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I'm not sure if you're asking about towing mpg or not, but our 1 ton Dodge van (1994 - bought it for $7,500 from the City Vanpool garage here) gets 15-16mpg not towing, 8 towing, and will seat 12 (it's not the SUPER long one with the big overhang).

I'm sure it would pull a older 31ft'r no problem. It's got the 5.9L v8. It's been fairly reliable. FWIW..

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You missed the point.
73000 miles on a 7 year old vehicle is good around 10000/year. 109 on a seven year old vehicle is not around 20 per year. Are you a mechanic or salesman? I am a mechanic and pilot.

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13-14 without the trailer. 10 or so with. The 4X4 will lower the milage a little around 1 to 2 MPG.
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I've had two of those for company trucks. With the price of fuel I now get a Honda. I had a 2000 F250 4x4 Crew Cab and a 2003 same configuration. I drive over 50,000 miles a year and I put a 150,000 on the 2000 and 117,000 on the 2003. I had to replace the coil pack boots (the engines have no distributor, each cylinder has it's own coil) on the 2000 at 100,000 miles and a alternator on the 2003 at 85,000 miles. Both saw a lot of towing and both were just fill with gas and drive. I had the oil changed every 5-6,000 miles and the transmission fluid changed every 20,000 miles. Fuel economy was like others have said, a little over 14 on the highway and around 10 towing. Both had the 3.73 rear end. Power wise they were the best towing gas engines I've driven. The power band is very flat so they pulled good at all rpms. One note though, the 99 model was a 265 hp engine and the 2000-2004 models were 310 hp and 2005 up are 362 hp. I had the 310 hp motors, I don't know how different the 265 hp motor would behave towing or economy wise.

As far as buying low mileage used, I wouldn't be afraid. When I had to give up the company furnished big truck I had to buy a replacement to tow the Airstream. I bought a 96 model F250 4x4 Crew Cab with a 460 gas engine that had 44,000 miles on it. I've had it a year, towed over 15,000 miles with it and the only thing I've done is get new tires and have the belts and hoses changed. I change the oil about every 5,000 miles and it won't even e a 1/2 quart low. The 460 gets about 2 mpg less towing and doesn't have as much pulling power in the upper rpms like would be used pulling mountain grades.
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Hi, Angel73,

Why the period after 109 in your first post? Did you mean 109k?

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Originally Posted by Angel73
Who knew it would be so hard to find something to pull a camper and fit five people in it at times.Plus get atleast 12 /14 miles per- gal.Well the guy giving us to monday he understand that we're worried about gas mileage.If anyone has infor on a good truck or suv with alittle better gas mileage pls fell free to tell.

I would concur with everyone on the fuel economy others have posted. My friend has an F250 V10 CC and tows a 32ft HR. he previously towed with an Excursion same engine same mileage as other have already stated. He loves it and would buy another. If you need more room for the family, you may want to consider an Excursion. Personally I love my F250 PSD (12-14mpg towing depending on mountains). Both engines the V10 and the PSD are very good engines. However, I think you'll find that a couple of miles per gallon better fuel economy over time will not be significant cost savings on fuel if you are only analyzing the towing fuel economy. (unless of course you plan on full time Airstreaming) The real question is what tow vehicle will the family be most comfortable in and when not towing how much will you use the TV? My concern with a higher mileage vehicle is the cost of future major repairs it will likely exceed fuel costs.
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Those ford engines are sealed very well .One piece rear main seals ,made from neoprene ,not rubber as is the timing cover seals .Valve or cam covers
have o ring type seals around the perimeter of the covers as does the oil pans.the timing chain covers also are sealed very well .I just did a customers 5.4 in a 99 f250 super duty ,stripped out spark plug inserts ,poorely done .
That being said its the maintenence ,oil changes and care the engine recieved,does it rattle upon cold startup for a few seconds ,possible worn
rod bearings ,common problem due to poor maintenence as can be had with
other engines as well .Oil consumption ?? how can you know? 109 k
isn't bad if proper care was given ,or it is worn and needs replaced .
Hard to know what you are buying sometimes.

