, it's fine. The only problem is, they don't make them anymore. So, when I have to replace it, I'll get a 1500 FWD with the big gas engine, the Allison transmission, and install a larger fuel tank.
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Ford has some excellent trucks. Any version of the F150 will do just fine. With Ford you must be very specific with payload and towing capacities. A good truck salesmen can help you there. I believe with pulling an Airstream any diesel truck would be over kill and costly. Today's diesels are high level maintenance and of course the fuel is much more expensive. The Ford Echoboost engine will do the job quite well. I currently have a 2013 F150 with a 2015 on order. Sales people at several deanships talked me out of the diesel.
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There is no such thing as too much horsepower or money!!!!
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As you can read there are very strong opinions here. Some done it one way and would never go back others opposite and would never go back. I too would suggest having your setup checked out. I would further suggest going through the hassle of towing with your other options before you decide. Try hookup, pulling grades, cruising flat, emergency braking, maneuvering in/out/around gas stations, malls, and parking into a tight spot. I did this when getting out of our big 3/4 diesel and going with the ML350. It was very much worth my time and insured I got the right overall vehicle for our family and trailer.

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