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Thank you all again!

Everything's going in my notes for our test drives (which we're going to start this weekend with the Denali 2500!). We've been watching videos about handling trailers and looking at ENDLESS reams of numbers and facts and trim options.

I swear, choosing a TV is more complicated than a house. No wonder there's so much debate.

The AS is now on our insurance! And I know about how much the truck will cost to insure. It's getting reeeeeal.

DH is now telling me he's going to get in some practice with Euro Truck Simulator

Here's a question: Will we be able to fit a 2500 truck in a regular parking garage?

(Obviously lots of spaces will not work but I'm hoping to park it in a hotel garage a block from our house here in Old City, Philadelphia. There aren't a lot of options around here.)

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We tow our 25FC with Ram 1500 Hemi. Love the truck and towing is a breeze. I am not an expert regarding your needs for towing, however, do what we did if you are looking for comfort. My wife left it up to me to select our TV as long as she liked the ride! We drove the big 3 and without question found the Ram to be the most comfortable. Keep in mind that all the Big 3 will do the job...but also you may have long days when comfort is nice...and we have found the Ram to be just that. In addition, I have found all of the electronics to be top notch...navigation, voice controls, etc. all far superior to our BMW. Any of the Big 3, with appropriate set up, will do the job just fine. Drive and remember those hours on the road and TB!

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Originally Posted by Llando88 View Post
Welcome to the forum.

If you have any specific questions about the 30' FC, please let me know. We bought ours at Colonial RV in NJ, and drove from Tampa to NJ for the deal. They are just a outstanding outfit in every way, from David the General Manager all the way around.

Hey, we are buying from Colonial too! They ARE nice, and it was wonderful to roll up on their lot and wander deep in the forest of silver. And lucky for us, they're only 90 min away.

Is the 30FC your first?
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Don't eliminate the one-ton from any of the big 3. As others have posted, generally the only difference is the extra leaf spring which doesn't come into play until the payload calls for it so the ride is the same as the 3/4-ton IMO. It is nice to have the extra headroom of payload. Congratulations, welcome to the forum and happy, safe travels!
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Regarding garage fit, it's best to measure and compare to the space you have available. My F250 4x4 will fit in the garage but it's tight. I usually park outside. Weather is mild here in So Cal so no big deal.
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Originally Posted by ahoyhere View Post
Hey, we are buying from Colonial too! They ARE nice, and it was wonderful to roll up on their lot and wander deep in the forest of silver. And lucky for us, they're only 90 min away.

Is the 30FC your first?
Second AS, both with Colonial.

My Ram is 78.4" high; if the garage is big enough, should be no problem.
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We need a TV that will be comfortable, too. I need good support, a smooth ride, and QUIET.

And the least stress possible. Not to get the absolute best deal or best mileage.

It seems like we could sneak in under the wire with a 1500 like the GMC Sierra with the Max Towing Package.

But it would be at the edge, wouldn't it? DH and I are not light people. There wouldn't be a lot of wiggle room in the numbers. The 30 is awfully big/heavy.

If our goal is to minimize stress… should we go straight to a 2500 / 3/4?

And, secondly: Which truck (1500 or 2500) do you think is the most ergonomic, smooth, and quiet?
I am going to post my opinion; however, I am not out to start a war either.

Not long ago I posted information from an excellent cross-brand review of pickups. What made this article unique is that it compared 1/2 ton to 3/4 ton. Something that was obvious is how the Ford 1/2 ton was as capable as most 3/4 tons in towing and payload when properly equipped. That said most agree that 1/2 tons are better daily drivers than 3/4 ton for parking and ride quality.

Now, here is another bit of info. Airstream publishes my 25 Safari as having 860# tongue weight and gross weight of 7000#. My actual tongue weight is 980#. I tow with an F150 capable of 1200# tongue (hitch capacity) and nearly 13,000# gross weight. Payload reserve is 725# in my case.

Your Airstream, FC30 is published at only 20# more tongue weight than my AS. with a gross weight of 8800#. Why would you need a bigger truck? Some would say the tow experience. I would say that you are well within the capacity. Get a good hitch like a Propride and you will have an easier time hitching overall and also a great towing experience. If you carefully select an F150 with proper configuration, you would be good to go and it would probably fit in your garage.
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You're getting great advice.

As for garage fit - my Chevy Duramax 2500 4x4 fits in my garage at home (had to measure to be sure - there are some garages in our neighborhood where it definitely wouldn't fit). But it's about a half inch too tall for the garage at my office building. You wouldn't think that's a big deal but trust me, it is! If a garage limit is lower than your truck, don't try "beating"'s exact, not a suggestion 😀

I believe you said this whole rig is your first. That's great - ours purchased new in 2012 was our first (and last &#128512. We spent our first weekend at an RV Safe Driver course at a local CDL center. I always make that recommendation. Speeds the learning curve tremendously! Highly recommended.

Last, earlier in the thread you mentioned wanting perhaps a single recliner. My wife and I did just that in our 27FB since one side had furnace mechanicals we didn't want to relocate. In retrospect, we could have done most of this ourselves (except for the "piano" cut and lamination on the table) but we did it at the factory. I'm sure Colonial could do something like this (see pic).