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Originally Posted by thecatsandi
a seven year old truck with 109 miles on it? Somthing is wrong. Not eough milage seal dry out if not used. engines rust on the inside if not used....
Not good. Run.
So what? I have a 2001 2500hd bought just before the '02 year models and it has 57,000 miles on it. It is driven 2-3 times daily for at least 9 miles minimum each time. If it is driven regularly and oil changed when it should be then there is nothing to worry about. Nothing says you have to put over 12,000 miles per year on the vehicle to keep all seals in good shape.

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Again those seals are neoprene and very well made ,auto manafactures figured out that they could build engines that really don't have to leak .Rear main seals on most all american or foreign engines ,last for a very long time well over 100k usually .Thats not to say never as hot engine temps do harden
up the seals and so on ,but all in all that would not discourage me from the
purchase in this thread unless oil was all over the engine or somthing like that
where poor maintenence was involved.

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Might take a look at the Ford Powerstroke diesels

Personally I love my '97 F250 4X4 PSD, that I bought used in 2000 with about 85k miles on it.
Most credit unions will re-imburse you about $100 to take the rig to a mechanic and have it checked over before buying it, which is what I did.
Unloaded I aproach 20 mpg, Ive heard others claim up to 22mpg.
Towing a 4000 lb car trailer from texas to Co, I think I was getting 13-15 mpg driving at 65.

The engine is an International T444e with some Ford parts bolted on it.
Its and industrial engine used in delivery trucks and school busses, and, if maintained, is nearly bullet proof. (depending on the size of the bullet).
International claims that less than 10% will need to have its heads removed for maintanance before they reach 300K miles.

The PSDs can run a few thousand dollars than a comperable V10, but hold thier value better. So far Ive refinanced the truck twice to cash out equity on the orgional 6 year loan, and still right side up on it.

I would recomend getting to know you local International parts dealer, since the International branded parts are generaly far less expensive than Ford or Autozone parts.

They also run great on B20 biodiesel (20% soy oil, 80% petrolium), and for the first time in history B20 is cheaper than strait petrol diesel.
Last time I filled the tanks I paid $2.80/gall for B20, the lowes price I found around for regular diesel was about $2.95.

Food for thought.
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I am looking at mid-late nineties PSD, and have been very impressed with the 7.3 I have driven with 200k or more on them. My wife's cousin has one and he gets 20+ miles per gallon towing a heavy non-house type trailer.
He was also a diesel tech and keeps his very well maintained.
I hope to be buying one soon to tow our new to us 31.
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hi angle73

you make no mention of budget...

there are many options for towing a mid 70s soverign. these aren't heavy trailers, like todays 31.

suburbans, 2500s, 250s, cummins, and some 1/2 tons.....

NONE will offer better than 10-11 towing and 12-14 without.

for a little more money a sprinter/freightliner van with 5 cyclinder diesel can do the job.

milage is 15-20 hooked and unhooked. the springter van is a better daily driver that any 10 yr old 3/4 ton because of the turning radius and steering and suspension.

and all those 10 year old suburbans with the big v8 do fine too., but none get better milage.

as least they all burn the low test fuel.

econoline vans and safari'gmc vans also fit the ticket.

happy hunting the 1999 250 is a lot of truck for 15k$ IF it has been well maintained.

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Engine rusting on the inside?

Hi, OK I'm lost on this engine rusting on the inside due to lack of use. [actually I dissagree] I as an automotive mechanic going back to the Ford Flathead days, the only engines that were rusted on the inside were engines sitting outside in the elements with open intakes [no carburetors or intake manifolds Etc.] or open exhausts [no exhaust manifolds or pipes and mufflers attached] or partially dissasemled engines. Now on your Airplane engines with no mufllers or tail pipes and the engine stopped with an exhaust valve in the open possition with damp air, I can see where your airplane engine could get a rusty cylinder or two from sitting. Even an engine with a cracked block or head and water mixed with the oil, I have never seen rust inside of the engine. I have been in and around car engines for about 45 years.


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