Good luck and happy camping!!!

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Go with 4 wheel drive. On my recent trip out west, I needed it three or four times. Your up to $60k plus with top of the line 2500 diesel so another $1000. For 4wd is worth it
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On drive systems, read about them. There are essentially three options on most trucks 1) limited slip- designed for light duty off road situations; 2) 2wd electronic locking differentials- turns the truck into temporary off-road capable for temporary duty at low speed only; and 3) 4wd- off road full duty and, at higher speeds.

There are some excellent articles on examples of these. I was dead set on 4wd when I bought my truck last year as per discussions. Then I read about it and realized my need. One thing, there are conditions that it does not matter what drive you have. One case a muddy area, a 2wd locker as they call it pulled out a 4wd. They attributed it to weight and location of the truck in the mess they were in.

Either way you will have a nice truck I am sure. Consider all that is being shared and then move forward.
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Concerning the height of the truck, with a 3/4-ton truck, you will be close to the size of many commercial garages, but should fit ... If you are a 2x4, rather than a 4x4. I have driven a Ford F-250 for 15 years and never been denied entry, even with the 1" Yakima Landing Pads permanently installed on the cap. It also fits in my home garage. I would caution, however, that you should not get a cap that is any higher than the truck cab at you are asking for trouble.

In most of the years that I used those F-250 2x4 TVs, either with a 5th wheel or AS, I have spent a lot of time in the high country of CO, WY, MT, NM, UT, CA etc., and never needed four-wheel drive. IMHO, you shouldn't be pulling a 30' AS on a road that requires a 4x4.

Good luck in your search for a TV. No lack of opinions on this forum!
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It's funny how different life styles means the same word means different things. I'm soooooooo jealous of you guys with your actual, private, belongs-to-your-house garages! Our 1740s historic home here in Philadelphia is on a pedestrian courtyard, we have a parking lot spot a half block away for our little Golf GTI but literally nothing bigger would fit there. This truck will have to live in the garage of a nearby hotel. Hopefully it fits

Gneiss, thank you for the warning about the cap size.

SteveSueMac, that looks perfect!! Is there a thread where I can read details?

RV Safe Driver course -- so glad to hear this exists! We will DEFINITELY do that.

OK we're off to test drive a Denali 2500 HD and Gas. Thanks to a tip I saw on another thread, we contacted the dealer through the Carmax auto buying program. We're looking at 2016 model year to save money. They've only got 4WD so we'll see how that rides. Not committed to any model yet, this just seemed like a good place to start.

Here's my checklist of things to remember and look for, courtesy you fine people -- for anyone else who stumbles on this thread:

Tongue weight: 1000-1200lb with fancy hitch
GVW: 8800lb

Payload - Car's DOOR STICKER, minus tongue weight, minus people weight, minus cargo
Gas/Diesel - Which is quieter? Easier? Drives better? (Engine/exhaust breaking?)
Tank Size - Bigger tank = fewer stops (but less payload)

Bed Cap or folding cover - NO HIGHER than cab
Running boards and handles - Must-have
Height - Getting in and out

Seat height
Lumbar etc. support and adjustable controls (for me)
Suspension over bumps
4 WD or 2 WD - how's it ride?

Tow mirror

Tow package
7-way wires
Square hitch
Driver alert system - DH wants this

Cooled seats??

Yay checklists
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Welcome! We bought a 2016 27 FB International Signature in March and a GMC 2500 diesel Denali. We towed through the mountains of Colorado effortlessly and got 14.5 mpg! The ride is very comfortable and I step on the running board and grab the handle by the windshield to get in. My husband and I love the truck! We got the bed cover that retracts into a box and locks by the tailgate to keep our cargo safe. Driving without towing we get 17-19 mpg in town. We have had six Yukon Denali's and have had no maintenance issues, so we felt confident going with the Sierra. The Yukon was close to the max on towing capacity and we do not regret our decision to get the 3/4 ton at all. We are very happy with both the Airstream and the truck!
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Originally Posted by rodsterinfl View Post
I am going to post my opinion; however, I am not out to start a war either.

Something that was obvious is how the Ford 1/2 ton was as capable as most 3/4 tons in towing and payload when properly equipped.
I'm not sure I would say 2,000+ lbs is close to being the same as a ¾ ton. But that said, I'm also curious about what sort of mileage you get towing with it. One of the major complaints that I've seen from both owners and reviewers was how with the Ecoboost you got either Eco or boost and most were very disappointed in the MPG especially towing. I think this is where a ¾ diesel really shines, it can not only pull, but deliver in the MPG department.

I'm kind of waiting to see how many other companies jump into the ½ ton diesel market. The Nissan doesn't count, it's really a ¾ ton. But both Ford and GM have been eyeing the sales of the RAM and I read that Ford was going to jump into the ½ ton market, and GM went and put a diesel into the Canyon/Colorado so I would think they might be looking at the ½ ton market as well.

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